The Oceans of Mars

Our semi-monthly update on a “personal science project” to hack space-time.  This week, some interesting developments involving 22 lights near and Ark, sonoluminescence and standing waves of sound.  Oh yeah…and the Oceans of Mars.

It’s a bit longer than usual (6,500 words – before headlines and the chart discussion…).  But, it’s written so new readers will see the whole evolutionary trail from Light Crown experiments forward.

There’s even a side of woo-woo at the end.  Ultimately, as crazy as attempting the opening of portals in space-time may sound?

It could make more sense than investing in chaotic markets until the side drafts of politics and virus settle down a bit.

Remember: If the market goes down 20%, you have to make 25% just to break even.  Yes, asymmetric warfare is coming for your assets, if you let it.

Before we get into our unorthodox market views and check the “nutter in the woods Science Project” a lot of caffeine, headlines, and the grind of daily minutia to digest…

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George Ure
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43 thoughts on “The Oceans of Mars”

  1. G –

    small game hunting season open in Texas ? rabbits can be tasty, when prepped the illustrations and fuzzy “pictures” of covert19 resident virologists insist are covert19 images – see any protein spikes in those fuzzy images and Illustrations ?

    * with real actual Virus covert19 Sample – “we” can Trace its history/lineage – who, where did protein spikes (s) come from ?? Detrick, UNC,Canadian Lab/2 chinese virologists arrested last year, Chynaah Lab, or our “friends” the germans = cia inside the cia – ya know the krauts that gave us Kennedy Assassination and AIDS.

    kali-ma is not going anywhere but Gitmo or rope necklace = Traitor – already “busted”, as is bi-don, as is obumma – under arrest.
    head of cia is under arrest and currently under rendition – lower level Gitmo.
    See E.O signed first week in office 2016 – day after eric schit resigns google..just one of many dark&dirty scum to resign/retire soon there after.
    watch pharma exec types and their Assets – they be next up – its a dirty game, with no winners – everybody loses in the end.

    As the Lifthrasir will say – “WTF just happened to all the sheep?!”

  2. (ECU)
    When it turns out (sadly), that Gina Haspell, and Obama have not been arrested,
    (similar reports like this, turning out thus), will you cease to bury your head in other peoples fantasies, learn a lesson and move on, or double down and move on to another fairy tale.

  3. Dude! I am meeting a friend in 10 min. I will have to read later. Just got home from the gym.

    I had a really big woo woo moment last night. I mean I’m out there. So I’m used to this kind of stuff.

    Last night I got to Walmart at 1015pm. I need to buy containers for food prep. I went in the bathroom to drop a dive I got on my phone tto transfer sails from ~The Zero Report ~, Issue #0. From pay pal to my account, so I could send money to the Union Gospel Mission, for the Union Gospel Mission aka ~The Zero Report. ~. Lol. God and his sense of humor. And all about first things first.

    So after, I left and I went shopping and when I went to check out, I couldn’t find my debit card. At all. I must of lost it. So I ran to bathroom not there. Walmart being walmart, I asked the manager if anyone turned it in. Nope. Sonic called and had it canceled. Nobody had used it yet. Last transaction Union Gospel Mission.

    Now I went through everything. I even had was reciept front the mission.

    Now this morning. I went to the gym. I had to get something out of my safe. And guess what?!!!! My debit card falls out of an envelope in the safe! Same exact envelope!


    • Same exact debit card I canceled last night. How the hell did it go from Walmart bathroom to my safe at home? Not a clue.

      Pretty trippy.

      • I went through the process of getting a new driver’s license a couple of years ago because I thought one of the tellers at Lowe’s had kept it and I didn’t realize it until days later. Long story short I was getting into my Winter clothes last Fall and found it in a shirt pocket. A little while later I found a tenner in another shirt pocket. Around here Winter clothes can gather some dust between wearings.

        Check your pockets … often.

  4. regarding three-bladed props and foo-fighters- have other propeller designs with different blade numbers and angles ever been tested to see if they generate similar or different effects?

  5. Hi George, Always a fascinating read on your space-time hacking project. But be careful opening and going down that Rabbit – hole. I suggest sending Zeus the cat first as our ambassador from this dimension. But on the other hand, knowing cats, he may be back with some novel ideas on whose in charge…

  6. Once, at a crossroads, I had a “runner” come through my life. I was telling her about an area, a place (under a lake), and a thing I was exploring out of pure, whimsical curiosity.

    It seems when some man-made lakes are created, a lot of flat farmland is often abandoned, and they don’t always take the junk away as they leave for the last time. That junk can be interesting today.

    She said that she intuited I would discover something amazing under the placid waters — but that it would not be remotely related to what I thought I was seeking.

    She was right. Amazingly right. Astoundingly right.

    Sometimes a quest takes you to a land ye ken not. This can be better than your wildest hopes — but it will be… …different.

    This is Wisdom.

    ( * “a runner” is a term in some Native American lore for a person, only briefly known, who “runs” past you in this life, and usually imparts a Message the Great Spirit thinks you need to know at that point — and then runs on, as inexplicably as they first ran by, not to be encountered again. Runners themselves are not always mystic spirits, and often don’t even know the service they are performing. But they listen honestly to the voices they hear, and try to honestly do what they suggest. Anyone can be a runner.)


  7. Reason that “gravity” is less when an item is hot. Remember yesterday’s conversation. The item is giving off energy. This type is passing over matter (air etc.) but also micro matter, space. As the energy is coming out at light speed from the object, it can only pass over micro matter at 186,292 miles per second, but wants to faster. Thus it pushes micro matter (space) away from itself, creating a low pressure area of space, which in turn has the effect of “lower gravity” which is actually just a symptom of low pressure space. (There is no such thing as gravity.)

  8. “socialism-communism under produces itself into collapse”

    And…. What has the USA done the last thirty years… we have been slowly moving all of our manufacturing outside the US borders.manufacturing cities lie in ruins. then on top of it.. we are flooding our career market with illegal refugees. Those unemployed are receiving federal assistance ..

    • I think Adam Smith would tell us, “don’t work”. Let the new comers come flip the bills if the new comers want to come here and flip the bills.

      • “I think Adam Smith would tell us, “don’t work”. Let the new comers come flip the bills ”

        That is exactly what happened when they went option 2 during the shut down.. rather than stop it all frozen until the virus ended.. they let the velocity of cash go.. now with so many millions without and tens of thousands behind in all their basic living expenses… what will they do to fix this.. obviously they cannot give out tens of thousands of dollars.. they could seize the debts.. but then it would all be govt. owned.. go bankrupt on all the countries debts.. it is going to be interesting to say the least

  9. I was in a hurry when I wrote that. I used my card to donate to the mission. It disappears while I’m atr the register. I even was on the phone with the woman when it disappeared. I cancelled it. I just was grateful the mission got paid. I go home. Then when I getting something entirely different out of my safe this morning I knock an envelope out of my safe and the same exact debit card I lost last night and cancelled before someone could use it falls out of the envelope on the floor.

    I mean, I am used to weird shit happening but this is really weird. I mean it’s like schrodinger’s cat. but on a whole nother level. I had the card 8schrodinger’s cat) with me in the bathroom dropping a duce.. paid the mission people their % and then 12 hours later the card which goes missing (schrodinger’s cat) shows up in an envelope in a locked safe box 22 miles from where I lost it??? What the F???!!


    I called the bank and sure as shit. I canceled that card 12 hours ago.

    Whooooaaaa. Another HUGE wave of Dejavu. Lol

    I gotta go. I will be quiet for a while.

    Catch ya around.

      • Dilbert creator. YouTube daily coffee chats. Today he was talking about sure signs that an AI is running the media circus. Claiming that the election was a pretty good indication.

        Based on creating maximum amount of distress, before breakage. Which is what an AI would do to drive clicks to pages. Your comments about AI and headlines dovetail with his ideas.

        Scott uses logic and each show is a lecture in logical thinking, debunking politics and the media. A pal just turned me on to him, and I wish I had heard earlier. Just thought exercises, and anti-partisan. Because he’s anti-media they call him a trumper, which is not at all true. It’s refreshing to hear.

  10. “Does rationing of future healthcare come up as a flag”. Of course any program run by the government will be rationed and only increase in cost and require a reduction in consumption. Governments never improve productivity or innovate, they have no incentive. It is tragic that people spend all their resources to pay their medical costs. But I will take that outcome, vs the outcome of government growing even more powerful. A free human would voluntarily join a collective to pool their resources to cover unexpected events (we call that insurance). If people are so very upset because some can not or will not prioritize such costs, they certainly could voluntarily pay their costs. We called that charity in the past. How did we get so far into Federal control that some citizens can demand others pay for their food, lodging, retirement, education etc. Can we even be considered free, if we cannot opt out of such a system? I am free to kill a baby in the womb, but not free to opt out of funding other citizens retirement ala social security.

    There is nothing stopping the 80M Biden voters to form a private collective, to select people and pay off their student loan or medical debt. But instead they demand others bend to their will and force them to follow their personal priorities.

    • Well Joe.. I have said for years that a higher education should be available similar to a high school education.. many upper crust colleges offer the classes for free they just won’t let you obtain the sheet of paper until you pay.
      I tell a lot of the kids around me that rather than get the education in the USA that they are better off obtaining the degree in another country at a school there.. Oxford is a really good school and the tuition is dirt cheap.. they assist the students to get the funds needed to live on while they geta decent education.
      So far only two listened to my advice.. one is going to school in germany..
      There they push a higher education for anyone willing to learn..the way I see it in the USA college is more of a social club

      • I’m not sure we’d enjoy higher education benefits, any more than we enjoy the benefits of public school system. IMO, this is what needs to be addressed. General education is what is failing us, because one really doesn’t obtain much usefulness for the real world there. It’s better to know how to think, rather than just know what to think, which is what academia largely promotes, especially these days. There are community colleges, online universities, and everyone can afford a public library card. I’m not a believer that getting everything easy makes one work harder. Quite the opposite, actually. Without pressure, you can’t produce diamonds.

      • “There are community colleges, online universities, and everyone can afford a public library card. ”

        Amen SP.. I take classes all the time..and I brows libraries online all over the world.. most of all the big colleges have an open library..
        The sad part is you can’t get the paper that everyone covets..they want the money up front then you can get the paper..
        The problem with public school is it’s a social club.. you wear this or your out.. peer pressure.. and we don’t push an education.. china has some of the best schools .. but they are no nonsense schools you learn or work on the farm..american students wouldnt make it on an average there.
        Ask markjust who is being hired.. he has commented several times that without the educated from those schools..the USA has been trying to dumb down guess is it’s easier to control and enslave a population that’s illiterate.

  11. Congrats George! You blew it out of the park this morning. Lots of good info and food for thought. When I actually have “spare” time, this is worth checking out much further. Your words are actually worth reading in depth!

    Did you perhaps leave out a chart in the segment “An even larger context”? It seems like you reference one there.

    For those who care, the “Six Lectures” is available on Project Gutenburg, copyright free.

  12. On the economic front, the Argentinian “wealth tax” is actually on those with a net worth of 2.5 million rather than those with an income of that amount. My personal guess is that much of that wealth will be expatriated, spent, or hidden rather than remaining subject to tax.

    A wealth tax is a “Hail Mary” tax, since it provides the ultimate disincentive to succeed financially.


    JUST IN – Vatican enters into a “global alliance” with Rothschild, Rockefeller & Ford Foundation, Mastercard, BoA, and others through the new “Council for Inclusive Capitalism” to create a “more inclusive, sustainable and trusted economic system.”

    • Roy

      I’m not sure WHAT you want me to “commit” to?

      One of the most useful things learned when you get to the C-level of life and business is sometimes you don’t have the information required to make a firm decision on something. Gen. Colin Powell’s attitude was summed up in an article in the “Financial Express” this way:

      “The 40-70 rule: Every decision that we take is determined by a variety of factors such as our confidence, our knowledge, our experience, and our willingness to call the shots. The threshold for all of these pieces coming together to help in the creation of a decision is where things can get blurry. The former head of US military forces and former secretary of state Colin Powell is credited with the 40-70 rule of decision-making.”

      Everyone gets to set their own thresholds, and for some things my threshold is down around 50-50 while for others – particularly those where my creds as a journalist are likely to suffer if I get it wrong, the threshold may be up around 90-10.

      For if you could explain where you want me to “commit” to something? Election fraud?> All elections have it – only variable is which election, what level, and even if so, will anything change? That’s the reality

      • colin powell . officer in charge me lai massacre vietnam . whats he doing ? s and p or nasdaq company ? or congress ?

      • “I’m not sure WHAT you want me to “commit” to?”

        I personally want you to commit to… the continued sharing of your wit and wisdom as long as you can..
        I find your subject matter to be stimulating and designed to get a person to look at subjects from different perspectives..

  14. I’ve never had luck ordering from Alibaba. An eBay search for ‘yellow laser’ yielded a green laser with a yellow painted body. Never seen a true yellow laser, BUT…. It occurs to me that green light plus red light yields yellow light. SO…. heterodyne a red + green laser?

  15. Whatever the lawsuit challenging the validity of the national election filed by 18+ states lacks in shyster savvy, it compensates for with raw political muscle. Be aware, this is not national business as usual. Regardless of what your personal spin on the proceedings is, you need to pay attention to movement and actions in your close vicinity.

  16. Can’t trust yah George . Cmon pump it up . Get the moriarty/dalio flags waving as more die from ccccooovviiid and starvation

  17. You talk highly of my mate rick. But. You ramp baby !!! Ramp ramp . Every cent gets repaid .ask rick

  18. Dalio is trying real hard to keep it together. Big stories. Enlisted greedy mick to push his barrow. Futile ray be a capitalist not a commie . If your in 2 deep sark sheet

  19. Um, yeah… That “hybrid economy” is called fascism. As I said, it is the most-attractive of all economic systems — until it’s not.

    Starving people will glom onto anything which feeds them. However, once they’re fed, they begin to contemplate the things they’ve traded, both socially and financially, for that full belly, and they get pissed. Fascism requires a much-faster expanding model than capitalism, to both eat resources and keep the public’s mind off their internal politics. Without Hitler’s aid and protection (and diversions), Benny would’ve gotten dragged through the streets, probably years sooner than he did.

    The reason UBI or other socialist’s “wet dreams” won’t work is as soon as the wealthy are penalized more than their gains will sustain their lifestyles, they’ll take their ball and go home. In the meantime, the “wealth tax” is nothing more than an “end around” (IRS regs and tax tables) to bump the upper tax bracket and create a de facto upper tier. Wanna see all them Malibu Marxists vote for a Republican? Simply allow the commies like AOC to push through a true wealth tax — one that tags assets as well as income.

    “27 million Californians receive texts to stay home.” Obviously, if you don’t have a cell phone, you couldn’t be (legally) prosecuted for violating a text message.”

    No, but you can be prosecuted for breaking The Law, and ignorance is neither an excuse nor a legal defense. That said, IMO “lockdown edicts” are not “law.” They are not created by a legislature, nor are they voted into the public record by elected officials. Therefore they are neither legally-enforceable nor legally-binding. With that said, there have been a lot of illegal laws made, and unconstitutional edicts passed by petit dictateurs, which have been enforced until someone got PO’d enough to take a governing body and it’s illegal act to court.

    ‘Thing about NewsMax: I used them extensively as a source for debate material, back in the early 2000s. They were a simple aggregator, but along the lines of what Zerohedge is today, in that they’d post a blurb, then do a commenters. The way I would use them (in a political debate, the source material MUST be entirely from mainstream {Liberal} sources, or you’ve opened yourself up to have your entire debate invalidated because you’ve cited a “biased or unreliable source.” Using their sources against them doesn’t assure a win, but not doing so assures a loss…), I would backtrace the NewsMax story to the WaPo or NYT, or whomever, then snare quotes and build my assertions from that original article. AFAICT NewsMax TV is still aggregating the mainstream stories. They put THEIR spin on them, which is consistently right-of-center, although often not “hard-right,” but the stories and topics themselves are still mainstream-sourced.

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