The Personal Prepping Audit

Instead of our usual 4,000 word long discussion of something we have three topics this morning.  Although, any one of them could be treated as book length material.

First is Donald Trump promising big news this afternoon.  Then, there’s one of our oscillators that suggests we hit a potential turning point at the Friday highs.

But the real guts of today is the Personal Prepping Audit which we will attend to last.  mmade necessary by an amazingly timed power outage…

Oh, yeah…our emergency power systems are all working just fine…

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9 thoughts on “The Personal Prepping Audit”

  1. Please don’t send Ocasio-Cortez up here George. I am sure Ocasio-Trudeau would have her in his cabinet in a heartbeat.

    God help us.

  2. George – If you treated the water in your blue barrels, it should be good for up to five years. Regardless, in an emergency you can always apply a secondary purification process for drinking purposes. If you have not done so already, learn how to purify water using pool shock. Or get a LifeStraw Family or LifeStraw Mission which can be used to filter multiple liters of water at one time and not just a sip.

  3. Thoughts on prepping: A barrel of 20 year old water(or a 500 gallon black tank full) should be useable if run through a Berkey type filter. It may not taste great, but it’s water and will keep you alive. It can certainly be used for sanitation too. For instant access to clean H2O, keep your old liquor and pop bottles and fill them with good filtered water. Don’t use milk type jugs – they biodegrade.

    Congrats on your excellent(and installed!) backup power. That’s where my own ADHD bites me. I have a limited setup and the stuff to build out much more, but it’s been a back burner item. I use very little power, and the electric company already charges more to stay connected than the actual power I use.

  4. While I sit here with NO backup for heat but plenty of plans to build or have built a new fireplace/wood stove installation in the house the one thing I can see lasting the longest time in an extended power and gas outage is a wood burning something or ‘nother in the house. Hot water is made available by the pot full and if you’re capable of it and the pipe run isn’t too long some amount could be available for bathing. Any kind of petroleum heat source makes you technologically dependent while wood is all over the place even if it’s a mess to work with the ashes and I’m fully aware that there are allergies to contend with as well. But then the ashes have their own uses, too.

    And, yes, O-C reminds me of that “chicken sh**t” line in “Pure Country” but in this case maybe it’s a little more brown.

  5. The presidential address has been postpone from 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time to 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

  6. What my old fire chief said all the time was:
    “What isn’t drilled, won’t work.”

    Amazing how true that is.

    I do some work with emergency communications — “ARES” and “AUXCOMM” and until recently with MARS. When we have drills, and things so badly, as they sometimes do, I say (to all who will listen), “This is good that things went badly. When things go well, you get Confirmation. But when things go badly, you gain New Information and New Ideas. This is VERY good.”

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