Sunday Special: Quakes, Dallas, and Damn Futuring

Damn, I hate futuring on mornings like this. 

One of our SF area readers felt that 6.0 quake in the Napa country this morning:

Hi George! 

A little wake up call from Mother Nature this morning. Felt like being in a washing machine down here on the SF peninsula. A good reminder to all to be prepped!

Good news – and bad – it was something that Grady had called from  our data…

“A week ago we told you Earthquakes are coming. Now they are here. With the recent solar activity, we already seeing quakes of larger magnitude around the planet. Expect more. And since writing this, the headlined the San Francisco has occurred. Note also the beginning of volcanic activity under the ice in Iceland. Aircraft are being warned to avoid the area. There will be more, including aftershocks in the Bay area of San Francisco.”

And like that’s not enough?  Chris over at the National Dream Center which is now using some of the linguistic analysis tools Grady developed for Nostracodeus (he calls ‘em DreamBots because he uses the tool to read language change of predictive dreams) – has come up with four possible future-headlines that center on Dallas.

Go check out the report over here…

And then let me add one personal note/sense:

As you know Elaine and I are traveling in the Pacific Northwest.  I notice that there has been some “chatter” on the net about a long-overdue 9+ earthquake up in this part of the world coming in October.

There is nothing “scientific” about this outlook, but if you look at Chris’ headline #3 on the National Dream Center site, you might properly  wonder whether we’re getting some word/location confusion surrounding “the Dalles” (Oregon) [pronounced “dalls”] which is only one letter off from Dallas of Texas [“dall-us] ?

We also know that geomagnetic disturbances tend to cause markets to “run off the rails” so early next week, we shall pay strict attention to how markets behave in the face of all this change mode that has shown up rather quickly…

Toss in the Iceland volcano about to pop which could really freeze England this winter and you have the odds of massive global change going high…  The volcano is under a glacier and if that melts quickly and goes into the Atlantic…oh, we don’t want to go there….just popcorn and brewskis for now….no, make that French toast and coffee…it’s early…

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