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Not to make too big a point of it, but when our project started noticing lot and lots of references to Egypt in the mainstream, we inferred that something was in the making. I wrote as much in a column this week.

And this morning, along come this report from al Jazeera: “Egypt declares Brotherhood ‘terrorist group’:Move comes a day after rioters target Muslim Brotherhood business in the city of Mansoura.”

We may anticipate that following this, there will be a major shaking up within the factions fighting for control of Egypt, and with the contentious atmosphere will come the opportunity for an increase of internal conflict and, perhaps, a re-revolution which could send the country into a very hard line.

It is likely to be a key showdown between progressive (e.g. Western accommodating) Islam and the more violence-prone extremist factions, noted for their explosive temperaments and followers.

Some “merry” huh?  But that’s what arriving word frequencies can hint at.

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