Sunday Reader Notes

Ah, the weekend arrives.  Super Bowl and all.

Time Travel Alert

Get out your stopwatch. As soon as the frantic announcers call the “Two minute warning!” hit the stopwatch.  I’ve been times when two-minutes remaining runs upwards of 20-minutes on the local clocks.

Might be an interesting head trip to follow.

For those of us who have lots of actual work to do, this “expanded two minutes” is about all the sport (and commercials) we care to take in, thanks.

At least injuries in coming years may decrease as Revolutionary new padding may finally make football safer – Study Finds.


This might be a good weekend to catch our article on a 16-year old wiring mistake (I made) over on the Ultra-Make website.

Catch up on G.A. Stewart’s fine work on The Age of Desolation website.

Last note we got from Stu, he was concerned Nostradamus may have called King Charles moving to New York.  Which would make sense since Gotham is a hub of high-end cancer docs.  But it got even more interesting overnight when the story blew in that King Charles will never abdicate and there’s a historical reason why explains royal expert,  Which – if it happens – would be one of the most spectacular “right on calls” in ages. UK Government to NYC?

The rest of the world seems on “autopilot.”

The world’s ugliest landlord-tenant mess keeps getting worse. More than a million Palestinians ordered to leave Rafah, where can they go?.

The Surveillance State is worse than we thought: Treasury Sec. Dodges Questions on Bank Spying Program for MAGA, Trump Supporters & Bible Purchasers.

And as the invasion from elsewhere continues, the Modern Marxists write ever-larger checks to people who don’t belong here. People Here Illegally Will Receive More Benefits in NYC Than Vets.

…and you wonder why I’ll be hanging out in the shop instead of in front of the tube today?

Write when you get rich,

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    • I don’t believe that Russia will extend it’s military beyond Ukraine unless Ukraine becomes part of the EU, in which case all bets are off. The president of Hungary just resigned under pressure due to her pardoning some people allegedly involved in child sex stuff. IMHO, this seems to be a preliminary action to weaken Hungary’s resolve to resist letting Ukraine into the EU. The warmongers know that Russia won’t allow that and it’s a red line in the sand that will likely expand the war to all of the EU!

      • Viktor Orbán is the HoS and the power. Hungary’s “president” is roughly equivalent to the monarchs of England, Norway, Sweden, etc. It is a figurehead position, with little actual power (although for some reason the Hungarians thought their Prez should have a limited power to pardon.) I believe their Parliament, or some caucus or committee within, has final say on pardons and commutations, but don’t hold me to that.

        Orbán will select an interim President, their legislature will confirm, and other than acquiring a law or amendment which limits pardoning authority WRT pervs, by the time their next election comes around (and Open Society, USAID, and the CIA again conspire to jack with it) little boy diddlers will be forgotten as the Hungarians strive to hold an election without undue outside interference.

  1. “The Surveillance State is worse than we thought: Treasury Sec. Dodges Questions on Bank Spying Program for MAGA, Trump Supporters & Bible Purchasers.”

    The spying goes much further than that.

    I use my bank card when I do my grocery shopping. Some time back I was making regular purchases of certain canned goods.

    One day recently I got a letter from our State Attorney General with a check enclosed. It seems that the makers of some of the items I bought got sued for colluding to raise prices and the check was for my portion of the overcharges.

    In one way it’s neat that I got some money back. It’s also creepy to have the verification that every purchase one makes using “plastic” goes into an easily searchable database that dot gov can use to track everything you buy. Every can of Tuna. Every can of beans or soup. They know everything you buy without using cash.

    So, yeah, stock up on what you may need for the hard times coming but use cash or you may find the “authorities” at your door expecting you to “share” what you have purchased for your own family.

    • But also remember if you have more than a thousand or three, you can be accused of having ill gotten gains – even if you have bank receipts – and this gives the mf’ers a chance to seize everything. Civil Asset forfeiture laws are communism without recourse.
      Yet the LEOs buy in because they get a piece of CAF seizures. Everyone’s hands are dirty. So I pay with plastic on the odds the grid will go down before they get down to our low level in the sticks.
      But honesty? Constitution? Check the border for the correct answer.

      • My state is just a bit safer from the CAF scamdals(sic) due to a state law that requires a conviction rather than just an allegation. Of course, that doesn’t apply to the feds.

        It’s obviously a direct assault on the fourth amendment and probably others too. The supremes have failed in their duty to eliminate this nonsense permanently.

      • All of Ure biometric data is or will be on a blockchain. Every single financial detail in Ure life will be on the same blockchain. This implemtation is Now, whether “they” succeed in this global inslavement program is to be determined.

        Go watch the “Circus” and snag some bread tonight, it’s all a bad dream and will be over when Global Pop wakes the fuck up, or the dead tranny on a stick comes back with Salvation..bwahahaha

        *lack of any real MEN is this country/world suggests they “ will be successful.

      • I didn’t even have license plates on my car for 6 years. I kept them in the glove box. if a cop pulled me over I’d say, oh if you got a screw driver I will put them on right now. they always say, well you got them and the tabs are good. just put then on when you get home.

        because there is surveillance cameras on solar powered tri pods in the big cities since covid. and they remained there after covid and are still there today.

        now there is no solar powered surveillance tripods here. where I live. nor is there in Jackson hole wyoming. but there is everywhere else.

        not a single person has known my physical address in the last 6 years. I always use a p.o. box. not even my family has known my physical address. in some cases I didn’t even know it. I just knew how to get there. you can get a p.o. box for $60 for 6 months.

        and I’ve had 14 different phone numbers, 37 differnt Ip address, 21 different phones and 37 different mac adresses. 12 differnt area codes in the last 6 years. all from 8 different carriers. and I have a stack of track burner cash paid for phones in a safe.

        I never use those “savings cards” at stores. I just put in my ex’s phone numbers.

        and sometimes I leave my phone powered off and at home for days. sometimes I leave it on the mountain for days.

        in 2020, I’d put it on airplane mode, turn it off, throw it in the trunk in Sedona Arizona, leave it in there for months then pop up somewhere like cour d lane idaho and then turn it on.

        the number you have george is a public number. but come next week, it will be a different phone with a different ip address, differnt email, etc etc.

        maybe I’m not that big of deal. but them fucking cameras that send ya tickets in the mail ain’t never sent me one.

        and any point I reserve the right to delete all social media, change my phone, carrier and number, and take off some place off grid, without prior notice to anyone.

        and I do that sometimes. I call it a digital detox. it’s good for ya.

        there are place like the back roads from soda springs idaho to star valley there is no cell towers. zero service. I have literally got into the zero service place, placex it on airplane mode, turned a phone off, placed it in a plastic bag, stashed it in spot on the mountain. drove through the other side, and didn’t turn on another phone until I was 2 states away.

        then came back 2 weeks later, drove through the same spot, picked up the old phone, in the no service zone, plugged it into the charger, turned it back on and went back into the service zone and acted like nothing happened.

        I’m sure if they are tracking me. they are tracking everyone. im sure they were thinking. what the fuck?

        good for them. nosey assholes.

        I have a right to privacy.

        and I’ve decided to settle down and all that. I think this year is a good year to plant some roots.

        Good luck and God speed.

        • “because there is surveillance cameras on solar powered tri pods in the big cities since covid. and they remained there after covid and are still there today.”

          I stand corrected. Someone else HAS noticed.

          Around the Midwest, most are on single poles, not tripods (a few are mounted to telephone poles or light posts.) The camera runs a 24/7 satellite uplink and is controlled by a modular software system. The cams ALL have facial and license-plate recognition and lock-on, and they all have full-time audio. They’re typically mounted between 8-12 feet above ground.

          The spiel I got from my FEMA friend regarding these cams was that they were municipally-owned and had whatever feature modules a town decided to purchase and install. I was told they were installed in such a matrix that the sound of a gunshot could be recognized, then measured between several cams, and the location of the shot triangulated within a few feet, before a 911 call could be made.

          I believe the FEMA person was telling the truth WRT the camera’s capabilities. I believe I was lied to, WRT ownership and central user.

          Y’all remember the movie “Hoosiers?” Hoosiers was based on a true story — the story of the 1954 Indiana High School basketball championship, played between Muncie Central and Milan.

          Milan, Indiana is a one-street, two stop-sign town of maybe a dozen houses. It is located in the middle of nowhere, about 30-40 miles WNW of Cincinnati. I know because I was there last summer and knowing the history of the movie, slowed down and blinked twice before I was through the place. The production company that made the movie rented buildings and spaces in the counties surrounding New Castle (where Indiana’s basketball museum and HoF are located) because there aren’t any buildings as big as the one in which the “Hickory” town council met — not even a church.

          However, the teeming metropolis of Milan, Indiana DOES have these solar-powered sat-cams, as does the surrounding area — country roads that’re 30-50 miles from any town that’s big enough to have a working tax base… But somehow these empty Townships or Counties can afford to install a $50k apiece sat-cam or two, near every major intersection?


          BTW Dude. The installation of the cameras is ongoing. It only began in late 2020. I rarely go someplace I’ve not been for two weeks or more, when I don’t see a new sat-cam in whatever town I’m driving or path I’m taking.

          Funny thing: I have NEVER seen anyone actually install one of these cameras. I dunno if they’re going up in the middle of the night or what…

        • Phone service is highly variable in the West. Boosters can help:

          There is also the issue of networks. Some phone networks are more prevalent in some locations.
          Trying to evade tracking can actually make you more the target. Profiling. Admittedly, I use burners in places where gang-related phone thievery and identity theft are rampant. Hospitals and court houses come to mind.
          It’s good to hear from you. Since Andy left, we don’t get a lot of mountain guys posting.

    • If you use a store loyalty card , they know exactly what you bought . Three bottles of wine in a week? You must be an alcoholic.

      • as the song goes ~~~

        “Well, I heard some people talkin’ just the other day
        And they said you were gonna put me on a shelf
        But let me tell you I got some news for you
        And you’ll soon find out it’s true
        And then you’ll have to eat your lunch all by yourself”

        que: ~ Already Gone ~

        The Eagles.

        • p.s. If Death itself couldn’t catch me and hold me 12 times now.

          What makes you think your so special?

          I’m reading Taylor Swift off the side of a 2005 mini Cooper while sitting in a 7 -11 parking lot drinking a blue rasberry slurpee and 1/4 lb Big Bite chili cheese dog, 6 months before she decides to set foot on her little black box.


      • not you personally Wilson.

        just having a little conversation with “The powers that be” (echo) (echo)

        who also read my words.

        now, you might show up one day and find me with my bags packed and waiting. with a big smile on my face.

        but should that day ever come?

        you will have to know, I will already know how It’s all going to go. and I was waiting for you long before you ever got there. and it suits my purpose to be there. suits it just fine.

        like the fellas at the billionaire retreat. and the fed in Jackson hole. where I was where they were. at the same time.

        not a movement by prestigious invite, property, notoriety, iv league education, or service industry contract or employment opportunity, wealth accumulation, power, money or inside information or dark forces or hypnotism.

        I was there by spiritual lead development through prayer and meditation. intuition and psychic ability.

        Psalm 119: 105

        “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”

        in other words,

        God’s word is a lamp that shows us how to live and walk; like a Spiritual compass.

        that is how I get there.

        so, it’s been great catching up and all. but ya know, I gotta get.

        I already read the book. I know the next page. i wrote it. lol.

        pass the chips and Salas would ya.

        adios and vaya con dios

        • Hey! I just opened the corn chips and guac, and then I read that! How did you know? Oh… right… you just told us. God speed to you, mountain man. I’m off to ignore the stupid bowl now.

    • okanogan offgrid; That was a “chicken check” from our Attorney General who sued chicken processors for overcharging. It was in no way a bribe to get you to vote him in as our next Governor. I think he should go into the chicken business because he apparently knows more about how much chicken should cost than the 13 different companies processing it. If you haven’t got your chicken check you can apply at a State website until June. Your income must be below a certain level and there is no restriction for vegetarians.

    • This has been the case for at least 20 years. The IRS loves it.

      The IRS tracks every penny spent on cc’s versus income.

    • James McCanney is a self-supported plasma physicist who has shown that these cosmic discharges are real. His website is terribly disorganized, but the information is there for those who dig. I have all his self-published books.

      This is the first time I have seen cyclic and timing information like this, but it’s true… it happens.

  2. “The solar wind conditions are expected to be remain perturbed throughout Feb 11th”

    Even if you hate Hercule Poirot, ya gotta love the phraseology of the Belgians…

  3. George,

    Surfed the new “sunday at the Ranch” site looking for a reference to where you got used panels. I am at the sick of it stage trying to get a contractor to do the planned install so may DIM (DIY myself). Sadly, most of the journeymen ‘lectricians I know are my age or older. Phase 1 of my install will require a scramble on the 6/12 south roof and …

    I would have been done with my room rehab but the plaster part just keeps giving. I probed one more ceiling crack and dropped another de-laminated chunk (real plaster, 3 coat original, with stylistic top finish). So, everything is painted _except_ the ceiling. Marvelous.

    Why am I working on the least used bedroom in the house? Because it’s going to be a nursery for the son of my son. I’m hoping the newborn makes it here for 5-6 days this year. Did we _need_ a nursery? Mrs. E says yes. The things we do to stay married, to the same woman, for >40 years, in a row!

    We now have a White (mostly albino) Fox here now, along with several pairs of Red Fox, probably about to birth a bunch of puppies.

    I think the White Fox guy is an omen.
    But … of what Precious?
    We Wonders.


    • For panels try – I got 10 used which are guaranteed for 240 watts on originally 285 watt panels. With shipping came to $706 and change, but of that $237 was freight and then tax.
      I figure the payback at this price (basically 28 cents/w but 29.11 with freight/tax) will be 2-years. Sooner if the grid goes bye-bye

    • There’s Santan and another I’ve used. They have eBay stores. Every once in a while they’ll do a “free ship.” My last purchase was $450 shipped for 10 265w (225w guaranteed) panels, two years ago — an absolute steal…

      • Except there is usually a fine print ‘CONUS ONLY’ on the free shipping deals, bemoaned the overseas island boy.

        Years ago, when China was dumping the then-new 100 watt panels I found a ‘steal deal’ like that (shipping included) on ebay. The four panels got held at customs in Alaska who contacted me and wanted to know the price I paid for the panels. I told them the ‘shipping included’ price I paid, but they wanted it separated. So I had them give me the shipping details, carrier, weight, size, etc. Then I went to the FedEx shipper site to determine the shipping cost for such freight from Shenzen to Honolulu. After shipping, it turns out I paid about $10 each for the panels. I sent all that information back to customs, and the panels continued on… duty free..

    • “Phase 1 of my install will require a scramble on the 6/12 south roof and …”
      May I suggest revising that plan to install them nearer to ground level? Sweeping a foot of snow off of them while on that 6/12 roof would be a chore, and with all that white stuff blocking the sunlight (if any), you’ll get no juice in the interim.

      • olfart, yah, that has occurred to me too. The thing is ground footprint is hard to come by ATL (at the lake). I’m lucky with decent frontage vs. some who we joke should have communal downspouts. Though not in any hard plan it was always my thought to have heat strips and sacrifice some gain to keep panels in melt. Dunno. I could also put panels out at the boathouse but it’s increasing distance from panels to house and battery storage sounds expensive. I was once messing with a curved solar furnace concept with son of Egor (a school project). We obtained +10% metered gain. But, I doubt the juice is worth the squeeze. BR, Egor

  4. i dont say everything i see. and i dont speak online much anymore. i prefer to keep my power and direct it as THE DUDE wills it.

    a few weeks back i saw written on the side of a train, “Heavens on fire”

    todays super bowl is in Allegiant Stadium, home of the Las Vegas Raiders, is actually in adjacent Paradise, Nevada.

    per the eclipse on 04/08/2024

    “In the shuffling madness
    Of the locomotive breath
    Runs the all-time loser
    Headlong to his death”

    Jethro Tull.

    anyone worth their spiritual salt, knows “the all-time loser” & “And the all-time winner”

    is the same person.

    ya know its funny. all this talk about Taylor Swift standing on a black cube, wearing a black outfit with a red snake on it, and how it all represents Saturn, ” the Kaaba”and duality and choosing sides. how talor swift chose the dark side.

    if n youre “in the know”.

    so i posed the question on X. which is more valuable?

    taylor swift standing on a black cube singing, wearing a black outfit with a red snake on it, missing and arm and a leg, representing masonic duality of the checker board.


    me reading it written (and understanding its meaning) on the side of a car 6 months before it ever becomes a thing.

    which is more valuable?

    as per my movement A Jedi Elder said, “Grand Mother says, “sometimes we get a snag. you can take it as a lesson. or you can brush it off. you can’t have it all.”

    later that night i watched LA confidential. a movie about corrupt cops, good cops and hollywood dopelganger hookers.

    the last line in the movie is,

    “Sum men get the whole world and Sum get an ex hooker and a trip to Arizona.”

    i hit my snag yesterday. i laughed, brushed it off, the Jedi gave me the clue, i had the key, i saw the sign and. today, i seen my error. and made the adjustment. thank the Good Lord anyway and woke up this morning with 4 years sober.

    this is all a learning 4xperiance. its real life. still its an experiance.

    its better to say alot with less than less with alot. like the writting on the car. DUDE says alot, in a little.

    the good news is,

    i know whats written on the next page.

  5. “Two minute warning!” hit the stopwatch. I’ve been times when two-minutes remaining runs upwards of 20-minutes on the local clocks”



    “place your hand on a hot stove and 2 minutes seems like eternity. place your hand on a hot woman and 20 minutes seems like 2 minutes. The theory of relativity ” Preacher, aka LL Cool J

    from The movie Deep Blue Sea.

    another good line from that movie,

    “So here’s the riddle. What does an eight thousand pound mako shark with a brain the size of a flat head V8 engine and no natural predators think about?

    That’s the answer to the riddle. Because that’s what an 8000 pound mako thinks about. About freedom. About the deep blue sea.”

    Russle Franklin, aka Sammual Jackson.

    I have a looong head, it runs deep through the palm of my hand and around the back side. The longest one the Palm lady said she ever seen.

    and I think about freedom too.

    ~ The Theory of Realtivity ~

    having been a Minor, I have to go with Brock Purdy who also credits His success to salvation found in Christ and the 49ers over swift and her snake.

    for the win.

    • Well the good news is, we dont have to all listen to another Taylor Swift break up song. and thanks Be to Jesus for that.


      more and more signs that the Cheifs aka the Jedi aka The Elders, aka the Eldest will have their 5th world. and the industrial tech fags will lose the battle to end all things in the 4th world.

      good for them.

      good game.

    • ” I have to go with Brock Purdy who also credits His success to salvation found in Christ”

      As does Patrick Mahomes, who kneels down in the end zone and prays before every game, then offers praise in every postgame interview, before crediting his team or coaches, or accepting any for himself.

      I’m pretty sure God never takes a hand in a sports contest, except occasionally to save a player who codes on the field (after he’s forced to take the jab…)

  6. “The Surveillance State is worse than we thought: Treasury Sec. Dodges Questions on Bank Spying Program for MAGA, Trump Supporters & Bible Purchasers.”

    …And STILL, no one in the USSA besides me has even noticed the “you may no longer move freely about the Country” population surveillance cameras going up everywhere, let alone commented on them.

    • I’ve noticed, and I imagine others have too. Cameras everywhere, visible and otherwise. Cop cars and road signs with license plate readers going into both private and government databases for known and unknown purposes We worried about connected databases back in the 70’s, though the current generation seems to be largely oblivious. After all, it’s “convenient” in many ways. Less so in others.

    • But if someone does a hit and run, there isn’t a single cop or camera anywhere. Some years back, a trash container truck driver lost control control of his rig approaching a red-light because he was cell-phoning instead of driving. I was stationary at the intersection, and he caught my rear side panel with his plastic side bug thingy. $1000 damage. He rabbited when the light turned green. I chased him about 4 miles to the dump. The truck driver admitted to the cop he was there, but claimed he didn’t hit me. The young cop told me the marks on my car agreed with my story, but he wouldn’t issue a ticket. I have passed the exact same background checks as he and his supervisor and more, and my witness means nothing. All insurance stiffed me. No cops, no cameras, no luck. The garbage thugs were making their pay-offs on time, I suppose. There are a lot of cameras, but they aren’t for Ure protection.

      • I got t-boned in downtown Cleveland a few years back. First, the locals, then both my insurance company and that of the other guy asked if I had a dashcam which could confirm my story. (I did not.)

        The other driver contended that I drove my car sideways into his, as he was pulling out of a parking lot. Because his version of the accident differed from mine, even though it defied both physics and common sense, there was no citation and no insurance payout.

        Lesson learned…

  7. “Democrats are having a very bad, awful, no good week.

    Tucker Carlson Met with Edward Snowden and Joe Biden’s Rape Accuser Tara Reade While in Moscow..


    The former Fox News anchor spent several hours on Thursday in a meeting with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.”

    “How crazy is it that a former Biden staffer defected to Russia because she was worried about being murdered by the Biden regime?”

  8. I didn’t watch. But I hear KC won. George’s market called it. Another indicator filled. Look out below! Seat belts and crash helmets highly recommended.

  9. well.

    california is a blue state.
    missouri is a red state.

    as the way things go. when a red state wins the superbowl on a presidential elelction year. so does the president win who is the running republican.

    until we meet again freinds.

    9 degrees on the mountain.

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