The Markets – REAL Stand Up Comedy

In “those exciting days of yesteryear” I used to be on teams in the early 1970’s that would go into the radio station conference room and write either biting sports commentary OR we would write humor for the morning show.

This uniquely qualifies us to lend something of a “lighter note” to the DRUDGEry of  current events.

Not everything about the stock market is “funny” however.  Well, except as a line from the old Colombo TV detective show. “‘Scuse me, but der’s sumptin’ funny about…” and here, we notice that the Fed has restored the easy money and that drought of money (driving the markets down and interest rates up) has – at least for this episode – passed.

The market seems to be attempting an upside breakout, but we can’t be too sure – yet.  Equity Options Day begins a few minutes from now.

Another  reason is the “Holiday Effect.”  Which, as you know, is a few standard deviations more upward in advance of major holidays.

But, this is an “on average” deal.  Sometimes, you will get kicks up before Memorial, or Labor Day, or the Fourth of July.  Even Thanksgiving.  But wait!  Christmas Eve Day plain-old sucked this year, and honestly, who would have ever expected that the MLK Holiday coming Monday would be cause for the Bulls to run wild as though on a mix of coke and ecstasy? Yet, that’s how the markets are behaving.

Around here, we’re skeptical, though perhaps it’s to “train the BTFD crowd”  (Buy the freaking dips.)

Why, on options day last month (Thursday Dec 20 for the Index options), our Aggregate Index was hovering around 20,857.  After the Thursday close,the index was up to 22,307.  Which may not mean much, except that “buy the dippers” MIGHT have bagged a 7-1/2 percent gain (or thereabouts) by going long when things were looking their worst in the Deece options window.

Almost their worst…

The index closed Christmas Eve Day a little over 19,841 – so we’ve seen (through yesterday) a 12.41 percent gain since Santa was killing bulls for sport.  No telling how much harder the reindeer put out…

I have NOT been one of the winners.  In fact, I managed to drop a fair bit of my own account value in this window because I have not been a BTFD believer.  That’s because, in order to keep on the bullish side, I’d have to believe:

  • Things with China will somehow work out.  I don’t think they will since China is pumping massive amounts of money a) into its military, b) telling anyone (even without a hearing aid) they’re coming for Taiwan and c) they want a “fair: trade deal with America.  That along gets into grape Kool-Aid country (which assumes you’re old enough to remember Jonestown/)
  • Then I’d have to believe that the Fed isn’t doing what I hold they are:  Pumping out so much money that even though we are in a Second Depression right now, you won’t notice that your standard of living has been flushed down the crapperoo.  Jobs are plentiful and you need three or four of them.  Oh, sure, there was some tax relief…but the cap on deductions for taxes and mortgage ($10,000) will bit a lot of people back.  In other words?  There’s no free lunch.
  • Next, I’d have to believe that there is some really “hot new tech” on the horizon that will be “gotta have it” since there’s already a slow-motion awakening in America that everyone on earth who needs a cell phone not only has the phone, but enough stupid-ass apps to keep them from being even close to waking-state consciousness.  Trust you caught Foxconn cuts 50,000 contract jobs in China: Nikkei?
  • But capping that all off, well, along with the YUGE questions about what those delayed (forever?) government reports might have revealed, is the utter insanity of?

The Don and Nancy Show

In order to keep the comedic perspective, you need to have a repertoire of “Ure family fire house sayings.”  These have been piling up since the Fox side of the family was driving horse-drawn fire apparatus down from the hilltops of Seattle in the 1800’s.  Fire stations were hilltop outposts because the horses could pull more water in a pumper unit downhill than up.

But I digress.

One of the key human relations lessons is?

Never get in a pissing match with a skunk.

Fire fighters know this.  Maybe construction workers and developers don’t.

Seems to us that Donald Trump completely missed that one, growing up.

But, as soon as Nancy P told The Donald that his SOU (state of the onion) was in jeopardy because of “security concerns” Trump should have gone twit-mad and called bullshit on her and used it as yet another example of how Congress is Holding the Country Hostage.

He blew it.  Eyes apparently landing on the skunk, herself.

He decides to “kick the skunk.”  The Kick was grounding a US military jet that was about to haul princess Pelosi to Afghanistan and Brussels.

Which left us head-scratching.  WTF can Nancy contribute to US operations in Afghanistan – other than get in the way of SEAL Team 5 or whoever’s on point right now.  (Nancy wouldn’t make it an hour into Hell Week, so WTF? With her view on guns?  I don’t get it!)

Isn’t the president supposed to be negotiating foreign policy?  Her trip – especially the Brussels part, raises our hackles more than a bit.

You see, Brussels is where the Ure-a-pee’in Union lives and WTF is Nancy going there for while America shut down?   It doesn’t make sense, I tell yah, unless its part of yet-another lefty plot.  She has more important things to do here, as we see it.  What about her impeaching hype?

Speaking of which, we have to mention the new cover of The Atlantic which is selling Impeach Donald Trump hard.  I told you before – we monetize everything – including the word Impeach.  bet me it doesn’t sell ad space?  You’re supposed to have learned that in our Shock-Jock/Shock-Talk 203 class…

Amusingly, the Atlantic piece shows up in the “Ideas” section of the mag – but it’s nothing new, this impeach stuff, and the further left you move politically, the OLDER this story is.  Clearly, there’s this thing called process the left/marketers and monetizers seem overlooked.  Because just a stark cover with the word IMPEACH on the cover smacks (to us) of just-another monetization.

But, don’t tell Nancy – let her wait in the lines at the airport.  Maybe she will figure something out there.

While Nancy and the Jets plays out, we can see something akin to the “shot clock” in basket ball, or the “two minute” rules of football have kicked-in.

The democrats know if they “go too early” they will lose the impeachment hysteria before 2020.  The election isn’t that far away, but they have to run the clock just so.

Already, the clock has closed in on Beto O’Rourke who is being marginalized as “the babbling Beto.”  He’s been found out a little early.  Like Elizabeth Warren, lol.  Say, since the Ure’s arrived in ‘Mercia in 1840, does that make me a native American?  Isn’t that the logic?

All of this would be hilarious – but as I mentioned in the column Thursday, with Don the Pilot and Nancy the Co Pilot, this is looking like an AIG (aircraft impacting ground) also called Flight into Known Terrain waiting to happen..

Another laugh-line is Alexandria Half-Octave Cortez running off to Sundance while America’s what?  Oh, yeah:  shut down.  But, as always, the left is running on “We know best” which is as much a crock coming from the left as when it comes from the right.

The right, meantime, is MIA – unable to put any points on the board.  All while the politics of divisiveness hangs like a bad smog over America..

Oh yeah, and if the democrats can’t get Trump on Russia?  Would you believe Germany? Trump-Deutsche Bank links in sights of U.S. House investigators.

Seriously, at this rate, I don’t know why Mueller and the Clinton camp inside the FBI didn’t just send a proctologist to the Oval. They’re trying to bend over Trump and this is taking far longer than necessary.  Let’s skip tot he cavity search, shall we?  Screw process and the laws.

OK, I give up.  I was going to attempt to write a humorous and uplifting column today, what that bird ain’t hunting.

Maybe the best I can say is the futures are showing another day of bestiality is ahead as the bulls continue to “have their way” with the bears.

We not only have a shortage of data, a shortage of leadership, a shortage of political courage, but we’ve descended into a place where no one seems to understand our Nation’s future really matters.

That is, if we have one.

Corroborating Everidence

Tesla cutting over 3,000 workers in cost-saving move.

And if you doubt how fox-uniformed people are, try on this gem: Woman pretended to be autistic as part of plan for sexual gratification, police say.

OK: So, What Really Matters?

Chief Nostracodeus programmer Grady asked a keen question t’other day: ” Are we being set up for some kind of alien disclosure this year – based on the new TV show line ups?”

Hmmm…I have been skeptical, but then the ease with which our own resea4rch has been digging into Muscovium (element 115) and Livermorium (element 116) the more credible it befins to seem.

And then this pops up today: Are UFO’s real? Go inside Project Blue Book, the government’s top-secret project about aliens/

Statistics don’t lie.    We may not understand the thousands of reports, but the numbers are undeniable.

Our take is that that the reason such things have not been more readily tracked down is that they are like “inter dimensional” in addition to be anti-gravity units.

To my way of thinking, that would be awesome – to actually crack that kind of technology.  But would it help?

It’d be like handing an AK-47 to a cage full of apes at the zoo.  I can almost hear the aliens laughing on the way out…

We;ll be back in another 2,000 years to see if anyone survives…”

And maybe – just possibly – the jokes on us, after all.

Moron the ‘morrow.

40 thoughts on “The Markets – REAL Stand Up Comedy”

  1. Ure right George; the level of political discoarse(!) has risen to that which once was reserved for the last weeks before Election Day. One has to wonder how they can top this two years from now.
    Personally, I find it necessary to view the whole shebang (sorry) as a satirical variety show. Picture Alexandria Cockroach Cortez hosting with the opening music “La Cucaracha” blaring trumpets and Chuckles Shoomer MCing.

    • I forge the name of the big mountain in Az/NM area down by the Salt Flat VOR, but it’s 9,500 feet or so and shit-=oh=rosy never seen such a big cloud, lol

      • had to check: From SFL Vor Guadalupe peak, 14 Mi NE on the 044 radial 8,750′ – though it looks a lot bigger when Ure down at fl 7.5, lol

  2. Sure, it may be petulant and childish, but finally we have a president who will hit back at these weasels.

    Can you imagine Jeb (yawn) Bush drawing a line… anywhere? Me either.

  3. “b) telling anyone (even without a hearing aid) they’re coming for Taiwan and c) they want a “fair: trade deal with America. That along gets into grape Kool-Aid country”

    Hmm.. I wonder..

    1. Our manufacturing is there..
    2. they push education on everyone and support open education to everyone.. their kids are smarter
    3. they have been buying american land for as long as Congress has let them .. what now three or four decades..
    4. they manufacture all facits of our military including guidance chips for our defense missiles.. oops.. hmm that was brilliant.. wonder why our do nothing congress allowed that one..( ) there is more but who really cares.. our congress doesn’t they are on vacation with the lobbyists instead of being concerned about national security of our borders ..
    5.of course they want a better deal on our buying. up till now they have tied their future to ours. their economy is being funded by our purchasing and the minute it slows down so will their economy.. ( , , , )

    The Christmas gift was a hit..
    with my un known medical future.. I had been thinking.. anyway years ago.. in an attempt to add a worker to the companies normal witch hunt.. they put me to work with a young lady ..( old woman now) that they wanted to phase out she was getting to the top of the wage scale and they figured since she was a type A personality that putting me in close quarters with her would cause sparks and they would have a reason.. LOL LOL LOL.. what is funny is we got along just fine.. I am a smart azz and she is to.. she loves to read and is a voracious reader. ( Uggg novels uggg) and me the crap even Congress gets sick at looking at and i read all the other things that most people find boring.. LOL.. anyway we fit together like Yin and Yang.. and became friends.
    Well her favorite author is Stephen King.. LOL years ago while shopping for something for a quick read at work..anyway there was this young author having a book signing event I picked up a paperback and thought heck why not.. his name.. Stephen King… so this year my wife wanted me to get rid of some of the crap I have accumulated and make my shelf a little more appealing.
    I seen that book and thought heck.. but do I want her to have it put it on a shelf or box and stuff it in the closet.. like I did.. or see it.. so down to the art framer I went had them dissect the book and made a beautiful frame.. mounted the cover and cover page.. it was awesome.. absolutely beautiful..
    and I gave that to her since we have been friends for over thirty years she is like a sister to me.. kind of like gaye and george.. I thought she was going to cry.. .. at least I know it will be hung with pride in plain sight of everyone..
    I had thought about doing that with ama’s book.. the future of physics to.. but god ama is like a friend and before he became famous we use to have some pretty good discussions.. we were both on the same group where we would chat for up to hours.. I would love to visit with degrasse to.. I think he would be a hoot.. but the personal message in his book .. makes the book a lot more special and unfortunately it has a plain cover since it is hardcover.. decisions decisions..

  4. “He decides to “kick the skunk.” The Kick was grounding a US military jet that was about to haul princess Pelosi to Afghanistan and Brussels.”

    that was a wrong decisions LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
    He should have let it take her…
    Then grounded the one from bringing her back LOL LOL LOL LOL
    Let her stay in a country that appreciates women and children for a while LOL LOL LOL

    • Congresscritters have absolutely no legitimate reason to travel internationally on our dime! They are supposed to be representatives of we people. So much for that – I’ve had my “representative” vote consistently against my wishes for most of my adult life. The current critters(both houses) are part of the problem and have done nothing useful to my knowledge. I’d be better off if they didn’t exist – at least I’d not be paying for them.

      Nasty Pelosi is acting like she’s someone, though she’s only a representative from Californicator who’s way past her prime. Nothing more. Just an old woman that thinks she has privilege and has far too much ill gotten money. She’s one that claims a legal right to insider trade. How many of us could get away with that.

      Whether or not it’s good politics to see her latest vacation exposed and shut down, it really does feel good to see this cretin put in her place. The same is true for her fellow conspirators.

  5. “Say, since the Ure’s arrived in ‘Mercia in 1840, does that make me a native American?”

    Saddly.. No..

    I tried that one.. the ancestors on one side settled here long before our country became an independent nation.. and some are fairly famous some aren’t.. ( great story .. the really famous one that eveyrone knows was an azzhole LOL hated for over a hundred fifty years till out generation LOL no one wanted to claim him at all LOL LOL LOL.. I got a basket that was supposedly used from said event in the shed.. anything that dealt with him was burned or thrown out he was that well loved..LOL didn’t know it till grandma died and all these generals and emissaries showed up.. it was like a military reunion of brass..I do still have the templar sword from the masons the funny hat was played with as a pirates hat unfortunately and I don’t know what happened to the apron. this looks like the one I have but mine was my grandpa’s.. .)
    but nope you cannot claim native american..I went rounds with the census bureau hoping to be able to claim it..

    oh and coming from a long line of mason’s on the one side.. there isn’t anything wild about them.. the group and lodges like that from all indications was how people socialized back in the old days today we have facebook..

  6. Thanks for watching the global circus for us. That way, I don’t have to waste my time and endanger my health by doing that. Your reports of the insanity are very entertaining.

  7. ‘Speaking of which, we have to mention the new cover of The Atlantic which is selling Impeach Donald Trump hard.“

    But, then this bit of news happened…Trump asked Michael Cohen to lie to Congress. If true, this is obstruction. But, the funny thing is…it’s not out of Trumps character to even suggest that Cohen lie.

    The problem with Trumps supporters is that they actually think they hired a successful billionaire to run the country like a business. They didn’t. He is not a billionaire..not even close. Tax returns anyone?

    Second, he ran a family business in a dictatorial way. So, you all hired a dictator as our President and he is pretty much turning out to be that way as President too.

    Third, lying, cheating and disinformation was a big part of his business strategy as a business owner. He lied about successes, net worth etc and cheated the Government on paying his taxes through 6 bankruptcies, and created disinformation campaigns to create the impression he was a pillar in the NYC community…(The Apprentice, his relationships with the National Enquirer etc.) New Yorkers actually hate Trump.

    The bankruptcies made him a pariah with American financial institutions, which is why he turned to foreign investors such as Russia and Saudi Arabia for money…but….at what cost? This is why he won’t release his tax returns…and we as American citizens are stupid as heck for not getting our highest ranking politician to Pay attention to the man behind the curtain.

    So, don’t blame Democrats and moderate Republicans if they choose the Impeachment path.

    Trump has really not had any successes. You can’t give him credit for the judges…Those fell in his lap and were picked by the Federalist Society, not Trump…and he has a GOP controlled Senate for easy confirmation.

    His tax plan is about to be scrutinized as tax payers…especially homeowners…get their returns back and realize… this is not what we signed up For?

    His exit from TPP has not really been replaced and neither has his dismantling of Obama care. His supposed deal with Canada and Mexico hasn’t been signed and ratified yet either. He still hasn’t given us a cost breakdown on how Mexico is going to pay for the wall with this new deal.

    He is all smoke and mirrors…and don’t be surprised. You all hired a businessman and that’s how he ran his business.

    • Mark, my dear friend, remember Cohen was Trump’s attorney. Nothing in admissible. Attorney-client.

    • Not exactly true. The only real consequences are that Michael Cohen is disbarred. I think, given his status…that is the least of his worries. Also, if the information leaked or stated resulted in a known crime down the road, (Trump later using Cohens paid fake poll numbers as a media tool to get elected as an example) then he has the right to disclose….especially when the information provided is in the interests of National security.

      Even Rudy has retracted and said he never said there was no collusion…when he is on earlier tape saying exactly that. In the age when everything is recorded and can be easily fact checked, I find it pathetic that Trump gets away with as much lying as he does.

      • Mueller says the Buzzfeed story alleging Trump told Cohen to lie to Congress is essentially untrue.

        Mueller has problems of his own relating to Uranium One. What will he do to save himself?

        Rosenstein is in a similar situation regarding FISA warrants he signed off on. What will he do to save himself?

        What will Barr do upon confirmation as AG ? Limit the scope of Mueller’s investigation or ask him to broaden it to Hillary ,Obama and all those who benefitted from the Clinton Foundation?

        If Mueller investigates and finds anything out of order with any Clinton Foundation deal or FISA related discrepancies all the people who have been supporting him as thorough and credible will do what ? The shock will be great.

        How will it feel when Mueller exposes the dirt on Hillary, Obama and all the beneficiaries of the pay for play Clinton Foundation?

      • @ mark

        You really need help IF you believe anything you hear on tv shows’..or read in the paper……WE have been lied to since the 1800’s by our Government and all those that make a living off of them….YOU seem not to know this or are just to lazy to seek the truth…letting some one else ‘put words in your mouth is ‘classic sheeple speak’ and as we used to say to people like you and your info

        FYATHYRIO……….hint read eppersons The Unseen Hand …for starters

    • ” lying, cheating and disinformation ”

      Sadly Mark..

      That sounds like business as usual in DC..
      They even refuse to read anything that goes before them to be voted in. Open monetary influence by lobbyists is allowed..
      Has anyone just had a curiosity why we have a congress or politicians campaigns since it really doesn’t matter what the people want or need. That the only ones anyone supports is the very ones pulling the strings behind the curtain.
      My guess is the only reason the puppeteers aren’t out front is the shift of blame in the event of a catastrophic event is caused by their sad greedy games.. I am not responsible its my sisters fault or my brothers fault…

      • Well said Looking – There are plenty to blame in DC, not just PT, but he is the target since he is an outsider who said…It is not about the Wall, It is about the future of our country. That is treason in DC politics. They see the future as more power for them, so they can take a military jet to Afganistan for whatever. The press is just like Mark who only focuses on PT. Everyone else is exempt unless you are a male who left himself open for castration.

  8. It’s called a junket, or at least used to be called that by news reporters. By definition it is a luxury trip at taxpayer expense and to do it so soon after swearing in shows extra contempt for voters and taxpayers.

    I read the market differently: Trump pulled the rug out from under oil prices causing some sovereign funds to liquidate. The insider traders front ran that trade and then trading algos took over and scared the hell out of everyone else, who then sold. BTFDers got front ran so they couldn’t get the bottom and took the spx up to resistance and then the fake story about easing off tariffs broke that level causing algos to flip long/dump shorts. God has entitled the front runners to exacerbate market moves so the only thing not legal in this mess is to spoof them, just in case that idea popped into your head.

    The only humor is seeing folks lose that would be intolerable braggers if they had won that much. Not that funny, actually.

  9. So we are back to to big to fail. Fed buying stocks to price beyond mars Get on make money nothing taking it down. No reality here

  10. With the markets going crazy on the upside & the government going crazy on the downside, common sense says something has to give. Give investors enough upside to get them to get back into the markets so they won’t miss this great bull after they sold at the lows, & then crash the market seems to go along with the way our government works. This all is too weird to contemplate. I am still holding cash reserves from May when I had an incorrect vision, & will maybe sell out 100% depending on how much things go up & then wait for the crash & reinvest. This is not a vision but common sense.

    • OTFLMAO.. reminds me of a friend that was going to show me how to make money on commodities.. LOL LOL he bought into a car of cocoa.. put up his retirement money LOL LOL LOL LOL… it was going great.. he was bragging about how great he was doing.. then wham it dropped….. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL … he lost it all.. LOL LOL LOL LOL as he stood there shocked.. the only thing I could think of saying was.I SUPPOSE. MOMMA NEEDED A NEW FUR COAT…. LOL..reminds me of a boss i had that did the same thing in the silver industry early eighties.. he was banking on everything.. even took our insurance money.. we held the card he gambled the money only to see silver drop overnight.. my kid fell out of a tree stuck a branch through his body.. had to have a surgeon fly in .I was making two seventy five an hour.. and found out we didn’t have insurance.. destroyed me I would get bills in the mail for hundreds of thousands and then cute notation if you have already sent a check please disregard and no one to save us.. I couldn’t buy a roll of toilet paper on credit.. a true nightmare my boss.. well he lost it all went bankrupt and we just had to eat it still talk to his wife from time to time….. .
      My friend went back and tried playing Russian roulette again a couple years later.. thought he had it all figured out.. went for breakfast and came back.. he was up sixty five thousand.. called to brag about it.. well.. a couple years later his kid called and asked if I would talk to his dad get him to see the light..
      His home was paid for.. his cars were paid for.. he owned a section of prime land.. worth well over a million dollars.. inherited it..
      He lost it all everything.. I don’t know if he can even get a loan to this day..sad.. he now lives in a run down used mobile home.. and not one of the new ones that are well made but an old one…

      Looks may be deceiving.. it is a gamble.. I think I would take my chances with the guy with three cups on the street corner.. .. put my money down and then pick the two it isn’t under..

  11. “Are we being set up for some kind of alien disclosure this year ”

    Hmmm… Bout time… But let me pose this thought….

    Since the USA. Will be one of the last countries to disclose what we know..and the absolute thousands of reports through out the world for thousands of years…

    Maybe.. Just maybe.. We wouldn’t want to hear what is known…
    Right now there’s plausible deniability.. Hey that kinda sounds like the puppeteers reasoning song..

  12. The Project Blue Book retread doesn’t mean much to me, except the industries ability to create original content continues to dive into the abyss. Heck, on the Hawaii Five-O remake they’ve used at least one episode that was a crystal clear clone of the original….different characters, modern gear, but the exact same plot.

    It’s truly a disturbing trend because while the quality of the sets, sounds, even the acting is vastly better, the stories have no attraction because…retreads, everywhere.

    There has been nothing on TV that I make a point to watch in a long time now. I play a game when the wife and I do watch to see how quickly I can figure out the plot and who’s the real bad guy. All too easy anymore.

  13. Alright, George, I can never resist a good UFO discussion.

    Having been stationed where Eisenhower allegedly had his lesser known 2nd meeting with being not from around here (while being briefed in to a less interesting but still compartmentalized program), and also hearing confidential personal accounts from two military officers with TS clearances who experienced their own unexplained encounters (one terrestrial, the other in-flight), I tend to think we are not alone.

    One of my current colleagues, a PhD in nuclear physics type, and I got into a discussion on UFOs and their likelihood of ‘being real.’ His opinion leans toward Ure’s, in that out visitors are most likely inter-dimensional.

    He reminded me of CERN and the Large Hadron Collider, which have produced clear evidence of anti-particles, quantum entities which blink in and out of our reality (where might they go?), and relationships between quarks, leptons and bosons (later proving the existence of the latter). But the real prize, hoped for all along, is that the LHC can validate the ‘many universes and dimensions’ theory. See this link:

    So it appears starting in 1953, when CERN, home of the LHC, was conceived, our top brains knew something ‘we the sheeple’ did not.

    • While at Holloman AFB in 1975 I was flying a night mission in the F-4D. On a long downwind for a radar controlled approach, I saw a radar target 10 degrees right, about 10000 feet high, 35 miles out. I locked on and the VC, velocity of closure, pegged the radar out at 2700 knots. The target was closing at about .8 miles per second coming right down the scope. Nothing the air force had could fly that fast in the atmosphere at 10000 feet.
      I went from 50 mile to 25 and then to 10 mile scope watching the target close. I dimmed the lights in the cockpit hoping I would get a visual. The target passed overhead on the starboard side. I never saw the target or any lights. Oddly there was no sonic boom. Years later, after reading Paul Laviolette’s book on electrogravitic propulsion, I have deduced I was tracking an air vehicle powered by electrogravitic thrust. We are not alone.
      Red Dog.

    • Amen ..WH….as one of my hats I worked part time with a man.. an interesting man that had photo’s of him along side of every president in the oval office from Truman up to Jr..
      two guys me and whiskey the dog.. anyway he told me stories.. and what he told me quenched my curiosity on ET’s existence and I personally believe its not just in inter-dimensional..
      I don’t know if I can share the stories that he shared with me even though its been almost two thirds of a century.. he said keep the stories under my hat which I am going to do.. and really it wouldn’t make any difference one way or another.. you either believe or you don’t..

      As for Cern… I think Cern is to dangerous to play with.. we do not have the slightest clue on nuclear energy yet.We think we do but really we don’t we are just scratching the surface… much less that Hadron collider and what we could be unlocking as a pandora’s box…

  14. Not everything about the stock market is “funny” however. Well, except as a line from the old Colombo TV detective show. “‘Scuse me, but der’s sumptin’ funny about…”

    George, good for you, Colombo is the proper spelling of the Italian name…. not Columbo as the show was titled, although maybe I’m crazy but I could swear as a teenager the first episode of that show was titled Colombo, not Columbo. Somehow… they changed it… or maybe I’m nuts. But anyway, actually there are some Columbo’s out there in America due to Ellis Island immigration officers errors in comprehending the correct spelling of the names.

  15. George since you mentioned anti gravity in your article, I will mention the book, “Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion” by Dr Paul Laviolette. T. Townsend Brown conquered gravity in the early 1950’s. Brown wrote a proposal for a Mach 2.5 flying disk in January 1953 called Project Winterhaven. (on page 54) Brown’s US patent 3022430 describes the disk produced a cloud of positive ions at the bow and a cloud of negative ions at the stern. The electrogravitic motor worked best with a disk with a flying saucer shape. (page 59). When the 70 foot diameter prototype worked in the late 1950’s, the entire project went Black. It became a Top Secret Special access program, unacknowledged. George get the book. You will be hooked on it by the time you get to chapter 2, Beyond Rocket Propulsion.

  16. I am sure the troops were glad to hear Nancy was not coming so they wouldn’t have to spend all day spit shing everything so Afgan would fit her decor. Did you notice she wasn’t wearing a Camo Dress. Nancy, They are in a war zone…not the Waldorf Astoria. Stay home & have Chuck tell you how wonderful you are.

  17. Not to split hairs, but it was Flavor Aid. The Kool-Aid Man is in therapy after all these years of getting the blame.


  18. Joke: You are in Europe and need to go to the bathroom. You are an American before you go into the bathroom, what are you while you are in there? Answer: “Ure-a-pee’in.”

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