BREXIT Hype, Options at Hand

I swear to God, people can’t read.

Democrats can’t read the freaking transcript.  Financial reporters can read the lack of a China trade deal, and now – as stupid goes viral – we see the Europeans can’t read British consensus.  Where is Evelynn Wood when the country needs her?

I will grant you that the partial trade deal does help farmers.  No doubt.  But, that only gets back what we were looking at before the trade warfare turned things down, really.  And for talk of China spending $40-$50 billion on farm goods?  Hype, as we see it – and part of a typical Chinese negotiation.  They talk a big game oftentimes promising to buy twice the expected amount.  Then, once they get the $50-billion price, they will want that same unit cost on $25-billion.  They know how to be deal-markers, too, you see. ( Am I the only one who has ever negotiated sales deals in Asia and been a reporter? Singapore’s the same way….sheesh.).

Also see Beijing Confirms Arrest Of Two Americans As Trade Tensions Rise.

Meantime, before Wall Street gets to the moon, might we recommend the reality check in the Minneapolis Fed’s FedGazette article “Flooding takes its toll on district farmers: “Prevented planting” insurance claims climb to 2011 levels as storms—and trade war effects—cause corn and soybean production to plummet“?

Reality, people…stay with it…

Remedial Thursday, Con’t.

Antoher typical headline (this one from CNBC) goes like this:  “UK and EU strike new Brexit deal after last-ditch talks.”  The whole point, though, is that it’s a “northing-burger” because  the real deal is that “…there are serious doubts that the agreement will be approved by U.K. lawmakers back in Westminster..”

Sound familiar?

Same kind of crap we just saw the markets arb’ed up with on China Trade talks.  Plenty of hype but in the end, not really much changes.  The British are out…Or, are they?  Sure, 52% of Brits voted out to the immigrant-overrun EU in 2016.  But, the global-corporatists have been dragging this out as long as possible in order to subvert the prompt responsiveness of government to the will of the people.

Sure sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Bankster Bonus

Moving the markets up is the better than expected earnings from Morgan Stanley.  Pardon us if we don’t pop the bubbly, though.  The bankster class is harvesting fat profits from the Fed’s not-to-stealth QE;ing.

Again, with a recession at hand, people who buy stocks AFTER the good news are even dumber than me.  And that’s going a fair piece.


Trump-hater and Hillary defender democrat house. member Elijah Cummings is dead. 

Meantime, the balance of the witch-hunt mob still hasn’t heard from the second-hank whistleblower and as things continue to devolve into a bad high school popularity contest, Gallup’s latest poll shows:

  • 25% approve of Congress; up from 18% last month; Trump’s approval at 39%
  • 52% of Americans now support Trump’s impeachment and removal
  • Impeachment support reflects growth in support among independents, Dems

HOWEVER:  Jump over to the Gallup disclosures about weighting the poll.  What you will find is 53.38 percent weighting to democrats when in reality, the number of republicans surveyed which in reality was 52%.  What’s more, 87$ of republicans still approve of Trump while only 34% of dems do.

Reminds me of a mayor contest I covered years back.  Interviewed a pollster and asked him how polling really worked.  “What do you want to poll to show?” he asked.  Point taken.

When I see overweighting of the non-white population, with its only 22% Trump approval, I sit back and “consider the  raw data” myself, thanks.  Never have liked weighted n surveys… I’m sure there’s some reason not to give real weighting to dems, I just can’t tell you why..except it looks “bashish” to us..

The Invasion Continues

Turns out there are 22-million, not 11-million illegals in the country.

Am I telling you democrat have lied about the figures?  No hints here…except that as the anti-Trump soft coup continues, we see the radical left is setting up the Second American Revolution by having cities in addition to states breaking with enforcement of federal laws.

Hell of it is, divide and conquer seems to be working…

The Housing Data

Is just out from Census:  Down from 12-year highs.

Building Permits  Privately?owned housing units authorized by building permits in September were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,387,000.

This is 2.7 percent (±1.3 percent) below the revised August rate of 1,425,000, but is 7.7 percent  (±2.4 percent) above the September 2018 rate of 1,288,000.  Single?family authorizations in September were at a  rate of 882,000; this is 0.8 percent (±0.8 percent)* above the revised August figure of 875,000.  Authorizations of  units in buildings with five units or more were at a rate of 470,000 in September.  Housing Starts  Privately?owned housing starts in September were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,256,000.  This is 9.4 percent (±9.4 percent)* below the revised August estimate of 1,386,000, but is 1.6 percent (±11.6 percent)* above  the September 2018 rate of 1,236,000.
Single?family housing starts in September were at a rate of 918,000; this is  0.3 percent (±9.3 percent)* above the revised August figure of 915,000. The September rate for units in buildings  with five units or more was 327,000.
Housing Completions
Privately-owned housing completions in September were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,139,000.  This is  9.7 percent (±9.2 percent) below the revised August estimate of 1,262,000 and is 1.0 percent (±9.9 percent)* below  the September 2018 rate of 1,150,000.

We don’t expect much change from markets.  Free money and soaring bank stocks…why, what could go wrong?  BTCs are up to almost $8,100 for the perishable profits peeps.

“I’ve Been Watching You” Emails

Massive sextortion attack running wild, security firm says.  Yeah…and here’s why bitco9ins are popular – it’s how the crooks want to be paid.  Is this a clue?

Ring Around the Planets

NASA says Saturn’s rings are disappearing as they’re pulled in by gravity.  We’ll skip the wrings around Uranus story…

Leading Edge of Pension Disasters?

Boston pension votes to fire money manager Fisher, withdrawals surge toward $1 billion.  Keep an eye on this one.

Around the Ranch

Off to crawl under the kitchen sink today.  Time to put in a new faucet.

So,  shorter than usual remarks…consider yourself blessed.

Write when you get rich,

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35 thoughts on “BREXIT Hype, Options at Hand”

    • George as you know the spark transmitter was outlawed back in 1929 and there’s more to the eye than that it was because of a Viceroy.
      So now you want to know about the timeline this used a rhomboid is roughly used to manipulating timelines going back with the data I gave you previously about there rectangular parabolic,,,, ,enantiomorph

      • Hey, whats this “spark transmitter” you speak of?? Never heard if it. Are we taking about a “flux capacitor?”

        You ever see that video of an old silent movie where a person in the background walking around talking with a cell phone??

      • Yes,simply , and you read my thoughts. You will not find the term in the Oxford but you will in the 1996 Miriam

  1. George,

    It’s difficult to imagine that, after 2016, people still don’t understand the true value of polls. Polls aren’t designed to inform the individual, but rather, they are designed to influence opinions and create consensus. If people haven’t figured that one out by now I don’t know what to tell them.

    In other news, here’s a big story that didn’t make it through the filter this morning:

    This ties back into the Epstein case and should serve as a reminder that, despite what the polls say, the good guys have been freed from their restraints and are out there kicking bad guy ass daily. It’s amazing what good things can happen when organized crime is removed from government.

    • jUST one Indictment from the group of ‘traitors’..appearing on CNN and telling the world how corupt DJT is and why they tried to unseat him…JUST one Indictment and the narative will change….and then.ORGNAIZED CRIME INSIDE THE FBI, DOJ, AND CIA ETC WILL BE STARTING TO BE REMOVED..JUST ONE INDICTMENT…2= YEARS AND STILL WAITING FOR THE DEDLASS OF FISA….till then..NADA NOTHING…except daily lies throw at you from eveywhere….except here.

    • Maj
      The way I heard it and understood a story like that it wouldn’t be any acknowledged or brought up.
      When the dark stories started to implicate those with power and influence that will remain nameless. It became to dangerous for those investigators and anyone as a credible witness to those acts to get involved with the story.

  2. George

    “Off to crawl under the kitchen sink today. Time to put in a new faucet.”

    Do you have a Basin Wrench?

    It makes changing out a faucet a fast and easier job and less risk of pulling your back!

    Just saying, Rocket Mike also known as the Plumbers Son.

  3. “I swear to God, people can’t read.”

    Well some can’t George.. but most can.. I have met college grads that can’t read or understand the average daily news.. but the vast majority can..

    Where it changes though.. is how busy people are.. with the average household of wage earners having to work two and a half jobs to pay for their daily bread and butter.. they are to busy.. then add in a busy evening life.. kids have school programs or sports.. summer sports and activities.. they don’t have time..
    what they do have time for is in this age of electronic media to listen to the negative narritive that is being pushed on them by the puppeteers and MSM and taking it for gospell.. To try and decipher the issue is similar to the old teacher putting the kids in a circle and whispering something to the first child to pass it on.. even though the first whisper had the truth in it.. the negative portion that is pushed out at everyone is the one that is passed on..
    Take gun control.. and the great american gun grab that is coming our way..It started with some bullies at a school where the teachers and authorities failed to stop those actions that pushed a kid or kids or coworker over the brink of his mental capacity to cope.. he stole his parents guns or just didn’t see anything left to live for.. and went shooting.
    The real threat here is not the gun or the teaching staff that fail to stop the bullies ( hell most of them want to carry guns to protect themselves from the same elements) or the needling coworkers or the people being bullied that hasn’t learned coping skills and the ability to overcome the odds.. the problem is with the Media.. just take a look at the evening lineup.. and in one hour figure out how many rapes murders or bashings there are..the games that we have subjected our kids young minds to that show killing as fun and games.. television game shows that promote sociopathic abilities where the winner is the one that has demonstrated the best sociopathic abilities to his fellow teammates ..

  4. Bunch of wankers still talking falsely regards Bitcoin/Blockchain – that is not my fate – hey

    Chaos reigns as the hour is getting late – hey

    The wind has begun to howl outside (NE) as the markets soon to growl – hey

    *light crown protocol – Resident Cavity Oscillators..say what the?

    *time travel – keep a daily journal – go back read months later when “mind” is in different place = time travel/back / moving forward the trick is to notice things that standout from all the “noise” in daily life – they be clues to your future..

    now if someone could just splain to ED what the hell the Oregon Vortex is – like anyone ever fly over Goat Hill vortex area in Oregon? in person visit? Every time ED checks off a Bucket List item – a friggin new one pops up !&%$@#^ gonna need some of them there life extension pills

    • “Bunch of wankers still talking falsely regards Bitcoin/Blockchain”

      Well ED.. BC and blockchains just make me chuckle at the idiots that think that is something credible to it.. well.. the dollar isn’t much better once it folds for good and people realize it has all been a crude joke by a few old men over a hundred years ago…. but at least if you have some in your pocket you can wipe with it.. or burn it .. but here I am digressing..

      But a good unsolvable problem will get me excited.. not enough to go wanking to it but crap like that does get me curious….. but hey.. to each their own.. for me.. it would be….. well I won’t get into that.. LOL LOL LOL LOL–Pori1NL6fKm2SnY/The%20Creature%20From%20Jekyll%20Island_djvu.txt

  5. In regards to those that break federal emigration laws. Silly question why are they not being arrested?

    • It’s called Political Expedience. It’s a not-so-rarefied atmosphere in which all legal rules and common sense are suspended for the purpose of keeping one’s bohunkus in that cushy position that one has become accustomed to without any regard to the good of the nation and its Constitution you swore an oath to uphold and protect. It ought to be a capital offense, and probably is but, you know, political expedience.

      And it’s spelled “immigration”. If you’re gonna use my name please get a spell checker.

      • Ok thanks Bill for your reply and I do agree very much with what you have stated. Sadly I did use a spell checker alas I picked the wrong one in that I was at the time in somewhat of a hurry. Now on to the the original part, Perhaps if you are older than 71 I will concede. Have a great day.

      • Lol. You too. Yes, the spell checkers can get you in trouble. Especially on a phone.

        But, given my usual off-the-wall (or from-under-a-rock) postings here you may want to go with Will or William for your own sake.

      • “Lol. You too. Yes, the spell checkers can get you in trouble. Especially on a phone.”


        I am about the worst speller on the planet.. and spell check is a life saver but.. it sure does go nuts on me all the time.. LOL its favorite is Azz it pops that one in all over the place..
        My problem is I read really fast for a back woods country bumpkin with an ugly hat LOL LOL and rarely spell check the spell checker LOL LOL LOL.. I can totally relate

  6. “Interviewed a pollster and asked him how polling really worked. “What do you want to poll to show?” he asked.”

    Like our fine fellow Stalin once said: Doesn’t matter what YOU vote, what matters is who count the votes.

    • Reminds one of ‘Uncle Joe’s’ Security Chief Lavrenti Beria:
      “You show me the man, I’ll show you the crime”.
      Some things never change!

  7. George:
    As to polls by the MSM:
    1) all polls are push polls now. done to shape opinion, not measure it.
    Unless you see the question, the response choices, and how they selected the area codes and numbers they selected “in all 50 states.” you can trust only that the pol;l was done to get the outcome they desired. But, you already knew that, accourding to your anecdot about the pollster today.

    2) Remember what Mark Twain said:
    There are three kinds of Liars:
    Liars, Damned Liars, and Statisticians (i.e., Pollsters)

    3) Just remember that the carefully selected sample of 1532 people from all 50 states
    Has an IQ of 100.
    (Think about it).
    If they are overweight Democrats and Big City Dwellers, its probably more like 95
    (ever watch Jay Leno’s Jay Walking, Or Watter’s Worlds visits to the beach?)

    So why would I ever allow their opinion to influence mine?

  8. It…is Not how intelligent Criminals want to get paid, at least not this one..

    USD are easy to Launder and hard to trace large quanities..lots of Serial numbers. The majority gets US Dollars in one form or another.

    Bitcoin is not, nor has it ever been Untraceable. Store of Value – just like GOLD – except much much much RARER. Core Dev group works towards this end, not for transactions..not yet at least.
    If you do not use a Coin Mixer when Transacting business in Bitcoin on the un-indexed Dark Web – “they” can find U if they REALLY want to – or use an untraceable crypto like Monero – UNTRACEABLE.

  9. As far as monies are concerned (it’s not that important any more at my age!) but I had wished I’d never run across this page (with this stupid EW, IMHO!), has cost me too many dollars, “it was never investment advice.” I understanI but I do respect GU’s opinion too much not to be affected. Best on the net!

    Very high is the cost of entertainment ;- ). My advice to investors, if you have a system that works, you must avoid reading other peoples opinion; And that is a very difficult choice, indeed.

    • I’ve always held that EW is good for ideas, but that’s why the Aggregate Index came into being. It’s another reality check on the market. As is On Balance Volume, lthe fast stochastics (15,3,3,) and the slow stochastic (21,7,7) and the MACD. Sure, trend channels, too.
      But when the market is manipulated by the G20 and Fed, acting in concern to globally liquify, that’s impossible to trade against. It doesn’t mean you were wrong – just like in poker, anyone can be out bluffed by the guy at the table with unlimited chips.

      I asked my consigliere, since this move has cost me a nice dinner out (in London! For Two with airfare and hotel) if there would be any basis to suing the Fed (not a govt agy) for price fixing.

      He laughed. I was reminded of Marty Zweig’s famous “You can’t fight the Fed…”

    • Bruno: It sounds like you were gambling & not investing. Looking for a fast buck. Playing the short is just gambling, you are not looking for the stock to create value, but only to make you a buck. You should buy stocks which are in demand by investors & hold them while the companies create value resulting in higher stock prices. Plus, the market has been going up for 10 years & shows no sign of slowing.That is where you make money. Short term trading is good for one thing….losing money.

      Buy semiconductor companies & hold. Plus when you make a bad call, get out of it immediately so you can live to play another day.

      • NC, I didn’t short nor gamble for a fast buck, just liquidated (which was ill advised on my part!) in order to be cautious.

      • Bruno: So what are you complaining about? You made a choice, it wasn’t perfect, so move on. Especially, now in this commission free environment you can get in & out at no cost.

  10. I feel sorry for any investor that may have gone short in the last 30 days. It appears the Fed is floating this market higher at any cost. All signs point to the market filling the diaper lower. No longer have a vested interest in the markets, too crooked of a game for my taste.

  11. I’m going to tell you something but you may not believe,
    If you ask why are there Mandela effects.
    The Mandela effects are going to get more is the answer but the reason why there are Mandela effect now is is the Minuteman and I’m not talking about the Minuteman missile the Minuteman present today Minuteman is for the American Revolution.
    The present Minuteman has access to the Past the present and the future.

    And just by coincidence that’s why each moment can be different from one moment or minute to the other.

    The Minuteman have been at work for a long time sacrificing,
    So that your future will be brighter.
    There was always a future Minute Man the ones that came down and disabled our nuclear Arsenal.
    There’s always been a higher technology that has been erased over and over and over for trillions of years.

  12. Sad to hear about Saturn loosing it’s rings. I think this is just another example of the insidious nature of climate change which as we all know is being caused by Donald J Trump. (bad man, bad, bad, bad)

    • I know and am in total agreement J…. I developed hemorrhoids to..
      I never had them when he took office.. it has to be because of him.. when will it stop.. saturns rings our deficit.. the inhumanity of protecting our borders by stopping people from illegally entering and my god what could he be thinking wanting to strengthen the dollar and bringing back industry and jobs so the average laborer can get back a little pride.
      It’s all totally his fault..

  13. George, just wanted to let you know the last 3 days have been filled with moments of time going slow for me. Much more than usual, and lasting for periods of a few hours. Feels like time is mushy right now, somehow different.

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