The stock market is NOT on the verge of collapse this morning.

That’s just one indicator that Donald Trump may be the real deal that democrats fear most.

You see, after a successful conclusion to the convention, if Trump was really seen widely as a danger to business, the market would be screaming this – and would likely be down at least 500 and maybe 1,000 points or more.

Please notice:  It is not.

In fact in the early going, the market was up a bit today – so if there’s a decline due to politics in the wings, it may be attributable to the democratic convention which will endorse an unprosecuted felon for high office.

Looking at this as a marketing problem, here are some of the key things demos have to worry about:

  1. They best hold their “victims of cops” to exactly one because that’s all the republicans needed.  Instead, I can assure you with near-certainty, they will march out at many victims as they can – and lay it all at the feet of the party that has not held the White House for 8-years.
  2. They will need to show how in real, purchasing power parity terms, how the average working family is better off than they were when this Obamanation took hold.  I’m sure they will play the heart strings, but the reality is that the Trump party had an openly gay Silicon Valley success story outing the dems for their “Fake Culture Wars” that keep us distracted from underlying economic reality.
  3. The left-leaning press is becoming exposed.  Take the article over here, just as an example.  It headlines that Trump would provide “Tax cuts for the rich.”  It’s just another one of those half-truths that power the democrats.  The actual Trump plan would give tax cuts to everyone…not just rich.  But you see, in that professional victim world, the half-truths get through to people who haven’t evolved their mental acuity when comes to economics.
  4. What’s more, with some polls showing 57% that Americans think Clinton should have been prosecuted for her email handling, that problem isn’t going away.

It’s likely, to my way of thinking, that Hillary’s democratic coronation will see a flip in roles between CNN and Fox news.

Elaine and I got a real kick out of flipping between Fox and CNN last night as the bubble-heads (alleged experts) on CNN couldn’t find a thing Trump did right, while the Hannity crew of Fox couldn’t find anything he did wrong.

I’m certain we will be flipping next week in much the same matter, except that the CNN coverage will be overwhelmingly pro Clinton and will find no fault, while Fox won’t be able to find anything good about her.

In the end, the whole two week period would be a fine time to turn the television off, except for one HUGE thing:

The good old boy Republican party was buried this week.  And the party that I grew up admiring was back.

That’s the fiscally responsible, progressive on civil rights, and progress-oriented party.

The ugly truth is that the Democrats are the party of Wall St.  The republicans are the party of the Main Street small business folks.

But no worries:  As I have told you, time and time again:  The Fix is In. 

We can safely predict some Hillary “October Surprise” which will be staged to sweep her into office using the slowest of the voters who don’t yet (and may never) see the big picture.

Even now, I find myself asking “How come the Bush and Cruz types aren’t working on party unity?””

The answer I’m afraid is an ugly third party – and should it arise – it would ensure that Hillary makes it into office because republicans and globalists will be divided leaving only the spoiled.

Honestly, there’s not much else going on.  The threat of a Corporate Party run with the whiners – Kasich, Bush, Cruz, and whoever else in the establishment can cut side deals to line their own pockets – that’s not going away.

Especially when Trump  starts talking about a responsive government law that would allow a president to toss out appointees of the previous administration.

And therein lays the biggest threat to America.  It’s not that Trump could win. 

It’s the Trump could lose

I’m a sonovabitch for saying it, but we’ve just had 8-years of the privilege party – so with all that time why are we still seeing item number one in their platform “Raising worker wages?”

Because Obama didn’t deliver and neither, as I read it, will Clinton.

The Washington Post has a really good summary of how Bill Clinton’s economy worked out.  I have absolutely no illusions about Hillary being able to do better than that. Neither should you.

Hillary’s biggest opponent next week isn’t Donald Trump.  It’s Hillary Clinton.

She has to learn about honesty and coming clean about Benghazi and email and Bill’s harem and a whole lot more. If she does that (and doesn’t play Victim in Chief) I’d like to hear what she offers. 

But short of a confessional, the only issue is how “the fix” is played out.

Voting Machines II, anyone?

Take the Day Off

Not really much else of economic merit going on.

Dow futures are up about 25 which means the world isn’t ending.

Victimology 101

The NBA has moved a planned 2017 all-star game over the North Carolina bathroom bill.

I think the NBA has made a serious error here:  While the move may be cheered by the 4% LBGTQRS etc crowd, there’s this other market called “straight folks with disposable incomes” who aren’t impressed.

They really want to do that?

I’m fairly sure that NASCAR won’t cancel events over the “bathroom law” – but I could be wrong.

The NBA as I see it has made a bad economic move – turning a sport into a sociopolitical football….

Ah, but this is how sexual preference (or lack) has been turned into a growth industry.  And lacking any other jobs, except counseling illegals, perhaps…maybe that’s what America has been reduced to.

Not that the IMF is Crooked…

…mind you.  But Chris Lagarde will be standing trial for a $438 million payout to a rich dude back in 2008.  Say, that’s some stone wall, ain’t it?

Look for a skate, though, since it will be before a “special” court for government ministers.

A what?  Well since people at the top are SPECIAL it only makes sense they would have their own court, right?

Isn’t that how it works here?