"The 100-Year Toaster" (Ch.9)

Who owns the environment?  A strange mental disease began creeping into Western thinking.  Today, as we go looking for Quality – long lost in action – we focus not only on the major environmental issues that are here, but also on the underlying mindset that enables ‘others’ to claim primacy over things like clouds, rainwater, the oceans, and sure…the weather.

But, before we get to that, some comments on the morning’s news plus a ;look at our charts.  Two cups worth, by the look of it…

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20 thoughts on “"The 100-Year Toaster" (Ch.9)”

  1. G – got GOLD?

    rumored deterrent Colbalt Bomb in Artic..ala general Jack D Ripper..”war is too important to be left to the generals”

    M.E. tensions rising..
    Indo/Pak tensions..
    Energy weapons in use – x37B confirmed overhead prior/during/after china lake quake
    Epstein/Mossad scandal breaking out – quick launch a war on Iran..
    Disney kid killed in sleep…how they do that? linked to C foundation..hmmm

    Wait! Gold is confiscatable, as are ALL other forms of digital money, except…?

    Got BTC?..rutrow.

      • Congress can do anything – it’s their asylum. Trump still has veto.
        Govt will never recognize an alt. money not of their own design and control

      • Of course, but how will they enforce such a prohibition? Clumsy people get caught and the clever ones don’t. More likely they’ll kill its liquidity by making it much harder to buy and sell. Gold was stolen from the people during the great depression and much went underground for generations until it became legal again.

        If you can’t spend money, it’s rather useless.

      • “but how will they enforce such a prohibition?”

        Mike.. darn it.. the restaurant wouldn’t let me pay for my meal with BC or gold the other day.. dam them..

        but I could use Libre when it comes out..

  2. Let’s face it: If it where not for “white people” there wouldn’t be a need to discuss a “100-year toster?!”

    Recognize the problems you “white people” are causing?

    • LOL – we have many, no question about it.

      Main problem is not race (never has been) – it’s bumping up against environmental limits and planet carrying capacity.

      The drivers are the two major religions, no question. Great Spirit will be pissed.

      • Thing is, George, we’re not bumping up against our planet’s carrying capacity – we’re just utilizing the resources very poorly. There’s plenty of arable land, food and everything else humans need to thrive. As for population, it’s well-accepted by scientists who study such things that it will continue to rise only a little longer, then begin to drop. Those environmental limits you mention are far less limited than most folks understand.

      • “Main problem is not race (never has been) – it’s bumping up against environmental limits and planet carrying capacity.”

        Precisamento!! That’s also my point. 7.5 billion people generate a lot of garbage!! Garbage doesn’t just disappear (because of gravity ;-)) and during the next 200 years humans will all have suffocated in their own garbage, so sorry.

        People hav to live in a major metropolitan area to understand what I’m talking about. IT’S CUMMULATIVE. Think about it.

      • If it where not for “white people” there wouldn’t be a need to discuss a “100-year toster?!”

        Race has nothing to do with the power of the wondering mind.. or the changes in our planet..

        I totally agree SteVe… we replace good crop land with concrete.. green scaping is the answer.. unfortunately that costs green backs.. and someone building a skyscraper is not willing to pay for that.. even though in the long run he would get it back.. the increase in rent would be astronomical and that would take down profit margins..its all about the money in the end..Even power companies and the country.. even though we all know that promoting green living solar and wind power for the small homeowners would not only strengthen our grid from total collapse strengthen our national security from takeover or attacked and take down..they will not promote it instead they have searched for ways to stop it from growing and discourage its use.. why .. the view I am sure is a loss of control and money.. the cost is low enough for the average but I burn a thousand less kw a month means they can’t charge for a thousand kw a month….

      • Nobody in our Congress or Senate or the rest of the Liberal establishment cares about garbage. They care about taking away your freedoms. Since none of them can agree on anything (except hating Trump), we still got a chance.

        As a side note, by “white” I mean any hard working person who respects his or her country & laws no matter their race. It is easier to say “white” since we are the largest target.

      • The other day G mentioned “reruns” in literature. Run the words through thesaurus and viola, the same line works again in “Lion King”.

        “and during the next 200 years humans will all have suffocated in their own garbage, so sorry.”

        The Great Horse-Manure Crisis of 1894

        “The problem did indeed seem intractable. The larger and richer that cities became, the more horses they needed to function. The more horses, the more manure. Writing in the Times of London in 1894, one writer estimated that in 50 years every street in London would be buried under nine feet of manure. “

      • A city which dumped its chamberpots in the streets for 700 years started worrying about horse-poo, 20 years after pot-dumping was discontinued…?

    • If whites are disposed, the US will go back to the stone ages, ie, 3rd world country & the whites will move to the suburbs (ie. Canada)

  3. Sometimes dreams give insights into your own fears. I would guess G____, that you may harbor subconscious concerns that your site and your readers sometimes get uncomfortably close to undisclosed truths in sensitive areas. Make offsite back-ups, watch your servers for planted material, and keep going.

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