The Terrorism that Worries Me

In a phrase, it’s the “New Crime” that hasn’t been pulled off — year.  Think box-cutters.

This week,  we roll out some of my worst fears about the immediate future.  There are, like you couldn’t have figured it out without help, a lot of ways that a very small group of determined people, perhaps no more than a dozen, could wreak havoc on life in the U.S.

Today we consider the difficulty of protecting against such yet-top-be-pulled capers and recall that prior to D.B. Cooper, there was no crime of air piracy.  And, thanks to our enormous strides in technology, there are more new – and better – ways to commit crimes than ever before.

And we will ask the intriguing question:  Is it possible for government agencies to prevent crime, or is the only way to do it by ridding the country directly of people who would do in our way of life?

There we go…off into the Constitutional and due process problem.  But before we do that, let’s go through some of the things that keep me up at night worrying.  After coffee and charts, of course.  Then we get into the big question:  Is a concerted attack on motorcycle clubs in the works?

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4 thoughts on “The Terrorism that Worries Me”

  1. A caller to Coast to Coast claimed to be and enforcer for the Bandidos gang. He said, despite the name, it is NOT a Latino gang, but, rather, primarily comprised of US veterans. Now ain’t that interesting?

  2. “Prevent crime”? No but they can slow it down enough so it’s ‘usually’ safe to travel at night and alone during the day.

    Before London had a professional “police” force dinner parties were over night affairs as you did not travel after dark.

  3. Said the Wizard Of Oz to Dorothy, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” Make a stink over here while the real crap is going on over there. Like I said, something smells about this whole thing and it aint roses. Even Knucklehead #1 (remember the one who was going to buy a new Tallywacker at the Tallywacker store) says he thinks it’s a bunch of crap. Turns out he may be smarter that I think.

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