“The Suitcase Between Your Ears”

“You can’t take it with you?”   Who says?  Sure, you can’t take a “load of gold with you” – and we’d emphasize to the coinsters that you can’t take cryptos, either.  But, since you have a suitcase between your ears….

What can you take with you when you die?  Well, that’s a fairly deep rabbit hole and we’ll get after it with a shovel  after a few headlines and our ChartPack.

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George Ure
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29 thoughts on ““The Suitcase Between Your Ears””

  1. George,

    I especially like the ‘suitcase between your ears’ write-up this morning. I think I have a similar ‘self-learning gene’ and it has set me apart from the herd, ‘lo these many years.

    This subject gets packaged in a lot of different ways like personality type descriptors (I’m an ENTJ) and so on. Whatever the real underlying reason is, the end result is that I’m different from most of the rest of the population. I realized it pretty early on as a kid and it wasn’t long before it was a badge of honor for me and still is. It’s driven me to be an explorer and to seek out ‘life’. I didn’t always know where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do, but I knew that it was imperative to have some goals and to get moving! My goals have changed as I’ve completed them and I had to create new ones. It’s been quite a ride, so far, and I’ve got a lot in that suitcase between my ears, but I’m no where near finished. Honestly, I’ll never be finished. I’ll be collecting knowledge and experience to the last breath, I’m sure. That’s just how I’m wired.

    For me to get where I’m at now I’ve had to ‘reinvent’ myself several times. I saw where I wanted to go and I realized that my present self would need to change in order to get there. I’ve done and seen some truly wonderful things, but I’ve also seen some of the worst things. I’ve had a turbulent personal life but I managed to raise two kids that are now fully functional adults. That’s a win for that category in my book and now my personal life is much like your’s, George.

    I’ve never understood people who live and die on basically the same patch of earth that they arrived on, but I know lots of people like that. I guess that’s a ‘safe’ way to live, but it’s just not for me. I have to keep going. Engagement with reality and all of its many levels and facets is the spice of life. Honestly, I think it’s the whole point of being here to start with.

  2. Morning. Happy Hump day. Just reporting for muster.

    I was talking to this “kool-aid” new age evangelist who was beating his gavel on the pulpit couple days ago and screaming “‘ascension! Ascension!! Ascension!!” And all the followers chanted “so mote it be!” And “yes!”

    He quoted Buda and i simply said there is no such thing as ascension. And laughed. He said you are a fool!!!

    I said Brother B found nirvana sitting on his fat ass under a tree. Not climbing Jacobs ladder. Not “buying the stairway to heaven. ” Guess he was a fool too. Lol.

    See ya around.

    Off to grab 18 gears!

    • I think they sell them Stairways at IKEA. Asemble them yourself but all the instructions are in Sweedish.

      Ya, sure, you betcha.


    • The massive amount of cultural crapola stored online combined with the general cultural obsession with predicting any and every permutation of every possible disaster scenario make it possible to turn damn near anything in to a well-documented f’n disaster conspiracy. Based on spatial relevance, I’m wondering what Andy’s take on G’s third base scenario in the PN section is? Due to prior commitments, and not because of any superstition, I will be somewhere else, very very far away.

  3. George,

    I forgot to add that I appreciate that you link books up to some of your discussions. I’m a big fan of Amazon Prime, but when it comes to books I’ve abandoned them along with Audible, for the most part. Now, I’m using Scribd.com It’s $9 a month with unlimited downloads of books in pdf, audio books and all kinds of documents. The book you linked up about meditation is on there, as well. Give it a look.

  4. The suitcase doesn’t seem to work under anesthesia. The several times I’ve had anesthesia my experience has been no memories, no sense of passage of time, no realms, no dreams, nothing. You lose consciousness suddenly and regain it in another instance. Totally different compared to sleep.

    I understand there are the near death reports that are common so perhaps something different happens at death. However, my anesthesia experience makes me wonder about the afterlife and the “suitcase”. Anyone experience anesthesia differently?

    • At 77 years I have been under full anesthesia 13 times, the worst was in 1952 for a ruptured spleen, 6 1/2 hours long and 16 pints of blood. My experiences were as yours no dreams, etc. One exception though (and I don’t remember which one) where I was in a rotating tunnel with a bright light at the end. As the tunnel rotated I gradually approached the light. Then the rotation stopped and reversed. I backed away from the light then I was waking up in recovery. That is my only recollection surrounding the surgeries.
      The lasting problem though is something I had no problems with when I was small but have big problems with now – great difficulty in recalling peoples names, and it is getting gradually worse (i’m 77). A check of the internet reveals that more and more people are reporting this problem of recollection deficiencies after full anesthesia. It’s not only names but also in other areas.
      One should be made aware of this possibility before elective surgeries, after all, the patient is supposed to be advised of all possible outcomes before signing on the dotted line (this is a real joke).

      • As is it was explained to me some twenty years ago, by my brother in law (special forces medic), every time you go fully under, you lose a part of your brain/memory.

  5. One thing I know for sure at this stage of the game, George, is that I’m going to pay more attention the next time around – yes, I know I’m going to need another trip – to gene pools. Much more Northern European and much less, if any, Mediterranean. I have asked TPTB many times to make sure I stay male, however. Just sayin’… According to Edgar Cayce we tend to keep to familiar surroundings and people so if Texas is still here … and still Texas … I’ll make my way back one way or another.

    One of the things I’ve read is that it’s only on THIS side of the Veil that we can experience the “polishing” that is required for soul improvement and that there is always a large queue of souls wanting to have another go at it. While Chaos has seemed to rule in my life, or at least keep it on a chain, there are too many examples of people who have overcome that handicap. Apparently you are blessed greatly having married one and, no, my level of Chaos doesn’t even approach Elaine’s. So glad to know that both of you have found a place in Space and Time to make these types of reflections so that they resolutely impact your lives.

    Another thing I know for sure is that I’m going to have to go back and re-read your PM section today. So many thoughts splatter on my brain as I’m reading it’s difficult to reconstruct them when I come to your Comments section. One thought I do remember flitting through, however, is regarding the Life Reviews and Cayce’s Akashic Records. Christ did say something about the Time when “all things will be revealed” or known or something to that effect. This, apparently, is something common to many religions. I wonder if “taking it with you” and applying your experiences to The Records is one and the same. Do we add TO the records or do we simply compare our experiences to what’s already recorded? After all, there’s nothing new under the Sun! Perhaps applying one’s experiences to the database is what unlocks the portal to whatever Next Level Up there is if enough matches up to the Program.

  6. of rail traffic and… boxes.

    I have a client who sells cardboard. Everything that ships everywhere in the world arrives in a box.

    He says that the cardboard business fell off a cliff 90 days ago.

  7. George, thank you for a very revealing treatise about your background and your thoughts about life. It also has a lot of meat to chew on. Give us more.

  8. WTF,over? Where the heck is the usual Bitcoin bash – light on derision as well – backing off on caffeine this AM?
    BTC’s lost value this AM and broke below $8000. per…unh wait Bitcoin has No Value..never mind. Must be some not so greater fools buying em at $7900.00

    Beg to differ O wise Radioman..”you cant take cyrptos either” who f-ing says? The coin police,SEC,IRS, Saint Peter?

    Who they b – whoever they b – they b wrong – of course you can take your Cyrptos with you – just memorize each unique Address for each Bitcoin U own prior to drawing that terminal breath!

    Gonna take U guyz all day long to wrap Ure heads around that lil factnizzle, forrizzlepizzle – and it cant be proven wrong..bwahahaha

    No Bitcoin 4 U !

    • “Where the heck is the usual Bitcoin bash ”

      Dam B/N

      I lost it all when the power went out..
      still can’t order a big mac with it.. LOL… go to the grocery store.. they laugh to.. the bank.. nope not them either..
      kind of like lindo dollars.. off of second life..


      I think that is just as hoaky as bit coin to.. but I do have a nephew and his wife that earn a decent living making cartood trees on there they exchange lindo dollars for us dollars and pay for their real world expenses.. so who knows.. Maybe virtual imaginary cash is the wave of the future.. don’t have to have any resources other than a number on a computer screen..

      Then when you think about it.. that is what banking has turned into as well.. you may have x numbers in your account.. but in reality you don’t have x dollars just a sheet of paper.. or an electric number on a screen someplace..

  9. The Bitecoin scammers were out in force saying Hong Kongers are putting their money in Bitecoin to keep it from the ChiComs & this will sky rocket the price upward. But it is going down. The bitecoin scammers learned this trick from Wall Street to get you to buy high & sell low. It never ends, but keeps repeating itself.

  10. I like to remind people that after 50, every birthday is a countdown. There really shouldn’t be any surprises.

  11. News from NASA:

    Helical Engine


    A new concept for in-space propulsion is proposed in which propellant is not ejected from the engine, but instead is captured to create a nearly infinite specific impulse. The engine accelerates ions confined in a loop to moderate relativistic speeds, and then varies their velocity to make slight changes to their mass. The engine then moves ions back and forth along the direction of travel to produce thrust. This in-space engine could be used for long-term satellite station-keeping without refueling. It could also propel spacecraft across interstellar distances, reaching close to the speed of light. The engine has no moving parts other than ions traveling in a vacuum line, trapped inside electric and magnetic fields.


  12. “You can’t take it with you?” Who says? Sure, you can’t take a “load of gold with you”

    when everything crashed before.. in the early eighties.. a cup of water was three ounces of gold.. coffee goes pound for pound same with sugar.. and cooking oil..
    because of rationing people used mayonase instead of oil.. ( its just spun oil and egg anyway)
    Grain was evidently considered the most fundamental form of Egyptian money throughout society at large, and highly developed grain-banks formed a cornerstone of the Egyptian economy. Written orders for the withdrawal of lots of grain (which were deposited in state warehouses) came to be used as a form of paper money, and were used as a medium of exchange to pay merchants, traders, and tax authorities.
    The Story of Money: 03–Grains as Money
    Section 3: Value in use, value in exchange Previous | Next | Section Index
    Dried grain was useful as money and food
    Grains were easy to divide and relatively imperishable. They served well as money.
    Originally money was a form of receipt, representing grain stored in temple granaries in Sumer in ancient Mesopotamia and later in Ancient Egypt. In this first stage of currency, metals were used as symbols to represent value stored in the form of commodities.
    coinage was used as workable metals to use in exchange for durable goods.. now imaginary money… like bit coin.. it is just an imaginary thing.. the only value of it is the value someone gives for it.. the dollar the same thing.. it use to be exchangeable for a durable metal.. gold or silver.. gold or silver was like the beads used to buy manhattan..
    I have said many times.. you take a truck load of water and a truck of grain down to where they have to walk fifty miles to get a drink.. and a suitcase full of gold and see which one they will take.. you can’t eat gold or silver.. that reason was one of the main reasons why during the weimer depression there was pictures of people carrying baskets of gold and silver to trade for food.. if your the one with the beer and bologna sandwhiches.. what is that beer and sandwhich worth to you.. if you want one.. bad enough your going to turn it over… in greece , argentina , bosnia, and africa.. women would give you a night you won’t ever forget in exchange for a can of soup.. the elderly were diving in dumpsters for scraps..
    in the USA it is the same thing..
    the velocity of cash or tradeable goods.. I use to trade what I could do in day labor to pay expenses on our surviving day to day.. I traded a year of full time labor in exchange for a gall bladder surgery.. and resurfaced a parking lot for the surgeon..
    take SAN FRAN… as an example it is well noted that poverty level is at 170 thousand.. to get food stamps and housing.. its a joke.. that young college executives are living on the streets and in their cars etc..
    Now consider for a minute.. what about the catfish at the bottom of the pond.. the kid working at the buger joint.. he’s not making the 170 thousand.. the only thing they can do is someone comes and stuffs his pockets with cash to get them through to the next day..
    people invest in stocks to companies that make money.. but when the money stops flowing.. then what..
    if you go back to the early seventies and take the minimum wage from then till now we see that minimum wage should be shy twenty an hour.. not counting the services that were changed in deregulation.. what I see is an ugly future ahead.. nothing good is coming our way faster than I want and slower than I expected..

    • I worked pulling weeds for an old farmer once.. he had gone through the depression and turned into a very successful farmer.. it was said that he buried money in jars didn’t have electricity or any modern convieniences .. when he died they bladed up around his home in inches to find it…. I worked a week .. it was at the end of the week that I am talking about.. when it came to pay me.. we were sitting in his old car he seen an old dirty paper sack on the floor.. it had cow dung on it and all maners of dirt.. he ripped a piece of it off and in pencil scribled pay me x dollars..
      I thought oh my a piece of old paper sack in pencil..Well that was a week of hot sweaty work I did for nothing.. LOL…
      I took it to the bank that he told me to take it to.. the teller went to get the bank manager.. he said here let me get you your money.. I wish I seen more of these and handed me the money I had coming..
      that was his check…it was as good as any currency…

    • Oh I made a mistake.. that wasn’t the eighties it was the eighteen hundreds LOL… I’m bad..

  13. Hey, G – good report.

    What’s your thoughts on this timeline existing outside of the realm we find our perceptions currently in.

    Say we die and recycle. Does the entry back into this realm have to be after the date of death from this realm or do we return at any random time?

    I’m wondering if most of our suitcases get degaussed but perhaps from time to time a suitcase slips through – like a gun slipping though TSA.

    Random returns and malfunctioning degaussing could make sense considering so-called “out of time” geniuses like da Vinci or Tesla as example.

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