“Tanker War II” – Children in Newsrooms

We begin this morning’s epistle with a note about children in newsrooms.  For, when a big story with significant historical echoes (;like the tanker attacks story)  is breaking around them, the young ones, lacking experience and context, often miss the point.

And, so it is, we rely on the US Naval Institute (here) to provide the necessary remedial education for the “chilluns.”

To distill their excellent recap down into something edible in secons, this is NOT the first time tankers have been “popped” as part of ongoing warfare in the region.

Roll-back to the period beginning in 1980 and by year, here’s the tanker attacks that grew out of the Iran-Iraq war:

  • 1981:  5 Attacks total
  • 1982  22  attacks
  • 1993  16 attacks
  • 1984  74 attacks
  • 1985  47 attacks
  • 1986 111 attacks
  • 1987 179 attacks

That is a total of 451 tanker attacks in a seven-year period.  And, we note, not one whiff of a conspiracy-minded press that has turned fifth column when  it comes to manipulations.

My consigliere and I talked long and deeply on this point last night.  His view is that everyone in OPEC, and for that matter in US fracking, would love to see oil prices high.  He notes that the Israel’s (and Saudi’s?) would love to see war with Iran and what better than for America to do it?

On the other hand, I’m holding to the notion that it’s part of regional warfare and that the Iranians.  In my corner, US SecState Mike Pompeo who made the NY Times Thursday with “Pompeo Says Intelligence Points to Iran in Tanker Attack in Gulf of Oman.”

The “fake news” and anti-Semitic crowd loves a good anti-Israel angle and, thanks to the co-opted left-leaning press, (and ultra-lib social media) it’s easy for stories spouting events as a “false flag” to get traction.  Helped-along by auto-repost features of social media; themselves a form of mass deception.

My consigliere and I agree to disagree.  Officially, from the US government/intel perspective the Iranians had a hand…As president Trump tweeted Thursday “”It is the assessment of the U.S. government that Iran is responsible for today’s attacks in the Gulf of Oman….“.”

Trump not ‘worthy’ of response, Iran’s supreme leader says as Japan’s Abe tries to ease tensions.

And, in the NY Times biz section:  How Tanker Attacks in the Strait of Hormuz Could Affect Oil Prices.

That said, we are quick to point out that “false flag stories” while convincing, don’t change what goes into the history books which aren’t written based on a vote or poll of public opinion.

Skeptics of this being “Tanker War II” are referred to the exceptional work of Ronald O’Rourke  in the May 1988  U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings,Vol. 114/5/1,023 for further details.

Moreover, while it remains hugely popular to cite “mini-nukes” and particle-beam weapons as the tools of the 9/11 attacks, the old reporter reminds that “officialdom writes the history.” This may be seen clearly in the Wikipedia write-up of the investigations into the Twin Towers.

Sorting Digital Delusions

We live in times of almost pervasive Digital Delusion.  Half-truth’s are easily welded-up into misleading thought-structures and narratives which then become “lies oft re-posted.”  Like the libtards with their Open Borders crap.

Like the big lies about “Hillary should be president” we won’t burden your reading time with unsupported rubbish.  In the news business, facts – not innuendo – should be kept foreground.

Thus, to an old reporter, beating the dead “Russia conspiracy” and “Tankers attacks are a false flag” keep an insufficiently deep-thinking class of rumor pandering montetizers, masquerading as journalists, clogging our mental inputs with link-bait and lies.

(Note to self:  Web domain name “LinkBaitAndLies” might be a refreshingly accurate pseudo-news reposting site…).

If you’re a cub reporter (anyone under 40!) don’t stay up past Ure bedtime fact-checking us.  Tomorrow will be another tough day of being someone’s tool..

Historical Cycle Discussion

These are some important cyclic implications of this being “Tanker War II.”

The timing of the present-day attacks comes 38-days from the last set (in which Iran was [also] a participant).  This would be just over a half-cycle from the 72-year War Cycle (71.9-yearsd) that we have spoken of before.

Lately, most of the press is focused on this weekend’s World Cup of cricket to be played between India and Pakistan this weekend.  (We are biting nails on the terror side of that; the outcome is pointless since sports if a distraction).

The pressures continue to move India and Pakistan toward war (or change of government on one side) before the year is out, however.  We see a couple of headlines supporting this.

First, there is the story about how Pakistan is largely not complying with an agreement with India on terror funding and money laundering…Also, for a third time Pakistan extends airspace ban along its eastern border with India..  If you were planning a sight-seeing flight over the Line of Control (LoC) it’s on hold until after June 28 – if ever.

By the way, while the US is experiencing a mild summer in the food belt, India is in some hurt with 36 dead in one of India’s longest heatwaves.

Retail Sails

Just out from Census:

retail sales chart

In the details:

Advance Estimates of U.S. Retail and Food Services  Advance estimates of U.S. retail and food services sales for May 2019, adjusted for seasonal variation and holiday and trading-day differences, but not for price changes, were $519.0 billion, an increase of 0.5 percent (±0.5 percent)* from the previous month, and 3.2 percent (±0.7 percent) above May 2018.  Total sales for the March 2019 through May 2019 period were up 3.6 percent (±0.5 percent) from the same period a year ago.  The March 2019 to April 2019 percent change was revised from down 0.2 percent        (±0.5 percent)* to up 0.3 percent (±0.1 percent).
Retail trade sales were up 0.5 percent (±0.5 percent)* from April 2019, and 3.1 percent (±0.7 percent) above last year.  Nonstore retailers were up 11.4 percent (±1.4 percent) from May 2018, while sporting goods, hobby, musical instrument, and book stores were down 4.2 percent (±2.5 percent) from last year.”

In the details, unadjusted Food and Retail is up 3.2% year to date!  Yikes.  We must be the only one to actual read ther whole press release, though:

Dow futures down only 26 points.  Pass the KoolAid,  please?

Fed Industrial Production and Utilization 45-minutes after the open so that could push things around…

Keep an Eye On…

Commies and Cannabis?  A Change in Russia’s Draconian Drug Laws Could Be on the Horizon.

Trump’s real battle with the Fed?  How an Obama Fed appointee is scuttling Wall Street’s bid to ease rules.

Moving on: Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Steadfast Trump Fan, Never Wavered.

President Kim?  I told you a long time back that the “new magic” in America is how we can transmute “fame” into “political power”.  Specifically, I wrote a good bit about all the Kardashian hype.  Well, today we read two articles on point.  First being Kim Kardashian West thanks Ivanka Trump for support on criminal justice reform.  The other being Kim Kardashian behind the presidential seal over here…  (Again, who told you this was coming, what, two or three years ago?) Kim is 38 and the min-age for Prez is 35…

Open Borders cost: Taxpayers paid $127G in legal bills for judge accused of helping illegal immigrant avoid ICE: report/

Leaking now freaking dept: WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Faces U.S. Extradition Hearing.

Attention Dr. Pete! (expert in VR in L.A. area and long-time reader):  “Awake at the wheel: Automakers tap VR to banish boredom in autonomous cars.”  Maybe like, oh, play a movie on the back of that semi-trailer in front of you?  Like the Mueller frenzy wasn’t “mixed reality”: enough for us?

Actual Freedom vs. Public Health:  New York ends religious exemption to vaccine mandates.

And, although we loathe sports – in general – as a resource wasting time-sink with sides of gambling, steroids and over-paid players: Canada Clinches Its First NBA Title as Toronto Raptors Defeat the Golden State Warriors.

As the games went on, Record number of South Sudanese face critical lack of food.  But, that’s the world for you.

Moron the morrow…

50 thoughts on ““Tanker War II” – Children in Newsrooms”

  1. And yet with the absolutely mind blowing optics and images that can be generated of people in the streets everywhere – their exact facial features – from cameras deep in space – what we get is grainy film and a trust us the Iranians did this……..nonsense…..

    • Tanker War II smells of CIA sop…..and the State dept….aids in their events….business as usual as the ‘ Swamp’ stays FULL…..and protected….

    • It’s always that way, Clawsy. They can’t find a needle in a haystack, but they knew within minutes of 911 that a man in a cave, deep within a cave, without wireless, and no cell phone service, was able to direct a multi-US DEPARTMENT attack and takeover of our protections, including the Airforce, Airports, Security, Pentagon, World Trade Centers, etc., ALL FROM A CAVE!!!

      Yep, been there, done that. Cui Bono???? It sure ain’t America, you know the America of American citizens.

    • Hmmm… I know that a grainy film is what we can see as a public.on the national news.

      I can say that They have a lot better optics than that..like count the hairs on their arm sharp…

      Now .a curious question.. why would any country trying to pull a slick fast one using covert tactics.. send a boat that said Iran did it all over it.. you would send in covert troops boat without any identification on it whatsoever…
      Just saying this all smells pretty fishy especially since they just signed several agreements..

    • Dunno how good the military satcams are. NSA/CIA cams could read 6pt type, 20 years ago. ‘Doesn’t matter. Our security policy dictates that when we release an image to the public, that it be doctored to disguise its resolution, only being allowed to show sufficient clarity that the subject of the release may be discerned. We don’t want the Russians and Chinese to know how good our sat-surveillance is. The interesting thing is, the Russians and Chinese (and Brits, French, and Germans) all also have this same policy. Cloak & dagger at 200km! ;-)

      • “Dunno how good the military satcams are. NSA/CIA cams could read 6pt type, 20 years ago. ‘Doesn’t matter. Our security policy dictates that when we release an image to the public, that it be doctored to disguise its resolution,”

        I totally believe there is a reason why we keep things hush to .. there is stuff that we should not know about (ignorance is bliss) but I believe that they release that information then discredit it.. bring on the shadow of doubt and make it sound unbelievable .. and I totally get that they don’t want other countries to know just how much we do have.. even if they are the ones that build it for us.. but that story about old tech.. reminds me of a story from way back when..

        I will never forget.. back in the day.. a bunch of us kids(yup back then that is what we were) wanted to put a big picture of the DC area areal on the wall we got a nice one in and thought god this is awesome look at that detail and just how beautiful it was…… everyone told us.. you can’t hang it on the dam wall its classified information.. but if you can get a photo someplace else.. you can put it up on the wall..
        so a bunch of us wrote letters.. then one day in a nice big tube comes this areal photo of the DC area.30 by 40. nicely labeled with everything there was stuff we didn’t know existed because it was way beyond our grade level LOL.. LOL and the photo was better than what we had to… LOL so they kept their word and let us mount it and hang it on the wall.. LOL LOL..
        but thinking about that.. just think if we had the technology then…what can we do today…

      • Ray, baby, sorry I don’t buy it. Another false flag plain and simple – they are pulling them in the last few years, right on the rear of anything they don’t agree with. Chemical attack after Assad took back his terrority, is an example. There are many others and they appear desperate. I wonder, do they poll people about how believeable their false flags are so they can tweak them to appear more real, or do they think all Americans do is go to the movies and believe those BS superfailures called super zeros movies? It was all HOKUM. No way did Iran go do this attack. What for? To add more sanctions to themselves? No! Ask to be attacked by Israel and the USA, along with our little BIG scam NATO partners? Ha; no way. If you got KIDS and GRANDKIDS, better start talking to them about the HEAD OF THE BEAST. Keep them out of these WARS!

  2. The last 0.9 Seconds of the NBA final was the longest 0.9 seconds I’ve ever experienced. It featured a time out that wasn’t a time out and some free throws……… And here I thought Football could drag out a play.

    • Yes it was long…but sort of on purpose. It gave the announcers. Chance to praise the Warriors on their heroic battle for even having a chance to win that game. With half of their team hurt…Durant out with a torn Achilles, Klay out with a torn ACL he suffered in the 3rd quarter, and Looney playing with a torn pectoral muscle, the Warriors gave a very good Raptors team all it could muster.

      The Warriors are a special team that plays like a team…unselfish, constant ball movement and always looking for the open man and not concerned about puffing their stars stats…they are just looking for the high percentage shot. There is no me, me, me on that team.

      The Warriors May have lost the championship, but they won respectnfrom Toronto and the hearts of millions of basketball fans worldwide last night…especially after Klay went down.

      Which is why they have consistently turned down visits to the White House their past two Championships…Trump is the opposite of what they believe in and practice every day. If we can for once have a leader that embodies that attitude of true unselfish team play, then we as a nation would not be so damn divided. Maybe Steve Kerr, the coach should take a jab at the Presidency. Everyone else has.

      • Mark. This post is a new low for you. Of course they didn’t go to Wahington, they are part of the Hollywood crowd. The Patriots went. Of course, Bill Bilicheck isn’t exactly Mr Hollywood. He can think for himself.

  3. “when I’m king of the world”..

    The FED will no longer exist..therefore Kill the Petro Dollar. Watch the game unfold as the chips start falling – Kill petro dollar, Blow Up Oil Derivatives (trillions notational value) , TBTF Banks Fail…Bitcoin anyone..

    Looks like the North American Kraton is starting to Move!
    Strange things be happening off the coast of NJ – check out buoy stations – something is “hotting up” underneath the surface..new lands? Godzilla? Ariman? ..smelly and nasty – I’m going with Godzilla.

    DRC immigrants in Texas – rutrow – hope U got bug spray.

  4. Sir,

    The “wise politician” vein is tapped out for the moment. In its place I wish to offer a comment concerning “flightless birds” and “social media”.

    At least a pair of MSM reports of recent days lament the sharing of stale-dated stories in social media. Lo and behold if a FB “friend” didn’t share with me a dire media link on the precipititious population decline of the King Penguin on an obsure South Georgia island over the past 30 years. Catastrophe was at hand. The story appeared some 14 or 15 months ago. Upon further inquiry of wider sources, it appeared that yes, on that single island, the King Penguin population had dropped hugely. However other islands had actually seen population growth to the point that the King Penguin is more numerous than ever overall in its habitat. Apparently the “Save the King Penguin” world crisis has been averted.

    An item perhaps worthy of mention is that King Penguin parents-to-be alternate egg incubation duties which is undertaken by cradling the egg on their feet. This is no yolk.

  5. Pompeo’s argument that Iran is the only sovereign state operating in the region which could pull off an operation as well executed as the most recent tanker attacks sounds a little, well, rushed. Of course, if we already had intelligence on the impending attacks, then the rush to out the Persians would be more explainable . Still, it would have made more sense from a diplomatic standpoint to have done “analysis” for a week or two before assigning the blame, even if we were waiting with cameras in hand for the attack. Rushing to judgement is not a sign of a mature diplomatic policy execution.

  6. Oh come on George are you really really going to believe Pompeo in an artical from the N.Y. Times (fake news capital of the country well unless its used to peddle our propaganda) ,a man that no one with a sane mind would even give the time of day when the truth is at stake,now he says our intelligence (but no one has ever proved he ever had any,for after all in a speech he made he admitted that he lied,cheated and stole and laughed about it) shows yep those nasty Iranians did it,and then the orange clown hop’s on to tweet and twitter (someone throw him a cracker please)yep I have been informed that well it was the Iranians that did it, but like Pompeo never offered any proof of it,nor will he.

    And of course they would love to end all the rules on wall street and the banker crowd, so they can pick the bones of what little remains of America,rather then charging them all with treason and giving them three feet of rope with a six foot drop,much like Russia-gate which was nothing more than an attention grabber while they were busy looting the country,WHILE THE BAND PLAYED ON.!!

      • You have missed the boat George the fake news/media plays to the crowd be it Russia-gate or Iran did it,while behind doors 1,2,3 all kinds of thing are going on while they rape the American people, starting with the big,big,big tax break for the 1% meanwhile 70% are living from paycheck to paycheck, while companies and corporation many foreign owned control our utilities,etc and go for all the market will bear and then some,meanwhile the brain dead American people are all wrapped up in who-dun-it run by the same media and press.!!

  7. When the media mentions “the U.S. and Iran” who REALLY is involved in these stories? Not me, nor I.

    Why do (otherwise reasonable?) people get so involved with abstractions, when our overiding problem is that we share our globe with way too many human individuals with excaggerated demands!! IMHO, of course.

  8. There have been plenty of false flags, from the Battle ship Maine, Pearl Harbor(known of in advance), Gulf of Ton-kin, the USS Liberty,probably 9/11,chemical weapons attacks in Syria, etc. You can not go to war without a large % of the population supporting it. So yes we are skeptical.

  9. George

    “it remains hugely popular to cite “mini-nukes” and particle-beam weapons as the tools of the 9/11 attacks”.

    I am not a big fan of conspiracy theories but the structural failure of the Twin Tower had me asking some questions.

    Let do a back of the envelope calculation. Using rough figures lets calculate the height of the debris pile that we should have seen.

    The towers were about 110 stories tall. At 12 feet per story that 1320 feet. I’m using 12 feet which is from floor surface thru free work space at 10 feet and 2 feet of overhead which includes steel structure for the floor above.

    If we invision maximum compaction when collapse happened say down to 3 feet per floor we should get a pile about 330 feet tall. We must subtract the 70 feet for the below ground parking area. So that gives us a 260 foot pile. Knowing that a collapse is a messy affair the pile should be taller.

    When we examine photos of the Twin Towers site after the smoke has cleared we do not see a 260 or higher pile!

    Where did the material go?

    Frankly I do not have a factual answer for this. I just have questions.

    There is someone with very good credentials who has analyzed the numerous theories regarding this issue.

    Her name is Dr. Judy Wood. She is a Phd Mechanical Engineer who is a specialist in failure mode analysis. He book on the subject “Where Did The Towers Go?” is extremely well done and uses scientific method to examine each theory that has been put forward. It is full of photos and maps and the necessary math to work it all out. It is written for the layman.

    When I read this book the thing that really got my attention was a series of 5 photos taken from across the river that showed a vertical core beam that was still standing at about 900 feet tall immediately after the collapse of one of the buildings. It was not standing for long. That beam turned into a cloud of dust! Say it was photo shopped if you will. I just don’t know!

    There is a electronically produced effect that could have been used. It’s called the ” Hutchison Effect” and can be found on Youtube. That effect can cause metals to rot away. This someone ele’s theory not mine.

    I don’t really know what happened but my eyes tell me something is not right with what was left after the collapse.

    I find it strange that the remains of the buildings were hustled out of town pronto!

    Maybe one day we will know the truth!

    • RM – The TRUTH. Terrorists were trained in the USA to fly an airliner after takeoff. The FBI was warned of this training but did nothing. They used the real pilots to take off since that was not in their training, & then took over & crashed them into the twin towers. Also, there was no nuclear blast, etc for the plane that the passengers took over that crashed in PA & was headed for the White House.

      CONCLUSION: No conspiracy, just a failure of the gov’t agencies who were paid to stop this type of terrorism.

      • I just find it odd ECS,that it just had to happen the day they were going to start going through the books at the Pentagon
        An investigation to find the missing trillions and the section of the Pentagon that was vaporized just happened to be the section that held that information.
        I say..always follow the money.. who would benefit…
        Or it could have been an odd coincidence to..
        It just seems strange that it always flows back to a specific group that benefit from all of this.

      • ECS, the truth is that Nano-thermite was used to bring down the TWIN Towers. Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth is THE site to go to for information. The facts are: Treasonous elements in America, Israel, the UK, and Saudia Arabia were IN ON the attack on our soil on 911. Other European nations were probably in on it, too. This is NOT a conspiracy, it is a FACT. It has been almost EIGHTEEN years, this information is readily available, there shouldn’t even be an argument if any one on here has done their homework; no conjecture needed. Look up Christopher Bolyn, Jim Marrs, and many other very COURAGEOUS people who have already connected the dots.

  10. False flags abide in our present reality of conflict driven diplomacy. Fake news, digital delusions and other ‘dis-track-shuns’ are often tacitly employed to stupefy Jane and Joe Sixpack with bright, shiny, noisy objects. What I believe truly happened is that the 1st Amendment protected media, which oh by the way despises Trump so badly, that they immediately filed reports of sailors on one attacked tanker reporting ‘flying objects’ visible nearby. Meanwhile, magnetic mines were clearly captured on video on the hull near the water line. The attack came from the sea, and the attack was conducted by the Iranians. So why the convincing flying objects story? How, exactly, do the giant brains at CNN and NBC think those B&W videos of the mine and Iranians were obtained? They are clearly from an aerial point of view. Did anyone stop and think that U.S. Central Command might be deploying small drones to surveil each ship passing through the Straits of Hormuz, especially ships that have been attacked? LIke, duh!

    • W/H….. did they mention people on the boats shaking their legs…

      There could have been flying objects..lol lol I know I’d have to shake a little out of my pantlegs lol lol and the shizt I had in my hands would be flying to.. as I ran like the people in the streets in the Godzilla movies lol

  11. G –
    is it me or is the timing of your decision to cut back market analysis and discussion going to be called into question next week?

    In other words *CONSPIRACY* only time will tell.. another Black Monday-part Deux ?

    Called a “moonshot” back on May11th @$5500.00 per. -stated 3 months time for a “doublebagger”..June 14th @$8400.00 per..slightly ahead of schedule.

    What is:
    1)New Asset Class
    2)Good,Sound Money
    3)Store of Value
    4) Unstoppable De-Centralization

  12. I had a dream last night.

    I think there was a stock market crash. I still had Internet….. some of the posters from Peoplenomoics were on ZeroHedge telling them about how you got the crash right. The PN subscribers were encouraging ZH posters to subscribe.

  13. Today I received an official looking “Trump Agenda Survey” in the mail.

    Q 2 – has a list I’m supposed to rank from 1 to 12.

    Most of it is a rehash from previous broken campaign promises; Build a border wall, make historic Republican tax cuts permanent… yadas…

    Q 13 – “Are you worried that the hateful, divisive rhetoric of many Democrat leaders against our president, his Administration, and conservative policies is fomenting political violence and undermining the foundations of our society and democracy?”

  14. One thing even PT haters say about President Trump is that “he loves America” & is the man we need to handle Iran. Obama probably would have blamed Israel for the tankers to not offend Iran.

    Best wishes to Sarah Huckabee, the lady who would not cower to the child like bully press. She made them look like the idiots they were. Run for Congress & put those morons in place.

  15. “Tanker Wars” could be a false flag, or a black swan, or a lot of other things, or nothing, at all. That’s why I posted the comment I made yesterday.

  16. Most people (myself included) consider the speech President Bush (43) gave at the WTC site to be the best oration of his tenure as Prez. Bush was notably fumble-lipped in front of a teleprompter, and when giving the WTC speech, he went “off script” for the only time during his Presidency.

    Y’all remember this, now…?

    Good! Now, please understand the Secret Service is apolitical. They don’t care if their charge likes them or not. They don’t care if (s)he’s someone they voted for, or not. They are tasked with protecting their charge, at all costs, and by any means necessary.

    W was at “ground zero” less than two weeks after the bombings. That’s insufficient time for even the cesium and strontium isotopes from a radioactive blast to have decayed, let alone the more-persistent radioactive detritus.

    Anyone who believes a nuke was, in any way involved in bringing down the towers, may want to glance in the nearest mirror and request the person they see to lay off the gullibility pills for a while. While they’re detoxing, might I recommend they drop in on FEMA.GOV and read the radiation protocols.


  17. This makes much more sense to me: “Experts noted the strange timing of the attack, which came as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was meeting with Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, marking the first time in 40 years that a Japanese leader had visited Tehran. Coincidentally, one of the oil tankers targeted in the attack was Japanese-owned.

    The Japanese firm, Kokuka Sangyo Co, said on Friday that its tanker had been attacked by two “flying objects” but that there was no damage to the ship’s cargo of methanol.

    Kourosh Shamlou, an attorney and Middle East specialist, told RT that it would be completely illogical for Iran to quite literally torpedo such a historic summit, especially since doing so would play into the hands of Washington’s anti-Iran hawks.” https://www.rt.com/news/461873-iran-attack-oman-blame-war/

    • Your assumption that the Iranian leadership and the Revolutionary Guard have the same objectives may not hold water. If the Guard did in fact intend to monkey-wrench the meeting, then the US saved the day for the Iranian leadership by volunteering to take the heat off the Guard by bumbling the diplomatic response and allowing the false flag meme to take off. Just to be clear, I don’t doubt the US version of the incident, just the way we approached the public disclosure. All of the evidence should have been presented to the UN security council and debated before being discussed publicly. The leftist press cannot be trusted for unbiased press coverage.

      • I am sorry n________ …
        If we take a peek back a few hundred years every thing times in with some dumb azz wanting control of someone else’s mb natural resources or just rape pillage and maime so they can acquire whatever.. war for peace is like fuzzing for chastity…
        There isn’t anything about this story that makes any sense to anyone.
        My fear is those in power are either so bought off that they have bvb to follow the demands of the demanding or to stupid and gullible to see the logical..
        I personally dont think the revolutionary guard is that stupid.. with Japan jumping in on the bandwagon with Russia and China just screams out that someone was going to loose control.. control is power.. let’s start something.. then to use a boat that tells out on an official Iran boat.. with official iran military .. just doesnt make any sense..

      • The operation was not as slickly planned and executed as has been publicly asserted, which would explain why none of it really makes a lot of sense.

      • “Your assumption that the Iranian leadership and the Revolutionary Guard have the same objectives may not hold water.”

        THAT is a very prescient observation!

        Iran, before the religious coup, was a very modern, progressive Western nation. The women wore bikinis, not burkas, drove themselves to the universities, and attended class alongside their male counterparts (among many other behaviors we take for granted.) The vast majority (roughly 85%) of the Iranian peoples wish a return to that lifestyle. Unfortunately, that’s also the 85% who’re never allowed to even look at a gun, unless it’s pointed at them. This desire, coupled with the words of our President, is what started the revolution ~9 years ago. What finished that “revolution” was the realization that despite his rhetoric, Mr. Obama had no intention of supporting the Iranian PEOPLE in their quest to throw off the mantle of oppression.

        I shouldn’t be the least bit surprised if there are elements of the RG which long to join the 20th Century, perhaps even the 21st. It’s been nearly 20 years since I actually followed Iran and its politics, so I just don’t know.

        That said, it doesn’t FEEL like like an Iranian op. Nor does it feel like us, or the Israelis — It has a Southern Asian flavor, which is weird, but that’s the vibe I’m getting.

        ‘Wonder if Bernard has anything from the Indonesian perspective, which might be of interest…?

  18. BTW, I move around a lot, but my home, on the rare occasion I get to visit it, lies in the “corn belt.” Yesterday’s high temperature there was 56°F, and that came with high winds and drizzle. Average temps for mid-June are 89°-93°. Today is idyllic, with sunshine and temps in the high-70s, however the next two weeks are forecast to be below normal (whatever that means) with rain every day.

    What makes this really significant, is my section of the corn belt produces squeezin’s for ethanol petroleum additives, and more-importantly, feed for the millions of cows and pigs that slaughterhouses in the U.S. are gonna kill to provide markets with the hamburger and bacon we’ll eat over the next year or so.

    From our POV, Mr. Xi couldn’t have picked a better time to tariff corn, soy, and pork. Come September and October, we will be unlikely to have any of the three in sufficient quantity to export to China, at any price…

  19. The government lies, and the media falls in lockstep behind them, while congress blathers and does nothing. The majority of the public snoozes on.

    Oops, looks like Congress is going to pass another $730 billion “defense” budget. Despite the fact that if interest rates ever rise to the point that they exceed inflation, more than 100% of federal taxes would be required to just service the interest on that debt. This net negative interest is eating the middle class from the inside out, like termites in a house.

    The tent cities for homeless, in acknowledged to be in 47 cities 5 years ago now number in the hundreds.

    The emperor still has no clothes, no matter how hard you act like you don’t know it.

    I find it fascinating to observe the psychosis of Americans when I ask how they think this is going to work five years from now.

    I suggest you google “sacrifice zones” as described by Chris Hedges. It is the only viable solution as the number of homeless continues to grow.

  20. The events of 911 according to the official stories breech credibility, IMHO. I was there shortly after and have reviewed the videos in slow motion. Whatever did happen was much more than aircraft intersecting buildings. A slo-mo video of building 7 is convincing regarding controlled demolition. The main towers had obvious indications of coordinated and sequential destruction of support as they each came down. They almost lost it when the top of one tower tipped before the structure was blown out below it. Only with a planned demolition(albeit unconventional) were these buildings able to fall within their own footprints. The exact mechanisms are unknown to me, though obviously someone knows.

    Massive amounts of concrete were blown into dust, indicating much more than collapse energy. This would require some sort of fast explosive, IMHO. This also explains where the extra mass went – it became the dust that covered lower Manhattan and areas beyond. I have no clear evidence of the who, what and why of this thing, but it’s simply not possible to have these results from two airliners hitting two towers.

    IF aircraft hitting the towers could actually bring them down, logic would dictate that they’d come down as a tree would, leaning before falling, though there might be splitting during the process. Falling at free-fall speed within their own footprint(twice) is indicative of something else.

    The impounding of all video of the Pentagon hit is suspicious, IMHO. Certainly not the kind of thing that happens in a “free” nation. As a pilot, and having spoken at length with a high time airline pilot regarding this incident, we agreed that the maneuvers necessary for the alleged flight path were beyond her competence. Certainly not within the abilities of a student pilot as alleged.

    The one thing that’s beyond dispute in my mind is the total lack of credibility inherent in the official story. The details may be lost to history at this point, though I’d hope otherwise.

    • Now, that is a most rational view: Question the data, look at the facts, try to reconstruct and see how it plays. This one (9/11) didn’t.
      OTOH, how long did it take to finally get someone to admit to the “pull it” on building 7…still waiting?>
      History is written by the winners and sad fact to keep in mind at all times.

      • The owner, Larry Silverstone, of the world trade center, you know the new owner, that made all that money, he is on tape, which used to be easily found on the internet, stating just that…’such tremendous loss of life, ….decided to PULL IT.’ Referring to Building SEVEN. Problem is, you can’t wire up a building like that in a few hours to bring it down….it had been PRE-WIRED, just like the TWO that got hit by planes. Two get hit by planes, THREE come down. Is that a NEW nursery rhyme for us kiddos? CHANGES to the laws of physics that we don’t know about????

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