The Next War in Sight

While the war in Ukraine continues to drag on – bringing a massive drain on Europe – which has hurt the Euro and made the Dollar appear stronger than reality dictates – we are faced this morning with the arrival in weeks of a terrible set of financial circumstances that will become another “feeder war” into the Global War III in the 2024-2026 timeframe.

There is a fairly complex set-up process underway now, so carefully watching press reports for timing clues will make sense.

Bartender?  Line ’em up!

  • The report this morning that a Khamenei adviser says Tehran ‘capable of building nuclear bomb’ has become a “first strike” problem in the Middle East.  As we reported earlier, one likely key agenda item of the Biden Middle East soiree was working the Saudi’s to keep the Sunni Muslims out of defending Tehran when time comes.  We suggested (with no hard evidence in hand) that the Biden DoJ going after the PGA which would favor the LIV golf series (Saudi owned) was likely one of the  gimme’s in the foreplay.
  • Leading into this is the Federal Reserve meeting which will announce a rate hike a week from this Wednesday.  Not only has the Biden administration been expanding federal labor powers by putting taxpayers on the hook to bail out massive pension fund debt, but they also have lit the 60-day fuse on a national rail strike which (inconveniently) arrives before the mid-term elections.  The only real debate on the Fed rate hike next week is “How Big?”
  • Ukraine has become somewhat quieted by Corporate Shill Media (CSM/MSM).  While Russia targets Ukraine’s missiles as Western-supplied weapons bite, observers think the next Russian target s may be Mykolaiv and then Odessa further southwest.  With this, Ukraine would become land locked.  Watch this map on Twitter for ground combat updates.
  • Which leaves two problems in Asia to ponder.   On the island of Formosa, things have lightened a bit since Uncle is looking firm: U.S. Approves Possible Sale of Military Assistance to Taiwan.  Which then leaves only the North Koreans holding their threats on the South which we depend on for much in the way of consumer goods, especially anything with chips aboard.   Big worry in the South is whether (like Iran) a nuclear test could be nearing.  US North Korea Nuclear Talks: Any North Korea Nucler Test Would Be “Very Provocative”, US Warns.

Useful Nuke Notes

No doubt in our mind, the story in the JPost about how Iran hasn’t made a decision yet whether to upgrade 60 percent uranium to the crucial 90 percent level is poppycock.  Of course, they have!  You don’t spend years designing and dreaming of a gun, pouring many lives into its development, and just when it’s completed you forget to load it, do you?  Of course not!

As my consigliere reminded in an overnight client email:

“Iran – Now has ENOUGH enriched uranium to make a bomb! … right on the schedule I projected

Well talk about dead on timing from my project to you guys back 2 or 3 months ago.  Iran hit the target date of having enough material to make a bomb to the week!

The second half of the projection is that once they had enough material it takes about 2 weeks to actually construct a bomb, per the nuclear research group I cited.

Now Biden is in a Pickle after his comments this past week about Iran and a bomb.  Are we NOW GOING TO WAR WITH IRAN?  

Remember I also laid out that the most likely timing for a US/Israeli attack opened the last week in July and continued through the end of the first week of September (call it Labor Dayish)

Looking to be an “exciting” remainder of the year.

Iran …. they now can make a bomb so what are the US and Israel going to do?  Start a WAR?

China … still prepping for that October invasion, which I put the odds of happening at 70% now shading to 85% as the failure of US sanctions on Russia are becoming apparent.  If the US and Iran start a tangle, I will move those odds up to 85% to 95%.

Ukraine … self-created MESS for the US where the US wants Russia bogged down in a multiyear War, to be fought to the last Ukrainian, but which is in reality resulting in depleting US and NATO War materials such that without airpower NATO is hosed in a general non-nuclear European War.

I do believe Russia CAN neutralize US airpower withOUT going nuclear – we have NO defenses at our airbases that can defend against the Russian low flying missiles of all types with any sort of success rate since the Army hasn’t wanted to buy such defensive systems even though we developed one (NOT sexy enough for the Pentagon planners).  The ONLY system we actually bought and installed is installed around Washington DC but we don’t even have a second one in storage that we could put somewhere in Europe. (which could only protect ONE base to begin with).

FWIW Iron Dome doesn’t work since it is geared towards Ballistic Missiles and the Russian missiles are NOT Ballistic Missiles but low-level flying missiles. The Patriot Missile System is also near worthless since it’s radars only cover 120 degrees, we don’t have many Patriot Missiles to actually be able to use, AND again it is near worthless for missiles that are coming in at only a hundred to two hundred feet off the surface).

This All Foretells Market Action

The phrase-that-pays in here will likely be a conjugate of both “pump and dump” and “strong hands sell to weak at a major Top.”  Many Investors Are Fleeing the Stock Market, but Some Are Doubling Down: ‘If I Lose $15,000, I’m Not Going to Die’ – WSJ.  No, (I didn’t say that, but might as well have.)

A third factor in this is the impact of FOREX trading.  With the drop in the dollar v. the Euro today, from 0.990 down to 0.9836 there is a case for a currency driven rally in the US that may account for a rally of 6-10ths of one percent.

However, selling ahead of the Fed meeting next week plus beginning to look ahead to the Israeli attack on Iran could account for even more “selling at a top.”

Seasonality figures into this, as well.  Summer rally highs are usually put in from the middle of August to the middle of September.  Then down in the fall is the common pattern.

This is NOT investment advice, because a short, violent rally is possible.  But we’ll be watching how Bitcoin fares for clues, as well.  It was into the mid $22,000’s today early.  ($22,245)

Chart Discussion

As this chart shows, we have a Wave 1 down from Nov. 21.  Then a March Rally followed by more down.

The problem child is that the two overlaid trading boxes on the right tell us:

  1. It is POSSIBLE that a Wave up is possible now, since what we count at 3-down MIGHT be complete.  In which case, we are likely in a complex 4 which could be followed with a Wave 5 down in September-November.
  2. OR – we get more of the fake-out (strong hands selling to weak) in the early rally this morning which would begin to fade around the European close late this morning (central time).

See why trading can be a bit difficult?  The trading indicators I personally use offer an even stranger outlook:  The on-balance volume popped up more than a billion worth going into the Friday close- which would be consistent with running shorts, but which also fits the strong-hands-to-weak profile.  The differential stochastics were split and the MACD could go either way.

Day trading is a complicated business, understand.  And sometimes – when taking a loss to reduce risk – we’re reminded not too many people make a reliable living in casinos, either.

Dollar turning up today might keep us on the short side a while longer.  We’ll just have to see how it plays.

Gun Lies in Media/Media Matters

Once again, we see the Corporate Shills Media running the Marxist agenda of gun-grabbing. Lying by Omission.

Not because you can’t find the story of the Greenwood Mall shooting if you know to go look for it, but what SHOULD be front page is NOT because Media continues to screw the pooch at the command of anti-constitutional liberals.

Like I say, you CAN find stories like At least three people dead after shooting at Indiana shopping mall.

But our bet is the story will disappear in a day or less because the perp was shot and killed by a lawfully carrying gun owner.

While it’s missing already from Drudge, it may be found in overseas press accounts such as Three killed in fresh US mall shooting (

Inside the Northeast leftwing media bubble?  Even the NY Post featured Uvalde shooting coverage all over the place with only a small front-page link (small photo) to At least 3 dead in shooting at Indiana shopping mall, gunman stopped by Good Samaritan with handgun (

Must be a bitch, you know? Writing “Good Samaritan” in a gun story in brainwashed New York.

Except for the Post’s  John Crudele’s financial stories  – and Miranda Devine lately on Hunter and The only New Yorker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fights for is herself ( – we wonder if solid reporting has been driven out of Gotham.

I mean, in terms of actually meaning something to our future, is Page Six glitterati really more important than adjudication of election fraud?  Well, I guess it must be.  But, that’s how revenue works with advertising supported media, I guess.

Missing from the Post front page – and the New York Slimes – was an equally important “core values” story: John Durham requesting 30 subpoenas a serious move, Kash Patel says | Washington Examiner.

Can we all just have a kumbaya moment and focus on what matters?

What Matters?

Oh, I dunno – food, maybe?  Two-weeks increase in food billionaires’ wealth enough to fully fund East Africa hunger crisis response –  It will never happen, of course.  Nice thought, though.  Dream on.

Pardon me, sir.  Is that Grey Poo-poo?  Sacrebleu! A shortage of Dijon mustard sparks a very French food crisis (

The “Let’s see how many people we can put in an unsustainable urban area” department:  ‘Water police’ patrol drought-hit Los Angeles streets (

Not just in the desert southwest, either:  Connecticut farmers fear what’s ahead as state’s drought worsens: ‘Everything is crying for water’ ( (Hmm. Could nature not give a shit about NE liberals, either?)

Want a long – stupid – vacation?  This nuclear-powered ‘flying cruise ship’ could stay airborne for years at a time, carrying 5,000 guests – Study Finds

Around the Ranch

Best laid plans were blown up Sunday.

Nearly had the perfect “day off” of nothing but relative enjoyment.  But, when all was said and done, the plan blew up but the new “long range” phone system was installed on the office line.  Despite claims of 2,300 feet, it only works at the mailbox (325 feet) if you stand a certain way.

Hot as the blazes lately – been turning on the misters outside for the cats around 11 AM.  You can find kits on Amazon that will let you put up to 9, or so, misters on a system.  If you build it with just two or three, it’s enough to cool a modest area and not squander the water bill.

If your pets aren’t smart enough to lay down just at the edge of the mist, a pet psychiatrist may be in your future.  Zeus seems to have water on the brain, but the new cat (of still-undetermined sex) Sam (*uel or mantha) hasn’t.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. Real quick. These messages are not addressed to anyone on here . Per say. But i did receive their answer. Respect. I understand respect. I know what it means. I agree. And I will leave it at that.

    You know George I met alot of people in my life. Alot of people from all walks. There is one I’ve met who is known in certain circles as the “angel of death.” He saved my life a couple times. And I did a few favors back in the day. Without question. Considers me “family”.

    Last time I spoke to him, I said hey man, you being good? He said no. I’m not being good. I’m the bad man. That is my role in this world. Some people grow up and become accountants. Some grow up to be preachers. Some grow up to be teachers or construction workers. I am the Bad guy. That is my profession. I’m never doing good. When people see me they know I’m the bad guy and I’m there to do bad shit. My retirement is death or prison and probably death in prison. I’m not doing good dude.

    I said you saved my life a few times. He said I’ve never done that before. Usually when someone meets me, it’s quite the opposite. You are the only I’ve ever saved their life before. I said why did you do it. He said, I don’t know. Other than 2 times when I was left for dead. I saw you when I died. Or someone who looked like you. So, if there is any redemption for me, I did one good thing. That was save your life not once but twice. Because when I died not once but twice I saw what looked exactly like you on the other side.

    I said ya I been told that many times. But I don’t know about that. Other than other people have said that before. Alot of other people. Most of them I never met before. He said don’t ask me if I’m doing good. I’m the bad man and I already know I will spend eternity in hell. There is no saving me. I said well, you never know. He said I know. I’m the bad man.

    I hadn’t spoken to him in a long long time.

    There has been a series of songs on the radio like every breath you take, every move you make, I will be watching you. And lots of other songs on the radio like private eyes are watching you they see your every move. These songs in series have not been on the radio. Especially in a series like that. One after the other.

    The other day, someone Parked jeep really close to my driver’s door and I had to get in the passenger side of my car and my back is sore from working my ass off all week. I was pissed. I lost my temper and dumped some rock star on their door. I wanted to wait outside to kick their ass. Then, i corrected my behavior.

    I saw a disabled veteran holding a sign at the corner. I stopped all traffic and got out and gave him $20. Prayed for him and then as I was leaving. I noticed the guy known in certain circles as “the angel of death”. He is the last person most people see, if he comes to see you. You know. The one who saved my life twice was standing there. He stood there and looked right at me as I got back in the car. His jaw wide open. He stared right at me. I stared at him. And he nodded to me. I nodded to him.

    Then I went and put myself in time oout. Restarted my day and went and helped some other people.

    So I got there mmessage.respect.? Yes. I agree. That is all I will say for a while.

    See ya all. Thanks Georg for letting me use your place to reply to them. So we ar e all on the same page.

    • I wonder why after all these years I saw him standing there. Looking straight at me and I could feel him say, oh fuck!

      And he watched me pay and pray with that vet.

      I hadn’t seen him in years. But when he is around I know, something is up. And I know even tho he is the person most people do not want to see, he saved my life not once but twice

      Strange coincidence for sure.

      And I don’t say everything I see. The Art of disclosure for certain.

    • Helping people does a body good. A week ago, I and my daughter dropped off clothing at a local women’s and kid’s shelter. I hate taking to a place that resells. If I’m giving away, I want whatever it is to just go to someone in need asap. Anyhow, a few blocks on our drive away from the shelter at a 4 way stop a homeless guy on a bike is stopping all traffic as the plastic bag with food supplies he gotten at a food bank tore up on him. Cans and stuffeverywhere. We stopped, helped him pick up, and I gave him 3 of the reuseable bags that I keep in the car for Aldi trips. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone so stunned as this guy. All because he’d been given a hand. Oh, and an officer was there in his suv, just watching, instead of helping. I’m far from anticop, but it rankled me a bit that he didn’t really care to help. Point to this was that I spent a while in my head thinking about how small events can be considered massive, depending on which side of it you’re on. I don’t feel like I did much, but maybe in another way, I did. Idk.

      • moving mountains SM, moving mountains. my universe – these actions in service to/helping others is simply
        Cultivation- or Cultivating De (duh).
        De = Virtue

        “Refining the essence and transforming it into Qi” is practice. Refining Qi and transforming it into spiritual energy’ is practice. Refining the spiritual energy and returning it to the void’ is still practice. Practice does not mean you are doing tranquil meditation all the time.” -YX

      • Sounds like you took Saint Francis of Assisi’s advice:

        “Preach the Gospel at all times.
        When necessary, use words.”

      • “A week ago, I and my daughter dropped off clothing at a local women’s and kid’s shelter. ”

        I drop clothing off.. love doing it.. when I worked at the landfill.. you would be surprised how many clothes get tossed away on a daily basis… its amazing..
        On a funnier note..
        the boss handed me a box of old ladies clothes.. LOL said would you drop these off.. I was being lazy.. and you know the guy.. drives a car he is really proud of…parks way out in the left forty and takes up five spaces.. ( I love those guys.. )anyway I seen one with his window down.. made sure I didn’t have anything that could tie the clothing to me.. and wrote a note.. Louise. I am so glad to see you here at the store.. the wife said you have been wanting these so you could look fashionable instead of wearing the same old duds.. glad to see you here.. and then calmly set it in the window LOL LOL LOL
        I have seen his car again but his windows are always up now LOL…
        the kids were all reminiscing about the Cadillac… I had bought a junk car for a hundred bucks at the tow truck place.. decent nothing really to send home about.. but dam it had a nice radio and the seats.. if you were blind and kind of deaf.. you would swear you were riding in a cadillac.. so it was nicknamed the cadillac..
        each vehicle gets a pet name.. I drive the buggy now.. LOL paid two hundred for it.. got three hundred thousand miles put on it.. and if I am the only one driving it.. well it is rusty around the edges.. but the motor is all heart.. It should last me the rest of my life.. the grand kid got t boned by a girl texting and driving.. I was arguing about what they wanted to give me in a car lot.. the owner of the car lot.. happened to be my old mechanic.. he said.. I will tell you what.. I will sell you the car for what I paid for it from an insurance agency… no inspections done .. just got it at the shop.. but he said it sounded good.. the girl that owned it was like I am with a car.. two hundred dollars.. and it was mine.. I spent more on the repairs that had to be done after the mechanic at the shop.. fresh out of google mechanics.. got done with it..

    • Interesting thought..
      If a product went up 50% and you had to charge more or you have to print more..are you actually making more..
      A child’s happy meal in Argentina is what 5000.00 and it costs 28000.00 for bread per day for 2 people.. so are they making more then or does the graphjust reflect the freefall as a positive until it reaches the point where people stop buying the bread..

      • Maybe some manufacturing accounting would help.

        Say you have a product selling for $100 which now goes up 50%.
        At the $100 price, the manufacturer gets about 33% – or $33.33 bucks

        When the goods go up 50% the manufacturer still gets 1/2rd. So now $50.

        However his costs have also gone up 50% so his original $33.33 is now $50 (less whatever rounding error if you don’t go 10 cdeciplaces.

        So, in this example, the price goes up 50% but the merchant and manufacturer don’t get any more.

        That’s because (with a 10% sales tax) the government which had made a $10 slice on the hundred dollar item now makes $15 bucks.

        Ure’s axiom: When inflation is around, government’s get even FATTER – thus we generalize there is no fiscal incentive for expansive bureaucrats to do anything but inflate!

      • LOOB, A loaf of bread in Argentina is $0.93 (U.S. dollar), what kinda crackcrap ya smokin’ ??? A McDonald’s Combo meal is $5.12 in Argentina

        Freefall fantasy doom, is that all you know or can speak about? Sorry to break your paranoid bubble, when do you ever check facts before babbling your far right wing meltdown muck? Must be part of Ure’s axiom, never check facts, always insist on right wing self righteousness!!

        costs of various items:

        The average Argentina salary is between $350 to $1000 per month

        housing costs are much lower than U.S.:

        Argentina is also very low on the global hunger index:,of%20hunger%20that%20is%20low.

      • “A loaf of bread in Argentina is $0.93 (U.S. dollar)”

        what is the KEY words there.. (U.S. dollar) and that was before the bus started to be driven by beavis and the buttheads so just wait for it.. its coming.. and you can love the idiots all you like.. but.. it will affect you and your family just as much as mine…..
        I spent almost thirty bucks just for eggs this morning.. a year ago that would have been around five bucks.. and change..
        “Summary of cost of living in Argentina
        Family of four estimated monthly costs: ARS $307,423
        Single person estimated monthly costs: ARS $127,517”
        it was zimbabwe… the bread costs.. but even that has gone down in comparison to the USA.. as of lately..

        How soon we forget the affects of the weimer depression.. and with an extra six trillion floating around we should be on a gravy train.. where is the gravy.. or is that on the dam train being ran by beavis ( notice I did associate the good looking one cause he is very photogenic..just a little thick and I think that is because he doesn’t have a real world work life to reflect back on.. if it has never affected you.. you cannot know how it is.. he only seen the struggles of his parents.. )

      • “always insist on right wing self righteousness!!”
        now that is funny.. it doesn’t have anything to do with right or left.. it has to do about right and wrong..
        and so far.. you sure and the heck don’t see a parade running around with the right bringing up any of this crap that is going on..
        they are just as bad.. and the whole lot should be voted out of office..

  2. Fuck. Right after I posted that I walked in the store to get something to drink and the song all my ex’s live in Texas was on and I had a flash back from one of my NDE’S and I stumbled into the bathroom and had to take a knee because the dejavu hit me so hard I lost my equilibrium.

    We are right on schedule.

    • “and I stumbled into the bathroom and had to take a knee”

      Phew.. Andie I hope you locked the door.. that could be a very dangerous thing to do and give the WRONG impression to the multitude of decrepit in a high crime area where ethics and morals have been tossed to the winds..

    • Andy, come to Texas; we are waiting for you.

      What incrediblehumblewitnessing is all I can say.

  3. Parts of the US are adapting to dry conditions, and should before there’s not a drop to drink.

    […] Famous for its rows of palm trees, Los Angeles has also traditionally been known for its lush, green lawns, maintained with automatic sprinklers.

    Residents are increasingly replacing their thirsty lawns with plants native to this desert region.

    “When we think of how much water gets used in a residential setting, over 50 per cent is actually used outdoors,” said Pamela Berstler, executive director of urban landscaping firm G3 Garden Group. […]

    Here? My 295 acre front yard got a bit deeper. It’s rained 2:3 days and, the creme in the cookie day was overcast gray. Farmers here-a-bouts were probably dancing in fields (head high corn, thick beans).

    We can have lush lawns (I don’t care much, grow lots of clover for the bees). Those living in arid climates need to rethink.

    Last: still feels like wave 4.

    Write. Just write. A lost art.

    • Im in the SF Bay Area.

      To note: 50% of the water goes to the environment in California. 40% to farmers ( who dont grow food rather crops like Almonds to sell to the Chinese ) then 10% is left for people.

      Last winter/spring ,there was a massive release of water from the northern reservoirs. So much so that many believed the state “knew” heavy rains were coming. I believed the opposite. There is a local reporter who had a restraining order placed upon him by a county for trying to get access to real tangible numbers. Also for suggesting that the water released could have been diverted for at least the farmers. Noooooo….

      I drive around and see lush green golf courses. I see large swaths of green grass at business parks like Bishop Ranch. I even watched as Kaiser in San Ramon ripped out there old lawn and re-sodded it again. I see cities and counties overwatering center divides and freeway on/off ramps. And Im the “bad guy” for not letting my outside die ? I know its a matter of time before the EBMUD Gestapo comes after people like me like they are in LA.

      Oh , but hey , keep building more houses , keep bringing more people here because we have more power and water than we know what to do with.

      Trump said he saw what was coming up for California and I believe this is one area he was referring to.

      • Sounds like what I’ve been saying for a while about West Texas. People building McMansions in the desert with pools.

        The government is shutting small food producers down wherever they can so the conglomerates can squeeze the last cent they can out of us.

        U S Marshalls raid AMISH over FOOD! Small homesteads next?

      • “U S Marshalls raid AMISH over FOOD! Small homesteads next?”

        Naw, it’ll be the Mormons. Not all comply, especially the young-uns, but LDS members are required to have a year’s supply of food in storage, for each member of the household. That’s common knowledge, so you can bet the gummint knows it…

      • “LDS members are required to have a year’s supply of food in storage, for each member of the household. ”

        The sad part about that @Ray is only what 6% of members have it..if I hadn’t had the life experiences I have had..I probably wouldn’t have it either.. most have enough for a week or two at best..
        I think there was an article where Monson suggested a community plan.. where if there comes a time..share as a community.. great idea the stone soup plan..but in the time of..ME.. I doubt it would ever work that way..
        I have been contemplating putting out need one take one one leave one..bins outside the stores..I helped write up the emergency plans for our community.. I insisted on it as a group not individual.. I am not sure if they kept it one point all the hunters fishers and construction etc. Was known..each individual is a genius in their own right.. the one thing I truly loved about healthcare.. hearing their story.. their hobbies and life..

      • These were Amish people with small butcher shop operations along with a dairy or two. Not prepping but offering alternatives to large grocery chains and food conglomerates.

      • Bill & R, That Amish farmer killed 1 and sickened 2 with his listeria tainted raw milk:

        That same farmer also refused govt ordered safety inspection, that’s why the U.|S. Marshalls were called:

        The big bad bogeyman govt is out to get you!! Or at least save your life from food products that kill!! LOL!!

      • U S Marshalls raid AMISH over FOOD!

        ‘Definitely having a problem with this:

        Amish Farmer Faces $250K Fine, Jail Time and Losing His Sustainable Farm for Processing His Own Meat

        You probably don’t know (because I didn’t until Miller told me) that all USDA-licensed processing plants are required to treat ALL meat (even the local, grass-fed, organic variety) with synthetic preservatives.

        “Often they use citric acid, which you’d think comes from oranges or lemons, but it’s a modified substance made from corn… and they don’t even have to label it on the meat,” Miller said.

        “The USDA processing plants require the meat to be treated with a chemical cocktail of citric acid, lactic acid and peracetic acid,” said a customer who handles Miller’s website and other modern communications (because he’s Amish).

        “The peracetic acid is toxic and the citric and lactic are GMO.”

        Entire article may be found here:

  4. “The only real debate on the Fed rate hike next week is “How Big?”


    Just how much… DO… you have to increase it to cover 1.5 trillion a year in interest alone.. or do you want to knock down the principle along with making the interest payment..
    Like my home loan..18 percent interest.. ( I never made enough to qualify for those low interest or give away programs.. and with my own medical expenses and having been tossed under the bus by an employer playing the stock market.. I could only get short term balloon loans) the odds were I would never get it done.. the good thing is the 1 loan officer I knew from high school took pity on me because of my boss throwing his employees under the bus..
    After interest-0- went to principle.. and the bank allowed broken or partial payments without paying the interest first.. similar to fixing my teeth.. I put a little bit on the loan..every payday..split the payment in 2 and made a 5 dollar principle payment..
    Which had me paying down the loan faster than someone with a conventional home loan even at 18 percent..
    The do we nude was rewriting the loan every couple of years .
    The option I see on this is bankrupt the usa and start fresh.. what rate of exchange would there be .. million to one like Zimbabwe..
    Either way there’s only a couple of options.. the best would be focus on us..stop spending money outside the usa have a set tax ratio no deductions after poverty level..inspire manufacturing in the usa and tariff incoming goods and services that industry have been outsourcing. Tax all corporations that have headquarters outside the usa and all finances held in hidden offshore accounts.. but then we all know that will never happen.. except the bankruptcy of the dollar.. we are in my opinion already there with upside down loans

    • Stop spending money on WARS.. and bailing out other countries while ignoring our own..

      • Yo Loob –

        ask yourself who was Woodrow Wilson ? how did his wife cover for his stroked out-sick self ? rinse wash repeat..replace Wilson with drooling pedo perv. and Mrs Wilson wit the delaware breakfast chalupa and you got Ureself a truely twisted, perverted, doddering old currupt piece of shit for president. Who owns, controls Delaware ? clues..”better living thru chemistry”, gunpowderfalls.

        Not much has really changed in the last 59 years(11/22/63 @33rd parallel), with senility being the new factor in the calculus..
        Yes carter got the “black eye” treatment as well..

      • THIS, and reduce bureaucratic infrastructure to the bare minimum. Highly unlikely. People really need very little from the government. Just protect the borders and provide a minimal framework for commerce. The former is not done and the latter is so complex that it’s barely possible to run a business without violating regulations. Even the bureaucrats have more rules than they can read, much less understand and follow.

      • Even worse, is government is borrowing/printing money to spend on foreign wars. I could almost stomach this if congress declared war on one of these countries. But they don’t even do that, and they won’t prioritize this spending by reducing spending on something else and instead borrowing from our children’s future. So many scumbags, if you want to spend the money take it from us citizens today who vote, not against future citizens who don’t get a choice.

      • “Yes carter got the “black eye” treatment as well..”

        The real issue @ RGEa with Carter was it wasn’t carter’s fault.. he was tossed under the wheels of congress.. he assumed they would go along with his plan and equal the tax structure equally.. they passed the millionaire tax relief bill and the middle class paid the price.. he accepted his fate..
        This time congress is just as equally to blame.. neither side wants to upset the ones behind the curtain and the administration doesn’t have a real world work history experiences to fall back on.. lives in the land of easy money and dual standards of the laws they have passed..

    • If’fn the Fed boosted the Prime Rate to about 10.5%, everything would be good. The US Government would be bankrupt within a couple months, and would have to repudiate or revalue, but it’d stop the recession in its tracks.

      There’s not 1 chance in a decillion that the Fed will make such a move though, so we’re going to do a slow burn.

      Remember, government doesn’t fix things, they manage things. Managing our crash by allowing it to “come on easy” may boost the Prime into the 14-16% range, but it will likely be the least politically-damaging to the crooks on the Hill.

      It is still going to require default or repudiation, just like candidate Trump said ONLY ONCE, but done incrementally, that reality may be able to be put off until Nasty retires…

      • “If’fn the Fed boosted the Prime Rate to about 10.5%, everything would be good.”

        YES it would IF… the people making ten bucks an hour kept spending LOL LOL LOL LOL….
        the Noodle nomics LOL LOL put a cooked noodle on a table dump water on it.. the noodle floats on the table.. you can push that noodle across the table.. add to much water the noodle becomes mushy and starts to fall apart.. dry the water up and the noodle tears apart..
        we have the EIC tax credits.. and expanded deductions for the ultra rich.. ( Social Security tax has a wage base limit — $147,000 for 2022.) Now if you had a flat tax.. lets say ten percent.. of anything made over poverty levels.. there wouldn’t be a problem as well as long as there are not extensive deductions..
        instead there is what.. fifty to a hundred thousand pages of tax laws.. all of it to offer extensive deductions ..

      • I believe that Jimmy Carters plan was everyone pay 11% of their earnings above poverty level..
        no deductions.. except for individual deductions.. Congress then couldn’t do it.. the implications is.. rich would still get rich.. but at a slower ratio… when in reality they have to have it…. NOW.. kind of like anyone over sixty not buying green bananas.. or why buy a whole bag you might not live long enough to see the banana’s ripen or eat up that whole bag.. LOL..

        the other part.. is.. the velocity.. stall that velocity of cash.. its just like putting it in a bank.. its only moving at a bank as long as the ten dollar an hour laborer borrows.. stop borrowing.. and it stalls.. don’t spend it and the store closes.. send it to china to their communities.. they prosper we dry up..
        the importance of MAGA .. restart industry..
        charge ten percent.. on every dollar no matter where you keep it or you call home.. and on all incoming goods and services sent abroad.. stop printing and quit our needless wars.. we would be fine..
        I really wish I had kept that book on his proposals.. good sound.. and well thought out.. but.. the boss wanted to park her car in the garage and made me downsize my boxes of books.. and now years later.. I am here trying to quote a book I read forty years ago LOL LOL

      • “Remember, government doesn’t fix things, they manage things.”

        And Piss poor managers they are to @Ray.. remember the checkbook crises in the eighties..where they just wrote checks even if they didn’t have funds available..

      • “Wait! You didn’t hand her some cardboard, waterproof glue, and a zoning application?”

        Nope..u fortunately G. I just dumped.. my thought was making toys when I retired to bring to homeless shelters..( it’s shocking how many homeless children there are) but with my eyesight..I dumped my toy construction plans…I do regret that..IF.. my future grandson inlaw buys his acreage.. he will get my tools..I use to make a pretty shifty plane and train and a carousel for gifts..pens and pencils.. I had a plan for my globe trotters to pick up a stick about a foot long and as thick as a quarter along with a photo of the tree it came from with them in it..and what country it came from.. it just proved to be to hard to get was harder than I imagined to get the stick here..oh sure I can buy wood but it meant more to have a friend gather it and send it.. I do regret getting rid of those books.. I have a tendency to acquire more books than I need..

  5. “so what are the US and Israel going to do?  Start a WAR?”

    Considering that… DIDN’T …. Joe just sign an agreement for just that..
    And the worthless trip to Saudi arabia what was that guess is to gain support so that they don’t back up Iran before it goes hot.. I doubt they will support who the refer to as the great satan..rather than the Arab nations..what was it they said.. you need to respect our laws and way of life.. what do we do..from my personal perspective..we try to force our way of life on everyone.. they live the Quran word by word..

  6. Road to riches, easy monay ?

    coot be Long the XLE energy index, started position on last week – . Small nat gas play (UNG) to bullish side. not advice – lose money on the regular..

    damm worthless tulips – moar worthless today @$22k or roughly 12.5 Gold Philormonics or 216 barrels of Texas light sweet.

    Now sit back and observe Mr yellowj hisself cherry pick a starting point to color/coverup personal bias/financial bullscheisse regards BTC/blockchain.

    coots predictive power of bs says $250,000 BTC before $0
    -U can book it G!

    • I did tell you that the Saudis will announce a big oil supply increase (paper but still PRF) before Israel strikes Iran, right? That will kill your energy long – so sorry

  7. Interesting thought..
    If a product went up 50% and you had to charge more or you have to print more..are you actually making more..
    A child’s happy meal in Argentina is what 5000.00 and it costs 28000.00 for bread per day for 2 people.. so are they making more then or does the graphjust reflect the freefall as a positive until it reaches the point where people stop buying the bread..

  8. Can attest to CT drought – has been hot, dry and unusually windy over the past 6-8 weeks – until past week. Rain will not balance the damage done to date even if perfect patterns until October. Farmers counting on rain will not catch up. At the ranch (h/t GU) drip irrigation is great, veggies quite happy – weeds not so much…

  9. “which is in reality resulting in depleting US and NATO War materials ”

    Agreeing to be supportive on another war…

    Half million illegals transported and supported per month. From countries that swore vengence by sending in warriors posing as refugees…

    Depleting our arms a war we never would have supported in years past ..

    Printing trillions of excess dollars that isn’t being monitored..

    Selling and giving away our emergency oil reserves..

    Trying to pick a fight with the one country that manufactures our existence..

    Considering that really What could possibly go wrong…
    I believe in the movie Beavis and butthead do America they accomplished more positive affects from their adventures but then that was a cartoon movie..
    Then ..China building a big navy.. and implementing the Club-k system.. buying essential manufacturing plants still operating in the usa..
    All from an administration that hasn’t ever worked a job in the past..
    And the dual standards of law..

  10. I tend to be a realist-hard ass. I judge and predict from that point of view quite often.

    Israel AND the U.S. attack Iran? No. Not gonna happen. Especially with Bide-his-time-and-babble in office.

    Israel has made it crystal clear they will not tolerate a nuclear and bellicose Iran –who has openly sworn to blow them up, first chance.

    Now, announces Iran that they are only a couple of weeks from a bomb. (The mushroomy kind.) Make no mistake, Israel will strike either as, or just before that happens They can NOT tolerate a nuclear Iran.

    They are exceedingly good at compartmentizing super-critical secrets –such as just when they’ll do it. Our spies may or may not be able to learn just when before the fact. (‘Specially with this collection of wordy dithering klowns in charge at State and CIA.)

    Now, here’s an unpleasant reality: Israel does not entirely trust Uncle Flannel Mouth, and will withhold the information as best they can. AND — here’s the important part to us — they may well give us Something To Think About And Be Distracted By just long enough to delay anything we might do. Not that President Biden would actually DO anything.

    They’ve done this before. One case was the U.S. ELINT ship, USS Liberty, which was “accidentally” attacked by Israeli jets and motor torpedo boats during the 1967 war. Over 30 were killed, and the ship damn near sunk.

    Seems we were “observing” just a little too closely, and Israel suspected we might pass intercepted comms to Egypt.

    I believe they’ll do that again. We see Iran as a somewhat abstract distant diplomatic inconvenience, Israel believes it to be a deadly immediate threat.

    They will have to give us something to chew on, while they do what must be done. It’s good tactics. I’d do it in their place. (As I said, Realist Hard-Ass.)

    • You’re not a hard-ass William. Just a realist and one of the intelligent posters on this site.

      Why would Israel share or trust anything with Bribem after the Afghanistan pullout debacle, revelations from the Hunter Biden laptop and the betrayal of his own country at the southern border. This man is not worthy of any trust with friend or foe.

      Israel will do what Israel has to do and without a phone call to Washington first.

      • “Why would Israel share or trust anything with Bribem”

        They wouldn’t.

        The Mossad hasn’t trusted our intel agents since GHW Bush was President (GHW was head of the CIA for several years before the Republican Establishment convinced Reagan he had to have an East Coast Liberal on the ticket to win.) Clinton decimated our overseas covert assets because the technocrats in the Democratic Party convinced him we could do all the intelligence-gathering and surveillance we’d need to do, using just our electronic toys.

        GW Bush flooded assets back in after 9/11, but the “assets” at his disposal were less-than-ideal, with no covert spies and no imbeds, and many were ideologues. Biden can’t keep a secret unless it involves his family, and the employees of the various agencies, who played fast & loose with both truth and law to go after Trump, have demonstrated a willingness to scoop news outlets for ideology, money, or both.

        We would have to have a thorough cleaning of all our agencies and departments which deal with law, intelligence, covert operations, partnerships with foreign entities or dealings with foreign governments, and retire (or execute, and yes, I believe there are many whose acts and actions rise to the level of treason) somewhere between 30k and 50k upper level bureaucrats before the US Government could become honest-enough for other nations to trust again.

      • “Biden can’t keep a secret unless it involves his family, and the employees of the various agencies, who played fast & loose with both truth and law”

        and members of congress making purhcases..

        I doubt that they need to keep any of it a secret because by all indicators.. they are all above the law.. absolute power.. like the emails.. and how all the people going to give testimony or investigating those issues all seem to commit suicide or get mugged… My guess is even though there is that absolute power source.. if it ever changed and they had to abide by the laws and show some accountability.. it would be.. FEAR… just look at the allegations.. of what is on that LAPTOP…IF that involved a citizen of the USA.. that has to abide by the laws of our country. think about that for a minute..
        NOW take that laptop.. almost every crime under the sun with so much… listed on it.. circumstantial evidence in that magnitude .. I believe he would want to stay as far away from it as he could.. and they even came out and told everyone that IF they ever got into trouble.. there is a pardon waiting for the crimes allegated on them..–dj2-CY

        denying any of it during a campaign

      • @ LOOB

        “NOW take that laptop.. almost every crime under the sun with so much… listed on it.. circumstantial evidence in that magnitude ..”

        Circumstantial? There are vids of Hunter doin’ the horizontal bop with both his 12yo niece and Obama’s 15yo daughter. Photographic evidence ranks a little bit higher than “circumstantial…”

      • “There are vids of Hunter doin’ the horizontal bop with both his 12yo niece and Obama’s 15yo daughter. Photographic evidence ranks a little bit”

        Exactly @Ray… if you or I had any if that we would be put away.. not to mention top secret passcodes to DOD site with access to ts materials in foreign countries hands. And so much more..
        I know a girl.. (send her books every month and a little bit for shampoo and soap) that is doing thirty years because she was forced to drive a car under tbe threat of her family and herself being killed.. she was forced into prostitution..
        I had tried to talk her into getting away from the guys involved.. she even moved across the country..then one day I got a call from an ER doctor in Las Vegas asking if it was OK to treat her.. they had almost killed her.. she was to scared to testify..they tossed the book at her.. then you look at the perv.. he’s living in a multi million dollar .andion with a whole security team protecting him..the dual standards

    • DBK: Of course SouthFront would say that. Seems to be Russia directed. › south-front
      South Front – Media Bias/Fact Check
      7 days agoHistory. Founded in 2015, South Front is a Russian propaganda website that claims to be non-profit and non-partisan.According to their about page, South Front is a “public analytical umbrella organization created and maintained by a team of experts and volunteers from the four corners of the Earth.SouthFront focuses on issues of international relations, armed conflicts, and crises.

  11. Christmas is in July again? Days after the Bank of Canada surprised many with a full 1% increase in the benchmark lending rate, PM Trudeau sheared his locks. Comparisons abound between his new look and that of the Lloyd Christmas character made famous by Canadian Jim Carrey in “Dumb and Dumber”. This is not investment advice.

    Speaking of Hollywood. Today is Nelson Mandela Day and the UN is presenting awards. Prince Harry is keynote speaker apparently there to lecture delegates about climate change and poverty. Duchess Meghan arrived with her prince reportedly attired in a $1590 Givency top and skirt accessorized with a $1500 Mulberry bag.

    • Jester. Would that they show up for the event dressed in up-cycled burlap sacks, and practicing carbon neutrality by creating demand destruction in the production of new luxury items from raw materials. That takes carbon based energy to produce, you know. .ROFLMAO.

      • Steevo,

        Hold on…Scarcely had the duke completed his remarks to a half empty UN chamber than an Australian News Corp website segued into a spiel on Mrs. Markle having presidential aspirations. Royals are kept separate from elected political offices in the UK but it seems to be legally possible to combine the two sides in the USA. Anti-Markelite crusader Piers Morgan is apparently outraged. That may be too little, too late. After all, history records that the future Duchess in character as Rachel Zane was bright enough to clear the LSAT required grade to qualify for Harvard. If the suit fits…?

      • Lol lol I told everyone if they insist on a funeral when I’m gone.. I want to be in a kilt and have bagpipes played ..along with the old world kneel stand kneel catholic service in Latin and English..insense the whole ball and wax lol..or ..say I went on vacation and hope the temperature is moderate..anyone asking go to chicken ranch give the kids a roll of quarters for the machines a keg and tell stories

  12. The citizens of the West (us) are being fleeced at every turn.

    Conceptualize us as passengers in an accelerating car driven by a drunk driver. If we don’t jerk the wheel into the trees now we’ll be going faster and the damage to us will be worse.

  13. NATO will have to fight wars in

    Ukie snow, Iranian sand and Taiwanese jungle simultaneously.

    The European channel of NATO won’t have fuels, foods or cloths – maybe not even a Euro – so they won’t be much help.

    At this point you might want to bury artifacts some future peoples may find. Like the “bell found in coal” but from you.

    • “NATO will have to fight wars in
      Ukie snow,”

      YUP… the bluff has been challenged.. now if NATO really wants to support the country in this war that biden pushed us into by expansion of the NATO on russians border.. I believe this whole thing could have been avoided..

  14. Has anyone noticed that the Jim Stone site has gone dormant as of July 14th. Jim usually stays right on top of things. I see it as a bad sign, though he is preoccupied with his wife’s illness.

  15. Lot of empty buildings in DC right about now. Can we have them roll out cots and tents? Remember Occupy Wall Street? The playbook seems to be turning against the gamers now. I dont think these folks will vote Democrat in November…. Only dead people vote in USA anymore. Ask Dominion LOL.

    This is starting to get interesting. Camp Upshur seems more ready for the task. Only costs $50,810 per person. $198,507 per person overall through the program. is that fence really to keep people out? When the money goes into the the abyss by December, that wall on the Rio Grande will be there to keep people from leaving. Its clear as day whats about to unfold.

  16. G, up until 2 days ago, southern Indiana was getting bone dry. I ordered 300 feet of 1/4″ water lining, 100 brass misters, and the attachment for the line to the water faucet, with intentions of placing along my herb garden behind the house, the hanging plants in front of the house, and along the garage where we’ve got blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. Lol, starting laying it out and behold! It rains for two days, possibly rain again today. Not going to be put out since I’m not feeding the water dept. my money when rain does a fine job! I’ll still get it assembled. August has been, historically, dry. The birds do love a good misting in summer, as do the cats and humans when we’re on the porch.

  17. ““Iran – Now has ENOUGH enriched uranium to make a bomb! … right on the schedule I projected”

    Bear in-mind MY projection from years back: That we would not know Iran had joined the nuclear club, until they had enough warheads to wipe both Israel and CONUS off the map. The Ayatollahs are a lot of things, but stupid isn’t one of them…

      • Speaking of religion, Art Bell was discussing the Bible Codes with a guest over the weekend. Everyone seemed to be convinced.

        The guest was also side-barring about lucid dreaming and indicated while in a dream look at your hands. For whatever reason this is a cue we are in a dream.

  18. Martin Armstrong: Gazprom has declared extraordinary circumstances to void itself from all contractual obligations to Germany whereby the gas flow to Europe will stop flowing indefinitely. Reuters reported a letter dated July 14th, 2022. Zelensky thinks cutting gas supplies to Germany will force NATO to invade Russia. Kyiv will be the first to go before Zelensky can make it to his private jet to run off to enjoy in hundreds of millions he is stashing offshore.

    Perhaps Germany should now invade Ukraine. It seems to be the only way to save Europe.

  19. Avoid psyops . If yah ain’t tough he will do your head in . Long gold . Forget market forget anything except long gold . Micheal Pento only guy batting big now . Jerome will sprain wrist turning rates DOWN

  20. Did anyone else check out the four question news conference Sunday morning with Mr. Biden? Okay so it was late, almost 1:00 am, but didn’t anyone at WH grounds keeping have an extension cord for back lighting on the South Lawn? In contrast, Mr. Biden tried to shield his eyes from the too-bright tv camera lights pinning him under their searchlight stare. After a couple of ill-received Saudi questions, Mr. Biden asked for something real. Media rolled one out asking if/when prison inmates jailed for federal pot prohibitions would be released. The president lit into that answer with a blunt response. As for inflation, check back in a few weeks to see which way the smoke is drifting.

    Meanwhile the Jester inflation/shrinkflation index is holding steady on a sugar high. The local dollar store down my street has -finally- restocked Mars bars. Unchanged at 10 pcs @ 13gr for $2. Out of this world, the bar was developed in England in 1932 and marketed in Canada (sorry not in the USA but check the ‘zon).

    Let’s drift into curfew with DJ Ure at the controls. Rewind the reel-to-reel to when Ziggy Stardust was just a point of light. Here’s “It’s Still Rock & Roll to Me” with Gerry and the Pacemakers formerly known as Gerry Marsden and the Mars Bars!

  21. Ahhhhaaa . Probably pissed somewhere. Now for some paranoia !!!! His mob are experts at doom and storytelling sheet. Buy gold and quality gold stocks. Not much talk of that from 73. Just doom and depression!!! Hava nagila

  22. “Must be a bitch, you know? Writing “Good Samaritan” in a gun story in brainwashed New York.”

    You should hear the leftists on the Commie News Network and MSLSD (or perhaps you shouldn’t.) The lamestream is now busily trying to redefine “good Samaritan” and one of the Indy reporters is crying because that bastard took the life of the guy who was innocently shooting up the mall…

  23. “Nuclear Powered Flying Cruise Ship”? ROFLMAO! Just a cursory look at that thing gives the rudimentary aerodynamicist in me something between a shudder and a LOL! Yes, almost anything can be made to “fly” with enough power and enough active inputs for control, but that thing seems to be bloated beyond belief. It’s the kind of thing I might have thought of when I was five years old. Meanwhile, we’re in the spin entry to depression and I can’t imagine even Soros being able to finance such a thing and run it at a profit. Who could afford a ticket, and more to the point – WHY? The military had grand ideas of a nuclear powered bomber back in the 1950’s and gave up on it as too expensive, heavy, risky, and worthless to be bothered with. The reactor needed to be far from the pilot, but never far enough, and the entire thing was rather silly. We don’t use diesel powered planes because the engines are too heavy – why a nuke? Turbines “could” run on diesel(or gas), but kerosene/Jet A is the sweet spot. Can you even imagine trying to get an FAA, DOE, or EPA clearance to even build the thing? DOD and TSA would probably require a Q clearance and strip search just to approach it. I suppose it’s good for a cartoon though.

  24. 4×2 guru . Governments broke worldwide. Shorting gold to survive and yah talk about mortgages !!! Hey 73 I would be more worried living in USSA !!! The big flash baby . Always got beer to celebrate!!! Don’t get paranoid now !!

  25. Elliot wave the book of yankee evil !!!! Bobby pretzel the new president !!! Zighal zighal . 4×2!? Don’t go para fatso and tell more hafra doom .. insert

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