Time Compression in Modern Markets

This morning we consider the problem of how much faster markets seem to be moving now than in the descent into the Great Depression.  If you think that Depressions are a thing of the past, hang on, because that light at the end of the tunnel could be a runaway collapse.  And we’ll consider what that might mean in modern times.
How can you top a column like that? Well… We present some interesting photobiomodulation concepts based on  mixing radio techniques and medicine….

Our speculation today looks at a potential novel method for “busting viruses” in the bloodstream.
First though, Podcast #11 is here.  Then we start the day with disease box scores, a few headlines and our weekly ChartPack view of markets.  Which were anything but spring-like this week.

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10 thoughts on “Time Compression in Modern Markets”

  1. I’ve thought about this a bit, and I think the sensible thing for public figures in this country to do would be to acknowledge the seriousness of the situation in the far east, and pledge support to prevent that situation from happening here. It isn’t f’n rocket science. People don’t want to hear greed and denial from wealthy media bubble boys being put ahead of THEIR and their children’s safety. And it isn’t just one or two; there seem to be a legion of ’em.
    I would expect at least a cat bounce in the markets next week, unless a few more prominent doofusses mouth off more fake-virus rants and start urging people to buy the dip (while they make their exit). People really are awake and aware, and the elites better get their shills under control, or this situation could turn a lot more ugly.
    Pence is a good patriot, and has never been afraid of standing against the leftists. I believe him to be the best choice for the political sponsor of the bio-defense effort.

  2. This “Coronavirus” replaced the “Trade War” to spur Market volatility, so act accordingly. Now that some ChiCom ports are opening, the Market settles down. If you look at a 5 day chart as a reference & consider the slope before Friday you will notice… Friday’s candlesticks closed green (closing price greater than opening price) after a wild day crashing thru bottom bollinger band, sending the Stochastic Momentum Index positive. All in all a buy signal, although weak as any early buy signal would be. At the High of the day, the VIX INDEX hit 49.48.

  3. Super Fantastic News and Research this AM brotha man! What does a coot take from all this – Wake and Bake – Baby!

    That will keep that nasty lil virus at bay – da kind! or as my main reggae man sayz..”hello this the skeleton from outer space, we having a party…Ganja will be there, Light your spliff,jump in the air, Smoke your skunk, Smoke ya skunk, Smoke ya weed,Smoke ya joint..” – Lee Scratch Perry.

    Maybe thats why I closed out the Short Side of SPY Strangle – put on earlier in afternoon – at nice profit as it was the remaining SPY Puts from last Friday.
    Kept the long side on (SPY March 306 Calls@2.90)into the close – Long closed in the green up around 40%-45%

    MoAR Monday- The Mother of All Rallies..see what happens with this prophylactic “skunk ya skunk”? now where did I leave my keys..

    • As the assembled family gathers around for a Coot the Hoot Toot intervention.
      “Bears make money, bulls make money – rally predictors end up in Charminville!”
      In markets where the Kao and Pepto are dueling to the death, Ure sips wine and ponders when 20 meters will open into Europe.

  4. George,
    There are many full spectrum CBD products out in the market, many with other anti-oxidant additives. The best on the market is Joybird, FeelOki, Sparkling CBD our of Colorado and PLNT Blend. Not to mention tinctures available from Feels. All are Full Spectrum and full of other vitamins and minerals. All are legal. None are illegal. They are available everywhere at retail in many states or can be ordered online…my preference. They work…especially Joybird after a hard, cross fit or hot yoga/core workout.

  5. George,

    If you want to see some woo woo in plain sight: find the internet anagram server and enter these two phrases:

    “covid nineteen”.

    The top 10-20 hits are rather telling. The message is always in the chanting, and the repetition of words and incantations. Those are two powerful incantations.

    Really? “A Cursor Vino”. It even mentions Italy as a precursor of things coming.

  6. PODCAST COMMENTS: Another great podcast. The time compression of 3.7 is too low. In 1929, the margin rate was 10%, now 50% which, theoretically, should give us the exact opposite result. See next paragraph.

    “Buying on margin became so popular that by the late 1920s, “ninety percent of the purchase price of the stock was being made with borrowed money.”  Not only that … the U.S. economy had come to depend on that activity.  Before the crash, nearly forty cents of every dollar loaned in America was used to buy stocks.”

    But why the sudden time compressed stock market decline now compared to 1929. The massive amount of money controlled by institutions…ie, Hedge Funds, which are ruthless scavengers powered by computers. This became apparent on Black Monday 10/29/87 when 500 million shares traded shut down the markets, but it didn’t shut down the economy like 1929. They learned that day for future plundering, & can now handle that volume in seconds. Hedge Funds do most of their trading by 11:00 pm, so many people avoid trading during this time. I don’t think it matters, if you made a decision, act per your decision no matter the time, but expect the morning to be more volatile.

    Today, unlike 1929, our economy is strong & we are just at the beginning of the next technology revolution, which will dwarf the 90’s technology of windows & 1 gigabyte computers.. All said, this correction is just a minor setback. Be positioned to buy back in. If you didn’t sell hold. Glenn Beck said he sold his stocks last week. He couldn’t bear the pain. I would list Glenn’s decision as positive for the market to turn around & rally. What Glenn did is the reason for corrections… to provide Glenn an opportunity to buy back in at higher prices. The ones who bought his stock will sell it back to him.

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