Terrible Tactical Troubles

imageA report very much geared to the immensely important problem of where to park your retained earnings is on tap this morning.

While that would have been an easy question for us to answer back in 2003 when our Simple Strategy was to buy gold at $275 and put an equal amount of dough into U.S. Savings Bonds, the problems in today’s world are incredibly more complex.  At some points, rates will bottom and head up again.

More importantly, though, is that the whole matter of politics is in the process of blowing-over the existing ruling paradigm.  With a simple suggestion that we close immigration from Muslim countries until we can get some confidence in a vetting system, Donald Trump has again out-foxed all the other candidates by making himself the only one talking atthe gut-level that American workers understand. 

So coffee up… miles to cover and it’s as muddy a minefield as we’ve ever seen, especially given the Tuesday market action and next week’s pending Fed decision; the one we already are questioning as possibly being off the table because it may be too late…

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6 thoughts on “Terrible Tactical Troubles”

  1. The world is experiencing a dollar bubble at the moment. It is and will remain undetectable until a free market in gold and silver is established, not a gold price controlled by a market with a 300-1 ratio of paper to metal and a fraudulent daily fix. When that occurs, which will be after China and the BRICS countries have acquired ALL physical gold, the dollar will quickly decline by 30%, followed later by another devaluation of unknown percentage. This is not a problem as long as your purchases are all American made goods. The problem will be that this new gold market will not be denominated in dollars. So if gold doubled to $2,000, it would mean that your dollar would only purchase half as many imported goods.

    The Chinese recently devalued their yuan by 8.5%. This affected only Chinese who were consuming imported products. The little upside was, that every Chinese holding gold saw the value of their metal go up by that percentage. Some say this was a lesson by the Chinese government for those holding stocks, as they were wiping away their tears from a 30-50% drop in stocks, they saw gold go up. Ya think some of those investors realized they should have been holding some gold instead of holding paper of one kind or another in the stock market?

    George, my suggestion is to go to Macau to the most successful casino and put all your savings into casino chips. Store them in a local vault in Hong Kong like you would gold. Those chips will always be redeemable into any world currency, including Yuan, because Americans cannot open a yuan denominated account anywhere in the world today. So matter how this reset shakes out, a red chip is always going to be worth what a red chip is worth.

    In addition, you and your sweetie could fly there a couple of times a year and deduct it as a business expense. And if you were to cash in a couple of those platinum (whatever is high end) chips, the casino would probably comp your room as well.

    In closing, I just want to point out that a 90% SILVER quarter will still buy a gallon of gasoline. There is good reason to believe that 5 years from now, it still will. And as the saying goes in Ecuador, nobody ever starved to death with a silver coin in their pocket.

  2. Me thinks Trump is better sticking to Generalities as it keeps him from being labeled a liar if he were to promise something he can’t fulfill – like all the other Presidents/Candidates. As to the adoption of Latin American children – my suspicion is (having gone thru this process personally and calling it quits) there are plenty of natural born American children that need family’s but try making it through an adoption process that is ridiculous……

  3. Regarding the three T’s I was somewhat surprised of so much world wide condemnation, but it is understandable as liberals and conservatives react to their core beliefs. Please remember that extreme liberals might think reasoning and talking could placate these terrorists, while extreme conservatives would find the “final solution” to be extermination and much financial gain for global armament corporations. Both extremes spell disaster. If there is a U.S. election in 2016 may we pray we take a middle course through treacherous waters.

  4. I agree, we need a vetting system to guard us against Christian terrorists. They are shooting innocent people and bombing abortion clinics. They have perverted the words of Jesus and turned themselves into violent, mindless killing machines. We need a vetting process before allowing Christian terrorists into America. Some are already here, and should be rounded up and put into concentration camps, just to be safe until they are vetted.

    • A little thick there – but I do believe that anybody taking any philosophy or religion too seriously ‘have a problem’ and probably need to see a professional . . . mental illness in this country is generally ignored until it becomes impossible to avoid notice. Religion ‘gets a pass’ though many of the belief systems if spoken of in another context would be considered pure fantasy (and not in a good way!)

      While I’m not a fan of the death penalty – people espousing terror for whatever reason need to know that this may be the outcome – and NO PUBLICITY given their cause what-so-ever. (No photographs, no words spoken at court appearances, etc. – only a brief notice in a newspaper of record.)

      This may be impossible to achieve, but it is worth trying.

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