The Fall Fizzle, Sell-Out Joe’s MexWar, Commufornia

We should deal with the Fall Fizzle, first.

As I explained for Peoplenomics subscribers in a lot of depth this weekend, the “good news” is that Taiwan’s reunification is now looking like September 2022.

For this morning, our Market view is we may get one more leg higher this week, since only the very lowest of our Wave II rally targets off the Labor Day weekend all-time highs, has been met.

As should be clear, if you have studied wave counts, is that in this scenario (and there are others) the decline today could be a B wave of the larger Wave 1 (not labeled).  Normal limits would hold that the B wave should not go lower than the 5 of last week.  But, ideally, it would rise to the calculated targets in that green area where the C is.


However, for Peoplenomics subscribers who were let-in on my approach to trading last week and are puzzled by the Friday technical indicators, this is why the sentence was in the Saturday report:

“Critical to remember that the stochastics don’t have to go to extremes each swing. Often – especially over a weekend when there can be so much news flow change, I think its better to be neutral the market unless you’re there right on top of it in the very short term. “

We’ll see how things evolve today, but a short hair-raising decline at the open, but closing higher today would be our bet if we were playing this market.  Which we’re not.  Yet.

Let’s see if there’s some mid-morning buying coming in.  If the bottom falls out and we drop well-below the 5?  Biden’s got bigger issues than are public.

The week ahead is a yawner early-on.  NFIB small biz report tomorrow.  CPI data comes Wednesday.  But, if you eat – and therefore shop – you know prices are mooning on us.  Jobless claims and PPI Thursday get a solid meh. 

On the other hand, Friday should be interesting with Retail Sales, the NY Fed Empire State Manglefacturing report and the Import and Export prices report.

Sell-Out Joe’s MexWar

Biden’s NexWar may be the MexWar.

Democrats (*dramacrats) love to start wars.  If it was just one…but after a while the data just piles up.  But first, let’s back up.

Sell-out?  Because the DHS cancels Texas border wall contracts amid mounting concern.    Is Biden an idiot? Go ahead – see if you can pencil it out.  Just be aware that the Supreme Court Ruled in Favor of Donald Trump’s Plan to Use $3.6 Billion for Border Wall.

All this is against the background “‘We are ready for war’ says American who’s leading Haitian migrants to U.S. border | American Military News.”  We have to wonder why this “American Activist” hasn’t been arrested overseas.  Ever hear of the Logan Act?

Of course, the Dramacrats will close ranks and defend this anti-American scum.  Notice how Dramacrats give rights to the wrong side?  And money too.

Biden Sells Out America

An example of the latter is seen in the report on how Biden Admin to Send the Taliban Millions in US Dollars After Arming them with $83 Billion in US Military Weapons (  Spoils of war, Joe.  Keep the money (or split it with Hunter…)

And check into whether the State Department is on drugs.  Which we wonder about after reading US calls talks with Taliban ‘candid and professional’ following Doha meeting.  Yes, let’s squash women’s rights nice and professional-like. FMTT.  They got the money – so they can say anything.  But the Truth is Biden’s an idiot.

Around here, we don’t do “news.”  We write commentary – especially as it relates to markets.  Comes  a time when “second chances” and “let’s see how he does” come off the table.  Critical thinking needs to be applied.

Biden needs a war to take the focus off his MASSIVE executive overreach on mandatory vaccinations off the table.  And he doesn’t want people tracking stories like Durham Probes Pentagon Computer Contractors in Anti-Trump Conspiracy.  Durham’s getting close to the “pay dirt” in his digging around.  And Biden needs a topic changer…quickly.

Speaking of Dramacrats and war-peddling, see where Anti-Interventionist vs Neocon: Rare Debate Sees Scott Horton Steamroll Iraq War Architect Bill Kristol?  Neocons are kinda like VD – both parties catch ’em if they’re not careful.  Itching to fight or fighting to itch…  Let’s not call ’em neocons.  Let’s call it Warmydia. Or Ghonowarrin.

We’d never claim there’s a communist behind every tree.  But an idiot?  Pretty safe bet, there.

Biden’s Rotting DoJ

Once again, a Miranda Devine column in the NY Post demands Kudos.  AG Merrick Garland is at war with American families: Devine.  Also calling him out Mark Levin: AG Garland signed ‘one of the most egregious violations of your liberty’ with school board memo.  With this, we have to wonder if Garland isn’t turning into a domestic terrorist who should put himself on his own list…

Yep – anyone who speaks up must be a terrorist.  ‘Specially on the plandemic and the fab-jab.

By the way, speaking of our fave bioweapon:  Firefighter/EMT son G2, is doing much better.  Fever broke and he’s working hard to keep himself “dialed-back” so he doesn’t relapse.  His 10-day ends Friday, so he will be back to mask-fitting and vaccination clinic duties next week, looks like.  Thanks for your prayers and well-wishes.

Still can’t taste anything, but I suggested “The Covid Diet” might be a hot-seller of a book to write…

Australia is free – but not really:  106-Day COVID-19 Lockdown Ends in Australia’s Biggest City.  Thing is, in a prison colony-based country, there’s always a fresh-crop of wannabe wardens at the ready.  We have ’em here, too.  Sadly, everyone knows its a bioweapon and the perps are still in their fat government jobs.  In another era, there’d be rope and oaks.

MexWar Details

When it comes, MexWar will be no surprise for our Peoplenomics subscribers. We have discussed the slippery slope downhill – from Low Intensity Conflict to outright border scuffles such as the machine gun fire (with tracer rounds) onto American soil last week.  See: Mexican cartel fires machine gun into the US with the bullets zipping just above a National Guard | in the Daily Mail Online if you haven’t been read-in.

Is Ure the only one who remembers how narco-states work?  The Official Government denies involvement (think back to the NVA in ‘nam, right?) while the fighting escalates.  Yes, dear, I’m calling Mexico a narco-state.  So is Wikipedia:

Narco-state (also narco-capitalism or narco-economy[a]) is a political and economic term applied to countries where all legitimate institutions become penetrated by the power and wealth of the illegal drug trade.[2] The term was first used to describe Bolivia following the 1980 coup of Luis García Meza which was seen to be primarily financed with the help of narcotics traffickers.[3] Other well-known examples are MexicoColombia, and Guinea-Bissau, where drug cartels produce, ship and sell drugs such as cocaine and marijuana.”

We really need to find out who the assholes are that are organizing this stuff down south and deal with them.  Warmongers herding Covid carriers and a communist government spreading them around inside America is NOT bad government.  It’s a domestic communist insurrection.

Say that and people will brandish the worst of labels.  Because with the cooperative socialist media, they can get away with it.  Truth is never welcome.

Peoplenomics readers are referred to past issues how how this specter “suddenly appears” – been in the works for years:

Given Biden isn’t doing shit, we expect the Minutemen will be along sooner than later.  Ready to risk being branded “domestic terrorists” when in fact the real ones live behind razor wire for six months in the District of Corruption.

Wars don’t just spring up.  We’ve been in a low intensity conflict for over 20-years.  Think of the pending escalation and a L.I.C. and a promise...

And the January 6 hyperbole is still monetizing the media: Capitol Police whistleblower delivers scathing rebuke to 2 of its senior leaders Jan. 6 – POLITICO.

War With China Over Taiwan

Flag down on the field.  Read the Saturday Peoplenomics report for details.

Next Labor Day.  Not ahead of this year’s Party Congress.

Bumping subs and US technical advisors aside, those will be carefully modulated “reasons” leading to “responses” with an open timeline for president Xi to get Taiwan back after a “resolution of reunification” (or however they word it) from the pending People’s meet-up.

Trust you read how Taiwan to resist China’s call for a ‘peaceful reunification’?

Short Snorts

Shakes are quaking-up again:  6.2-magnitude earthquake shakes Hawaii –  And with ever-adventuring Andy up North: M6.5 earthquake hits Alaska peninsula: USGS – CGTN.  Don’t forget, the current/best remote viewing on this is foreplay ahead of the Japan quake in Sept. 22.  Spring of 2023 for the Joe Brandt dream realization in So.Cal.

Speaking of Commufornia:  New California law will force retailers to have ‘gender neutral’ toy sections.  I defy anyone to show a clause in the Golden State constitution (here) which allows them any powers of gender-anything.  Telling merchants how to display their wares?  Screw ’em.  There’s a reason freedom-loving people move elsewhere.

Imagine – and it’s along the same line of thinking – a headline like this:  “California mandates meat-neutral grocery stores.”  Or “California requires meat departments to be beef-neutral.”

Who are these people and frankly, who gives a shit?  Monetization…making up an excuse for bureaucratic empire-building (thus raising of taxes) at the public’s expense.  “Honest Gav, we gotta hire 300 more toy aisle gender inspectors on an emergency basis because we have to train ’em all on CRT and correctness in time for 2024…”  And they can’t be color-blind – gotta spot pinks and blues – so here comes the A.D.A. discrimination lawsuits…just boggles the mind how American insanity spirals, doesn’t it?

People are born with in “inny” or an “outty.”  How Canada got 54 “genders” out of this is a testament to digital insanity’s spread.  Anymore, when someone tells you to “Get f**ked” you have no clue what they mean.

Hand me a blood-pressure pill, would you?  Joy of being around long-enough to see the dangers of our Digital Demise is we won’t be around at the end of it.

Prepper Shelf Check:  ‘Unsafe Lead Levels’: Canned Roast Beef Products Recalled Over Possible Contamination.

Around the Ranch

One draw, but a lot of clear-cut wins this weekend in the Daily Episodes of Life we all film.  This weekend’s rushes?

War with Tile:  Got the base covering on one-third of the kitchen.  Depending on how my tile-cutting adventure goes today, may get a third of the tile on.  48-72 hours later it will be ready for grout.

Major automotive victory:  No, the brake light switch on my 2001 Dog/Ram farm pick-up truck wasn’t bad.  Traced it back to the brake fluid reservoir being a scosche low.  Only a couple of tablespoons of Dot 3 and it was fixed right as rain.  Made a note to check it again in 10-years.  Does run the battery down, however…fails to brake lights stuck on.

Victory over Windows:  The new office computer is installed and – after a minor skirmish with a Brother print-driver, everything’s back to workable.

Victory over Drought:  We had a good dose of rain last night, big fraction of an inch.  Which means?  Maybe one more lawn-mowing before the season’s over.  I like to end with a good final mowing because the better the cut, the easier the leaf blowing is.

With that, have a fine day.  Like my friend Paul Cutchlow taught me “back in the day” – Make the most of what you yet may spend – before you to the dust descend.

I kept wanting to say Burma-Shave! at the end of it.  Instead? How about…

Write when you get rich,

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99 thoughts on “The Fall Fizzle, Sell-Out Joe’s MexWar, Commufornia”

    • Biden is the Anode “president” – anyone familiar with salt water cooled marine equipment knows what that means. Idiot or just senile doesn’t matter, Obama is calling the shots and making policy, completing his fundamental transformation of America. It is amazing to me how one person can destroy this country.

      • Can’t disagree more. Just about everything he, Obama, was a party of was failure, after failure, after failure. So we should help him, using MLK strategies, straight in the pocket book. Only when Greyhound lost their ridership things turned his (MLK) way. And pretty quick, too. Obama’s speeches were only good, if you liked being talked to like a child. Not what he said, but how he said it. Relisten for the inflections, ignoring the words. So…if the Obama Failure Track Record continues, prepare, prepare, prepare. And enjoy the simple things you give yourself, in your own castle, in your own home.

      • “enjoy the simple things you give yourself, in your own castle, in your own home.”

        I really want to thank you for that comment young lady.. it came at a time when I needed it the most…You definitely hit home with that one comment and inspired me today cynthia.
        So…I started a batch of pomegranate wine to my already fermenting grape.. so now I have two batches of wine fermenting..its the simple things that truly matters in ones I decided why fret and stew over events that none of us has any control or say in.. slow down prep as good as I can for us keep family and friends close. focus on the simplicity and take it all one day at a time..

  1. Supply chain issues: Back in April, a couple of tractor companies had financing specials, 0% interest for 7 years. Picked out a John Deere 3025E with bucket, rotary cutter, box blade, backhoe attachment, and trailer. Everything except the backhoe attachment arrived in May.
    Backhoe finally arrived this weekend.

  2. “California mandates meat-neutral grocery stores.” Or “California requires meat departments to be beef-neutral.”

    HUH… Are you Serious…
    Now I don’t like to hunt.. don’t really like the idea of hurting an animal.. but I do know where my food comes from.. dam…. to force stores is another evil deed.. Now I did notice they have meatless sausage and have thought about buying some to try them.. ( I make my own sausage and use potatoes for the filler.. so seriously what would they taste like.. but that is my choice )

    • I prefer stalking money, muhself. Our local deer herd is a self-maintaining prepper supply. When WM, Kroger and Brookshires all run out, well, that sks….

      • .22 magnum, first couple of vertebrae just beneath the skull. Saves a lot of meat. It’s against the rules now for such a low caliber rifle to be used but by then there won’t be many rules like that the P&W guys will be called to uphold. They’ll have other problems to attend to and right now they’re overworked as they are.

      • I think everyone is depending on the local herd.

        When the panny first started I was talking to a neighbor guy and he told me if times get tough he’ll take the deer he saw in the local wooded area. Everyone in the subdivision probably has their eye on that deer.

        You can run the numbers.

        – The U.S. consumption of beef amounted to 27.3 billion pounds in 2019.
        – Poultry is defined as domestic fowl, including chickens, turkeys, and geese. In 2017 Americans consumed a record 122.75 pounds of poultry per capita.
        – The latest data shows that Americans eat an annual 66.18 pounds of pork per capita.

        “The total U.S.deer population in 2017 was about 33.5 million, up from a recent low of about 32.2 million in 2014”

        Assume 200 lbs of good meat off one deer (but maybe 75lbs is more realistic.) After the 6,700,000,000 lbs of deer meat is digested, all the deer will be gone. No replacements. *burp*. This doesn’t include waste.

        Most folks taking deer will probably eat a few bites then without a way to store the meat it rots after a week so they’re out there again.

      • Interesting, I received both guns used by blonde from the movie the good, the bad and the ugly from my father yesterday as a parting gift. Lever action 3030. Hmmmm.

        I forgot that the sense of gravity up here in #49 is noticeably stronger. Haarp? Not sure but winter is coming.

        Back to the grind on hump day.

        Until then. I got crib to play. 15 two, fifteen 4, fifteen six and a pair is infinity right side up.


      • Andy, you’re the first I’ve come in contact with, in ages.

        My first 8th Grade wood shop project was a mahogany cribbage board — never finished it, still got an “A.”

      • OoWSteve –
        You nailed it. All the city folk that have moved out to our area won’t have a clue what to do when all their big, double-wide freezers in their McMansions thaw out and it turns into another Big Freeze like last February. When things get tough the few people in the self-declared “Chamber of Commerce” they formed in our town that never had one before, they, alone, would eat the entire South end of the county clean (and that’s IF they even know how to skin a deer) long before Spring planting season and then they’d have to wait until early Summer before much of anything started coming off the vine. But then there’s the other few thousand people that are out here that haven’t put up a single can of food either because “living in fear is sooo ridiculous”. No telling how many “discussions” I’ll have to have with people eyeing my herd of cows and goats regardless of how much we’re willing to share.

        I’ve tried growing some things in the past and I’ve found I have not a single green digit on my body anywhere. I managed to sprout a few cantaloupe seeds this Summer from store-bought fruits but the one vine I got out of it produced four small cantaloupes and all of them have split due to excess watering from the rains. Other friends have had to deal with beetles that laugh at Spectracide, grasshoppers that look like they hopped out of a horror movie and a host of other maladies that won’t be surmountable if we lose our supply lines. Growing veggies is an art few are familiar with and require more attention than a herd of pregnant nannies all about to give birth with a cloud of buzzards circling above them – and I haven’t even given consideration to the Haitians and their friends on the way. How many of you out there have taken time to really consider what Clif High’s been saying over the past few months?

      • OMG Andy! I haven’t heard those counts for half a century!! My parents used to play cribbage every night before bed.

      • @Bill

        The secret to growing melons is to get them off of the ground. The secret to growing big ‘uns is to only allow a maximum of two melons per vine. The secret to keeping bunnies, squirrels, and other rats from eating them is chicken wire and a dog. The muskmelon growers in Southwestern Indiana build trellises to manage the vines and “nests” to cradle the melons. I’ve never seen a trellis — I HAVE done both chicken wire and nests, though. FWIW “silvermitt” lives in SWIND…

  3. Sent a email to senator Mark kelly about the declaration of war by the mexicans and haitians . He sent back a form letter about how he was happy to stuff as many of our friends ,the afghans ,into Arizona . Can’t make this up. This guy’s an Idiot.

  4. Joe’s Mexwar? Guess it depends on how ya look at it.

    Funny how people (pray) certain words and get something that rhymes … not exactly what they intended. Remember the word “Change” was flying around? Oh, we got Change, for sure but, not the Change we wanted.

    We’ve were seeing the word “Transparency” flying around. Didn’t get the Transparency we wanted, instead we got an invisible war. So Transparent, ya can’t hardly see it … unless you see who’s where and what’s happening. Location, location, location.

    Open Boarder at Mexico, close boarder at Canada, spend every penny we got, halt shipping, while people experience Covid, unconstitutionally mandate an unproven medical injection, block all medication that would work otherwise, submit to wearing a mask to run down your immunity, and gasoline could go very high by the end of next year … oh yeah, food shortages. There’s more but, you get it. Getting run down.

    We live in a world of “excuses” not reasons and rational thinking, as we are use to. Use to be, “Where there’s a Will, there’s a Way.” And we’d come out on top … but these days, that saying is more sinister.

    Ever hear of “And why aren’t you in uniform?” – girls go from looking shabby to what they wear out to the club. The Phrase is actually more interesting than the videos. – don’t need uniforms in an invisible war.

    The psychological sh*t is anazing. Wish I was just a distant observer, rather than an unwilling participant.

    Once upon a time, we had Presidents who would address these types of national issues in a manner to protect the people and keep things moving … I doubt Eisenhower would have fell for the sh*t.

    But here we are. Damn

    Glad to hear G2 is doing well. Thumbs up !!

      • Yes. People need to be more specific about their intentions instead of just throwing words out there. It’s like putting up a feeder for birds, and the squirrels come. Eventually the Hawk comes, making it the ultimate bird feeder … (make sense?)

    • I wonder.. IF… the USA border is under direct fire.. or the threat.. DO.. they have the right to fire back without congressional approval…. from what I have read.. there are a few thousand pages.. but what I read basically boils down to from my interpretation on the rules..NO.. they don’t have to get Congressional approval if under a direct threat .. to stop that threat..
      Biden Harris or even the Wicked witch of the west would have any say on stopping a direct threat..
      The way I see it .. firing on those stationed at the border is a direct threatening act of war..
      “the nature, duration, and scope of
      the engagement must not exceed that which is required to
      decisively counter the hostile act or the demonstrated
      hostile intent.”
      I think that congress even passed a law that states that in the event of a national threat that congress can be sent home or into protective custody at any measure to ensure future COG and the secretary of defense takes over.. or something like that.. it has been a long time since I read that one.. I got a real chuckle out of it at the time.. put in during the cold war LOL…and both sides on tv telling everyone just how great it was and necessary .. hmm so I was thinking… which one do you want out of office LOL…

      • “COG” or “Continuation of Government” is nothing to take lightly, at least that was the opinion of Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld, who diligently worked to strengthen the law and according to some, Cheney implemented COG on 9/11 and it’s never been revoked. So there’s your “Obama at Site R” running today’s U.S. government.
        FYI “Site R” is a real place, a bit North and West of Camp David.

    • Good stuff Bob. Ya know my grandmother when I came home from chopping wood all day for $10 a cord and was complaining cup my face with both hands and said, “Son last time I checked our last name isn’t Rockefeller or Kennedy. Today is my day off and I don’t speak whinese!”


      It’s wisdom like that, that sticks with ya for a lifetime.

      It’s never just a single thing. It took me along time to understand this.

      Example: my father died. I went to his funeral in a small town in Alaska. I didn’t just to to his funeral. I met a fella on the plane from Carolina on his first trip to Alaska to see his sons new bride. Richard Pettys neighbor. I didn’t just go to my father’s funeral, I saw some old friends, met some new ones. Did some acts of service. Stood under a big oak tree, while the wind blew and its golden leaves fell off and danced all around me. My mother called them “gold coins.” I saw my grandfather’s picture on the wall as a founder of the eagles club. I didn’t just go to my father’s funeral, I spent some quality time with my mother. I went to church. I stood outside and counted eagles as they flew by. I saw a Moose and a couple caribou. I made some new friends. I changed some lives. I spoke some wisdom and I got some wisdom in return. I didn’t just go to my father’s funeral. I celebrated his life. I didn’t just go to my father’s funeral. I took a rest from a super busy job. I didn’t just go to my father’s funeral. I got my lucky coin back (an old silver dollar I carried in my pocket for a decade) my mother found when she got a new washer and dryer. Which I lost 12 years ago here. I didnt just go to my father’s funeral. I got my old US Navy ball cap back. A lever action 3030 and 44 magnum revolver. I didn’t just go to my father’s funeral. My employees gave their condolences and told me they all missed me. I didn’t just go to my father’s funeral. I too my mother out to Paradiso for dinner and had the captains platter. I didn’t just go to my father’s funeral, I found a lime green Bic lighter on the deck I lost last time I was up here. I met my mother’s little baby kitten and slept with it while it purred all night. I met a beautiful Gurrl. Ya see.

      Ya see. I came up here to go to my father’s funeral and pay my respects and be a good #1 Son. Howeva when I came as one, a whole Lotta other good is there for me two.

      We call that a win when. From my perspective.

      As the day shift forth… I might be quiet and let that resonate for a whole.


  5. So Mujica is an AMERICAN!!?? Must be part of the Azatlan movement to take back the Southern states and return them to Mexico or something like that. The other articles neglected to mention that and you’d THINK that would have been a significant fact to transmit. We need to dox this guy big time.

  6. War is a bitch G- kinetic or otherwise.
    We be in war, have been in a “war”, but no one has declared shit – its like a one sided stealth war. We sheeps dont even realize we have been under attack for quite a while now.
    Somehow CCP has managed to capture con-grees, senate, sc, wh,army&airfarce, nih, cdc,who,fda – all of those GREEDY assholes took the MONAY, and are still taking the MONAY.

    What do the “hans” care? – they just print baby print – for-ex is a weapon, just like they ATTACKED the WORLD wit da covert19-B I O W E A P O N.

    Although I hear you can get “fresh” healthy new organs cheapin far east, if you dont mind Ure new kidney bowing down and praying towards the East several times a day or a peculiar urge to shout out “allah akbar” several times a day.
    CCP&”jerrys”(red-rock cartel)..death by a thousand cuts.

    This is a horribly outrageous situation – should be ecstasy by 100 lil slices! a kinky digression, my baaad.badbadbadboy.

    Phyz GOLD is looking more and more like the Prize to be had, as we swirl down the global terlet, wit a lil BTC stash just in case..cept of course for uncle G.

    Alwayz good to hear bout G2 adventures, smoke jumping bee hard core, dude needs all the strength and good health he can get. – best wishes Gdog2 or G2dog on Ure recovery?
    ?#1 -After bribem surrenders to chicoms, how long (days/weeks) before UN peacekeepers are seen in our streets.
    ?#2 – How many points do “shooters” get for picking off UN peacekeepers/ fbi/cia agents – I propose 5pts UN peacekeepers, 7.5 points for fumblingbumblingidiots, and 10 points cristiansinaction , and 1 point for any media.
    counter proposals ??

    That recent Alaska volcano was another “suppressed” by USGS and downgraded to a Six point something – their common practice of suppressing severity of quakes – dont want populace getting alarmed by UPTICKS in big quakes…tick tick tick
    – its a clock
    -its Solar..cosmic rays galore
    ? think ray galore is related to Ms. galore of 007 Bond fame, or does Ure prefer the studious, glasses wearing Dr Goodhead types.

  7. Canadian Thanksgiving today. I give thanks that I can come to this site and share views with conservative minded friends and not be cancelled.

    Lets go Brandon.

  8. ” Durham Probes Pentagon Computer Contractors in Anti-Trump Conspiracy. Durham’s getting close to the “pay dirt” in his digging around.”

    Remember what I said about Durham, several years ago:

    He is honest.
    He is EXTREMELY thorough.
    He has absolutely no tolerance for dirty government employees.

    It was by a mere technicality that he did not prosecute (and convict) Robert Mueller in Boston, years ago.

    If Dunham finds something, but can’t prove it well enough to get a conviction, we won’t hear much about it. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, just that he can’t prove it sufficiently thoroughly to ensure a jury will agree with him.

  9. “Prepper Shelf Check: ‘Unsafe Lead Levels’: Canned Roast Beef Products Recalled Over Possible Contamination.”

    Duly noted. I don’t eat canned RB, but have no idea what da kids eat when I’m not around…

    “Victory over Windows: The new office computer is installed and – after a minor skirmish with a Brother print-driver, everything’s back to workable.”

    Brother is the only mfg with which I’ve never had a driver issue. H-P printers were always the bane of my existence because the computer (didn’t matter if it was Win95 or Win7, or anything in-between) would lose the print drivers after a couple months.

    • Thanks George for info on prepper shelf check. I’ve got well had ten cans but not any more (Peter Sellers) A shot in the dark. Thanks again

  10. @ Walmart yesterday. A lot of shelves in the foodie section were bare.

    Most of the cat food again, gone. I use the canned cat food to catch cats. All cats are relocated to the golf course community. Meats were pretty much gone. The noodles, gone. The processed meats, gone.

    I add to it, I buy Wrigley Five gum multi-packs. WMT has been out and when they reloaded I bought all of them. There were a few bags of rice left so I got one. I try to get a 5lb bag of Jasmine every time I go to the store. Just over $1.00 /LB.

    • “All cats are relocated to the golf course community. ”

      Dam Steve that is what we do with skunks and coons.. take them to the rich neighborhood and let them loose.. LOL LOL LOL LOL Just kidding there..
      what I did do though is IF we had a bag to go to the good will or salvation army or some other thrift store.. and it was out of my way.. I would look for the fanciest car that is parked way out in the parking lot sideways to take up four spaces. LOL LOL if it was unlocked I would just drop it in with a note.. say louise I am so happy to see your car here… martha wanted me to drop these off at your house she knew how much you wanted them… for the quilt your making.. enjoy..
      today that is a little harder to do since there are camera’s absolutely everywhere LOL….

  11. Look at who hired Durham – the fix was in then and anything from here is theatrics and prosecution of 3rd level operatives ……

    • HAHAHAHAHAHahahhah! Durham does NOT exist .

      Ever seen him ? Ever seen a piture of the mythical prosecutor ? There is only one picture in existence of this guy , the same dam picture every time – can U prove it is AUTHENTIC – anyone ?

      100 % BULLSHIT !

      honest, thorough – sure ! WHO ? WHAT ? WHERE?

      Sorry – But that Durham guy simply DOES NOT EXIST in Reality .

      • You got NOTHING, SQUATA !

        No evidence, No Pictures, No History

        Who Is Durham?, What is Durham?

        Come on mr “hard” reality – ANYTHING – one lil shred of evidence Durham is a REAL Person.

        All you allz collective intelligence is called into question here – one lil shred of proof this Durham cat actually exists as a real Human Being.

        Anyone ? Anything ?

        Didnt think so..

      • “ANYTHING – one lil shred of evidence Durham is a REAL Person.”

        ??????? There are lots of pictures etc.. I guess I don’t quite get what your saying.. it isn’t his fault that he looks the way he does LOL

  12. Quit predicting recessions or down turns and just live your life and maximize your profits on e week at a time. Will there be a recession eventually? The answer is 100% YES. But no-one can predict when it will come or its severity. No-one. Anyone who says they can is simply guessing. Some are more educated guesses than others. It could be months or years. But what is a recession and what might it imply to us in real estate?

    A RECESSION is commonly defined as a business cycle contraction when there is a general decline in economic activity. Recessions generally occur when there is a widespread drop in spending….like what we experienced in the second quarter of 2020 when lockdowns curtailed spending rather dramatically. GDP fell by over 31%!  But….that was a pandemic-fueled recession and was followed by a dramatic increase in GDP….33.8% in the third quarter. Traditionally recessions happen after extended periods of growth cycles. After the huge recession of 2008/9 fueled mostly by a housing crisis, the US economy contracted sharply, and then gradually improved as cheaper money/easy access to capital fueled the markets into a recovery. As people became re-employed, the economy rebounded and growth returned to a ‘normal’ rate of roughly 2% annually which stayed relatively constant for the next decade. Today we are growing at a pace of over 6% That’s HUGE when you consider the US is an almost $23 TRILLION economy!….over 38% larger than China’s where China has a population QUADRUPLE that of the USA…..

    When a recession strikes and companies see people spending less, often the first thing they do is cut costs….often that is staffing/workers as thats a big expense. Those people left unemployed spend less. And often need more government assistance. Rising unemployment, stock market corrections, negative GDP growth all fuel negative sentiment…..which drives many in the markets to spend less….even if they can afford to spend more. National recessions sometimes exclude certain areas that are experiencing hyper-growth…..yes even recessions can be local!

    Let’s single this out in an area where I have extensive knowledge…So are we heading into a housing recession now after a massive surge? I don’t know, but this is what I DO know (which is much more reliable):
    1.  After a massive consumer spending surge, it’s likely things will slow down and taper off to a more normal pace. Abnormal excesses never last forever.
    2.  The banking system has been much stricter about lending standards over the past decade…which saved our housing crisis and fueled its exponential growth.
    3.  The wealthy – those that can afford to buy homes – are wealthier than ever before. They are the first to have savings, and retain jobs.
    4.  The volume of inheritance and divestment of estates should accelerate as the population ages.
    5.  Housing recessions do not always mirror economic recessions. Often pricing and activity can remain strong in a mild recession.
    6.  If we experience another wave of the pandemic, this could negatively impact economic growth. Almost 57% of the USA is fully vaccinated. If we were at 70% or higher the pandemic would be in sharp decline. Its already declining after the recent surge in most areas. New Zealand, Australia, France, Portugal, Italy, the UK, Spain, Brazil are all above 70% partially to fully vaccinated which reduces the severity and deadliness of COVID, keeping people out of hospitals, and keeping people employed, spending!
    7.  Homeowners appear to have far higher equity levels these days.
    8.  The homeowners who would have lost their homes during the recession without government (taxpayer-paid-for) assistance, have not flooded markets with foreclosures. Most markets have inventory shortages.
    9. Even if interest rates DOUBLE they will be relatively low compared to prior markets where rates were 10% and higher. MUCH higher.
    10.  While our economy is booming right now, COVID-related issues and fears are still holding back millions from re-entering the economy. So we are still in recovery mode, although we have mostly recovered.
    11. Enormous government spending – and borrowing – should fuel the economy for the next few months to years. Politicians always promise massive growth with spending or tax cuts….usually the promises are a lot rosier than reality!
    12.  Inflation and rising energy costs could dampen the consumers ability to spend. A mild winter would help. 
    13. We have not experienced over-building as was the case in some past recessions. In fact we are UNDER-building. Affordability remains a big issue.

    Will market activity slow at some point? Yes, in parts it already has. Will prices drop? Possibly – in some areas – and in others it may continue to rise.

    Will people continue to buy and sell homes? Of course they will. Life  – and death and divorce and babies and kids going to college and people making and losing fortunes and job moves and you-name-it – never stops for too long! A pause – or breather – maybe.

    And when times get a bit tougher and things don’t sell ‘automatically’ the world re-discovers the value people like me and My team bring value to the equation. (I had to out in a plug) BTW. This is part a marketing newsletter I am sending out this week.

    • You play such a beautiful tune there Nero, totally ignoring all the chaos going on. A true wordsmithing journalist college trained Markist.
      The charts are painting a down turn ABC, 123, dropping under trend lines, hang on to your shorts.
      Mark is a salesman, SELL SELL SELL

      Those who push vaccine mandates/lock downs/masks are COMMUNISTS, dividing US, so to make it easier to conquer. Damaging all of our law enforcement, military, first responders and medical personal, forcing many out of their profession.
      DON’T YA GOT SOME MORE CARAVANS TO GO HELP ORGANIZE? AGAIN. How about your helping with the BLM/ANTIFA marches , 4 of them, if I remember correctly. You should help our border patrol, instead of working against US

      Lets Go Brandon
      You voted for Biden, his build back better theme, means destroying what we have, what we are,, and make us more indebted/owned by the bad legislation he pushes. You all go be good little serfs, slaves, sheeple, cause like your hero Rino Dubya said, “We are the ruling class” Do you need me to go look up the video of him saying that?

      Remember how you felt when you received a hit and run against your precious Tesla? Mad as Hell. You went on a hi speed chase, chasing them through traffic. Did you have a gun with you? You were a fool for chasing them if you did not, they probably did have.
      Those that stole our election are bigger criminals than some hit and run car thieves
      driving our country like they stole it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Play on Nero, as the Captain of the Titanic had the musicians play

    • The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Forecasting A Great Depression
      Kristalina Georgieva, head of the IMF and a board member of the World Economic Forum, has issued a statement warning that the global economy risks another “Great Depression,” which is the objective of Klaus Schwab. It is interesting how media outlets are ignoring her statement in the mainstream press for they do not want to make things worse for Biden. Already now 55% of Americans poll that the Biden Administration is incompetent. We seriously wonder how long the media can hang on to this façade.
      Even in Europe neither the London Financial Times nor the Economist covered her comments at all. The reasons are simple, according to reliable sources, mainstream media was delusional thinking that getting rid of Trump was the objective and all would be better under Biden. They were ignorant of the real agenda of the full Great Reset that seeks to impose Marxism reinstating it to its former delusion solution.
      Why is Georgieva and the IMF, the puppet of Schwab, now saying there will be a Great Depression? This is what they are trying to create because they are running out of options. The whole vaccine scare that once everyone is vaccinated in the world COVID will be eradicated was never viable for a virus that co-exists in animals will always mutate. That was a deliberate lie. Then the vaccinated can still get COVID, die, and spread it. So there is no logical reason to ban the unvaccinated except the same as the Nazis were doing – sorting out the non-compliant as a threat to the state.
      The markets rallied for a day and the people who are real frauds forecast the entire future every day based upon an up or down day. We have entered this dark period of September into November and what is really critical here is the direction of October for the next MAJOR turning point to arrive is in February.
      Schwab is trying to create a Great Depression to impose sweeping Marxist policies as FDR did. He understands you need the pain to create political change.
      Despite these behind-the-curtain machinations, the world economy is strikingly different from what this stood at in the 1930s. They are trying hard to crash the market, but they have wiped out the bond markets with negative to zero interest rates. This time, the buyers of the debt are the central banks – not moms and pops.
      Yes, a rally into October, which is really just a bounce, runs the risk of a further decline into February. The Sling-Shot is still on track. What you have to understand is the tipping point is CONFIDENCE. Already 55% of Americans say the Biden administration is not ‘competent in running the government,’ a new poll shows. Never since the Great Depression has the confidence in an administration collapsed so rapidly and Biden is not finished reading his cue cards yet. His handlers do not care because he will take the fall even if like Bush Jr, he was not really in charge – i.e. Cheney.
      So far, the market is treading sideways. The real capital flows are NOT on Schwab’s side. Marti Armstrong believes Soros is trying hard to help Schwab. Buffett would hedge rather than liquidate. It looks like this is shaping up to be a very interesting battle. But all the indications from his model still point to them losing this battle long-term. He believes we have a shot at exposing them post-February 2022.

    • So Mark, since you’re the self-proclaimed resident expert on the “REAL ESTATE” industry, I have an important question.
      If we assume the jabs were for depopulation purposes, what if, say over the next 12 to 16 months 50% of those jabbed will be taken out? Sounds to me as if lots of empty houses and office buildings may be forthcoming?

      • West coast,
        That’s such a delusional comment. Please tell me you don’t believe any of that hogwash about depopulation. Be careful what you write pal. If you really believe in that stuff, have you ever thought that they are singling out the gullible idiots like you and they have a master plan to depopulate the dumbsh#*ts of the world?

    • Pfffttt! Seriously blew something out my nose there Walking Buzzard. You and all your RINO/pedo friends can line up an let your pretend president drool on you for a good luck baptismal ceremony. In the mean time this is what we see when you give your Unicorns and cup cakes view of the World –

    • “no-one can predict when it will come or its severity. No-one.”

      You are absolutely right on that one Mark… I guessed several years ago now.. and if they hadn’t dumped water on the table.. it probably would have happened..
      I had doubts when Trump got in office.. he is smart and savvy and if they had worked with him at all.. MAYBE he could have turned the USS Titanic USA around.. but they didn’t they took out all the guns and went after him..
      focusing on his narcissism rather than his goals..
      What is it the good book says.. IT WILL COME AS A THEF IN THE NIGHT…
      What truly shocks me is how accepting everyone is over how corrupt everything is.. one day years ago there was pride and self worth.. a little dignity..

  13. “Quit predicting recessions or down turns….”
    What?! And ruin our doom-porn fun?! “Replaying 1929” is our raison d’etre.
    I think the bigger question is whether recessions (corrections) now occur at hyper-speed, like everything else in the world of finance. Think Spring-Summer 2020.

  14. will it be turnaround tuesday now george!!! should i take a little and go long ? yeah yeah ? come on need a little then bang !!! in come pigs . please is it tuesday ?

    • I can only share the method, not its specific application.
      You see, Len, its the difference between teaching physics on the one hand and building a bomb on the other.
      One is education. The other is not exactly legal.
      I don’t offer financial advice. But the physics discussion alone is worth the $40 bucks, lol.

    • U asked for it ….

      Terrible Tuesday – So shall it be .

      long ^VIX ? Short SPY? Short UST’s, Looong Commodities(any)

  15. But the Truth is Biden’s an idiot

    Refer to Scott Peck’s The Road Less Traveled
    Peck, writing about the Mi Lai Massacre, observed that most normal people, when confronted with Evil, feel confusion.
    It just looks insane: “why would a normal person so anything that stupid?” is the normal response.
    Because he is, or more properly, is overcome by, EVIL.

    • “when confronted with Evil, feel confusion.
      It just looks insane: “why would a normal person so anything that stupid?”

      Everything looks insane from my perspective.. I keep looking for a rabbit with a watch saying I’m Late I’m late.. I know we had to go down that rabbit hole..
      OH Leonard… I believe it was Calley

  16. Our sub was playing chicken with a Chinese
    or Russian sub to see who has the
    biggest BALLS.
    They were doing this 50 years ago

  17. There is a design pattern here. In Buyden’s first weeks in office, he killed the keystone pipeline, rescinded the new oil and gas development leases in ANWAR [research the IEA website, more oil is in Alaska than there is in Saudi], plus the Gulf of Mexico, and banned fracking. With nothing now backing Nixon’s 71′ federal reserve note, hyper inflationary collapse is around the corner [its actually creeping in already if you’re paying attention]. Not that all that cheap US oil and frack gas competed with Gazprom and OPEC +. Nothing to see here…… Got Blockchain?

  18. I missed the big 6.2 earthquake yesterday. Was driving a load to the dump, and you really cannot feel an earthquake while driving a vehicle… especially on a bumpy country road. Lots of local ham reports feeling it… some saying it was worse than the 2018 eruption quake of 6.9 magnitude. Interestingly, this quake offshore of South Point was not directly related to the volcano plumbing. Geologists tell us it was the world’s most massive mountain, Mauna Loa, settling into the planet’s crust. The proximity of a possible CME trigger is interesting.

  19. here we go georgey !!! little one coming !!! turnaround ! short the guts of everything . long highest velocity stock in world !! gold beautiful . fark usd long TLT . everything else toilet paper . simplicity and discipline. but !! why bother the smart already know and the fools wont listen

  20. For Mark
    October 11, 2021 at 10:51, Mark wrote his views in 13 points which I read.
    He writes in an authorative style but where is knowledge??
    Let’s single this out in an area where I have extensive knowledge:
    Rising unemployment, stock market corrections, negative GDP growth all fuel negative sentiment…..which drives many in the markets to spend less….even if they can afford to spend more. Who is Mark to decide what you can afford?
    And this:
    Let’s single this out in an area where I have extensive knowledge…So are we heading into a housing recession now after a massive surge? I don’t know… Well Mark, that is obvious.
    And stuff like this:
    …it’s likely things will slow down and taper off to a more normal pace. Likely?
    Abnormal excesses never last forever. So proclaims Mark. NEVER?
    Look Mark, it appears to be hot air when you continually use words such as;
    not always
    could negatively impact
    Who says the Vaxxed have hit 57%?
    appear to have
    most have
    could dampen ability to spend
    affordability remains a big issue”
    C’mon man!
    “Woulda, coulda, shoulda, not always, often”.
    Where is all of your “extensive knowledge when you only add conjecture and questions instead of answers? Our problem is that Joe and his “team” are apparently just as knowledgeable as you.
    C’mon midterms!

    • Exactly Ed.. I agree whole heartedly and give you a great big AMEN….
      the show the wife and I was watching.. multi million dollar mansions for a thousand dollars in detroit.. just trying to get people to move back in.. yet there aren’t any jobs available to pay the expenses alone.. not even considering the costs to repair the abandoned properties.. some places offering you a villa for one dollar same problem dying communities..
      Mark on the other hand.. doesn’t see it.. that part of SanFran isn’t in his scope he doesn’t go there they are at the other side of the tracks.. pretty sure he hasn’t read a local paper since it is daily news about the filth and drug abuse or maybe he just doesn’t pay attention to that part..
      locally here there are two companies.. ( one my wife works for) that I know without even looking at the books that they aren’t making any money) so seriously how much growth..
      Any preschooler can tell you it takes a strong base.. what has happened is laws were made to allow only piling bricks on top of the tower.. eventually that tower will topple over like the tower of babel … and million dollar homes will sit empty waiting for someone to take them over for a thousand dollars..

  21. Comrades,

    Across the pond from the grout-laden walls of Texas sits the former tile industry powerhouse of Tylehurst now overseen in its modern day glory by the Rt. Hon. Alok Sharma, UK MP for West Reading. Mr. Sharma, an accountant, was previously private secretary to the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster who is second most powerful person in government, overseeing Her Majesty’s vast land holdings won during the 100 Years War that closed out the Middle Ages. Mr. Sharma was appointed president earlier this year of the UK hosted UN 26th climate change Conference of the Parties – COP 26, not to be confused with the CCP. It begins at month end in Glasgow, sometimes translated as “dear green place” according to Wikipedia. The Romans laid tile there 2000 years ago, and Scotland has been seeking independence ever since as Ure publisher may well inform us.

    With Microsoft comprising just one of numerous conference sponsors, perhaps a drop in by Mr. Gates with his green fuel powered private jet to sign copies of his climate change book would be in order. And it seems an eternity since we last heard of Mr. Biden’s climate change czar setting up house in Mr. Obama’s neighborhood in Cape Cod. Whether arrival is by corporate jet or a spare USAF C-17, one hopes the Czar and Czarina do bring along a plentiful supply of single serving tomato ketchup satchels so indispensable to enjoyment by palates unfamiliar with haggis cuisine.

    Assisting with advance shepherding of the sheeple, the BBC has issued a video interview featuring HRH Prince Charles. In response to the hard hitting inquiry of heating the palace, the Prince noted that he had managed to place some solar panels at his residence and some farm buildings. Discussion then segued to talk of bespoke car manufacturer Aston Martin, whose engineers had we are told on TV had been firmly leaned on by the Prince to green-over his petrol consuming DB5. The car now runs on a mix of surplus English white wine and cheese whey. It’s quite inebriating to hear all this, I know. Maybe the car will be rolled out in Glasgow for commoner purview.

    God save the Queen!

  22. That only ponzis out to about $1quadrillion a month created at the Fed REPO window to loan interest free to member banks, to support all that.

  23. Good news…..
    We were just watching a tv show..
    Detroit is selling mansions from before deregulation for a thousand dollars.. after we shipped our industry to china everyone ran and the old richest part of detroit is abandoned..
    They had one they showed 7000 sq foot mansion with a great garden and circular drive 6 car garage that I wouldn’t mind owning if wasn’t in detroit or if there were jobs more promising than at a fast food restaurant…lol lol

  24. WASHINGTON — Drugmaker Merck asked U.S. regulators Monday to authorize its pill for treating COVID-19 in what would add an entirely new and easy-to-use weapon to the world’s arsenal against the pandemic.

    If cleared by the Food and Drug Administration — a decision that could come in a matter of weeks — it would be the first pill shown to treat the illness. All other FDA-backed treatments against COVID-19 require an IV or injection.


  25. Ever adventuring. Good lord, no joking. I have yet to stay in one spot for longer than 4 months since the Rona hit the retirement community in Snohomish.

    As I been told quite a bit. You will travel the world and if ya can’t the world will come to you. We will see. Atleast the Angel and Sun of Gawd talk has slowed. Actually alot of people around me are crickets lately. Especially the Haters.

    Hmmmmm….. you know the deal with temptation. When you find something that nobody is aware of… what do ya do? I take a step back and think. Judas sold christ for 30 pieces of silver. Comes to mind. Boy howdy. I didn’t know what to think….. so I put it back where I found it…. my grandfathers Dad was a coin collector, my grandfather was a coin collector. And my father had his own. Nobody knew about it. Not even my mother. And I found all three. When my lucky coin dropped and rolled to a scene Nobody had seen.

    Are you the kind to take what isn’t known home? Are the kind to leave it be. Are you the kind to say something? Leave it for your mother and brother? Or do you say something. Quite the ponder. As I sat there staring at a big stack of silver certificates. And coins older than my lucky coin which lead me to it.

    Temptation. Ya know. U could rationalize that my lucky coin took me to it. which it did. Then rationalize putting all of it or some of it in my gun case. Or something before I leave. Hmmmmm…… I took another long step back and fired up an eagle red, 20 cigarette… your mother did say, take anything you want. Hmmm…… another drag. I have my own lucky coin. Ya know.. am I judas…. is my price 30 silver rounds…. to sell out Christ.

    I took another drag. He is trust with little, much he is trusted with. In some other old texts it says, much he is given. And boy let me tell ya how much you can monkey mind that statement around 3 generations of coin collections.

    Another drag as I hear take the money. He was an asshole. It’s least he could do pass through my brain. You just got everyone a $2 and hour
    Raise at work. It’s good karma. Nobody knows about it… profit you to gain the whole world but lose your soul?

    Would you get vaccinated to keep your job. Hell no!

    Fuck that bowl of soup! I’m not loosing my inheritance just because I’m hungry. THE DUDE is my source.

    Another long drag….. hmmmmm and as I said to my thoughts. Shhhhh…..then quiet. I stood there for a moment. crushed my smoke out.

    Went in, and I showed my mother. She said, oh that is wonderful. And we put it in a safety deposit box, and my brother and her will decide what to do with it after I left. She mailed him the other key. She has one and he has one. He lives around here. And helped them more than I ever did. So he deserves it more than me.

    If THE DUDE wants me to have it? There isn’t any question it’s mine.
    My integrity isn’t for sale.

    Glad G2 is doing well. See ya around old man.

    • Don’t get me wrong. I like money. I value it. It a good tool. I appreciate all that it adds to my life. But I’m not ruled by it. And it doesn’t change who I am. I still am the guy who put a coat on a homeless dude on the sidewalk. I’m still the man who gave a shoeless woman a ride and prayed for her. I’m still the man running late all day to be right on schedule to save an unknown woman in a parking lots life. No matter how much money I have. Or don’t have. I’m still the dude when asked what I want, gets his people a raise and even when nobody knows, finds a treasure, if there is a question or not if it belongs to me or not, takes a step back. To let my thoughts speak to me enough to do the right thing. Even when I don’t want to. I don’t give a single shit if anyone likes me or not. I don’t care if they call me Angel or God’s chosen and adored son or Yoda or asshole and a million other names.
      to. You are either who you are or your full of shit. And I’d rather not be the biggest chump for my own line of bullshit.

      What I value is being true to who I am, when nobody is looking. Even when I don’t want..

      I am truly Blessed and Highly Fortunate!

      It is my hope, that you are as well.

  26. Nobel economics prize rewards work on minimum wage

    David Card, Joshua Angrist and Guido Imbens have been awarded this year’s Nobel prize for economics for work that “challenged conventional wisdom”.

    Prof Card is best known for his study of the impact of minimum wage increases on employment in US states.

    His findings prompted researchers to review their opinion that such increases always lead to falls in employment.

    Nobody with functional brain cells uses the words “always” [or “never”} in economics, or in any other theoretical science, without considerable thought and consideration. If a job is “closed” it will NEVER be eliminated (by a human), because even though paying entry-level wages, it is an essential job. What will ALWAYS happen is when a mandated minimum wage is raised, the entry-level wage-earner will lose purchasing power, when indexed to the economy prior to the mandated raise.

    If it takes 18 humans to make your McDonalds function, and you are at 18 employees, you’re not going to cut your managerial throat by canning an employee, you are going to take a personal pay cut, reduce or eliminate free employee food (drinks, etc.), and eventually raise prices…


    you’re going to sign up for an experimental program where the McDonalds only employs a “shift manager” who takes money & makes change, and parcels out the sacked food when it is delivered to the window station. Every other job from the order-taker to every line job is done by robots (like the McDonalds in Ligonier, Indiana — I stopped there about 2 years ago…)

    • “the impact of minimum wage increases on employment in US states”

      Minimum wage was and is a political ploy used as a dead horse political campaign platform similar to I am the one to get abortion issue settled once and for all…. lets raise minimum wage to fifteen dollars means absolutely nothing just a dead horse stand to get votes….

  27. UK police won’t act against Prince Andrew over abuse claim

    LONDON — British police have announced they will not take any action against Prince Andrew after a review prompted by a Jeffrey Epstein accuser who claims that he sexually assaulted her.

    Look surprised…

    He might be totally innocent or guilty as hell. The world will never know, since if he were guilty, his family has enough money and influence to make any allegation go away, and in today’s society, the superwealthy are always suspected of doing so…

    • yes disgusting isn’t it Ray… they had a big news story on this morning.. about human trafficking of children..
      makes me think of the young lady I am helping a little bit.. ( I guy her books and give a few bucks a month so she can get shampoo ) its disgusting.. she to was forced into it.. then tried to escape a few times.. only to be hunted ..( its one thing if they are in the business on their own its quite another if they are being forced for someone else) then because she was to scared to bear witness to the creeps.. they threw the book at her.. she will be close to forty when she is out.. and lets be real.. if I am still alive and have that spare bedroom.. I will let her live there.. but if I am not.. there aren’t a lot of options for her as a career.. sad but true..
      all because of people like the PRINCE..

  28. I’ve been wondering about Oxygen absorbent packets in things like big jars and other bulk food containers. Any caveats for this type of preservation product?

    • No, other than the food won’t last as long as if it were carbon dioxide or nitrogen-packed. The packets are alum – a class of chemicals which attract moisture – of which sodium aluminum sulfate is the most-common and best-known, and which has been used in styptic pencils, anti-antiperspirants, and field, blood-clotting agent for a century or more. I would put the pack on a paper or styrofoam plate, as I do dry ice (to CO2-pack stuff) but AFAIK this is mere mindless superstition on my part. Some place like Mountain House or the LDS Church might have guidelines for using alum-packs…

      • “anti-antiperspirants” — WTF? This was spit out by my spellchecker (because I forgot to disable it…)

      • Actually, the Oxygen absorbers are moisturized iron filings. The iron rusts, forming iron oxide, as it absorbs the oxygen. I have noticed a very slight iron taste to my rice that I had stored this way with oxygen absorbers.

  29. HUGE EXCLUSIVE: New Report Reveals COVID-19 Was a Planned Bioweapon by China’s People’s Liberation Army

    COVID-19 was a planned bioweapon of China’s People’s Liberation Army.
    Already in 2005, Colonel Ji-Wei Guo of the People’s Liberation Army’s Southwest Hospital, Third Military Medical University in Chongqing, China described a new type of bioweapon. Colonel Guo rejected the clumsy, traditional biological weapons that produced mass destruction.

    China would use biotechnology to create new forms of designed “biotechnological weapons” that would be “controllable” and “recoverable” for which China had sole possession of the vaccine or antidote.

  30. Court Sides With Unvaccinated Michigan Athletes in Mandate Case
    | 9 Oct 2021 |

    Sixteen unvaccinated athletes won another round in their legal battle to play sports, despite Western Michigan University’s mandate that all of its inter-collegiate athletes get the COVID-19 vaccination shot. In a unanimous published decision issued Oct. 7, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit in Cincinnati, Ohio, held that the university violated the athletes’ First Amendment rights.

  31. You missed one for CA.
    Our A-Hole Dictator signed another one over the weekend to be implemented in the future which BANS the sale of small gas powered engines. Yep. That includes chain saws to deal with the forest problems, and oh yeah… generators and lawn mowers.

    Say it with me…
    In the voice of Taggart from Blazing Saddles, referring to the Governor:
    “What will that asshole think of next”

    • Oh, come on. Everybody knows that in California you can run electric motors on your generators, just fine…

    • “Oh, come on.”

      according to the Mark of SanFran… Cali is filled with brilliance and innovation ..

  32. Rand Paul Warns Americans To “Be Afraid Of Your Government”; Says Watchlists Of Dissenters “Already Exist”

    Appearing on Fox News Wednesday, Senator Rand Paul warned Americans that they should now “be afraid of your government,” adding that watchlists of dissenters are actively being compiled by the Biden administration. Paul addressed the ongoing saga with the Biden government’s plan to target angry parents who have spoken out against critical race theory being taught to their children, as well as opposing vaccinate mandates in schools.

      • No, nor will I.

        Nor will I permit my children (of any generation) to financially support this dreck.

        Elements of our “society” are sexualizing everything they can think of. There is neither need, nor reason, to EVER sexualize comic book characters, unless one is writing (drawing) a pornographic parody. Therefore, it is being done to push a political agenda. I like my agendas homebuilt, not force-fed to me. I also DON’T LIKE where this particular agenda, leads…

      • A man in tights ? c’mon man! Lois is/was a fag hag – just a beard.

        Superman has alwayz been gay, he is just coming out of the closet. Just wish the pope & catholic church would come out..once and for all..

        • We’re gonna have to put you on the anti-hate meds, if this keeps up.

          The idea here is to share ideas – not blame or disparage. Surely you can do better with that wetware of yours?

      • “it is being done to push a political agenda. ”

        I hear ya.. it was all over the news yesterday…THE NEW NORMAL … for four years we heard about trump having a sexual contact with a legal aged woman.. and his rude comments about women and the power of cash.. questioned his ethics daily twenty four seven.. Now its all OK

  33. You remember that movie George, Focus with Will Smith. The big bets on the Football game. Where the guy thinks it’s synchronicity and Luck after they program his subconscious to think he will win, when he will loose. Kinda like Jack and Rose looking for love on the Titanic. 2 hours after hot sex in the car below. One freezes to death.

    Just because my lucky dollar rolled over to a treasure. Doesn’t make it divine appointment for me. After all my Mother found my lucky silver dollar and made sure she held on to it and gave it to me. After I lost it a dozen years ago after carrying in my pocket for a decade. She remembered it was mine. And made sure she kept it safe for me.

    Like scripture says, She was trusted with a little and she received much much more.

    Sooo beautiful. 68 more years of that. :) you said to rest. I don’t want to miss a minute of this.

  34. George, ya see some people feel powerful by hurting others. If ya gotta do that? You are a truly week individual.

    I become powerful by empowering others and by week in appearance. And every day I get stronger and stronger. Ya know, I think I get as much joy as they do when they see they can do what they never new they could. Just wonderful.

    Learned that from THE DUDE.

    I may not have the last name of Rockefeller or Kennedy. But THE DUDE is my friend and HE knows the Shit I don’t. Ya feel me?

    Now is the time to be quiet. Listen for a while.

    • Bless you Andy, you peaceful soul. But The Dude’s Boy ripped the lying, cheating, greedy, scandalous people in power a new one every time He stepped foot in His Father’s house even though He knew what the outcome would be. I can just imagine the amount of cleaning up the translators had to do in order to work His words in to the Holy Scriptures. That’s a lesson we can learn from, too. This is OUR house and I don’t have to list the self-aggrandizing ones here that are trying to take it from us.

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