The Next BIG Thing: Authorpreneurs?

(Gig Harbor, WA)  I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Subscriber Don, who’s a C-level guy in a securities outfit who I was bantering with about how Janet Yellen wasn’t going to mention the words automation, 3D printing, or robotics in her discussion of the labor market at the Fed Retreat at Jackson Hole this week.  (As usual, I was right  – she didn’t!)

Me being an ERP/BPR jock, this is a huge deal (robotics is coming to own everything) and so I made some flip remark to Don and he replied to the effect that “Yeah, I have4 a gig until the machines come for my management job…”

This morning I reveal how this “Next BIG thing” is driving my home recording studio project – and by the time you get done with this nice compact explanation, you will understand two critical concepts that aren’t in the textbooks yet.  One is just showing up – long-chain business models.  But the other – authorpreneurship ain’t even on most people’s radar, yet.  Which is why in Peoplenomics, we’re going to get their first and therefore profit most.  Which is what we try to do around here.

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