The Time Dimension of Investing

We have good news and bad this morning.

I went off looking at data on the time scales of investing and instead came to a whole different result.  It was an unexpected observation.

Specifically I found what may be a “hostage moment “to come when the Greater Depression (be patient, soon come, compound interest guarantees it!) shows up.

When the D2 gets here, this “hostage moment” could be used by the Global Caliphate to literally “flip the West” in ways we couldn’t even begin to imagine.

Until the coffee hit this morning.

And from there we get into the interesting observation.

First, however, headlines and a bagel.

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7 thoughts on “The Time Dimension of Investing”

  1. Your observations this morning have me concerned. This mornings “Focus” column is very thought provoking to this average reader. My concern is; does your observations set off alarms within “Shadow Government” organizations? Recently you gave out your sites average weekly/monthly page reads; it would be foolhardy to not believe your site is bookmarked by those organizations.

    It is obvious you give very serious thought to a wide range of subject matter. Could there not be persons who would recognize this and believe your observations on select subjects goes beyond what they want seen in the public arena.

    Have you heard from Directorate 153….again?

    May all be well with you.


  2. Always on a Wednesday is the hook the best. Dangit George and your incredible marketing skills.

  3. Yeah it must be here it’s called man made God in his own image/ study history all beings create images to worship to cherish to have Comfort Inn to feel satisfied with to take over in times of distress/what have you created lately / would you jump out of an airplane without a parachute and say god will save me,or jump off a cliff,OK you win ,I,will stay in my hut and eat pie while the daring adventurer dies. Lol

  4. So, just to clarify today’s sermon, Adam Smith will continue to provide an Invisible Hand Job?

  5. The lies of the “Global Caliphate” cannot defeat truth.

    Truth will reign supreme in the end.

    Their day in the Sun is fading and i would rather be shot at sunrise than face the sins that are waiting to greet them.

  6. It seems to me that “Sharia Law”, when it comes to borrowing and interest is very similar to the “Rule of 78” that was outlawed here after being used for a few years. If the loan is carried to the conclusion as specified, then the amount charged by simple interest or by calculating upfront the amount of interest and adjusting the price of the loan at the front end should be the same. However, this way of thinking falls apart when the loan is adjusted, or the loan is prepaid, or when something changes then there is a problem.

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