Think NSA’s civilian spy program  has been shut down?

Remember what I told you about how government would never give up that much power without a workaround?

Well, (ta-dah!) here’s the story about how the “FBI behind mysterious surveillance aircraft over US cities…”

And it’s all being done behind fictitious government front companies.

I was kind of hoping it would take a month or two before Ures truly would be proven right, but warrantless surveillance is alive and…look up?

Population Collapse and Markets (A Tuesday Whine)

Oh, yeah, the Dow made a small gain yesterday.  And, in the larger scheme of things, there is a distinct possibility that there will be a couple of more years of peachy-times and fun before the whole crapperoo blows up.  Might even make it to 2022.

But there are two stories this morning that highlight how the world is “averaging down brains” and how sex wars are here whether we want to recognize them, or not.

As we’ve talked about on the Peoplenomics™ reports, there is a possibility that all the children from South America may not be a bad thing, after all, we need more people here in the USA to make payments into entitlement programs and to pay into the Social Security (system/scam/call it what you will).

The immediate problem is that a lot of smart young people in America are opting to have zero children.

And it’s not like we’re alone.  Russia is going through a birth rate crash and the big story this morning in Europe (other than the Greek bailout mess) is that Germany is not hitting the demographic wall and this has Angela Merkel pointing to the need for Germany to become an immigration destination,

The problem, however, is that not all people get along when shoveled into small countries and get forced into living in over-crowded conditions.  And then there are the cultural differences, that come with immigration.

I’m sure you saw Monday’s Supreme Court decision that Abercrombie and Fitch are on the hook because they said a traditional Muslim headpiece wasn’t part of their associate’s appearance rules?

It’s all part of the pressure building in society.  Why, next thing you know, human virgin births will be showing up.  There are already virgin birth’s being recorded in the sawfish populations of Florida, so it isn’t like it’s completely a Sci-Fi Channel deal.

And still the social pressures continue to build.  Witness the report that the use of anti-anxiety medications seems to increase the risk of homicide.

But people need their meds because of the high pressure that includes consuming at least 8-hours per day of media.

It’s not like government is helping, much. 

Trust you saw how the FedGov now admits also sending anthrax to Canada and Eric Holder’s replacement at Justice, Loretta Lynch,  is trying to bring the hammer down on movie theater chains for anticompetitive practices.

Like this is the biggest crime problem in the world…or does this one go Poof! when the Hollywood people line up with more contributions to designated political comers?

On the flip side, Rand Paul seems to be the only one making sense, lately, but that’s causing a rift within the republicrap party (emphasis on the rat part, thanks Dennis).

Despite occasional glimmers of rationality in media (Breast milk may be linked to lower leukemia rates, for example), most of this morning’s rush of media slime simply reinforce our view that the world is out of control and our only option will be to leave.

And speaking of that, you saw where NASA will be testing a “flying saucer” over Hawaii?

But we need to do it quickly, because to hear the climate discussions, all the ice could disappear off the Mount Everest glaciers shortly.

(In a personal nod to global warming (and the tax scam) I am voluntarily dropping to three ice cubes in my afternoon Martin.

Against this sad backdrop, people are being limited in  their choices and it’s a real mess.  The decision to invest in markets is driven by the fact that so many jobs are being “optimized” into mediocrity but at the same time, there’s nothing much in the way of honesty out there.

Making the wrong decision gets easier with more meds, and how this all boils down to a happy ending is beyond understanding.

So we pick a couple of “real” news stories for you to go read and shine-on the rest which is mostly press releases from the great blender of Life.

Greek Mess

European leaders are assembling trying to figure out what to do.

This is a headline that could have been written five years ago, or a year from now.  Europe’s idea of decision-making is a cluster-scramble of political correctness and greed.

I won’t tell you the whole EU is stupid *(unless they can agree on one language or something that’s socially useful).  Otherwise it’s just a mess with a check kiting scheme.

New Software

Wunderlist sounds like it might be interesting, especially if Project is too much and the task manager in Outlook is too little…

Also looks like the hardware makers will be shipping Win-10 on July 29th.

I’m starting a pool on when the first service pack for W10- will be released…

Shipping Notes

Unless you just swam ashore from the ship capsizing in the Yangtze River in China to read this morning’s column, you might find  the Baltic Dry Index at 589 – still flatlined at 2009 levels.

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