CPI, Vax Risks, and Incredible Woo-Woo

Your World Just Got Stranger

We have a novel theory – and there’s more on the  Peoplenomics site in Wednesday’s report – that A.I. is affecting (mediating) a  détente between excess-production Capitalism and lazier (but more resource-friendly) under-producing Socialism-Communism.

As part of this, we see – as Watchers/Victims, not Participants – massive contradictions in “news” events like the last Election.

For example, few attended Joe Biden rallies, yet he won by a (reported/sold as) massive margin?   Yet now, with reports of a grand jury looking into Hunter Biden’s taxes (how about that “Pops?”) we’re supposed to believe in normalcy?  When Trump was impeached on frivolous opposition research demonstrably cooked-up on the Clinton campaign and a big tech law firm?

As we’ve asked before, if there’s serious progress here, could a man under incidtment be sworn in as President?  Neato legal morass, is it not?  But, near as I can figure it, few laws keep felons out of office.

FactCheck.org says a felon can be elected to Congress, even if in prison(!) but other places vary.  Not sure if the presidential question has come up before – and while it’s a long-shot, it’s nevertheless an amusing one.

Helps as we ponder the “tearing apart of the social and legal fabric of America now.” None of which makes sense, but then you may not have taken enough revolutionary meds yet.

Consumer Prices

Life in the  zero interest rate, Effective Lower Bound continues to perplex.  As this morning, the latest Consumer Price report was just issued.  Have a look:

“The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) increased 0.2 percent in November on a seasonally adjusted basis after being unchanged in October, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 1.2 percent before seasonal adjustment.

The seasonally adjusted increase in the all items index was broad-based, with no component accounting for more than a quarter of the increase. The food index declined in November, as a decrease in the food at home index more than offset a small increase in the food away from home index. The index for energy rose in November, as increases in indexes for natural gas and electricity more than offset a decline in the index for gasoline.

Not sure how our fancy pixel pusher will handle this, but see if this is legible:

If you can’t read it, consider reading UrbanSurvival on your portable scanning electron microscope…

The fall of Bitcoin back under $19,000 may be saying something about inflation worries, as does the price of gold (down again today) trading down to almost $1,828 overnight.  These two indicators might seem to imply continued bumping along the “lower bound.”

Yet, when you look at Crude Oil (over here) and most crop foods, there is obviously someone expecting higher prices ahead.

Problem is the Federal Reserve doesn’t sent us memos telling us what we really need to know:  Are these higher prices the result of economic activity bouncing back after the CV-Knockdown?  Or, is it just “Double the paper, double the apparent prices?  We continue to monitor looking for hints.  But definitely not on that distro list.

Fresh Jobless Claims

Just out from Labor a HUGE jump in unemployment claims!

“The advance number of actual initial claims under state programs, unadjusted, totaled 947,504 in the week ending December 5, an increase of 228,982 (or 31.9 percent) from the previous week. The seasonal factors had expected an increase of 92,333 (or 12.9 percent) from the previous week. There were 317,866 initial claims in the comparable week in 2019. In addition, for the week ending December 5, 52 states reported 427,609 initial claims for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance.

After the data, Dow futures were down 10 points with 50-minutes to the open.  We expect a blow-down shortly thereafter when sober people assess the jobs train wreck.


Regret to inform you that I will NOT be taking the CV-19 jab.  Because, as a life-long sufferer of asthma and eczema, I’m in that category of folks judged at high risk of anaphylactic shock from the CV-19 shots.  Whew!~

A.I. News-War

Let’s see how crazy people are in Minnesota, ‘K?  “Minneapolis City Council votes to cut millions from police budget.  Very works for me.

More useful, though, is the A.I.-driven news is selling hard that there is still a “glimmer of hope” – as this trite phrase is being washed onto everything:

But the “A.I. squeeze” on people comes from the other phrase gone large in our data today:  “intensive care.”  As in…

If you feel squeezed today between “glimmers” and “intensive care” you’re not alone.

In Passing…

Remember the part where I told you the collective of dirtbags in the District of Corruption wouldn’t do jack shit until after Buyedem and Kamunist take their seats?  Shocking, just shocking this: Ure’s right again.  Talks are stalling on stimulus negotiations. Duh.

Watch now to see how Big/Left media circle the wagons to protect FaceBook for the big anti-trust lawsuit filed Wednesday.  Wagon masters at the NY Times for example, run with ‘It’s Hard to Prove’: Why Antitrust Suits Against Facebook Face Hurdles.”

And the asterisk is what? Homeowners are $1 trillion richer thanks to the pandemic-driven housing boom.  (*if you don’t get evicted in the meantime. FMTT…)

Mad Science Speculation

THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE~  Or, are you an idiot?

When not working on our space-time hack project, we continue nibbling around the leading light edge of medicine.  Trying to figure out (nearly age 72 now) how to dial-back aging a bit further.

Since we’ve had good success in our red light therapy self-experiments, we’ve moved on to looking for a “method of action.” (MOA)

This morning while doing a combination of red light (light wrist band at 660 nm) while using a “speed crown” on my temples (light-pumping the trigeminal nerve bundle), I had a weird – but potentially useful – insight.

Is the method-of-action of red light polarization of blood components?  A quick search or three found a cluster of interesting papers:  Here’s one on cancer and allergic reactions where polarization is discussed.

What’s more, in the paper here (“Low frequency stimulation induces polarization-based capturing of normal, cancerous and white blood cells: a new separation method for circulating tumor cell enrichment or phenotypic cell sorting†“) we begin to consider how a combination of low frequency energy (1KHz to 200 kHz) might be used in concert with light to improve efficacy of “light medicine.”  (Which becomes frequency medicine, we suppose…)   The late John Kanzius – one of the pioneers of frequency medicine – might have found polarization of radio spectrum energy a key in his work…Sadly, we’ll never know.

Zeus the Cat, lab cat extraordinaire, claims human’s are sooo stupid.  “Why do you think we lay under warm lights like low-angle Sun and purr? “ he asked.  Damn lab-cat.

Nevertheless, whether the MOA of semi-coherent low-level laser light therapy is via polarization remains a fascinating question to monitor in the literature.  Ask your doctor, lol.

THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE~  Or, as I asked before, are you an idiot?

Woo-Woo 1:  A TZE

TZE – A Twilight Zone Event.

From the beginning: Years ago (pre-airplane), a buddy of mine wanted to rent my brain on a particular robotics problem.  (I still treat the NDA as in-place because no one else has come up with anything like his project, yet.)

My friend lives on a big property in Northern California – about three-times the size of our spread in Texas.

A several days back, he moved one of his surveillance cameras. Infrared and that’s when Twilight Zone Events (TZEs) became visible.  He sent me some screen snags (I’ve pulled meta data out) and although out of order, it’s the typical sequence if I understand it right.

The first thing that happens is a streak of light (see arrow) shows up.  The only thing in the frame reflecting IR is the sign out on his road – circled for reference:

What happens next is the “line” (though yes, these almost look like the “rod” videos on YouTube!) check out the area a bit, getting closer to the camera:

Sometimes they will “hover” and sometimes sit on a tree – before appearing in the next frame on another branch.

Occasionally, one will seem to cavort about – and reveal what…undulating wings?

Oh…Then it gets stranger when one occasionally gets close to the camera…

My buddy is an engineer.  Been out at night with conventional lights.  No insects or animals – temps almost freezing in the area.  

He’ll DropBox more video of this…but wow…just wow, huh?  What is it that doesn’t show up in conventional light, does under IR and has been going on for more than a week now?

Ideas and experiments to help him sort this out are welcome…

Woo-Woo 2:  Gov-Search for???

Another oddity popped up – SAME DAY – and even more remarkably, someone ELSE who I have worked with on a product development project. 

This slammed me as double-weird when you consider the topic of Peoplenomics Wednesday…our hacking space-time project…and now two people I’ve worked with on new products both reported woo-woo events the same day after the space-time hacking update.  Odd, you know?

Here’s the important part of his email:

“A quick note. I retired recently and bought an RV. I have been travelling around and staying in state parks etc. the other day I was in a state park in Indiana which is about a 2000 acre park. I was the only one there. when I hiked the trails I had an other worldly feeling. well, that night while laying down in the RV, and it was very quiet, I heard a strange noise. Sort of like someone tweaking an audio generator. then it went away.

Well about 40 -50 min later a helicopter came flying over head and was circling around along with several black SUV’s cruising around the park. hmm. Well the next morning the ranger came knocking at my door and asked me if I had seen or heard anything strange the night before. eerie times.  “


Indeed, they are.  Odd things are appearing around my “personal perception perimeter” and not quite sure what to make of it – if anything.

Days like this?  I feel like a latter-day Charles Fort.

Write when you get rich,


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94 thoughts on “CPI, Vax Risks, and Incredible Woo-Woo”

  1. George

    “A several days back, he moved one of his surveillance cameras. Infrared”

    People who do ghost hunting use infrared lights and cameras to conduct their searches. While their success rate is low they do catch video’s of things not seen with ordinary light.

    Just remember “The Truth Is Out There” !

  2. To paraphrase a friend of my daughters:
    The job of CV-19 Vaccination distribution and administration should be given to currently out-of-work event planners and wedding coordinators. Besides providing jobs for these often under-appreciated workers, there would also be
    – Color-coded lists on task-specific clipboards.
    – Multi-colored pens and highlighters
    – A list of backup facilities and sub-contractors (MDs, RNs, LPNs) to call on in case a primary source falls through. Preparation for disasters.
    – A timeline (Gantt chart).
    – And, of course, cocktails and a light buffet to follow.

    • Betting on country singers, in turn betting on a court, in turn betting on a lawyer?
      Nope – so many moving pieces, my head hurts.
      I’ll take Buydem anointed on schedule. You
      ‘re not following the A.I. mediated merger of capitalism and communism, well, are you?

    • BIC…I will bet you $1000 that the Supreme Court not only WILL NOT overturn election…they will turn it down 9-0 and then light it on fire, and put it out with their version of a golden shower.

      • And what difference would it make? For Trump was/is nothing but a symptom of the disease in America which has been building for years if not decades as the empire burns and crashes.

        Nick Turse wrote a book called “Kill Anything That Moves” on the free fire zones in Nam. And at the end he said “somewhere in the jungles of Vietnam America lost its soul” and he was without a doubt right for it’s been all down hill since, for once some things are placed into motion they take on a life of their own.!!

      • Nick Turse wrote a book called “Kill Anything That Moves”

        good book to go along with it here is a copy of the veteran. truly will make you think……

        I personally like the part.. that rather than build a bomb or a fighter jet why not build schools and hospitals.. fix roads etc.. all of which makes sense.. instead we march in because some idiot feels like he needs more

        here is the audio book to enjoy..


  3. G –
    Deepest-Darkest -Woo or is it Poo?
    Been hinting at what is coming out – what Ure readers are starting to “feel” around the edges of their conscious.
    They are here – they have been here for a long time – and it is all about us – Human Beings R the Tree of Life – warned not to EAT from in the bible. “Samie” trick F-ed A&E..yeah think about the ramifications for humanity.
    We are the crop, the herd,valuable Commodity to the nasty, scaly types.

    Warning – wanna see the real pictures of Ure elites in action? most of the people in videos,pictures and audio’s have already been Terminated or Incarcerated.
    Yes -Sidney Powell has been down and back from Gitmo – Several times in past weeks- think Military Tribunal…www.theorionlines.com..3,2,1

    U know why Trump made Space Force public – kinda. SF types (select few) have been “riding dragons” for some time – in service to Earth/Military. Still think it was Lighting that took out spaceshuttle Columbia?
    How do you remove a nest of nasty reptos, and all their sick ass workx from a DUMB?
    Wonder what caused/will cause big Earthquakes at DUMB locations like china lake navel weapon center?

    Never mind – ‘humanity is not ready for aliens” FMTT! bwahahahahahahahahaha

    Give me some MOAR TULIPS to play with..EV’s, Green Mania, S&P – just buybuybuy – pause – sellsellsell to the next fool – rinse and repeat. Never trade BTC, just buy and hold…hello Theta?
    Gotz to dash to the door while the market is still hot, so I can nap later in a newly minted AirBnB.

    • Don Jaun matus describes them as FLYERS, the predators. they gave us mind, so we would always live in duality. we are born with a shell of golden light, and from that day forth are just to be in the world as harvest for the predators. our golden light is their sustenance, and when we grow old, soon the cocoon is whittled away until there is only a tiny scrap of that light around our feet. we exist to feed them. when you become a warrior it is possible to construct a luminous egg from the fibers of the universe which allows real life… no safer, no better, simply free.
      i do like the scaly things reference. the sasquatch says the lizards were banished to live in the earth and cannot be seen in the normal world. they must adopt a human form with the expenditure of great energy if they wish to live among us. their desire is control. they are just another element of our slavery to the predators, as fear makes us more tasty.
      there is only love to save us.

    • Been watching “Jupiter Ascending” or the most recent “War of the Worlds”, have ya? Humans love fatty foods. Why wouldn’t their overlords?

    • ‘humanity is not ready for aliens”

      IMHO…. humanity isn’t ready for the horrific activities of the people of Power and privileged people of our country..
      I am pretty sure that that is why they work so hard to get people to see them as the gate keepers of honor and decency and keep what they do a secret..

  4. If Biden nixes Trumps Trade Tarriffs, looks good for the semiconductor stocks which is my favorite group. Bio Tech & Healthcare stocks look like a buy. I got my feet wet last week & bought some GILD, SGEN & TDOC. Does anyone confirm this?

  5. George…why did you say this..” For example, few attended Joe Biden rallies, yet he won by a (reported/sold as) massive margin?”
    Are you actually questioning that?
    You know the answer. Are you trying to stir stuff up with YOUR base?
    Biden didn’t have many rallies and the ones he did have he controlled the crowd to keep it at a minimum for COVID safety purposes. Plus, Biden supporters have brains. They are not going to the type of super spreader events Trump puts on. They value their health. In fact…you would have never gone to a Trump rally if it was in your back yard. You’re smarter than that. Trumps supporter re dumb as a box of wing nuts.

    As for the question can an indicted President be sworn in. Where is the logic there? Hunter’s taxes are being investigated. What does that have to do with his dad? At least Hunter shared his taxes. We still don’t know what Trumps taxes would reveal about his shady dealings. Isn’t it odd that we are investigating the son of a President elect and still have no idea what is in the tax returns of a sitting President after 4 years? That doesn;t disturb you?

    • De-lus-ion-al U R

      The fact that you cant See the evil Filth for what it is..

      That you R not bothered by a Presidential Election being Stolen before Ure eyes –

      You have got an ENORMOUS Problem – possibly the biggest of Ure life.

      Good luck with that dude & Good luck with Ure early adoption of pfizer/bioNtech vaccine.
      *spreading the luv.

    • No brains demonstrated by biden supporters. They are “blind faithers” that that let the leader, Bernie, get sacked and Joe inserted without a squeak. Or maybe they’re “not heads” that vote for obama because he is not shrub and joe because he is not trump. Will you really enjoy getting back to offshoring business and bringing in immigrants for the remaining jobs? We got nothing but “not trump.”

      It was nice of hunter to “share” his tax returns with the grand jury. Maybe next he’ll share his home and office with an fbi search team.

      You aren’t trying to stir things up with bs,are you, mark?

      • “organic gardener
        December 12, 2020 at 08:52
        it’s still fake news ray. in fact it’s part of a russian disinformation campaign. ”

        I heard that someplace… none of the photo’s or videos are real none of the documents non of it…. none of the money transferred or gifts received are theirs either.. none of it true.
        BUT SERIOUSLY….Why even worry about it.. the message has been sent that they will do nothing at all about all of the criminal activity on the laptop hard drive.. we all knew that before it wasn’t a secret.. the spin started before the disclosure…
        As a general rule Laws of the land don’t pertain to those that have power and influence they skate maybe get a no no you shouldn’t then it is forgotten….. they may make a grand gesture and toss someone under the bus to take one for the gipper.. like the billionaire JE…. but it will all fade away. they bury it and pretty soon it becomes old news people are to busy to listen to it.. most just acknowledge that there is something wrong then keep voting in the same old crappy people into office that have serious work ethics issues…. History will say that it was all the Russians fault.. they even may make a way to spin a story that will blame them for the war that will be coming in an attempt to gain more crap for those that don’t need more crap.. or the downfall of our economy..
        At this point it really doesn’t make a difference.. going to court over voter fraud is just a joke we all knew a year before the election how it was going to play out.. they let everyone know ahead of time..spending billions trying to make up enough to boot the sitting president out of office prior…. the cost to go through the whole voting fraud thing would be astronomical.. to say the least .. it doesn’t take much to know that if you have more people voting than there are on the rosters to vote that there is something fishy there.. but hey..So what if you voted three times.. how would they know which vote was the one you really posted.. and to do a complete new vote .. the same thing would happen.. it isn’t going to happen so live with who we have and take each day as it comes….

      • @OG
        As will you.

        “Everything’s been scrubbed from the mainstream, ”

        The only sources now are blogs (which are unsubstantiable) and archives from Ukrainian and Belarus newspapers, and I have neither the time to research, nor the desire to piss into the wind.

    • Of, course we have Trumps tax records. As we do yours and mine and any Biden. It’s known as the IRS.
      If we know anybody’s tax records, case in point. Show mine here. The only tax records you know of are only your own.
      As far as covid, it was used as an excuse by scare Crow Joe. His only speech was listened to by only a thousand online. And 90% were asleep.
      Get your head out from between your cheeks.

      • …Not gonna happen. You are preaching to never-Trumpers and people without morals who’d rather ignore the obvious than have Mr. Trump in the White House in 2021.

        I suggest you forget about it and concentrate on preemptive damage-control, to prepare you and yours for the socioeconomic destruction a Biden Administration will wreak on the citizens of this country.

    • “Isn’t it odd that we are investigating the son of a President elect and still have no idea what is in the tax returns of a sitting President after 4 years? ”

      Unfortunately…I read that it was his own bank that suspected shady dealings that deposits and withdrawals were being made, that couldn’t be explained and turned it in..
      Then his own working partners telling of money made that wasn’t shown ..it didnt help that they bragged about his business dealings and gifts that were donated to him..what do you get for six mil.. or a diamond worth a hundred grand.
      If it had been in the government s hands it would be buried as deep the laptop hard drive beings who he is..dont worry though mark…daddy will get it fixed..
      If a hard drive and all that other crap can be buried this can to..
      The Russians did it..that wasn’t really his account.
      DJT like most of the executives i have known. They have their assets in the business then make withdrawls of funds when needed..the company owns it all.. why do you suspect that many janitors making ten dollars an hour pay more in taxes than their bosses..
      I Knew a woman whose husband made four mill a year all kept inactive retirement fund.. but drew out ten grand a year ..the company owned the home the cars the million dollar travel bus bought all the fuel etc..the company car.. everything company owned..
      Way different than get give me this and deposit it in this account..
      Personally would rather pay more in taxes than take the chance..I dont have the money to take chances or risks.

  6. If it doesn’t exist yet, I’m sure an allergy sensitivity test will come along to predetermine potential strong allergic reactions to The Vaccine.

    I have asthma, A-fib, and diabetes — none of them all that strong, and none increasing at present — so, I’m planning on taking the stab when it becomes available.

    I do believe there are only two ways to achieve immunity if you don’t already have it. 1) Get the disease, and survive it. 2) Get a jab.
    (Or live on another planet — currently not an option.)

    In my time (76 years) I’ve lots of shots, and never had a bad reaction beyond a briefly sore arm or a quick spot of light flu-like symptoms; so, I’m not too overly worried about this.

    • I have no known allergies – yet. I’ve studied immunology and other medical sciences for years and have no intention of allowing this “vaccine” into my body. As free Americans, we have a choice, and I’ve made mine.

      If an allergy will help me avoid this thing, I’ll be allergic. If that won’t work, I’ll find other means. I’ll be freely giving up my doses to those that think the “vaccine” will help them. And yes, I’m in the same age cohort that you’re in. Freedom includes the ability to make bad choices too.

      • Now that theyare having issues with it … I doubt I will either..
        Best to wait till they work the bugs out of it first..

  7. One more thing. Who really cheated on the election and is confounded as to why they lost, given that he (Trump) lies so much and so few people actually believe what comes out of his mouth anyway.

    How could Trump have such a low approval rating, yet get 70 million votes? And… I don’t understand how Mitch McConnell, who had an approval rating of 18%, managed to win reelection by 57%..

    Interestingly, along the lines of whoever smelt it, dealt it…If Trump is crying election fraud foul…as a master projector…I would bet my Tesla..he is the biggest cheat in all of this.

    • Ballots are listed alphabetically and he may have been the first on the list, and then it was a matter of red vs. blue.

    • Yo Genius

      Approval ratings are just like (exactly) election Polls – 100% bullshit – as the last 2 Elections have Proved. But U seemed to missed the obvious – again.

      I’ll bet Ure Tesla – Military Tribunal will decide who sits in the White House on Jan 20th – the ONLY Date in the Constitution-that matters.
      Can U say “Ive been gitmoed?”

      • bluebook value – Cash

        U R certainly one blissful kinda guy – obviously the only vehicle any self respecting “woodsy redneck” would own/drive – a 1979 pickum truck – resto-mod.

    • Mark, many of us feel, and evidence supports, the idea that there’s a lot of fraud and dishonesty using multiple modalities in the recent election. I would imagine that as a believer in free and fair elections, that you’d want this situation investigated as far as possible and any perpetrators convicted of the felonies that they’d be guilty of. If the election was in fact dishonest, then let the constitutional procedures commence to handle it. Let the chips fall where they may. Unless of course, you are biased.

      Until there’s a proper investigation and disclosure, whoever ultimately wins the presidency will have very limited support from the populace. Many of us simply don’t trust the system at all.

      A nation gets the government it deserves. What does that say about us?

      • Every single state that was challenged recounted their votes up to three times. What other evidence do you crazies need? Every judge both Democrat and Republican have tossed these accusations more than a loaded Cobb salad. The Supreme Court with three Trump appointees and a conservative majority voted 9-0 and kicked the first of these idiotic lawsuits to the curb. The latest from Texas, which is just a scam so that the Texas AG will get a pardon from Trump for his own ooops scandalous fraud investigation case….will get a 9-0 in your face rejection as well.

      • “Until there’s a proper investigation and disclosure, ”

        Unfortunately Mike.. I doubt it will ever happen… with power and influence and money… it will be buried.. and all the corruption material vanish like a texas fart in the wind.. stinky for a moment then gone..

    • and democrats screwed up bigly by only rigging the presidential election and not the house or senate. /s

    • Your a deep state. You don’t believe that [personal attack redact]. You want Russia don’t you. I hope a Hypersonic goes up where the sun don’t shine.

  8. Much like the ‘Rods’ videos, these look like blurred streaks of an insect in flight. A relevant question here would be: “What is the shutter speed?” of the camera. This would give you a traveling speed of the object. But allegedly these were not insect-friendly conditions, and none were observed in normal lighting conditions. Bats? Night birds?

    • and certain insects find food using the IR spectrum so maybe there was an attraction to the camera?

      I read somewhere that soldiers started seeing UFO’s everywhere when they started pointing their IR night vision goggles at the night sky. I believe the cloaking tech is really just an unknown method to block or shift the spectrum of human vision.

    • Hank is on to something. “surveillance cameras” should put out a second camera to get more angles of the flying things. Maybe even two different brands of camera. If they’re pixies I’d try to catch one and sell it on ebay.

      Yesterday I posted two links to the Starship test, for the angles.

      The slight of hand was made at the last second of landing.

      Look at the video below. Between second six and second seven the orientation of the Starship is changed just as the explosion consumes the ship. How/Why/What-what?

      SpaceX’s Starship SN8 explodes during test flight


    • The camera’s shutter speed on IR light is VERY slow, like 1 second on distant objects. This would account for the streaks and wingbeats of a bird or a bug in erratic flight.

    • this is more it than rods..


      similar to when you were a child and would walk up to the window screen.. at some point your eye adjusts and you see the image in three dimensions.. these photo’s are the same.. but the IR did the adjustments.. and caught it on camera.. happens all the time.. one of my hats was to do just that .. look at photo’s and determine what was real and what wasn’t…

  9. I get a lot of balloons and festive debris dropping in from the sky and hanging on trees, or dropping to ground level along fence rows. The TZE in Ure game camera photos may be left over from some kid’s birthday party, or the Christmas parade, 50 miles distant. I know you said it doesn’t show up in visible light, but I’m not sure what Ure evidence is for that. Stuff that blows in by night can be gone the next day.
    One of my elderly neighbors (now deceased) was sitting on his front porch smoking one night about 3 AM, and the next day he claimed he saw a giant silver orb hovering over my house. When I challenged his story, his spouse claimed she saw it too. I didn’t know she smoked that stuff too.

  10. If you look at infra red shot two, you will see the shape of a moth in multiple image along a line. These are attracted to the infra red. The closer the moth is to the camera, the larger the shape looks, and the camera gives a blurred smooth look to the image (image three).
    Now if that shape remains for a long time in that shape, and moving, then you have something cool.

  11. Long exposure wing flaps in pics 2 and 3. Some hawks and owls are nocturnal. Smaller one looks like a bat. Don’t know about 1 & 4. He could try setting up a game trail camera with a flash to freeze the action. Infrared film makes a gray scale of warm=light, cool=dark.
    If it were me, I would rig something to get those long exposures in daylight color. Just to get cool pics. It would be really hard to get the animals to stand out though.

    • When my Uncle sent me on a quest and all that time I spent as a young lad looking for a snipe? Just came rushing back into my mind. Hahahah

  12. Re: WooWoo that’s really not.

    What has been captured is the wing beats of a night flyer (probably bird) that has a flap rate several times higher than the capture frame rate of the camera. Most IR cameras (as well as consumer cameras) have a very slow frame rate in order to up the sensitivity.

    Also, a number of bird species are quite reflective in IR.

    You might remember several years ago the big flap (pun intended) when of this sort of image was showing up in a number of daytime outdoor home videos of weird streaks of light. Many thought the cause was some new or alien species. However when a high frame rate camera was placed side by side, the mystery streaks were shown to be insects with a wing beat rate higher than the frame capture rate of the capture rate of the consumer camera.

    No mystery at all.

  13. critters and game cameras are interesting things. One wonders why Sasquatch has not been captured at night on a camera somewhere, or a chupacabra, or the Jersey Devil? The world is getting too small and sophisticated for these myths to remain hidden.

    • “One wonders why Sasquatch has not been captured at night on a camera somewhere,”

      Statistics.. how many millions of miles are there to cover.
      Then the fact that they are trying to avoid contact.
      Do they exist. I believe they do..for thousands of years there have been reports and stories of their existence..i believe that not everyone was making it up

  14. “Ure’s right again. Talks are stalling on stimulus negotiations. Duh.”

    My concern is..howmuch would it take to bring everyone back to the poor levelwe were at before the virus…I now know more than five that are ten grand or more behind due to the velocity of cash being left in play..
    As for the photos .. those can all be explained.. at any one time theres millionsand millions of dust fragments pollens etc. In the air..
    An IR camera would accentuate their presence.. the elevated heat source I’m not to sure of..its definitely not a ghost

  15. Has the swamped been drained? No. What did Trump do for 4 years…Taxes & the ChiComs Trade War. Both benefited The Donald. The wall & the infrastructure was an after thought… he squandered his 1st 2 years & the last 2 went nowhere.

    This country is going Democratic because no matter how conservative you bring up your kids, once they hit the education system they are liberated & look at you as out of date. No mercy attached to today’s liberal…hate is their game toward conservatives.

    • Paul Ryan did the STALL, NC. Come on Man! You know the guy with his own wall around his house.

      As far as your kids go they will change back. BECAUSE as they live in this world, they will realize what a mistake it is to give everything they have and have worked hard for, away to someone/anyone that won’t or didn’t. Everyone understands charity, but liberalism is a charity for everyone dancing around the musical chairs, when one gets pushed off the chair, they wake up.

      So don’t give up on them, and don’t think that life won’t knock some of that liberal tarnish off of them it will.

      Also, try to explain, ask for 10 minutes, explain how the media ties in with hollyweird, the message, and the education system, just plant that info so they can think on it, when they get messaged on all 3 systems…just that little seed opens eyes up pretty quickly.

  16. eeking @ woo woo.

    Curiously curiousier. Yeah. My debit card ending up in my safe when I lost it at Walmart is so weird. I know it’s a metaphor. The card is a symbol, loosing Is a symbol, the safe is a symbol and the envelope too.

    I almost threw in the towel last night. It’s pretty bad when ya the Devil worshipers and the Christians praying against ya. Lol because I don’t fit into the religious mold.

    Thought about scrapping the whole project. Grabbing gears and saying F it.

    peaking @ woo woo.

    The woman talked me into not giving up. So I’m heading to the gym and then figure out why the power supply is not working on my tower. I mean I got people who wish me dead. Lol and I’m still here. Alive and well. Just like that wild cat. I shall be victorius. I am in the valley of frustration. With my thumb out trying to hitch a ride. Somethings gotta give. Knowing my luck I probably with the Jackpot lotto. Lol not the weirdest shit that has had happened in my life.

    I ain’t gonna lie though, kinda tired of getting beat up on. I was just wondering what sign Biden was when I woke up. And what sign that is most compatible with and least compatible. Not that, signs are all that matters. When I see mark throwing out $1000 bets?? Marks having Mars in it’s name and am and a few others. I start calculating odds. Haha.
    Good for you Mark. Hang that sword over your head by a single horse hair. Hahahha. Dionysus would be proud.

    Safe bet? Hmmmmmm

    I spose it’s time for the bonus round.

    Speaking @ woo woo.

    I been seeing a profound spiritual experience and the word “hunch” has come up alot lately. I sure hope its me. I really like that stuff. And it’s been a while. Lol

    Later dudes.

    Cue: Vanity Fair. https://youtu.be/s4pArjPVA-8

    Clique 116

  17. Yeah, a moth could do that. The multiple-image exposure could be due to the flicker rate of the IR LEDs as they are likely ‘scanned’ rather than DC illumination. Or the scan rate of the CCD imager.

  18. The little light in the tree is a boarding house it’ll last about seven days, and the outer perimeter light is really smaller than the house it’s a projection like a paper trail but that won’t last but six days, and you ask what’s it for it’s used to introduce polite request for authorization to make a command, by using a person’s mental processes, for instance, you will hear sounds if you request, you asked where does it come from, it comes from an aircraft a spaceship UFO,( but I can assure you the FBI will be there in 5 days or 6 days to check it out ,just kidding), the only precaution is to beware that there is paraldehyde effects,
    If you like this type of made up malarkey just give me a thumbs up hahaha.
    May all beings be lovingly fulfilled financially fulfilled and readily fulfilled so be it

  19. Fck it! I quit. I can’t do it anymore. I’m done. I don’t care anymore. I got a bad Attitude today. I’m gong back to bed. Let them rain nuked down on Christmas day. I’m tried of holding this shit off. People say wierdest shit to me.

    I’m always battling if off. Fckn fck! . The stupid Chinese lady cut my hair kept saying “mushrooms for Christmas” all over the US and laughing I said why are you saying that. Fck that! She is trying basically give a fricken lap dance. I said no no mushrooms for Christmas! God don’t want that! She said ok ok no mushrooms for Christmas.

    I’m burnt the f out! I mean I can’t do this anymore. I’m sooo tired of this shit.

    I think I’m just gonna drive off a cliff. Seriously. I’m burned out. I’m Soo poor and I’m tired and I’m constantly getting bombarded by shit like the lady that cut my hair. And I know she doesn’t know what she is saying. Like she channeling some crap or someone’s beeming it into her head. I was getting cigarette with my daughter in the car in the drive through and the lady kept going on and on about me going on a world tour. I said why do you keep saying that. Then she blinks and says what??? I said you kept saying I’m gonna on a world tour. She I never said that. And my daughter says. Yes you did! I heard ya like 5 times say it over and over. She said ohh I was just spacing off. Sorry.

    Hands my my cigarettes and we drive off. That shit happens all the time around. I’m fckn tired! I’m at my witts end!

    Ugh! I can’t do it anymore. I just at God and said WTF dude?!!!! I’m going back to bed for the rest of the day. Ftw! I don’t care I have nothing to give today. I’m depressed.

    • Spiritually aware people like you… the universe follows. I have heard of one or two ‘aware’ persons who could not stand to be around other people at all and moved out in the desert in a yurt for a quiet mind. The power of the universe is but a mere trickle thru most persons. You, Andy, are a Fire Hydrant. Sometimes the firehose is hard to hang on to, and batters you around. But hang in there. You are obviously needed here.

      • ancient Chinese/Daoist saying regards sensitivity to enerQI , roughly tranlated – “small masters live in caves, great masters out in open”.
        Sensitive enough – you can feel/see-aware of of others sickness/ills/mal thoughts.Can makes U very uncomfortable in Walmarts,other public places.

        This is why I ALWAYS ???? whether or not “practitioners” are doing “Closing Procedures” – all day everyday =ABC -always be closing – dont want the “monsters” getting in….and messing with Ure mind.

    • “Seriously. I’m burned out. I’m Soo poor and I’m tired and I’m constantly getting bombarded by shit like the lady that cut my hair.”

      Seriously Andy.. look at the positive not the negative… don’t be a glass half empty but a glass half full..
      You go out more than anyone I know.. you get laid more than anyone I know all with different people.. a huge variety.. you travel where you want when you want. ( I have never had a true vacation where I could just travel for fun..it has always been work).. and so you had someone trying to give you a lap dance and talk about mushrooms.. that was probably her way of saying she was willing to play and be experimental…. hell most of the guys I know would cherish a moment like that.. it would be the talking event of the year..
      being broke..that is the sad part of life that almost all of us people that work hour wages live by… being broke and you have have way more money than the average person on the skids and no real responsibilities..from what i have read you don’t have children in daycare no wife giving you demands or making requests.. you are a free and easy spirit ready and willing to travel at will….you will always owe money.. you will always have struggles.. yet find time to help when and where you can.. I do it all the time.. so cheer up young man take it from the old man of the streets.. it will pass.. having crap.. good lord knows you will increase the crap you have exponentially..
      I don’t need anymore crap I have plenty already..
      the great mood swings reminds me of a lady I know that has a serious bipolar disorder if that is the reason for the huge swings then see a doctor they do have a medicine that will calm those rapid changes down..
      it is all workable.. you will make it..

      • and hell.. you had someone cut your hair.. I have to cut my own because I can’t afford to get it cut at a salon.. so be thankful for what you have not what you want.. you won’t ever get everything you want in life.. be thankful for the blessings and keep an eye out for moments when you can share your gifts with others..

    • Well I had it Out with God. We had a big talk and the Reaper showed up. He said what do ya want? I said I want ya to Rip out and destroy, butcher relentlessly and destroy anything thing including me that stands in my way from my mission here. Any evil people who are against me and keeping me from my fulfilment of my mission on this planet, any symbols, organizations, groups, covens of witches, anything like poverty being present in my life, or ideas of fear or anything else. Anything that is keeping me from moving forward in my mission. If it’s in me, I want ya to Rip it out like root branch and all and throw that part of me in the bin fire. Whatever it takes. What ever barriers that are keeping held back from my mission to help others and move forward in that direction. Destroy them all. Then my old friend the Reaper whome I have met more than a few times in my NDE’s stepped forward nodded and said only one thing. Will Do. then he spun in like a tempest and left the room.

      God just smile. He don’t ever say much.

      So we will see.

      Then the woman showed up and threw the chantix shit the garbage.

      It’s like dude I have been dead 12 times. But I have had more close calls than I can count. Just on the way up to Idaho from California my siatic nerv pain was so had I pulled over on the side of the road and 20 minutes later I a car roll behind me and a semi rolls infront of me and they missed my car but like a foot on both ends. So I know I’m here a reason. I’m just stuck and so I had it out with God. I don’t hold no bones about it with Him. I’m honest. He knows anyway. I fckin stuck! I cant do this alone. You sent me back to this shit hole! Make a way or take my life now! You said it was good to come back. What ya saved me on the side of the free way so I can sit here a broke ass bitch making no progress??? Shit or get off the pot! He always smiles when I get to this point as if to say, “Geeze Andy! I waiting for you to ask. ” And Reaper dude “Death”. One things for sure. Just like karma. That dude never looses an address. Lol

      So I guess we will see. Maybe I get taken out. I highly doubt that. God didn’t save me from the ocean to drown me in the bathroom and He knows one thing. I’m a good dude and I don’t lie to him or myself or anyone. Soooo the Reaper has the Naughty and Nice list. Hope ya all have a great week. I know I will. Lol

      • “people who are against me and keeping me from my fulfilment of my mission on this planet,”

        ???? WHAT IS YOUR MISSION…?

        I use to belong to a group that would razz me because I hadn’t had the success they thought I should have . I was irritated that they considered the vast majority of people as idiots to dumb to wipe their own azz..I quit ..thenrealized I thought the same way about them not recognizing that everyone has their own brilliance in their station on the earth..
        Wherei found myself was in helping others..being their strength during their weakest moments of despair..
        The way I understood what you were talking about wasn’t the despair andno where to turn but one revolving around being inconvenienced by your personal situation.
        A huge difference..
        With a CDL and no traffic violations you can be behind the wheel anywhere in the usa..wash dishes or sack groceries

    • Right after I posted that. I turned on the radio and Nothing but a good time came on by Poisen. I haven’t heard that in years. Lol

      Have a good I’m going to be busy I’m sure.

  20. yep yada yada yada.. blah blah blah. all those group nobel prize in economics thrown down the drain george . deflation george , all depressions are deflationary . forget about it. yep time for you all to come up with some other cow dung sales pitch . professor dagolio will think of something or old salty moriarty . maybe patriotic duty for commies to be injected with gold !!! or cures covid !! or releives starvation .

  21. Indiana Woo-Woo

    Greenfield, Indiana is due east of Indianapolis out I-40. My dad inherited an 80 acre farm there from his dad and lived on it for a few years.

    My parents told me a story several times of a woo-woo incident that happened to them on the farm one evening at twilight in about 1954.

    They were walking around the property near the house when a “pinky-orange light the size of a house dove at them out of the twilight sky. They ran. The next thing they knew they were in the house.” They could not remember going into the house. They appeared to have had a ‘missing time’ incident.

    Dad was respected in the community. He had been a local sports hero, an aircraft pilot, and served in the Navy in WWII. When he reported the UFO the respect turned to ridicule. He sold the farm and we moved to the southern states.

  22. Wow, sounds like the mythical Adam Smith is code blue in the ICU?

    It’s been 750 years since Marco Polo brought back civilization from the Far East, and next February will be 49 years on from Mr. Kissinger returning the golden fleece.

    Perhaps the incoming USA administration’s first international visit can be to Beijing in deference of the anniversary. Certainly one imagines that the admin’s top Three Wise Persons of the succession would be sent aboard Air Force One bearing precious gifts. Hopefully their return home could include hunterd down popping full cargo holds of hopium for the ongoing covid-19 war chest.

  23. vaccine trial patients in oz now have hiv !!! veges with aids !!!! CSL our psycho drug comapny affiliated with CIA is gunna finally get what it deserves ..

  24. serves moriarty right selling out all the true gold bulls . watch em die in 20 years of evil then team up with a pack of spivs .f%^&$* idiot . go on yah old vege lead everybody to hell with dagolio and the other clowns . no signal . real bad numbers . the shrink in vegas thinks he is the only one who can know it all . hope he goes the way of his old man .

  25. Come on Andy, Pick ure self up, always enjoy your posts, makes me smile, don’t let depression bring you down, we need you here friend, sounds like your just having a bad day, Love your way, Tim

  26. Rampin coming . Here we go pump pump pump. Die die die . Starve starve starve . God. Bless ta greed . And. Sorry George the 4×2 s that run it . God bless hafra and tel aviv

  27. a bit rude i be ? nah 25 years the great gold bull . and when the old , now i know , rampers and shysters themselves sell out to the FED and blokes like dalio what do they do ? what ? they islolate you and try to discredit your knowledge . no way im 100 % not going to join in tricks and scams and lies . disgrace . no signal . death run

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