Sustainable–At the End of the World

No hype and no BS:  If the lights went out today, How long would you live?  I know, summer weekend and it’s not so bad, provided you don’t live down by the Gulf with Barry rolling in.

If there’s one semi-regular pattern to highly successful people, it is this:  They do the most difficult things first Around here, thinking the unthinkable is top of the list.  After you get through those items, the rest of life is easy-peasy.

So, let’s be very serious today and talk about some actuarial realities.  If the crap really hit the fan, how long would you last?  I mean stop everything, drop your pencil.  Look up right now.  What you see is all you have to work with and the power is off and the water no longer runs.

Have you got a 5-year plan for recovery that doesn’t depend on someone else getting the power back on, or your computer back online?  How do you slake that thirst?  Got even a one-week plan that doesn’t involving moving more than 1,000 feet?

Those are the kind of “toughies” we will be getting into after a few headlines and the ChartPack which shows how the markets now seem intent on either reprising The Fifth Dimension song or events from May to September 3 of 1929.

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53 thoughts on “Sustainable–At the End of the World”

  1. Have lots of water so no problem. Giving away various varieties of fruit and other varieties on the way. Squash blooming and other veggies blooming. Neighbours have chickens so some barter is in the future. Neighbours corn is ready to pull and my is up and going. Etc. Time for a cool brew and some more planting..

    Navel hernia. Had one years ago, metal mesh. No pain problems at all! Back to chucking logs or hand clearing land in 6 weeks. So, fear not and relax.

    Oh, when the lights go out make sure that yours are not on after dark. A beacon in the dark is hard to resist.

  2. One 60 gallon rain water barrel full, three gravity filter systems, a few jugs of propane and a LP fueled 3200watt generator. Too many solar panels (stored, not connected), lotta 12 volt AGM batteries (4000 AH worth)….again, not connected. A few charge controllers and misc inverters. In boxes. Copper cabling too.
    Stored foods, freezer of beef.
    Looks like I might get thisty.

  3. George on this retirement bit. I would wait until you hit 80 before planning your gold watch ceremony. If you keep taking care of yourself you might just be getting up to speed.

  4. George, where are your fruit and nut trees?
    And NO , I am not talking about us, who post here. I mean those woody things that draw deer and children

  5. The lights go out. The first task is to call the power company and report the outage. The cell tower is down, too. Pull the transistor radio out of it’s metal storage box. All the FM stations are down. One or two AM stations are on but are too garble to understand. Pull out the old AM select-o-tenna for a signal boost. Some garbled talk of nationwide power outage. Stop. Begin implementing emergency water storage.
    Fill up barrel and five gallon containers and treat with disinfectant before the water tower empties out.
    Everything is strangely quiet. Dig out the Nukalert dosimeter and place it on nightstand anyway.
    Check to see if vehicles and equipment won’t start. The car is dead. Disconnect the hot lead from the battery and ground it to the frame (away from the battery) for about a minute. Reconnect. The car starts. Diagnosis: EMP of unknown origin.
    It’s getting late. Break out the Alpaca kerosene burner, and fry something from the freezer before it goes bad.
    The battery lattern you stored in a metal cracker can still works. Other latterns and half the flashlights are dead.
    Open windows for ventilation. Pull a black gun out of storage. Lock and load. Nothing is coming in on the radio after sunset. Put the radio back in its enclosure.
    You spend the first night in the Lazy Boy fully clothed with shoes on. Distant gunfire can be heard all night, but you have survived day 0. Begin implementing emergency caching after breakfast.

  6. “If the crap really hit the fan, how long would you last?”

    Phew good question george… the average person can’t even turn off the main breaker for an hour.. much less whether throught a SHTF scenario.. a true SHTF.
    Having to do without an income for a year I can tell you that everyone should have no less than two years worth on hand for necessities.. not the i wants.. but the necessities.. our household could last about a month at this point.. we still haven’t recouped from the last go round.. then we would be displaced..
    food no problem. transportation.. as far as fuel no problem.. i can make my own.. either from old plastic being gassified and distilled.. I can build a gassifier real quick and old friend of mine and I built one a few years ago it isn’t that hard to do… but if you want to buy one already made and ready to go…

    as far as traveling.. good luck.. so you pretty much have to consider surviving in place..
    extended food supply hydroponics etc.. you need a dedicated space.. lighting and a way to pollinate

    • I forgot.. since most of us would be using a bucket …

      then of course if you live in the desert or a dryer climate.. do like the plants.. plants that live in an area where they have to compete with either a compacted root system or little rain.. they grow thorns.. ever wonder how a spider gets a drink of water.. he has his web the plants grow thorns.. in the middle east for thousands of years they have cisterns and rain collection tunnels.. do the same build an air well.. let the water collect on your web then drain to a tank..

      in less than five minutes of rain I get more than five hundred gallons of water collected.. in a day of hot humid weather I get about two gallons off of the run off.. a dehumidifier a great air well.. easy to make and you can use it anywhere..
      I had a wonderful visit a speaker for ted.. on air wells.. an idea.. copper coils in a pvc pipe.. the coils in a pipe on top down to a pipe on the bottom.. the two pvc pipes act as the frame.. the bottom one is sealed off.. and a water tank in the ground.. line em up.. then pump the water you collect through the coils using an old fashioned wind operated water pump..or a simple home made ram pump wind shield washer pump that would take electricity etc.. you can get creative .. I like the wind turbine pump.. using a darius turbine.. for the system you should have a tower tank just to give you the pressure a fifteen gallon barrel plastic.. .. the purpose is pump the water through the coils the humidity condenses on the coils and drips into the bottom pvc pipe that drains into your water resevoir.. the water is then pumped using a pumping system completely around again.. four ten foot runs and coils at six foot height should be able to supply a household with water for a day… except for winter if you live in an area where there isn’t a great deal of cold you can use something like this pretty much year round…. if you want to get even more condensation.. then you can use cooling condensation such as the dehumidifier.. but by putting the tank in the ground for storage should cool the water enough.. similar to what you would do for a solar hot water system using thermal re-circulation..

  7. wow.. just watching tv. dateline they are following a couple of people that are going through that situation that doesn’t exist in the bay area.. there is one guy that builds tiny homes.. just big enough to shelter those that don’t have a problem in the bay area.. and the city spends more money than it would take to fix the problem to toss those away..
    the executives that are supposedly going through the situation that doesn’t exist there are in just about as bad as those living on the streets.. they have an option though for a quarter mill they can get a pod.. basically a bunk bed with a communal kitchen and bathroom.. at least they are in the old abandoned buildings that were reconstructed into pod living spaces..

  8. The money supply numbers are damn’ near scary.

    Personally, I thank God that Miley wishes to not reproduce. How that ever sprang from Billy Ray’s loins is beyond my ken…

    As for SHTF? I’ve a couple EMP-proof vehicles, in case I get caught outside…

    • “The money supply numbers are damn’ near scary.”
      They have been for some time now Ray..
      back in the eighties I had to slap myself to make sure I was awake when they added the secured Social security funds to the national budget then started to spend it by bailing out large financial institutions.. LOL
      along with deregulating necessities and signing the Nafta treaty.. changes the usa…
      some of the laws the droolers signed scared the hell out of me.. whittling away at the constitution of the USA.. amazing they signed a few that even involved them and how to keep them in control and then got on tv and said its a good one folks.. we needed that.. well. do you hate the guy next to you or does he hate you LOL LOL LOL idiots..
      then argue that they don’t have to read them.. amazing stuff..
      the sad thing is if congress would have followed the plan in the seventies to raise everyone’s taxes equally we would have had some rough times but we wouldn’t be facing what we are now.. instead.. congress got irritated and signed the millionaire relief act of 78 which basically through the middle class under the bus and caused the double digit inflation.. sad but true….

      • It was the 1970s, and they were never “secured.” They went into the General Fund beginning in 1934, and the “lockbox” or “security” (which Nixon did away with) merely meant the Department of the Treasury no longer needed to write physical IOUs before stealing the FICA taxes…

      • Thinks Ray.. I didn’t know that. The way I had always understood it was that the SS funds were in a secure fund similar to those of Congress’s retirement funds.
        It never occurred to me that they had been a part of the general funds.

      • A suit was filed in 1935?, not by, but at the behest of the Republican minority, challenging that it would be unconstitutional for the FDR Administration (or any other) to establish a “retirement program.” The suit reached the US Supreme Court in 1937. Roosevelt’s attorney for the issue (WH Counsel?) argued successfully (against the same USSC mind you, which Roosevelt wanted to “pack” because they saw so few things his way) that FICA was merely a tax, and like all other government revenue, was added to the General Fund. Obviously, Roosevelt won…

    • “As for SHTF? I’ve a couple EMP-proof vehicles, in case I get caught outside…”

      In a real Shtf scenario an EMP proof vehicle is a waste. Especially since all fuel pumps run on electricity.
      A friend of mine gave me a lot of guff about solar. Even though he was an academically advanced person and had a prestigious position he just couldn’t grasp the advantages. He razzed me daily lol lol..then a massive storm hit the east coast. His backup system ran out of fuel.. ran down to get some..called me and apologized saying he never could grasp it.. but they were literally roasting in his house..
      Shortly thereafter he had me help him get a system that provides all of his energy needs and paid for itself in less than six months.. his neighbors are all stunned because they signed some sort of lame leave deal.

      If a true shtf scenario happens you need to be able to replace the stuff you use daily..if you dont have a heat plastic oil reclaiming unit for you dont know how to. Cant distill essential oils or glean oils for cooking and fuel, don’t have a still for alcohol, or a biofuel reactor,woodgas generator, steam engine etc. You might just as well expect to run it a couple of hundred miles then use it for a flower planter..

      Your way ahead of the game having this below.. milk meat and transportation.

      Or this..a single solar panel on the top..

      • Somewhere in my kit, I might just have an EMP-proof “honey dipper…”

        That said, after a couple months, such a device would still require a source of “real gasoline,” and the buried (and otherwise untappable) tank at yer local cstore won’t cut it because the petrol that’s in it is still gonna turn to mineral spirits…

  9. The old ranch house is about as “retro” as you can get. No central heat or air other than the wood stove centrally located. Cool in the Summer, warm in the Winter. Water can either be brought in from a solar pumped well or windmill on the place. Best reason I can think of to leave at least one well being served by a windmill. I’d like to put enough solar panels on the house well to put out 220 but I’m afraid they’d be fried in an EMP attack or natural event and we’d be back to square one. Wish the house in town had a fireplace but we haven’t got that far in the renovations. We have a pretty good bbq pit, though.

    Figure out how long your freezer holds food at a safe temperature and start bar-b-queing away until it’s empty or content used for barter. I have a 11.5Kv generator/welder to help ours extend their service for a while that’s kept in a metal shrouded barn that’ll, hopefully, ward off an EMP depending on which line of sight direction it comes from. After the freezers are empty clean them for later use or used for room temperature storage until electrical service is reliable. They’ll be useless otherwise.

    I still get a kick out of those people selling gold coins, especially the true collectible rarities. Sorry, in an extended SHTF scenario such as “One Second After” there’s NO ONE that’s going to give you much more for your MS-65, first or second year of issue, high relief, Roman Numeraled St. Gaudens than the next person with a common date variety – and that’s after people come back around to recognizing and establishing a mutually agreeable exchange rate for them which will take some time given most forms of communication we’re used to now will be down. Until then I dang sure wouldn’t let anyone know you have any until it appears safe from confiscation or robbery. I also recommend at least a 100 to 1 ratio of lead to precious metals in your possession.

    PMs may be the only way to pay your taxes – if they’re still trying to collect them. Bear in mind there’ll be a government out there in its death throes flailing away at any form of wealth that makes an appearance. I have a deep seated fear that private property will be private only so long as there’s enough bodies to defend it. Hopefully the city slickers that have moved in to the area will realize they don’t really have squat in their modern homes they’ve built in the “sticks” and bug out to somewhere – anywhere – else. Otherwise they’ll be forming “action committees” going house to house telling people what they can and can’t keep. Yeah, that’ll produce all kinds of good will around the community! It’d be “Jericho” around here for sure.
    I’ve often thought that we can garner a few good vegetable growers from the community that could establish a semi-constant presence on the ranch to keep an eye on things. That would definitely create the right kind of good will a good community needs. You don’t HAVE to eat meat every day but there’d be enough livestock to keep a good number of people healthy as long as we can keep a good number of head for breeding. But if the “locusts” that have moved in eat everything in sight, though, … well … yeah, “Jericho”.

    One use for gold, though, 22 to 24 carat gold, is dental fillings which was worked into the OSA book, volume 1. Finding an old, knowledgeable dentist would be a highly desirable friend indeed.

    • Death and taxes are forever they say. Silver US coinage will always be worth something, even if it is only face value. How many shop owners or tax men would even recognize a real gold coin?

      Whether or not the age of technology or the Federale surveillance state endure, there will always be local revenuers looking for protection money. Do you want to hand the tax man a shiny silver coin, or do you want to give his affliated jackboots your property, your last stores of food, and your life?

      Livestock are food storage on the hoof, and perhaps the most valuable barter commodity. I rarely hear livestock mentioned by so-called survival experts. Draft animals are required for agriculture above subsistence levels in a post technology economy. City-states only evolved with the assistance of draft animals for grain production and transport, along with livestock as a non-perishable means of transporting and storing protein for the city folk. With the breakdown of systems of mechanical transport, ranching and the cowboy lifestyle might make a comeback. Coal powered transport requires no electrical gadgets to function.

      Moving between rural property and the city dwelling will become dangerous in a major die-off scenario, which a long-lasting or permanent grid-down scenario will most certainly entail. The more people who become aware of your agricultural resources and the layout of your property, the more potentially lethal opsec problems you will have. Jealousy and starvation breed looting and mayhem.

      • Lucifer’s Hammer, a book by Larry Niven, is a good science fiction novel about life after a comet hits 1970’s USA

      • I would gladly pay taxes as a payment for services received. No services, no tax revenue. Since virtually every taxing authority is computerized, as are their records, I’d tell the revenuer that I’ve paid my taxes 40 years in-advance. The onus of proof that I haven’t would lie with him (assuming there’s still a seated legal system which could hear the proceeding…)

      • n______-

        You’re absolutely right. The deeper you go into a grid down event the more serious things become. There will be those that understand the “Social Contract” and those for which it can be taught but the rest are just members of “The Lord of the Flies” gangs who’ll have to be dealt with accordingly. All of it will be a scenario where you’ll just have to roll with the punches and often make up rules along the way – for years. What it will take to “negotiate” with the taxing entities will most likely resemble what happened back in the 30s when people started showing up in droves on the front steps of the tax appraisers’ offices with pitchforks and such. More than likely that’s how to best bring clarity to a bureaucrat’s mind. Authority is never given up easily.

        For the city people that have moved out here I have to laugh a little when I think of trading for a small head of livestock like a goat – and leaving it tied up to their front porch. When they find out it’s their responsibility to cut its throat or pop it in the head with a .22, drain it, gut it, skin it and parcel it out – before the kids get too attached to it – things will really come home to them for sure. I won’t have time to conduct a full time butchering operation. I’m sure there’ll be some that will pleasantly surprise me but for most of them they’ll have to be taught where food really comes from. It’s one thing to knock a squirrel out of a tree or bowl over a rabbit but there’s only so many of those and “processing” a larger animal is something different altogether. Everyone around here takes their deer to a “processing facility” now days. I’d just as soon do it all myself but I think Texas P&W frowns on that in today’s world. I just hope there’ll be one or two REALLY old folks left that will remember a thing or two about “fresh” food and how to work with it. I need to dig out my old “Foxfire” books and start stockpiling some salt.

      • “Death and taxes are forever they say.”


        Anything left is pillaged lol..
        My mother had squirelled away some change.. her thought was it would be split up between the kids.
        Got in a home at almost a quarter mil a year..
        Then after she was gone my brother said every physician sent a fifty dollar bill for professional consultation lol lol ..
        Two years later my sister called and asked what happened to moms money..I said seriously sis.. six years at a quarter mil a year what do you think happened to it..
        We were paying for her laundry and hair care personal items..
        Get you internment services prepaid.. then if you have some give away gifts. I did meet one very wealthy gent that kept it but he was the only one.. the ones in the B club didnt worry either. But a few coins its toast. Spend it. Help the kids .. send the grandkids to school..JMHO

      • The whole idea about coinage was working metals for trade in exchange for finished goods.

        I like copper, silver, iron, and aluminum, lead, etc. Not that theres anyone around that would know how to cast the next xcaliber sword in the stone..

    • Something that got me about OSA: Our hero’s daughter with issues died when the insulin got rancid. IMO one thing Forstchen missed with his writing is the temperature at the bottom of the swimming pool, or a well, especially with a little creative evaporative cooling plumbed in…

      A genset that’s pre-electronic ignition is naturally EMP-proof. Faraday cages entail complete isolation shielding betwist outside and in. They don’t have to be solid (many possible wavelengths can’t pass a grounded piece of fencing or hardware cloth), but they do have to be complete (think of a Faraday cage as a ginormous capacitor…) EM is radiation, not wind.

      I favor the post-Civil War pricing: $20/oz AU, $1/oz AG (about a 15:1 ratio), and roughly a flat 70x decrease in marked prices (that loaf of bread should cost a nickel…) The problem will arise when you need the loaf of bread and only have a gold coin, and the dude with the bread hasn’t any change. Numismatics, like collecting anything else, politicking about race, gender, or climate, or living vicariously through TV shows or Godey’s Lady’s Book (or anything in-between) is an idle-time pursuit of the wealthy. In an actual day-to-day fight for survival, there won’t be any idle time. These things go away instantly, or the people who live by them, do. That St.G $20 gold piece becomes worth _exactly_ what someone will give you for it, and nothing more.

      There are aspects in “One Second After,” as there are [in] “Dark Angel” and “Jericho,” from which one can divine clues of a post-EMP, post-apocalyptic world (also the Walking Dead franchise), but they are all romanticized to up-play human emotions and relationships, society and civilization, and to sanitize the violence necessary for simple survival in an all-out anarchy.

      F’r instance, in Jericho, Mr. farmer and Ms. IRS agent wouldn’t hook up. She’d have fertilized his “north 40” before finishing her second sentence; there wouldn’t be a neighboring town building stuff in a slave-factory ‘cuz starving people, especially those with starving kids, will do whatever it takes to sate their hunger, or die trying. In OSA there wouldn’t be a horde marching 400 miles to conquer the town, because there is not enough food between (roughly Baltimore and Asheville) to keep them alive, even if they cannibalize the stragglers. In all three, and in everything else I’ve seen or read, gasoline is taken for granted. Modern petrol turns to mineral spirits within a few months of refinement and mixture and ceases to be a viable motor fuel. Neither Sta-Bil nor Pri-G, nor anything else, will save it. Refineries no longer produce octane or decane, except as avgas, and when the trucks stop rolling, they also stop rolling to airports.

      Live, learn, prepare for what you can with what you can, don’t worry about the rest…

      • Diesel can be stabilized and stored for extended periods of time. I was working toward going all-diesel when the VW debacle hit. You would need to check with a local distributor to find out how big a storage tank is currently legal without permitting in your jurisdiction.
        You can store gasoline for extended periods of months and mix with fresh gasoline, but it is strictly at your own risk. In the realm of fiction, the Walking Dead and derivatives are still siphoning gasoline from cars stranded for ten years. That isn’t plausible. Within a year of permanent grid-down situation, bicycles, wheelbarrows, and shopping carts will be the only things on the road. Horses caught out in public will be invited over for dinner.

      • “especially with a little creative evaporative cooling plumbed in…”

        Ray check out the coolerado…awesome unit awesome . I wish I had thought about it..

        Or solar ar conditioning

        I built a solar beer chiller that was pretty awesome. Realitively Easy to do..I had made the mistake of showing the grandkids how to melt stone or iron using the sun..bad mistake really bad mistake. I thought they were going to burn the house down. So solar cooling came to mind instead..freeze water using the sun.. lol ..
        I still plan on making a solar grill.. with an oven..I dont need 4000 degree heat just 400 .. the ancients used thermal tubes to cool and heat thousands of years ago.
        I like that idea and it’s not that expensive to do.. you just need space..

      • “gasoline is taken for granted. Modern petrol turns to mineral spirits within a few months of refinement and mixture and ceases to be a viable motor fuel. ”

        What surprises me is people Forget the past.
        When I was young we played on an old abandoned tractor in a shelterbelt.. on the front was what looked like a garbage can. One day I asked about the garbage can.. my friends dad said during the dirty thirties gas was rationed. And farmers used those to run the tractors by using anything that would burn..
        Washington state university has a unit.. ( I heard that it’s illegal to sell them in the usa) the unit is filled with your plastic bottles foam. Basically all the spun oil products and it is heated the fumes reconstitute once reconstituted it can be distilled into the various products you want.

        Gold and silver.. I use to have a photo I found showing people carrying baskets full of gold and silver to trade for vegetables..
        You cant eat gold..
        Coffee was traded pound for pound so was beer..

      • Diesel is a good route. Pri-D will stabilize it practically forever and in warm weather it can be cut with any vegetable oil and many secondary solvents (Grow Balsam Fir, tap for turpentine, etc.) I steered George into the Pri- folks some years ago and he posted a column regarding the stuff he learned from them.

        Don’t be afraid of VW. They’re as good as they always were. VWOA “adjusted” certain performance settings in the ECM, to game the smog tests. On cars from the “pump deuse” back (before 2007 or ’08, the series A-5 and B-6 VWs) those settings can’t be jiggered. The “gaming” only involved nitrous emissions, anyway.

        When folks hear “diesel” they think of soot. However, the boogieman with new “clean” diesels is NOx, which is extraordinarily high until the diesel engine is broken in. New diesels expel several times the NOx as petrol cars. The nitrous emissions actually drop below the NOx emissions for gasoline vehicles at between 70k and 100k miles. VW (and Mercedes BTW) gamed the settings for new vehicles, because that’s what NHTSA (and CR) test — stupid move. Catalytic diesels, once broken in, are no more sooty than petrol cars, until the rings wear, or the ECM is modified to richen the mixture (like the kiddies do with their tuning boxes.)

        I have an A4 Jetta diesel. It IS tuned and tweaked. Like with any diesel, modded or not, I can bury the GO-pedal at low speed and “soot” the car behind me (it momentarily overloads the catalytic converter.) I don’t do so because I have had a lifelong hatred for spending more money than I have to, for energy. I had it tweaked so it now gets 53mpg on the highway, instead of the 49mpg I was getting. I also didn’t mod it until it was north of 200,000 miles…

        ‘Problem with adding fresh gas to stored petrol is there won’t be any. The only hope, other than AVgas, is if there’s a neighborhood wrecking lot which contains a bunch of cars that’ve been setting for 30 years. Gasoline engines will run on pure alcohol (like diesel engines will run on pure vegetable oil), but they require their proper fuel to start and run, until warm, and alcohol has no lubricity, meaning without a suitable added “top oil” (and I have no idea what types of oils, if any, would be suitable), the engine will quickly eat its piston rings…

    • EMP….. electro magnetic pulse.

      I dont know but still think it’s similar to any other blast. It depends on how far away your from the epicenter of the strike.
      I think where our national security is vulnerable is because of greed and control issues..

      • High altitude electromagnetic pulses (HEMP) from nuclear weapons can reach out and touch transistors from 800 miles plus away. Blast and radiation at ground level are nonexistent. All nuclear weapons cause EMP damage; what separates the HEMP weapons is their ability to cause damage to critical electronics over enormous expanses of area with a single weapon. The HEMP weapons are true WMD’s.

      • An EMP detonated @300km over Omaha will take out 80% of (non-military) civilization in CONUS and Canada. One over Cleveland, over SLC, and over anywhere from Memphis to OKC will take out 100%, and 96% of Mexico. The pulse travels at the speed of light, so the effect is not incremental or radiating, but instantaneous.

  10. I guess you know by now that the lights went out in Manhattan and other parts of New York, New York.. Psychic hit: Bulls Eye.

  11. Since you are awake…did you look at the wind speed map? What do you make of the line that goes straight up LA into Arkansas? Seems odd to me. Don’t recall any sorta mts or large hills in the direct area that would cause that.

  12. G –
    kindly suggest U look into C60 supplementation for A++ body hack..many 1st hand accounts of Improving Eye health, amongst the myriad of other amazing anti aging health bennies – Ure results may vary.
    The stuff ain’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination..there are good reasons why NASA bought a major manufacturer/supplier of the stuff last year, something to do with Radiation..
    Yes, it is a Very lubricious industrial lubricant. Same stuff in Russian spa that leaches out of the Shungite rock, restorative powers cited historical docs.
    16 sided, buckyball looking molecule, taken with Hydrogen Water and U be turbo charging the “cleanup crew”
    I take take the stuff – “amaze balls” results, my 21yr old Cockatiel and 10 yr old German Shepherd both are on a C60 protocol – getting remarkable results.

    Market looks like poised to pop, too much money not in play, a lot of that money is now in process of getting “smoked” in the bond market.

    There is soo much Negative Yielding Sovereign Debt and NEGATIVE Yielding JUNK rated Corporate Debt out there that I think we have shifted into a new dimension in Finance – The Double D – Dali Dimension. Junk rated Corporate Bonds with Negative Yields ?!?!? WTF, over?

    Silver and Gold look “real” good, especially when U consider the Gross inflation in Outstanding Futures Contracts for Gold.
    Simply put – Bullion/Money Center Banks just Create of their keisters new PAPER contracts as investor demand steadily rises. Wonder what % physical Gold the GLD etf actually Holds versus Paper Contracts, Lease Contracts they hold? – good luck getting your leased gold or gold held in “pool” back ..ever.

    Coot buying downside protection, it hurts every month, but all that pain goes away, like back in December – ka-ching!

  13. Prescient again George,

    What happened in Tyler last night?

    Blackhawk helicopter makes emergency landing in East Texas pasture. 2 articles and 2 different reasons for emergency.



    Thanks for all you do.

  14. Phew..

    I had to have a long talk with my eleven year old grand daughter……..

    she basically commented to me that the teachers are dumb droolers and school was boring.. Years ago they thought she was a slow learner and was going to put her into special classes.. then one day she was looking at a puzzle I had.. I had it to challenge people.. takes time to even get it apart.. I usually had to put it back together.. I finally gave in.. she whipped the thing apart and then back together in less than two minutes.. I immediately put in my hearing aids called her parents and told them they needed to challenge her not hold her back..I put the hearing aids in because I realized she wasn’t slow and needed to not just assume what she was asking but actually listen and then give her a quick answer..the problem she was having in school was her mind was working so fast that by the time the teacher realized what she was asking she was on another subject.. most of her interest is in physics.. ( she has since been recognized and has won some for her is free if she so chooses) anyway her comment made me realize that she wasn’t going to try and would dumb herself down so the other kids wouldn’t make fun of her.. I told her as stupid as it sounds.. the future for you lies in a piece of paper.. go for that paper instead of dumbing yourself down to fit in.. push the envelope and go for the paper.. the teachers pick their minds expand yours even if they can’t see what you see.. but for gods sake don’t make the same mistakes I made.. push it.. you could be one of the youngest child college graduates if you so choose its yours just for the taking.. but push it.. opportunities and the ability to accept and take advantage of them comes with that piece of paper.. so does income .. if you want to go to MARS with NASA.. then you need to keep ahead of the game..
    I hope and pray she listened I know peer pressure can be a huge disadvantage especially at her age….

  15. The first page of my book. You will have to buy the rest, if it ever makes its way to being published in my life time.

    Titled: Journman Chronicle’s

    Let us begin,

    Much of this world is already in solitude. This world has become a place of digital enhanced masks known as “filters”, a place where many do not listen but only wait their turn to talk. This world has become not a place of imagination, ispiriation, substance, love, truth, honor and integrity. Its has become a place of “me” and selfies said slowly self-ease. Where the real you is not beautiful.

    Wr bargain and buy heaven on the pain payment plan. Where sacrifice is demanded to gain access to heaven. We trade our Divinity for a chemical induced sence of purpose! Like the junkie going to “score” we believe an artificial euphoria gives us wholeness. We have bought the little white lie, “more.” We are buying the stairway to heaven through the martyrdom of our souls. The price of admission to “Bliss”??? One soul.

    The truth is we are heaven!

    The world is fastly becoming a place where “Fast food” relationships are served up on app’s like Tinder and Grinder like microwave popcorn and TV dinners. Where true love and intimacy is replaced by sexuality and lust.

    Is it any wonder many are confused about their sexual identity???

    Where feelings, which are the heart beat and pulse of the soul… have been hijacked by hashtags, emojis, likes and spiritual fast food known as Meme’s.

    Even many who claim to be “spiritually awaken”, simply talk in their sleep…

    Much of Humanity is a drift, in a sea of perversion.. we have burned our rudder to keep us warm in the cold dark night of the soul, and traded our sails for moving pictures on Ultra High Def tele-visions…think about that statement for a minute. “High Deaf, Tele vision.”

    Is the meaning of life ; placing my ego on trial for its crimes against yours? Or purpose placing your ego on trial for its crimes against mine?

    The ego is not a thing, its an imaginary entity, a convenient scape goat for indeterminate ignorance.

    Empathy and Compassion… Do you feel me?

    • On the other hand, here is G____’s world, where some degree of civility and respect for other’s opinion (on everything non-political) still exists. I listen, and learn, and throw out opinions for the darts to find. It isn’t the lack of sincere listeners which troubles me, it’s the delusional world views that lead to unwarranted personal attacks and constant malicious name calling which really bother me on the web back channels.
      Giant egos fed by shared delusion represent the sort of social order which thrives on division, not unity. But I’m rambling. Hire a third party (like G_____) to proof read your book. Let us know where we can buy it when you are done.

      • I may, leav it up to my children to decide, wether to publish it or not, aftet i am gone. I write intuitively, and it i have many years left, here in this relm.

        We shall see, i already have a friend who is a professional editor and has many contacts in publishing.

        We shall see, what God decides.

      • Most professional writers do it for the money. The question is not ego, it’s whether you are ready to turn pro. You can always use a pseudonym to protect your secret identity, Andy S.

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