The “Race War” that Isn’t?

(Baker City, OR)  A boring calm continues this morning on the streets of Baker City, Oregon after a night of virtually northing happening.

That was not the case over in Ferguson, Misery, where once again there were clashes and tear gas and the mainstream media trying to whip up the idea that there’s a more general uprising on the way.

I wonder if this was how the Russian press lead into events of 1917?

As Ure’s exhibit #1  this morning, I’d point to the NY Post Page 6 story  about how with a bankroll of $10-mil, you can move onto a continuously moving global cruise ship for the rich called  The World.

The reason this is odd is that the World has been around for a while and why it would be considered “news’ right now seems an oddity in our everything is a business model view of the world.

And then I notice that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar writes in a Time Magazine op-ed “The Coming Race War won’t be about Race.” 

While I don’t doubt Mr. Abdul-Jabbar’s sentiments are sincere, it just strikes me odd that a sports figure is quoted in Time about something like the riots in Ferguson.  Unlike a lot of today’s youth, I am old enough to remember Ferdinand Alcindor’s  conversion to Sunni Islam in about 1968..

The issue in Ferguson was about the shooting death of Michael Brown, not poor folks not being able to afford a new Caddy or Infinity, was it not?  I must have missed something.  But the MSM seems to be hinting off in that ‘From each according to their ability, to each according to their need…” kind of direction and I’m not comfortable with that partly because MY needs are immense.

So, who are you going to believe?  Who do you listen to?  Sports figures?  Stories about the rich and the media-driven realization how you didn’t work hard or smart enough to be one of them?

NY Times Autopsy story has creds.

All seems just too…oh, you know… convenient in how it all rolls.

What’s not disputed is that governor Nixon is sending the National Guard into Ferguson to maintain the curfew.

The MSM is giving huge – widely divergent – perspectives on this one.  But about here, I’d hold up the old newsroom philosophy…less commentary, more facts when the stories become convoluted.  We’re crossing the threshold when it’s not about Michael Brown but about the riots.  Mob rule sort of looks like this…and the 1917 kind of thinking..

Because if you believe there’s even a chance that ‘evil forces” are trying to break America apart, remember that polarization is the favored tool of revolutionaries and this is not – as I see it – a time to do much more than keep a cool head, collect all the facts and see what happens.

We are citizens of America, first and foremost.

At least we were back when America had borders.  I’m not just talking with Mexico, either.  I mean back when we had borders behind our eyes and ears and back when six corporations didn’t own 90% of media.  We’re into believe nothing land a good ways now…

Say, did I mention I’m going to be rolling out my new board game Spot the Revolutionaries?

Revolution sounds mighty appealing to the downtrodden and oppressed, but over time, revolution leaders usually become the new power structure that keeps regular folks down…

More after this…


Trouble is Good for Markets

We have a couple of economic reports due out today and the markets are up 85 on the futures market this morning, headed for the summer high, I reckon…

CPI tomorrow.

Pays to Serve the Lower End

Big merger news this morning as Dollar General outbids Dollar Tree for Family Dollar.

Here’s the real deal here:  You should be worried about the future income outlook for America when these dollar stores are growing like weeds and bringing in top dollar.

Why, it’s almost like being poor is a growth industry, know what I’m sayin?

Longshots:  Peace

Hamas and Israel are running out of ceasefire time.

Big Money Presidential Material?

After reading this latest on Hillary spending, I keep coming back to none of the above in 2016.

And Speaking of 2016

Texas democorps have stepped in it with the Rick Perry indictment (for doing his job, but that depends on what you think about having a DA who has been convicted of a DUI and did jail time, I suppose).  the Wall St. Journal calls it “The Texas Chainsaw Prosecution.”

Damn fine headline – I may have to give up decaf to get into that level of writing…

OK – on the road – more tomorrow, same time, same….er…whatever.

Our usual columns will become more coherent when we get settled in this godawful time zone.