The Junior Economist Merit Badge

This morning we have two major items on the plate.  First up is a look at our Trading Model and an armload of charts so you can see where we are in the great unfolding of events. 

The second part of this morning’s report is a steely-eyed look at a bunch of data and what it could mean for markets.

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6 thoughts on “The Junior Economist Merit Badge”

    • Best index is what Elaine and I see out doing cross country flying and driving trips – that’s when you see what is really going on….

  1. “It’s a feeling like there is some kind of “other shoe” out there waiting to drop.
    Yet so far today, trading seems downright regular and orderly. ”

    It’s tax return time.. spending by those families that need things and are getting a large returns because of a giveaway program is going to happen.
    They count the days till the returns comes in. Now close your eyes drift off into a peaceful state void of time and sound and imagine if you will..that we we did away with the EIC tax credit or any one of the give a way programs that benefit families with children.cut social security medicare etc.while raising the price of transportation and your environmental costs.. housing food etc etc..
    What I see is families drastically cutting back.. and in a society that is based not on manufacture but from a consumption standpoint.We go into a flat death spin.
    the question is.. can we walk away from it???

    • I don’t understand. There is so much potential. For manufacturing, and it’s dieing in america. Often I think these days , if I could get a quality this or that money would be no option.
      Always talk of import export , trade imbalance. If we made our own stuff we would be our own best customers.

      • I was told a decade ago, by the founding director of NASA’s Singularity University, that the US would become to the world, what NYC was to the US…the place to go to incorporate your business, because no where else can it be done so fast and efficiently. However, if your business has more than 3 employees, it is more profitable to go off shore. And that’s why no one manufactures in the US anymore.

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