Not to go completely “long-hair economics” on you, but we only have about two weeks from today before I expect the whole European-expansionist crap (backing through economic proxies dissent in Ukraine) to begin blowing up in a serious way because THAT will be when the Sochi Games are over (closing ceremony: 10 AM on the 23rd) and it give enough time for the visiting PTB to get out of town.  So this morning we look at two important questions.  The first was asked by my friend Cesare Marchetti in a paper included in “Kondratieff Waves, Warfare, and World Security” [NATO Security through Science Series, E: Human and Societal Dynamics Vo. 5], 2006.  And that other nasty bugger, the socioeconomic collapse that Rolfe A.A. Witzsche writes of in his “Roots in Universal History.”  Both of which are potentially quite useful to study in light of the coming end of not just the Sochi Games, I’m afraid, but the period of quiescence we’ve been in since the initial decline off the global market peak in December.  But enough!  We’ll have no further deep thoughts until we first have coffee and agree the world is just as FU’d this morning as it was yesterday…

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