"The 100-Year Toaster" (Ch. 2)

How did the entire world get sucked into its excessive consumption addiction?  This morning, we look at some of the people, inventions, and circumstances that have paved the way.

But first, a look at a very few headlines and a HUGE problem forming in our view of markets.  The future, at least in some chart views, is on the verge of “blinking out.”

Definitely a fasten your seat belts people.  “Sell in May” might mean more than “and go away” might involve an unusual amount of “going” this year.

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21 thoughts on “"The 100-Year Toaster" (Ch. 2)”

  1. Yo George –
    the 46 year old shorties wearing bikini’s in the news is all about U and a 46 yr old side squeeze.. “Ms NewBooty” – a mistress as it were. (No offense intended E.)
    U have reached that station in Life where a Mistress is almost a requirment, eh Jeffe?

    Seriously – positioning once again for healthy pullback in market, before continuing onwards and upwards..or until Banking/Financial System breaks..

    The head of NY Feds Market Operations (plunge protection team) and his 2nd in command are retiring/leaving on June 1st 2019!!! rats from a sinking ship?
    This is the guy who came up with Selling Volatility Short and Buying the S&P500/ETFs – this is what Chairmain Powell was talking about “unwinding short volatility position”

    Who is greatest programmer in Fed Reserve histroy? guy who forgot about 1999/2000 change over date- oh nooo. Guy who wrote the trading programs – rumored 1 of group of 3 people who are/were Satoshi Nakamoto/Bitcoin?Past fed chair. The guy who made Derivatives and Derivative trading..he who created the DERIVATIVE BOMB. He has tried to detonate that “bomb” before – we papered over that fiasco..

    G – me thinks the fuse on that aforementioned derivatives bomb has been lit – watching the 10yr and DB stock price – oh nooo mr bill..

    • Seeing all the bikini articles on Fox irritates the hell out of me. It’s soft porn and click bait. Very dangerous when you’re sitting there next to the wife struggling through that first cup in the morning. Personal control is not in full play and living it down and smoothing things out can take a long, long while!

      • I’d need a whole new class of bandages and triage equipment for the medicine kit, George … or I probably just wouldn’t be around to renew my subscription this year.

      • OTFLMAO….. George that was as good as doing it cowboy style…..

        Climb on then say.. thats not how my Girlfriend does it LOL LOL LOL see if you can stay on for ten seconds..

  2. I’d be embarrassed to say where I’d heard this but June and July are projected to be major downer months in the markets by this other fella I know. It could very well be one of those “broken clock” projections, George, but you’re hinting at it in today’s Peoplenomics. It would be well to have as much as possible set back in a protected area that would be impervious to any major crashes and whatever you have in play wouldn’t hurt you as much should it all disappear. What you don’t hold in your hand you don’t own!

  3. ” hollowed-out log”

    I bet people would pay you a lot of money to sleep in hollowed-out logs.

  4. Talk about consumptive addiction. Trump addiction with Fox News may take a step back as Mueller just basically said that Trump was not quite so innocent. In Mueller, by the book speak…it was about as emphatic of an indictment on Trumps character that he could muster…

    And Fox is reporting as such, making Trump spew steam out of his many blow holes. Trumps lawyers are now writing his tweets on the subject…or someone is. It’s in English, not Trumplish or whatever language he tries to blabber.

    Will this have an affect on the markets? In a positive way?

    • “Mueller just basically said that Trump was not quite so innocent.”


      Seriously.. Mark the corruption in DC was talked about before I even cared about politics.. and today they don’t even try to hide it.. LOL LOL

      Is there really anyone Rich or Poor in this world… that is NOT QUITE SO INNOCENT.. I sure can’t make that statement so I won’t cast any stones…
      I wish they would just get over it all already.. it is way to late in the administration the only real evidence on collusion was with the past administration and members of congress any real progress DJT could have achieved has been adequately destroyed and undermined, congress still is inactive and vacant from any work being accomplished.. so lets just put it behind let the puppeteers put in whoever in the hell they want and get the country to move along.. what was it they would say in chow line in the military.. NUTS TO BUTTS LETS MOVE ON ALONG…

      • Looking out of the box…
        Too much consumption of Fox News for you. You will get a bellyache. The crook is Trump. He has always been a crook his entire life. If it’s one thing I know it’s real estate development. In New York…it’s mafia like…and the thing is…he is just a third rate mafia type that can’t manage his money. Those bankruptcies got him in deep trouble with some mean, swarmy people…The Presidency shields him from all that…Read the Mueller report…I mean really read it…Mueller was all but begging the American people yesterday to read between the lines of his speech yesterday…Mueller’s the most law abiding citizen, in the most literal sense of the word that America could ever imagine. But, there is that Columbo style “There’s just one more thing” that he is trying to get Americans to wake up and see. When will America be “WOKE” ? Stay tuned…

    • those that holler the loudest have the most to fear
      satan worship is real, pedophiles and pedovores are in fear for their lives
      their only hope is impeachment
      the more they try, the more it will help TRUMP their sorry asses
      there is an evil ruling this earth and it fears the storm
      like a tidal wave, the energy is already in motion, best to be on high ground
      this movement is more than US, it is global
      Mark, move to higher ground or go down with the criminals(awakening is possible for you)
      DARK to LIGHT

  5. Lots of economic doom in the immediate future being predicted on many fronts. What I don’t understand is, if Wall Street is in fear of the socialist dems impacting their wages and excesses in lifestyle, why would they let the economy crash before the next presidential election and give impetus to those behind the move toward socialism? Trump is Wall Streets bud, why would they allow an atmosphere that would definitely usher in an anti – Wall Street 1 %’r environment? It’s not like the Fed cant just print more money to hobble things along until after 11/2020. The American public is so used to being lied to about inflation, Im sure the further shrinkage of packaged goods for the same $$, won’t be anything new to us. Im curious to see if the doomsdayers are finally right this time because most who watch such predictions are really burnt out on all the past 8-9 years of wrong calls.

    • “why would they let the economy crash before the next presidential election and give impetus to those behind the move toward socialism? ”

      Robert.. the reason I see.. is that by letting it happen before an election or during this administration it would be observed as if it is the fault of this administration..
      Let it crumble during trump then trump will go down in history for causing the worst catastrophic event in history..
      ( it doesn’t matter at all that none of it is his doing.. it is how it will be viewed for decades to come)

      • Public and private debt are back at record levels, and aggragate pocketbooks are being forcibly slammed shut. The Fed’s ability to control the economy has always been a smoke and mirrors deal, with the Fed always following commercial rates while proclaiming to lead. Some indications are that the Fed can no longer afford to be a leading pretender, and our creditors are now in the drivers seat on monetary policy.
        Welcome to the world of post industrial America and forced fiscal penance. Trump is just along for the ride, the same as everyone else.

    • Trump is not “their bud;” however he is cognizant of the situation. The “1%ers” of whom you refer have never acknowledged him, not even 30 years ago when he was still a Liberal Democrat, because they run a country club and he’s the Rodney Dangerfield to their Caddyshack social circle.

      Yes, Bezos, or Buffett, or Gates, might “lose” $10bln in a very bad day on the Street, but they gain it back over the next week. They’re not going anywhere and if the Market goes completely down the poo disposal, they’ll still be the 1%ers (or actually the .001%ers), irrespective the number of smaller fish who go bankrupt in a major crash.

      Socialism is a two tier caste system. A tiny, wealthy, permanent ruling class — and everyone else. When Marx wrote about the “Bourgeois” and “Bourgeoisie society,” he was panning the middle (working) class, not the wealthy. At the time of his (and Engels’) musings, the United States was the only sovereign nation on the planet where a person could start with, literally nothing, and become either bourgeois or elite by the fruits of their own labors. However, American entrepreneurs, most-notably (but certainly not first) Henry Ford, created a pathway by which everyone could become middle class by lending an employer a portion of their labor — something which Marx found intolerable.

      Early in Trump’s campaign, during a Q&A on a “whistle-stop,” he was asked about our debt and deficit. His reply was (paraphrased) “We will eventually have to either hyperinflate (devalue) or repudiate…” This is completely true and accurate, and something no one wants to either hear or contemplate. After that one outburst of truth, Trump’s campaign coaches ensured he’d never utter those words again — and he hasn’t… But he knows.

      I assume his Administration’s financial course has been to stave off the crash until he’s out of office but, despite the fact we (and the MSM) attribute “good times” and “bad times” to the sitting President, there’s not a lot EOP can do because the House of Representatives holds the purse strings, and there are appropriations which MUST be made.

      We should have suffered the “Mother of all Crashes” when the “tech bubble” burst in 2000. Clinton stumbled out of office, Bush43 stumbled into office, then when we should have done a leg down into freefall, some disgruntled Islamic fundamentalists decided to drive airliners into American landmarks, spawning an industry and a distraction, and saving our financial asses.

      I see you’ve noticed the 14oz “pound” and the 53oz “half gallon…?”

  6. in the news…..

    the other day someone asked me if I was being a smart azz again and pulling jokes.. nope I am innocent of this tragic event. someone dropped off a stack of free landfill passes at the city hall desk …..LOL LOL LOL

    to give me more chuckles.. on the NEWS last night.. they announced free passes at city hall to the landfill LOL LOL LOL LOL…

    I totally get they had to JUST GO WITH IT lol lol..

    god I love it almost shot coffee out my nose when they announced free passes.. especially since I already knew because someone squealed that they had this problem…….
    In a way I kind of wish I had been the smart azz that felt compelled to play a prank on city hall…. LOL LOL LOL LOL…

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