FutureCrock: How Modular Manufacturing Rips Us

I’m not the brightest light in the chandelier, but as the future is coming evermore into focus I’m starting to find my son’s pessimistic/live-for-now future may be one of the better coping mechanisms for the time ahead over the next three or four years.  Think of it as descending into an economic black hole.  Except this one, instead of spitting you out into a different Universe, just grinds you up and that’s that. And if that’s not enough to sour your weekend mood, how about the phone call I had from my friend who jets about the world with the PowersThatBe.  “You have some clients in related areas…you need to be looking at the emerging plans for modular manufacturing…”  And no, he didn’t mean of homes.  So this particular edition, besides coffee and Danish, we plan to be passing out Tums and Kaopectate.  You might need them both as we update some of our outlooks.

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