Tax Robotics: Unwrapping the Future

OK, I couldn’t sleep in, dammit. 

Enjoy Merry Christmas while you can,” said the Grinch.  “There won’t be too many of them coming because while humans were sleeping, the machines (and their owners) have taken over damn near everything. ” To prove it, I cobbled up a chart that every American should look upon  at least once a day and which congressoids ought to consider as they continue the de facto system of underwriting the Rich, which is (sadly) where America has gone.  All dressed up in the fine fakery of right-left politics (as always) the winners are again, those on top.  We need to have us a talk this morning about the social and economic dangers of Replicators; yes, as in Star Trek and Holodeck, and all that.  But I’ll keep this short, as promised, because this is Christmas and hope springs eternal in the hearts of….but first, more coffee?

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George Ure
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