The Case Against the Cashless Society

(Tacoma, WA) This morning we’re reeling from credit card fraud out here in the PNW.

So we take another look at credit cards and the dark side that none of the advocates of the cashless society seem to be able to resolve.

But first a look at the Trading Model which is telling us….well, we’ll get to that.  After a couple of headlines and comments, and coffee, of course.

Oh, and something odd is happening in the Washington state marijuana industry…

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1 thought on “The Case Against the Cashless Society”

  1. Welcome to the club . We have had it happen at restaurants more than once and since we charge the price of a new car every month on our cards for business and buy numerous things from a wide variety of sources we can expect to get hacked every 3 to 6 months . We like you are obsessive about checking online daily. Our bank is really good about notifying us if something doesn’t look right and have never denied service when needed. I could tell you horror stories .

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