Thoughts on Knowledge Compression

Our topic this morning?  How to compress knowledge.  Or, more properly, how to restructure it so it becomes much more useful and accessible than it presently is.

In other words, we eye the transition from idiotically verbose knowledge to “distilled knowledge” of the sort that fits into fields of a database.

After, that is, we roll through the charts and look at what should be new all-time highs again next week barring major left field events.

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16 thoughts on “Thoughts on Knowledge Compression”

  1. The boar war.. first concentration camps???

    they did use them .. but the term concentration camps came I think from the spanish in the late eighteen hundreds.. but the idea of forcing the people to be housed in one location has been used for thousands of years.
    The ancient Assyrians did it. The Inca of Peru did it. I believe even the Romans did it then sold the people housed as slaves.
    Don’t quote me now though on this I could be totally wrong..It just seems that I read that before someplace.
    Genocide, massacre, and human slaughter; pillage, rape, and torture are pretty common goes back to the very first written language. I am not to sure but I believe it is even in the book of wars from the dead sea scrolls. I actually found a diary back in the eighties where the czar realized that the people were starving with famine asked the president to help if he could.. so the president asked the YMCA to send farmers in the USA to russia to teach the farmers there how america grew their crops.
    information wasn’t as readily available as it is today but the rumors had it that the Bolshevik army was rebelling. coming from the camps seen soldiers coming in from the field with bodies of babies on the ends of the bayonets and they ran off to be evacuated hid in straw piles etc. taking trains to escape pretty intense diary one of my prized possessions. Terror mass murder and mass confinement of the people though is not new and wasn’t invented by the british. Abraham wanted a new territory told the tribe living there that if the men all were circumsized they could become members oh his larger tribe.. the men agreed while they were all in pain they killed all the men and boys and raped and murdered all the women and little girls they didn’t keep as slaves.
    that is what gets me about those that still use racial discrimination because my ancestors were slaves. the dutch traders didn’t go to those countries to buy or capture slaves. they went for spices and other commodities to sell.. and they weren’t the first.. the leaders of the tribes talked them into buying the slaves.. the people they sold into slavery were actually better off than those that weren’t. It is wrong it was wrong.. but what part is the good part of the story.. those sold into slavery were actually saved from mass execution from the tribes that had captured them sure they were abused and used. these actions go back to the beginning and in some countries are still common.. today they call them employee’s the lower working class. if your a common laborer in the work place if your employer pays you a good wage with a great benefit package nine times out of ten there will be huge demands on that person to the vast majority of them you are just grey meat to get the job done.

    • Sorry for getting off subject.. One reason why I am not allowed to talk religion or politics in our home. I can totally upset anyone from any religion or political side.
      It is also why my professor nephews and nieces totally avoid debating any subjects at family functions LOL..

      • sorry box looker but I’ll take you up on any bet — that you cannot upset me and most probably can never even tell me a thing I have not already heard — anytime !~! Would love to talk to you — how??? help???? thanks you !!

      • All of everyone’s ancestors were slaves, every single race. No one race stands supreme over any other race in being a slave owner or a slave. I get your post. Look around with eyes wide shut, what do you see? Raping, pillaging, murdering of women, children, boys, and men. What else do you see? The new wage slave trade, if you won’t accept a lower wage, we will import them in to take your job whether it is via illegal immigration open borders, refugees, chain migration, or H1B Visa holders. We will pay them to out breed you so as to replace you, and we will make you pay for the privilege. The sex slave trafficking has seen a robust increase in every nation, especially the USA. Nothing has changed except everything has become a business model; we will run humans until we can create “things” like the ancient Atlanteans. By then, look to the slums as that will be where the puppet masters will allow us to congregate. I say resist!

  2. “We assume you’re aware of the Exxon/Mobil operations off Vietnam?”

    I absolutely knew about it and duffle bag.. (basically to test to see if our weapons were adiquate for jungle warfare a two sided coin..)

    look at any war or police action we are involved with.. ( what we are in 150 plus countries now) and you will see the puppet masters hands moving the strings for something they see as a money maker..

  3. “Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World”

    with every book I read there are at least ten behind it since I research each book. it may be a page or a chapter it depends on the subject or book or what end the book is pushing for ..
    Where I find the most useful focus though is in meditation. I will have all this information jumbled up from all the reading I have done fifty or a hundred things are all going through my mind at one time.My wife hates this because I finish her sentences long before she me when I say this is bad very bad. when I meditate I will meditate on the subject I am thinking about let my mind wander outside the box and sort this material.. when I am done I usually have a better understanding and theory on whatever it is I am working on. I usually like to build stuff.. and love gardening. still contemplating something condensed that will be efficient for space travelers or someone living in the arctic. of course it will be like all the other things I have thought about.. and just be a personal satisfaction of having worked the puzzle.

  4. The FBI has asked for assistance with the LV situation. While we are no Sherlock Holmes, we can most assuredly put on our deep-thinking caps.

    Why did the Mandalay Bay next-door suite guest to the alleged shooter claim to see a fatally stricken security guard when fleeing the 32nd floor? More recent reports speak of a security guard bravely dodging some 200 bullets while awaiting cue drop for swat arrival.

    Another item of curiosity is that the alleged shooter settled litigation following a fall a couple of years back in a hotel casino that toted a slogan “just the right amount of wrong”. It was the one where Deutsche Bank previously took a bath costing a good part of a billion dollars, and not a great day then either for a Soros hedge fund one imagines. To their credit, the hotel’s new owner seems to have vaulted the business to new heights rather than a collapse as seen at bldg. sept.

    While we readers understand the big voice, Bono, is not on the A-playlist of this esteemed site, one tends to take a passing interest in a wee minstrel who rocks with the Clintons. Certainly, when the band rolls out an old standard on the summer tour about a psychopathic killer that’s been absent from the setlist for 28 years, strains of ‘Exit’ could cause a raised brow.

  5. Ref:
    Search Engine Based Dynamic Books

    When researching the shelves for myself, I have often felt a yearning for a Fast Filter (search engine) that would deliver me just what I wanted to know — and as little extraneous as possible.

    I didn’t KNOW that’s what I wanted till today. I felt a distance, a “second derivative” vagueness — I couldn’t give voice to it until just now.

    There is simply too much to know now. “Knowledge” has increased
    to the point where it’s an ocean of irrelevance with a few Golden
    Nodules sprinkled here and there.

    This Search Engine Based Dynamic Book concept is irresistible.

    • Glad you liked it! Like so much on the PN side – should be rolled out for the sheep in 5-10 years, lol

  6. Great column today! You confirmed what I’d found to be the only theory that fits the facts of power structures. I appreciate the details a lot too.

    I’m sure that you’ve noticed that most current “search engines” return far more crap than relevant results. The idea of books written to order is good, but I’d settle for search engines that could grok the context and intent of a query at least to the level of an average human. That, and refuse all advertising and positioning idiocy. I want a relevant answer in the first few lines. The next step would be to flesh out the query and return a composite result – almost a prequel to a custom “book”.

    Such things would be worth paying for if they were affordable. Today, unless you have an account with a university or Corp, you must pay on the order of $35.00 PER ARTICLE in a journal, even though 95% may be irrelevant to your search. Unless, of course, you go gray market piracy. This means that real private research is unaffordable by most. Perhaps that’s as intended.

    Authors of articles in peer-reviewed journals make no money from the paper, and with e-journals, the cost of distribution is nil. The chokehold on information could reasonably be considered a “conspiracy in restraint of trade”, aka subject to the anti-trust laws. Of course, I doubt that Sessions would prosecute. I sure wish someone would though.

  7. If you are interested in board games about the Boer War you can buy it on eBay.
    “Defense of Rorke’s Drift & The Boer War – 2 Games in 1 Made in USA”

  8. What are your thoughts on using Bollinger Bands in predicting the future price of markets & stocks? Maybe you could do a piece on BB in Peoplenomics? I was watching a You Tube video by John Bollinger the inventor of BB’s & he mentioned the 3K timing you previously mentioned in Peoplenomics.

  9. George, I think this guy, Quillian, makes as much sense as your technical gauges do. They can keep this market rising until they can’t anymore.

    It’s the events that will cause that “can’t anymore” situation that I’m wondering will be?

    What won’t stoking the printing presses be able to cover up? A 911 type event? Another hidden scenario like the banking crisis and the defaulting loans?

    It seems money has a lot of power to make things rise. Will there be telling items that will tell us when the market can’t be propped up anymore? What would they be?

  10. The USCC, the Chambers of Commerce of the United States has been long-subverted. One need look no farther than their doctrine, to learn they are the #1 advocacy group for open borders — even above George Soros’ Open Borders and Open Society surrogates. I can’t prove it yet, but I believe the USCC is responsible for the narrowing of thoroughfares (creation of chokepoints) via bicycle lanes, curbed parking lanes, and concrete medians, ostensibly to “beautify” urban areas, but principally to make empty urban zones, places where populations of illegals will be easier to control.

    • Honey, it is to control the ‘legals’ no one is trying to control the illegals, they have had full reign for over 30 years now. In my city, the traffic congestion has doubled due to all those nice bike lanes, bus pull ins that aren’t deep enough so they stop traffic anyway, the reduction and elimination of the center turn lane, traffic slow down measures, non-coordinated traffic lights, and the lists go on and on. They want us out of our cars per Agenda 21 and 2030. The illegals have a ‘citizen paid free pass’ from border to border, sanctuary city to sanctuary city, from sea to shining sea. It has been discussed consistently for some time, now, there is still time to leave the cities.

  11. We used to have such search capability. It was called “Altavista.” Altavista documented a small Boolean subset, but in “advanced search” it would accept nearly any Boolean operator whether documented or not, and many “fuzzy logic” operators as well, to create highly-directed and accurate searches. It also had an E-Mail facility, which few people outside DEC knew about, which would enable full logical and fuzzy logic search submissions via E-Mail. The (machine-generated) return E-Mail from an Altavista E-Mail query would very-much resemble the sample you posted in Peoplenomics, be 400-500 words in length, and include (usually) 2-3 links to websites for further, or follow-up reading.

    There are times I wish Digital Equipment had taken Altavista a little more seriously…

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