The Coming War in Korea

With the coming market decision whether to rally on and confirm Wave 5 up, or do a vicious decline to finish IV down around the 1,740 S&P level, we see how “neoconic forces” have been hard at work setting up another war.  This time by starving our North Korea.

That in itself wouldn’t be so bad, if only the Obama administration has not placed increased social spending and embracing “The Immigration Stimulus” at a higher priority level than maintaining military strength and keeping borders around the Homeland.  Oh well, I quit politics this week.

Still, the facts do support an elevated risk of war in Korea over the next several months and again, inter-administration political operatives at the State Department seem to have their eyes set on the failed “regime change” concept which has spectacularly failed elsewhere.

So hang on for the ultimate economic stimulus for markets – war mongering – as the legacy of this administration is failing at most other levels… 

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16 thoughts on “The Coming War in Korea”

  1. The Chinese government isn’t building any new wind turbines because most of the new electricity created was wasted, causing serious damage to the country’s electrical grid.

    The amount of electricity generated by a wind turbine is very intermittent [erratic?] and doesn’t coincide with the times of day when power is most needed. This poses an enormous safety challenge to grid operators and makes power grids vastly more fragile.

    • Wind turbines need a local load to operate safely. The grid is one option, and either pump/storage or some electolytic process is another. The idea is to have work available to do that can wait if the energy stops.

      Aluminum or other smelting is a possibility, but may require another power source locally if the wind changes or stops.

      • Smelting , ?? Like arck furnace technoligy. Instead of trying to transmit or store energy , move or create a lockal industry to take advantage of the extra power. Amazeing idea. Wonder why we dont do more of that here.

        Ohh back on topick My 89 year old step father says the gov-ment can give him an m1 and send him back to Korea any time they want.

  2. “”All of which has us thinking outside the box: What if the Congress (which is owned by the Big Money, anyway) decided to open an alternative to Obamacare:””

    The easiest way.. to fix this is write a law..

    1. NO discrimination
    2. No price gouging.. if you buy product a everyone pays the same price similar to buying a gallon of milk or a candy bar..
    3. a product sold in texas should be available in New York..
    4. Open the borders on pharmaceuticals.. I use to buy a product the cost was 1250.00 in our local pharmacy.. they opened a Canadian pharmacy where I could go in drop off my prescription they would fax it to canada and the product would be shipped to me in the mail.. ( the products most of the time had the exact lot number manufacture date etc on them) the price.. 250.00 including shipping.. of course Congress passed a law so that you couldn’t get them from canada any longer.. or in canada I could get generic for 75.00 but at the time that was only in canada..

    Oh my goodness.. I just wrote the whole new law.. amazing.. in one paragraph.. the down side of this.. is that the insurance companies that now have the ability to pretty much charge what they want when they want.. get x amount from taxes then sell supplemental programs.. pure profit..

    • Actually what you wrote is essentially Trumps plan – including that it not be made mandatory – if you don’t want insurance you don’t have to buy insurance and a physician will supply you with a menu of services and the price.

      • I won’t even try to explain which part of Peoplenomics this referred to (it wasn’t the Korea discussion – it was the privatization of pensions part)

  3. you mean if congress does this .. it might erode the dollar to crumble..

    If they don’t have it they can’t spend it..and the middle and lower classes already are crying out for a raise in minimum wage because they can’t make it.. Hmmm.. I think it would plunge.. just think how many presidents gave tax rebates to stimulate the economy.. now take away the EIC tax credit.. public school assistance highway funds, food stamps( that families with children rely on and the elderly ) cut social security do away with the meals on wheels programs the list is pretty extensive..

  4. Interesting article. I dont understand why it cant be idk power regulated. Also not shure on this but normal power there is a huge loss in transmition.
    Norway had a plan to build high mountain resivors , to pump watter up with excess energy , to then run hydro power during peak hours . Kinda interesting.

    • FYI this method is common. There are reservoirs outside NYC which are used the same way – during peak load the water falls from one to the other to generate hydro power. Then overnight when load is minimal the water pumps back to the reservoir it fell from.

  5. Look, I’m not a ‘war fanatic’ by any means – but if there is war on the Korean peninsula, it will be because the situation was not resolved sixty some years ago . . . not good, but in life there tends to be balanced, and that lead fool in Northern Korea never realized it!

  6. If the purpose of a cat is to reduce the rat population and the purpose of a dog is to reduce the cat, and the purpose of man is what???

  7. Oh I don’t think we need to worry about N. Korea for if we had kept our nose out of it they would have been unified long ago,but we want it for a listening post into China and China will protect them because they guard China’s flank, and besides we tried that once and the results weren’t all that good.!!!!

  8. That’s why Iceland smelts aluminum. They have abundant geothermal energy and no way to export it; so they import bauxite (having none domestically), apply local energy, and export aluminum.

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