The Knickerbocker Puzzle

Yeah, I know – wasn’t going to have a report this morning, but then I got to thinking (overnight) about the puzzling role of the Knickerbocker Crisis.  And then?

Well, let’s just say that sometimes when a good detective is on one suspect’s tail, they can end up with something completely different.

And this is precisely what happened this morning…

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5 thoughts on “The Knickerbocker Puzzle”

  1. Hi George, I hope Christmas at Uretopia is a good one! Best wishes to your family & Editor Zeus.

  2. Merry Christmas Goerge, Elaine, Zeus & all the Ure clan. Wishing you all a healthy, joyous Christmas & 2017!

  3. Merry Christmas George and Family!

    If one is going to extrapolate like that, would not looking at 2001 to 2009 to in the near future, to see any symmetry? That seems to make sense.

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