Sunspots, Markets, and the Invention Cycle

There’s more than what’s on the UrbanSurvival site going on.

So we’ll launch into one of the more interesting investigations we’ve done into the long-cycle timing of how civilization-moving advances come about.

Which matters, because we are right in the “peak invention” period of the 11-year (variable) solar cycle according to our research findings.

First, though, a few examples of fresh data to review and the daily charts.  But let’s begin with..

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14 thoughts on “Sunspots, Markets, and the Invention Cycle”

  1. Further investigations…here ya go G, from DOE file dated 1950..

    Normal Flying Saucer = Giant LED light bulb.

    circularly polarized light at specific wave lengths that react with gases in our atmosphere and with sea water for UFO’s that, according to DOE , operate underwater.
    Circularly polarized light magnetizes the gases surrounding the UFO which produces magnetic buoyancy.
    See article “The Wizard War Against Humanity, the Threat of Hidden Science” – published Russian Academy of Science.
    Mag field of surrounding gases repels the UFO, pushing it opposite direction – like sailing.

    Where do U think LED’s and Fiber Optics came from…3 point propulsion systems mounted underneath=fiber optic based laser light generators – use White Light for Broadband.
    The more U know…

  2. There is also a lag time, sometimes huge, between an idea or invention being taken public and an actual practical product.

    The best example is Leonardo DaVinci….. he conceptualized and sketched numerous inventions…helicopters, tanks, etc., but none of the supporting technology in terms of materials or industry existed to make those ideas effective. And they didn’t exist for centuries.

  3. You wrote “As you know, we were in the Modern Maximum from about 1900 on but now we’re sliding down to what could be a Modern Minimum. What might the implications be, if human creativity and invention are going to take an extended nap?”

    That would explain the nap the nation took when they elected Donald Trump.

    Seriously, did the interpreters of the Mayan Calendar get it wrong by a few years? Were they predicting the end of the Suns influence on human growth and intelligence? Could we be at the end of our enlightenment and could the dystopian movies we have been bombarded with lately …zombies and all…be the “message” to come?

    • “did the interpreters of the Mayan Calendar get it wrong by a few years? ”

      You know.. Mark I don’t think they did.. I think they hit it on the nose give or take a few months.

      In 2012 I planted half of my garden the first week of march. It was the hottest summer since 96.. It was also the only produce I got out of the garden.
      I was asked a few years ago how I would raise an adequate garden in deep cold for extended trips..So
      I have been brainstorming garden production in winter. Building a hydroponic and aerioponic solution.

      My thoughts on the Mayan calendar is this. We expected to see the earth flip or some major calamities all at once. Yet if you read explanations and interpretations on the Mayan calendar it clearly states the beginning of the time if changes.
      Which 2012 was a true beginning on major changes. The same with the interpretations on the nostradamus quatrains..the changes have all been happening and slowly ramping up as time passes on.
      Many of the dire predictions could have been thwarted yet like many have said many times that these predictions are not set in stone. We can avoid many. Yet the stage is set and mankind is following the path.
      What I find interesting is the k-wave the time wave zero of Terrance and the cycle of wars all seem to follow the same cycle of the maunder minimum.. The downfall of the Egyptian empire the dark ages famines and pestilence. Of course I haven’t read to much on it yet but it does have my interest.
      Last year was my worst year gardening to.. I normally have fifteen hills of potatoes and usually on a bad year get 150 lbs and a great year almost 500 last year I had blossoms up the wazoo we got about ten pounds of potatoes. Two zucchini about ten cucumbers and six tomatoes..
      The difference.. No bees… Years past we had bumble bees last year I only seen on and about a week after that one showed up we got produce. I made a trip to visit with a bee man ships bees all over the US he suspects its because of the gmo plants. He said since they started messing with plants he looses a great deal of his bees yearly. They aren’t sure but suspect it’s how they are combined with other pest resistant strains. Like introducing nicotine into the genetic structure.
      If reading the predictions.. That to is in there. The changes are happening a building being first the supports are removed then the building starts collapsing in what seems like slow motion.. As the event progresses the speed picks up till its finished.
      One interesting and I get to watch its fall.
      I personally think the events that could have been stopped are beyond the tipping point. Unless you have a dumb or biosphere to move to .. How many years did the last one last again..

  4. George, a great column today! Excellent creative thinking on your part connecting dots that most people don’t know exist. I’m not sure where to begin to comment.

    1) In recent geologic and solar history, the sun is a stable oscillator. Current solar cycles are very stable over time. This was proven by Dr. Valentina Zharkova of Northumbria University who extracted a mathematical function from the solar spectra eigen values of 4 pairs of magnetic field waves. To see the function go into this youtube video at 23 minutes and 10 seconds: It’s a cosine function.
    The function corresponds to sunspot cycles, solar minima and maxima as well as grand solar cycles.

    2) When mapped backwards in time, the grand solar minima cycles correspond to historical events, especially the fall of empires. Yup, happens every 400 years or so and we are at the start of the next grand solar minimum. I wonder which empire will fall this time. Maybe all of them and this is predictive of the coming global government. Maybe a nuclear war or some other cataclysm.

    3) For her work, Valentina Zharkova deserves the Nobel Prize but I doubt she will get much recognition and she will be lucky not to have her career destroyed. Her work completely discredits the global warming narrative.

    4) Taking George’s idea of human creative activity and the ascent of a new grand solar cycle, when was gunpowder invented? Hmm… the Tang Dynasty in China around 850 AD. Yup, that’s the ascension of Medieval Maximum solar cycle. Nice work, George!

    5) The realms – dreams, sleep, ionosphere, Schumann resonance. Personally, I’m an extreme chronic insomniac. I haven’t been able to sleep for years. Not just poor sleep or an hour or two but no sleep whatsoever without drugs. A couple of weeks ago, around the time that George was getting his wonderful shortwave experience, I suddenly started to sleep. Not gradually but one night I went to bed and simply fell asleep before taking any drugs. This hasn’t happened in years! My good fortune continued for about 1 week, but now my sleep is going back to where it was. Could be a co-incidence, but could there be a connection between the ionosphere, dreams, sleep and Schumann resonance?

    6) Personal experience with EMF. My sleep problems started around the rollout of 4G-LTE. A large antenna mast was installed across the street from where I live. 9 large antennas with large power conduits on the roof of a residential building. As my sleep deteriorated, I became more and more electrosensitive to the point where if I walked into a conference room with lot’s of people using wireless devices, within a matter of seconds I would feel like I was punched in the gut. The sleep deprivation almost killed me. Now with drugs I’m able to sleep enough to get by. The more sleep I get, the less electrosensitive I am, now reaching the point where wifi doesn’t bother me.

    7) My last point is about the 5G wireless rollout that is already happening globally. What is that going to do to the health of the global population? I can assure you, nothing good.

    • Wow.. Thank you for sharing that video…

      In the response to the high emf from the cell towers. Its a proven fact that microwave signals can affect many aspects of growth. Have you ever thought of Reiki crystals..

      My mother use to be a firm believes in structuring drinking water and her plants..I’ve been carrying my crystal for decades.

      You can literally put an antenna up and collect those ions and save them to battery banks. When I was a kid we use to take fluorescent light bulbs and run around them to light them up..the body becomes an antenna..
      Good luck hope the Reiki crystal works for you

  5. Look on the bright side: woolly mammoths failed to clear their extinction event hurdle in the same period that our two legged ancestors were arguably fanning out to stake grub claims. Thank your lucky stars that our early base models called for two thumbs and common sense.

    I’m part way through the reading of “On Leopard Rock: A Life of Adventure” by Wilbur Smith published in 2018. It’s an autobiography of sorts from his octogenarian perspective. He hails from Zambia and settled down a bit now…

    • You know Thumbs… I have wondered many times if we weren’t the wooly mammoth in the latest extinction event. I also am curious if the study of mankind’s survival as a species isn’t the purpose of the latest string of reality shows. What better way than get random contestants to pit their everyday knowledge and experiences against mother nature in all her fury.

  6. Hello Kitty? Not surprised…

    The Japanese entertainment industry monetizes everything, to a degree Westerners (with the possible exception of Gene Simmons) can’t comprehend. Somebody will create a cartoon (sometimes anime, but usually manga) and the media/marketing firm which publishes the manga creates biographies for each character (height, weight, “natural” hair and eye color, birthday, blood type, and often measurements for the girls.) BTW Hello Kitty pulled in close to USD10 billion NET, last year, and she’s only #3 on the “anime earnings list!”

    After an “active focus” using the public itself as betatest fodder, the more-popular characters will get their own Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, sometimes even LinkedIn accounts. Manga begets anime, anime begets manga, either begets OVAs (Original Video Animations, or “movies.”) Fashion and cosmetic lines are created, named after, and “endorsed by” anime characters, as are toys, games, and every kind of stationery and school paraphernalia imaginable. Anime characters (usually girls) are used in TV commercials and “sound spots.” Heck, I’ve even seen them used in place of living models as “car show girls” (and I mean years before the “meetue” crap came about.)

    Hello Kitty getting a movie isn’t special. She already has three (and 49 episodic DVDs.) Getting it done as a major Hollywierd production IS special. Then again, the Burbank bloviators haven’t produced anything new or interesting in 30 years. If it weren’t for comic book and other cartoon characters, Hollywood would’ve died and its poor relatives moved to Toronto, years ago. Maybe a little injection of kawaii will intercede WRT their head-in-butt syndrome before it becomes terminal…

    BTW, it was my daughter, 14 at the time, who explained the Japanese “art of franchising” to me, using, I might add, Hello Kitty as her example.

    As for your current, very interesting investigation: There are thousands of things invented every year. Tracking cycles first, then seeking enforcement of your hypothesis may subconsciously induce you to cherry-pick the data. Might I suggest you first sift the USPTO (or that of Britain or Austria) to see if a pattern emerges, regarding the number of patents applied-for, year-to-year, and if an agreeable one presents itself, that you then sift “target-rich” years to adjudge the social or historical significance of said patents…?

    • We’ve been talking about the current cycle low ahead extending for how long now? (mid fall 2018 if you look back at Urban) Ain’t like it’s not clear what’s ahead…

  7. As always I really enjoy your Peoplenomics side but I thought for sure someone would ask you about the $870 billion cc debt commentary. True, any amount of “billions” in today’s money doesn’t mean nearly what it did when the amount first emerged in the collective consciousness back in the 60s with Vietnam and such (and actually before that) but I was thinking that cc debt HAD to be greater than that. Indeed, $870 billion is actually the amount the debt has exceeded the previous peak of $12.68 trillion back in 3Q of ’08. Now that sounds more like it.

    The old saying of “a billion here and a billion there, pretty soon you’re talking about real money” was never more true and I think the original quote used “millions” but, y’know, inflation.

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