Tectonic Spaghetti & Quake Parmesan

Grady and I don’t usually burden you with mentions of earthquakes, except when I dream about them in advance, and such, as was the case last Thursday preceding the L.A. quake,

But things have become a lot more interesting since in just a few moments ago there was a 4.8 magnitude quake that went off up in the area east-northeast of West Yellowstone, Montana.

  1. 37km (23mi) ENE of West Yellowstone, Montana
  2. 105km (65mi) SSE of Bozeman, Montana
  3. 138km (86mi) NE of Rexburg, Idaho
  4. 178km (111mi) NE of Ammon, Idaho
  5. 228km (142mi) SSE of Helena, Montana

And just a few minutes earlier, our war-gaming friend “warhammer” had noted the www.spaceweather.com report of an X-class flare that may be earth-impacting:

With all the LA ‘moving and shaking’ going on, it will be interesting to see how this rare electro-magnetic solar event manifests itself on the plate of tectonic spaghetti lying beneath the City of Angels.

I sadly agree.  According to the Solar Influences Data analysis center, the fun began with this series early Saturday…

NOAA AR 2017 produced two M class flares (M2.0 peak 19:18 UT and M2.6 peak 23:51 UT on March 28). The flares were associated with two halo CMEs, the first one with speeds of 412km/s (first seen by LASCO-C2 at 20:00 UT) and the second one 557 km/s (at 23:58 UT). The combination of these CMEs may arrive to the Earth and cause up to minor storm conditions by 1 April around 05:00 UT.

But the “headliner” is this one:

NOAA AR 2017 released an X1.0 flare with peak at 17:48 UT, there is a CME associated visible in STEREO-COR data, but no LASCO data is available yet. This CME may arrive to the Earth, an estimation of the arrival time will be given as data becomes available.

There is a tendency – a real oddity, if you will – for MAJOR quakes to be associated (more than half the time, seems like) with named holidays.  Two that come to mind are the 1964 great Alaskan Good Friday Quake and the 2004 Boxing Day Quake.

So with at least some of the Sun’s latest power surge due to arrive Tuesday, I wanted to mention to you the possibility of an “April Fools Quake” making headlines this coming week.

If you’ve been following our work on the www.nostracodeus.com site, you will see in the Saturday scans of news services that the word earthquake popped up (due to the LA shaker).  But this morning we’re left with the uneasy feeling that one (and the Yellowstone quake this morning) have a small, but worth mentioning chance of being prequels.

So it’s supplies and water checks on the agenda in addition to everything else planned for Sunday around here…  Not to be paranoid, but data is data…and we’re slowly learning to take subtle changes in data as hints to make subtle changes in our thinking…Fools we may be, but on April 1st?

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