Time to Break-Up December

Hey!  Aren’t we American’s supposed to be smart?  Exceptionally, right?

Well, if we’re so  smart, how come December is such a screwed-up month and we’ve put up with it?  Talk about conflicted….

The way I see it, there are 62 days in December and January, right?  Who says  there HAS to be?  We’ve put up with this Gregorian Conspiracy long enough.  We need to get out of it.

Let’s consider modern management solutions aimed at improved  functionality!  A little ISO-9002-think, please!

First part of December has been what?  (Halloween II, the ‘peach) that culminated in what happening last night?  Here’s a hint from HRC-endorsing USA Today which is still dem’ing America.)

The next part of December, which by rights ought to start today, is about Giving.  Love.  Forgiveness.  Peace on Earth.  Although with 72-genders at latest count, “Good Will Toward [List]” is how that will have to be pronounced.  Lest the Digital Mob Uprising will come out and they won’t be comin’ a caroling…  (Is Caroling gender insensitive?)

Then we get to the third functional sub-month:  PARTY!  Which is what New Years and liver damage is all about.  That, along with failed resolutions, and predictable annual “first month free” at seems like every gym on the planet.  That and a few bills…

The fourth – and final functional date-range – is After Christmas Sales.  It’s better to GET than receive because you get the right stuff.

What’s more, if you bought electronics, phones, or anything substantial during GIVE, you’re a damn idiot for not taking the (slim-to-none) chance you won’t be able to find it cheaper in a month.

Think about it:

OLD MONTH:  December

New Months:   Halloween II and GIVE

You love it, right?  Let’s do it again, then…

OLD MONTH:  January

New Months:  PARTY  and  GET

Frankly, there’s a lot of benefit to rethinking our (silly) alignment of “months.”  We need to look at Months as an opportunity to (at least try) to be honest with ourselves about something. Greed, for instance….

This is an extensible schema.  Since August is the Hottest month of the year (northern hemi, right?) we could rename August “Warming.”  Conversely, right after GET (last weeks of the former January) we could call the retooled February “Cooling.”

Let me show you what I mean:  With an international month line, it would be June in Australia.  So to NorthHemi’s the story “Catastrophic” heat and fires force emergency declaration in Australia would make more sense to norther’s than happening in the dead of winter.  You following?

People should also demand the Equator be turned into the Global Month Line.  I get sick of having to remember that India is in the Northern Hemisphere while Lima Peru is south. Australia and New Zealand could be on the same calendar weather-wise.  (It’s insane for Chile to have skiing in July.  With an International Month Line, just think of all the programming jobs that would be created worldwide!  It would be a low-carbon job-monster!

For now we’ll only argue four mini-months instead of two conflicted macro-months.

Why, it’s almost Confucian in it’s balance.  Everyone would have a month for their case.  Halloween II would be a season (two weeks would be fine).

Sure, there will be some math-head who will point out that 62 is not evenly divisible by 4, so we’d agree to a three-month relabeling:  Halloween II, Give, and Get.  The Party period would be what it is now:   implicit and widespread.

That leaves us with a couple of days left over from three 20-day periods.  But I’m saying two “extra days” should be awarded as reparations to February which has been historically abused and under-appreciated.

In a world where we are running out of useful innovation, this scheme would provide for plenty of “make work projects” for government since Deep Staters keeping the borders open doesn’t seem to be enough. I reckon this kind of vital re-think of America is necessary to achieve an intellectual renewal.  When do we hit app saturation?  (Look up toilet paper apps for the answer…)

The Chinese are way ahead of us.  They don’t screw up what’s some of the more useful weather of the year in hot desert areas by interrupting with “holidays” all over the place.

We are behind the curve.  I bet you didn’t even know that Chinese New Year falls on January 25th, 2020, did you?  But you see?  Industrious people don’t take 5-days off (including a spirit day, or whatever the crazies in HR call it).  This is year of the Pig and being the senior culture on  the block it’s the year 4,417.

Last night shows that America is still a tech leader in one regard:  China has to wait until January 25 for their “Year of the Rat.”

In case you missed the “exciting conclusion” of the excuciating mess last night, our Year of the Rats has been running from 2016 to whenever Hillary is wheeled out again to run with Big Mike.

Actually, longer.  We can hardly wait to see  what Crooked Nancy makes-up as an excuse for not promptly getting the articles of humor over to the Senate.  We’re pretty sure the dem’s will wrap it up in “right-proof” lingo including lots of “Founders” and “Framers” and inappropriate links to “Constitutionality” and other faux-patriotic mumbo-jumbo to the mentally impaired.

For now, Nancy hides behind needing the right “managers.”  We’d commend someone like the late Edward Everett Horton to put on the dem’s case.  (He was the voice talent in the Fractured Fairytales series.  They need someone with good timing for this sick joke.)

See where Russia’s Vlad Putin says Trump was impeached for “an absolutely far-fetched reason”.

One of these days, Soros or one of the other deep-pocketed lefty will figure out they can launch a “Revolution Channel” on the tube.  It can rerun useless “I don’t know” witnesses 24-7.  And for prime time?  Well, how’s about Seven Democratic presidential candidates prepare for debate.

Thinking in straight lines and promptness ain’t the dem’s strong suit.  Witness their Johnsonian Great Society which has managed to maintain poverty on a more even keel than any other segment of the economy for 55-years.  Aw, rats, huh?

Take two firecrackers and call me in the morning…Chinese New Years, here we come.  In just three months (Give, Party, and Get).  We’ve still got one ton of BS to go.

Philly Fed Numbers

I bet your butt is sore sitting on the edge of your chair, waiting for the Philly Fed report this morning, huh?  Pain yourself no longer, brothers and sisters (and [LIST]):

Manufacturing activity in the region was flat this month, according to results from the December Manufacturing Business Outlook Survey. The diffusion index for current general activity fell 10 points this month to 0.3. The survey’s future activity indexes, however, remained positive, suggesting continued optimism about growth for the next six months. Read the report.

This puts the index back to the 2019 lows, and it builds the case for a January market pullback.  Counterbalancing, says a CNBC report, US weekly jobless claims fall from more than 2-year high.

With this, the markets are set to open a squeak lower.  The Fed’s Repo Depot is still churning ’em out, issuing how much this morning?  Zero.  Thursday just $26.25 billion?  Doesn’t seem like enough to keep the bubble-up going, does it?  Correction for Santa?

Meantime, Bitcoins earlier were $7,180.

“God rest yee Merry [LIST/persons].”  Let nothing you dismay…

In the Shorts

Who said nuclear power is sunk? World’s First Floating Nuclear Plant Goes Online in Russia – Rosatom.

Does he need to ask? Trump Wants to Know if Boeing’s Okay.  We rather think not.  Company lost its  “soul” moving HQ to Chicago.

Dumb people don’t understand Burisma, we figure, as Biden holds lead heading into December debate, poll shows.

Thinking Deeper:  Since we’ve been worrying India-Palistyan nukes, read the  Brookings  piece just out: The India-Pakistan Conundrum: Shooting for a Century.

Off to the daily grind…more tomorrow

Write when you get rich.  (Or figure out Santa’s gender)


34 thoughts on “Time to Break-Up December”

  1. The GREAT SOCIETY ACT cost since inception to present: 22 trillion!
    NASHTIONAL DEBT: 22 trillion! Gee I wonder where the money went?
    I know, George’s cat took it…………

    • Or perhaps a few trillion and counting for a few wars here or there, or the trillions that pulled a dis-appearing act out of the pentagon,or the trillions dumped into the MIC, but wait we really don’t and to talk about that now do we.!!!

      • So if the if the GSA never happened an entire race of people would still have their self esteem and dignity and not be living in poverty and the national would be zero

  2. A new calendar could have 13 months,each one being 28 days,with an Earth Day at the end,2 in Leap Years.The calendar would be the same every year.Of course,draconian laws would have to be put into place to keep landlords from collecting 13 months rent.That should be easy to do.

    A much more difficult task would be to arrange time zones on a latitude basis rather on the present one of longitude.I’m still working on that one.

    • Or leave people to figure it out..but 13 social security checks would be nice, lol…glad to see smart people like you, Tom, see the value of rethinking some of our “red rock” bad ideas.

  3. Why George there’s not anything to worry about for the dog and pony show they are putting on, is only a family squabble of the billionaires on the right with the billionaires on the left,and it not going anywhere. There’s never been any doubt but what Clinton threw the election in 2016 when she failed to campaign in the three states she needed to win,or the fact that the to close to call states could’nt have flipped enough votes to have her walk away with those being put in the win column,they say it was to try to kill the social aspect within the democratic party which the billionaires fear the most.

    I was reading where some of the billionaires had a big meeting Buffet,Gates and others in the old boys club met to discuss the over population of the world,not the sorry mess they have created within their own country, for they have no care about how many they have put in homeless camps or how many into poverty as long as it decreases the population.!!

    • I am curious what Mr. Buffett would think about the current situation.
      He so much reminds me of dad.. I’d love to hear his thoughts.

  4. George,

    Let’s take it a couple of steps further. Why not abolish A.M. and P.M., go to a 24-hour clock, and do away with time zones. Who needs them? We’ll go to Zulu/Greenwich Mean Time and call it good.

  5. The calendar records and organizes my business activities and that’s about it. It seems today that every month is just an excuse to have a sale. January is New Years and MLK sales…February is Valentines and Presidents’ Day Sales, March is Spring into savings sales, April is Easter sales, May is Mother’s Day and Memorial Day Sales, June is Fathers Day, summer savings sales and George’s favorite, National Donut Day, July is 4th of July sales, August is back to school sales, September is Labor Day Sales, October is Columbus Day and Halloween Sales, November is Veterans Day and Black Friday sales and December …well you get the idea…

  6. I was thinking about the impeachment last night and trying to compare it to our last one. Clinton got caught having “sexual relations” with an intern…This is not a crime, but he lied about it and that is. The difference is…Bill Clinton testified and lied under oath…we will get back to that.

    Impeachment of Clinton was the GOP sending a message about moral standards…a lot of good that did. Boardrooms and businesses all over America continued their debauchery and people like Roger Ailes, Harvey Weinstein, Epstein, Trump, Matt Lauer, Bill O’Reilly, Bill Cosby, Travis Kalanick, Steve Wynn, Roy Moore, Al Franken, John Conyers, and thousands more suffered the consequences but still not enough to dull the pain they caused their victims.

    Trump hasn’t or won’t testify…There is a reason. After 15,000+ lies to the American public, what would be the chances he would not lie under oath. 0%. Clinton lies\d about oral sex. How many things could we ask Trump that he could be caught in a lie about? There are thousands. Here are a few questions he would lie about UNDER OATH…

    Q. Are you a billionaire?
    Trump: Yes…worth 10 billion
    Lie…He is worth just under $400,000 million. But we will never know for sure, because he won’t release his tax returns.

    Q. Have you had sexual affairs while married to Melania ?
    Trump: No
    Lie…Provable in a court of law…Hush money paid twice…Has a history of cheating…Thus, the three wives…etc.

    These are on par with the silly nature of Clinton’s impeachment.

    Now, getting to the hard part. Ripped from a few articles…here is the reason Trump won’t out himself into the same situation as Bill Clinton.

    On the afternoon of Jan. 27, 2018, Trump and his attorney, John M. Dowd, met in the White House residence. Seated with the president “at a table with a view of the Washington and Jefferson Memorials,” Dowd proposed a practice run-through of the interview that Mueller had requested—and continues to request to this day.

    “I would just like to give you sort of a feel of what testimony could be like,” John Dowd, Trumps attorney said to Trump, a man who has submitted himself over his long and litigious life to dozens of depositions. One of the most memorable, and damning for Trump, is the one he gave in 2007 during his libel suit against biographer Timothy O’Brien. As O’Brien wrote in Bloomberg in January, “Trump ultimately had to admit 30 times that he had lied over the years about all sorts of stuff: how much of a big Manhattan real estate project he owned; the price of one of his golf club memberships; the size of the Trump Organization; his wealth; his speaking fees; how many condos he had sold; his debts, and whether he borrowed money from his family to avoid going personally bankrupt. He also lied during the deposition about his business dealings with career criminals.”

    The mock interview with Dowd showed that Trump had not done much since then to improve his testimony game. For one thing, Trump couldn’t remember anything. “I’m not sure,” Trump said to one question about Michael Flynn. “I don’t know,” he said to another. “I don’t know. I can’t remember,” he said to another question. To another query, “Trump said he couldn’t remember.” “You know, I don’t know,” he said to still another as if his memory banks had been degaussed.

    That’s what Trumps attorneys had to deal with…

    “I’ll be a real good witness,” Trump later told Dowd, but Dowd gave it to him unvarnished. “You are not a good witness.”

    And a horrible President. The thing is…This is why Michael Bloomberg is running. There is so much dirt on Trump and Bloomberg was in the Proverbial front row luxury boxes..pun intended… to witness Trumps failures, lies, corruption and bad business behavior and tactics as Mayor of New York. This is going to get ugly, but America needs to know the truth. A intellectual culling of fake conservative news has to be exposed.

    • @MARKZ

      when the ‘truth’ finally does come out..will you recognize it as such and make admends to this group for the constatant baggering you invoke on our ELECTED President….as a penance YOU must clean the ‘poop’ off the streets of San Francisco (which you say is not there) with your mouth…now that would be true justice…and a real remedy for your continued ‘potty mouth’ of our ELECTED President…bon appétit

      • d.
        Ignorant as always. You are sort of an opposite man. You see one thing and say the opposite. I seem collect and cash in the gold on the streets of SanFrancisco and you see poop. I see a brainless impeached President and you see a brainless Impeached President, But won’t admit it and think he is actually smart and has accomplished what ever it is you think this dolt has accomplished. But the ting is…he will always have that scarlet letter “I” for “Impeached” branded on his ugly dark blue suits.

      • Mark, I trust you’ll support not more than 2-weeks to get the “impeachment” over to the Senate, right?
        Justice delayed is revolution served, my friend.

    • “Q. Have you had sexual affairs while married to Melania ?
      Trump: No”

      Lol most men would deny personal none of your business crap.. I totally get why both Bill an Donald would.
      What wasn’t it the dc madame that said when asked about her large govt. Clientele list..
      She wouldn’t have a job at all if more women would get on their knees she ..
      It’s the same thing with women.. I knew a few caddies at a big country club..
      when big corporate daddy works to hard and ignores mommas needs she to will find it someplace else.

    • Um, no. Clinton was impeached for perjuring himself on a legal affidavit from a sexual harassment charge brought by Paula Jones. The “blue dress thing” was a narrative created by the mainstream media as an attempt to protect their darling Prez…

      The difference is Mr. Trump has committed no crime. He has gone from a civilian to the most-thoroughly-investigated politician in history in 44 months, with no crime of any kind discovered, by the most thorough, competent criminal investigative body in the history of the World.

      You don’t like him…That’s fine.
      You think he’s an idiot, even though he’s done more for the common man than any President in memory…That’s fine, also.
      You think he’s a crook. This needs a little revision: He’s either brilliant beyond compare, or he’s actually honest, else the FBI, House, Senate, or IC would’ve found something upon which to hang him. You choose…

      • Success in politics, more often than not, means having enough dirt on your political rivals to either defeat them or at least get them to leave you alone. Brilliance has nothing to do with it. Clinton, both of them, are worse than LBJ ever thought about being even with Kennedy’s bloody scalp hanging from his belt.

        Clinton gave China “Most Favored Nation” status and then gave them our rocket technology to keep their birds in the air. For that alone he should have been shot for treason.

  7. George, the rat was the smartest animal and crossed the river first(by piggybacking the ox). It’s a disservice to rats to associate the animal with those disgusting cockroaches in the House.

    Winter is too long already, and it started early this year. The only reason to have more cold months would be the SS checks. Perhaps we could move the giving or drinking season to one with less challenge.

    BTW, China has National Day/Golden Week during the time of best weather for most! We could learn from that.

    I have yet to see a list of shame enumerating all of the representatives and their votes in last night’s peachy idiocy. I have yet to see the “high crimes or misdemeanors” stated, though they named their actions to include those words. The people need to know who needs replacing.

  8. George

    Speaking of “the right stuff” :

    It turns out that Col. Chuck Yeager did not take an F-104 on an unauthorized flight and crash it per the movie The Right Stuff.

    It was a planned test flight to go higher than 100,000 feet in altitude using rocket assist. The plane crashed after it entered a flat spin induced by engine problems. Yeager bailed out at 8,000 feet with burn injuries.

    Here the flight video:

    Another Right Stuff pilot Gus Grissom has been unfairly accused of popping the Liberty Bell 7 hatch too soon and it sank because of this.

    Not so it has been found! The capsule was recovered from the depths of the Atlantic years ago. It was determined that the hatch frame was bowed from the capsule hitting the water too hard. That allowed the hatch to fly off from the impact forces. The capsule was in amazingly good shape after it’s watery ocean journey. I have been within 6 feet of it when it was on display during a cross country tour by the Smithsonian. Very little corrosion. All the instruments were still intact.

    These men need to remember for doing the Right Stuff at the right time and not have their names dis-honored by the media!

  9. Impeached.

    Doesn’t matter if you, personally, are on the left or on the right.
    Doesn’t matter if you think this is Right or Wrong. It’s a Fact.

    He’s Impeached. Done Deal. Over. Finito. (Roll credits & closing music.)

    Now, this morning, word comes that Her Nanciness won’t send the bill of
    impeachment to the Senate until and unless there are bulletproof guarantees
    and promises and certifications that the Senate trial will be fair, unbiased,
    and proper and thorough. (As she defines it.)

    (Now, what follows may be patently insane, but what the hell? Why not?)


    Craig Livingstone.

    Remember who Craig Livingstone is? (If not, don’t worry; I’ll refresh
    you in a moment.)

    A basic management principle I learned a thousand years ago says that
    when somebody does NOT do something they have the capability to do,
    and that they should do, and they don’t do it when instructed to — there’s
    always a Reason. The manager’s job is then to discover the Reason, and to
    correct whatever has caused the stall..

    (Thank you, Captain Obvious…)

    Well, “obvious” doesn’t mean wrong. That’s why we call it obvious.

    Nancy hasn’t sent the bill on to the Senate. Why not? What WAS The
    Heated Rush up to this point — and NOW, a sudden halt and demand for
    conditions that she knows won’t be forthcoming.

    Ok. Here’s Crazy: She (..and the Democrats) don’t WANT a Senate trial
    Conviction, followed by a Removal From Office.. (These two things are decided
    and voted upon separately. It takes both to remove Trump.)

    Why the Hell not !? (…after all this bloviation.)

    Several possibilities suggest themselves.

    First, most Americans don’t really realize a Senate Trial and Conviction are
    necessary. Trump –> IS <– now Officially Impeached! He's completely
    impeached. That part is done.

    Democrats can now beat the tub during the next eleven months to the tune that Trump is now Fully Impeached and Disgraced!

    …and many to most of the low-info voters will accept it. They don't NEED
    an actual conviction to have the issue for the coming campaign. It becomes a
    Big Stick they can beat him with mercilessly and endlessly. It WILL swing
    probably quite a few fence sitter votes. Sad, but true.

    Having a Trail, and a Conviction, and a Removal aren't really necessary, or
    maybe even desired. Since it seems unlikely to go that way, the Democrats are better off — stronger — with the Issue, and a real finalization of the process would actually make it less powerful.

    Ok. Hard to do. Lots of cats to heard. But only a few are the Movers
    and Shakers and Rainmakers — maybe twenty or thirty people in super
    key positions need to be "convinced" to use all their powers of office to
    force the current outcome. Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, principally, and a few
    more less visible, and a lot of bit-part players.

    Ok. How to force, "bully," or blackmail these key folks to do the needed

    The process so far has been so driven, so intense, so urgent, so one-sided,
    so arbitrary, and so summarily dominated and rushed — there must be a
    Reason for this.

    …and now it comes to a Full Stop and Pause for unfulfillable demands to
    be fulfilled.

    Craig Livingstone is The Guy who very early in the Clinton administration,
    scored all those FBI files under a very thin excuse at the time. They first
    admitted to 500 files. Later, they admitted to a few thousand, and even
    later admitted to many thousands of FBI files filled with unsubstantiated
    dirt and some truths — but chock full of excellent blackmail grist. Crap
    that if publicized and requiring defense and explanation would end anybody's
    political career. Crap on almost everybody who might one day need to be
    leveraged. FBI, they say, doesn't refine the crap contents of these files until
    it becomes useful to qualify whatever truths may be, and remove the dross.
    It all lies in there as Mixed Raw Stuff till the investment of filtration is needed.

    The Clintons made a Big Show of returning all the files — dozens of banker's
    boxes were shown in the media being "returned" to the steps of the FBI.

    …sure. Like Xerox machines didn't exist, eh?

    Remember how badly Hillary took the election night surprise defeat?


    For those of us who have ever handled classified materials, it has been a
    wonder to see how Hillary suffered no consequences from the mishandling
    of the materials she controlled. We'd have been making small rocks from
    big rocks at the Leavenworth Greybar Hotel had we done any of those

    I always wondered why Comey put out such a bulletproof case in his
    famous Hillary exoneration speech – only to end it with the "no competent
    D.A. would ever bring a case" finale. He probably just wanted to see his
    children grow up.

    I believe that after the convention is deadlocked among the surviving
    leftist radicals, Hillary will parachute in and Save The Party. Already,
    she is floating the concept of, "I already beat him once…"

    I believed way back when that she would win. Maybe this was only
    delayed for a while.

    I believe now, as I did then, that she will be President Of The United

    I think only severe backlash can prevent that. The "Cellphone Generation"
    seems to be largely statistically in Hillary's camp.

    • As I mentioned previously, both Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton saw huge bumps in popularity and popular opinion after being impeached.

      Executive privilege is Constitutionally guaranteed. Refusing to provide Congress with documents or access to personnel to which they are not legally entitled is not “obstruction of Congress.”

      There was no “abuse of power” by Trump.

      Part of the Slick Willy playbook is to accuse the opposition of doing that which you’ve actually done. The first one to accuse generally wins in the arena of popular opinion, even if the accuser is guilty of a provable crime. There’s a lot of this going on right now. The one thing Pelosi (and Clinton, and Schiff, and Biden, and Obama) don’t want the most, is Giuliani on a Senate witness stand…

      • You are so right Ray… what gets me.. is I see people that are forgotten and abused a lot.. I can spot it..those that scream the loudest abuse.. are usually not the ones that are.. its the one that is trying their best to make someone happy.. the quiet one that doesn’t say abuse.. because of various reasons.. the shizt rolls down hill she or he complains retribution.. they have known nothing else so to them it is better to just accept the abuse they have then take the chances..
        those that acuse others are usually trying to hide something..

        Which brings me to the Demoral craps .. why are they screaming so loud and hard.. since right after this debate…


        right after that debate.. the demoral craps went hog nut wild after dgt.. my question is .. WHY… what are they hiding..or trying to avoid anyone from finding out..

        they went after him..

  10. Dude – George – that Johnson great society thing is a HUGE Clue!!

    Globalist Elites have been trying to destroy/abolish/erase the great American Working Class for seems like my entire lifetime. OPEN BORDERS – right MarkyMark – just keep parroting Soros slimeline (s)..does a spirit good – truly feel energized on the Satanic Left -no? You guys should try some more Spirit Cooking Rituals – worked soo well last time..

    They are a healthy looking bunch all dressed in black standing in front of the cameras with their eyes bugging out – whats with the bugged out eyes anyway??

    • The PTB don’t like the “Middle Class.” Having tradesmen or artisans who are self-supporting without royal beneficiaries is not in their plans.

  11. “Well, if we’re so smart, how come December is such a screwed-up month and we’ve put up with it? Talk about conflicted….

    The way I see it, there are 62 days in December and January, right? Who says there HAS to be? We’ve put up with this Gregorian Conspiracy long enough. We need to get out of it.”

    Already solved. I simply refuse to play the game…

    “we could call the retooled February “Cooling.””

    Um, no. February isn’t “cooling.” It is flat, frickin’ COLD!

    “When do we hit app saturation?”

    I’ve begun to call this “sapuration…”

    “our Year of the Rats has been running from 2016 to whenever Hillary is wheeled out again to run with Big Mike.”

    Not even Hillary is that careless. “Big Mike,” despite dropping enough money to run a small city for a year, is singularly unpopular with both “Democratic likely voters” and people who identify themselves as either “liberal” or “independent” (no “Republicans” or “conservatives” polled.) Even libtards don’t want some Marxist, elitist arsehole telling them they can’t own guns, eat salt, or wash their bland meal down with a “Big Gulp” that’s larger than 16oz.

    If Ms. Rotten deals herself in, look for her to pick Julian Castro as her running mate and oxygen-tank caddy…

    “We can hardly wait to see what Crooked Nancy makes-up as an excuse for not promptly getting the articles of humor over to the Senate.”

    She wants control over the Senate proceeding.

    She has caused a Constitutional conundrum. It never occurred to the Founders that a Congressman would destroy the Republic by attempting to extort the Senate, so they made no provision for such an occurrence. McConnell has demonstrated repeatedly he is gonaddius absentus, but he’s also as big a megalomaniac as Pelosi, and has an ego larger than the Ohio River Valley (and right now, he’s really p!ssed.) He may well give Congress seven days to produce the documentation, or he will move to dismiss the charges in absentia and declare an amnesty for any subsequent House action. ‘Course, being a eunuch, he may also cave to her superior testosterone level…

    • “Well, if we’re so smart, ”

      I dont think we are.. we were once upon a time when we promoted intelegence and creativity an education and public service.
      Most of that went out the door when things were deregulated and jobs sent to another countries..today we promote ignorance and a slothful lifestyle.
      Our youth are so busy working multiple jobs to survive that they rarely crack the cover of a book.
      We no longer sit around the supper table and discuss daily events mom or dad or both are th o busy wotking. Our family mealtimes if any end up to be sitting in some chair in front of a boob tube watching some lame game show that promotes sociopath actions . If their parents are to busy working the child is left to self teach themselves with violent computer games or watch the various rapes murders or bashing on television..
      If they dont have money for television the kids are left to the mercy of the gang influence of the streets..

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