Markets Setup for a KC Win

Sure everyone has heard about the Super Bowl Indicator.  Basically, this weekend if the 9’ers win, the market should soar. But if it’s KC?  Then the indicator says best lookout below.

What everyone should also know is that the indicator – which has been around since at least 1978 is not especially good at predicting the Future.

So today, we look at the charts and see what the underlying technical view may be telling us about who to be cheering tomorrow.

Along with the usual assorted news-n-noise, too.  But we’re not here to wreck the weekend.

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55 thoughts on “Markets Setup for a KC Win”

  1. Yo Greenshades,

    That last chart looks like my typical p&l options position chart. Neutral currently = bottom of chart/middle = current combined positions in single equity. Big move either direction makes me a very happy boy. Hard right side of that last chart is currently were I am with 2 BTC mining stocks..that ain’t dingle bells Ure hears ringing, no that be the “cash register”!

    * Don’t need no nosty to tell me tRump 2nd term = WW3

    How many times been bankrupted ? WHOSE money bailed him out time and again ? Who was his gay lover/mentor, before epstain?
    A- Roy Kohn. Koshernostra atty extroidinare.

    • So you’re saying that pedo joe is a far more moral man than President Trump? I’ll take my chances with MAGA.

    • The thing isn’t his failing…its what he learned from his falling down. he was able to stand back up and rebuild himself..
      Joe on the other hand hasn’t ever had a real world job. his whole life has been at the dc buffet tables. he hasn’t done very much in comparison to the peoples needs as well.. how many poor kids in the ghetto has Joe gone above and beyond to save a child’s life.. how many homes has he bought e for a poor American taxpayer..
      Hunter in his book says it all.. he mentions that his fathers ability to charm and persuade others when they got caught breaking and entering mansions that were for sale or abandoned kept them out of jail.. (“Hunter, describing his childhood in Wilmington, Delaware, told me that after church his father would sometimes drive him and his brother, Beau, through wealthy neighborhoods, where they would sneak onto empty estates that were either abandoned or on the market. If the front door was locked, the boys’ father would hoist them through a second-floor window, and they would run downstairs and let him in. If a real-estate agent arrived when they were there, Biden, who at this point was a senator, would charm the agent into giving them a tour.”)
      obviously the allegations continue on the family business ventures.
      sure Donald trump failed.. much of which wasn’t his fault a miscalculated gamble. he was able to rebound ..his employees feel as if he’s available to them and his heart strings go a long way..from paying for a lifesaving surgery to a poor African American boy to buying homes for soldiers that gave their best for our country.. A vast difference in comparison..
      my guess is trump loves this country thought he could turn the titanic away from our glacier.. at this point I don’t think it can be done .. with the latest push to fund war we are entering in to a very dangerous situation as I see it the adversaries see the weakness of our present administration and are playing the poison pawn trap.. by convincing the administration to open the borders and allow what’s basically a siege by potential enemy soldiers sneaking in just as they’ve threatened for decades posing as refugees..using up strategic reserves leaves us vulnerable .. with our military on what is it now 8 fronts.. not counting the potential internal threat..
      now as for me Rand Paul and Ted Cruz should be running..I don’t care which would be for pres and which would be vp..they both love our country have integrity and a moral and ethical compass..
      of course that’s just my opinion..

  2. re: “Shake your Bogie”
    feat: KC & the Sunshine Band


    A few days ago the “France24” website posted an image along with their take on the Tower 22 attack. The image from last November showed a group of crisply uniformed masked members of the Kataeb group. They were attending the funeral of a newly deceased comrade dispatched by Centcom armament. Their Arabic script uniform sashes only partially translated into King’s English as “War”. It’s certainly a headscratcher that a terrorist group entrenched in the formerly coalition-liberated suburbs south of Baghdad who punted out the arguably worse ISIL a decade ago now have (formerly friendly?) Centcom bearing down in their red zone.

    Recent msm headlines inform the minions that a couple of Kataeb leaders have been taken out by Centcom. Hopefully a clash doesn’t rock the goalposts. Getting buffaloed with a wide right miss is the last thing the Administration wants?

  3. Back there it was mentioned heavy rain could cause an earthquake in CA. Perhaps all that heavy rain in CA did jostle the eastern part of the plate chain and the Hawaiian side was moved. All that mud lubing up the joints. If the mud goes down far and hits some heat there may be a blow-off expansion. ???

    Is the ‘Global Coastal Event’ still on deck?

    “some kind of left field event”

    There was as shooting in NYC that involved a 15 y/o Venezuelan migrant, a Brazilian tourist and an American policeman. Today there is a video circulating of the 15 y/o’s arrest.

    Mom, 15 y/o, everyone in the background wailing. I thought to myself wouldn’t it be something if 50,000 +/- migrants went to city hall and burned it all down to free the kid? Maybe not his weekend but it’s coming.

    “Immigration to Boost US GDP by $7 Trillion Over Decade, CBO Says”

    That’s the fiscal multiplier at work. All the money on the cash cards and other freebies the migrants receive will fan out.

    Brookings mentioned the fiscal multiplier back in 2021 when Biden unleashed $1,900,000,000,000.

    “Nonetheless, an analysis of how the fiscal package would affect the overall economy is instructive, although subject to a great deal of uncertainty. In all, with the $1.9 trillion package, we project that cumulative real GDP between 2020 and 2023 would end up close to its pre-pandemic projection; ”

    Looks like Brookings staff were right.

    Gross domestic product of the United States from 1990 to 2022

    • “Brookings mentioned the fiscal multiplier back in 2021 when Biden unleashed $1,900,000,000,000.”

      It’s foolish to blame it all on one character when we’re all (or most of us!) are in on it. I.a.w. who took a gun and shot the malefactors? ;=( Even A. H. had to do it himself in 1945 while all his life he was surrounded by guns W/O guts. Flapping the mouth is of little use, IMHO. Pls. Lord forgive me!

      • Wait a minute I’m not blaming, I’m illustrating.

        The GDP graph was in the link and GDP was crashing. The Biden/Congressional $1,900,000,000,000 stimulus saved GDP just like they said it could/would.

        In terms of GDP the $1,900,000,000,000 stimulus worked. The graph is the graph.

    • Except that Hawaii is not located on a crustal plate fault. It is a ‘hot spot’ on the crust where magma surfaces and forms the worlds largest shield volcano. For tetrahedral geometry fans, Mauna Loa is located smack on the 19.5 degree latitude line.
      I’m becoming a fan of the ‘expando-earth’ theory where high energy blasts from the sun focus on the Earth’s core and create matter, and stretch the crust out a bit. Or pressurize the magma vent in Hawaii. I note that just hours before our earthquake we had the second largest solar flare of this solar cycle, an X3.3 flare.

    • If you just want to boost the GDP in dollars, then the same amount of free cash could have been given to Americans to spend. Why import millions of unvetted aliens who know nothing of our culture and give them what’s ours? The only possible reason is to destabilize and soften up our country. Real immigrants bring something to the table because they know they won’t get freebees and it will cost them dearly for some period of time. After that, they can do well as productive residents.

      • ” Why import millions of unvetted aliens who know nothing of our culture and give them what’s ours?”

        Especially when a lot of what we give the alien invaders is being sent back to their friends/families in the countries of origin via postal money orders, wire transfers, Western Union, etc.

      • Are you asking me to speculate?

        We were there and Americans did participate in the give-aways.

        As example, The Teamsters Pension fund was bailed out. General Motors and Ford got money for the Lansing, MI battery factories. Child tax credits. The Social Security crowd got a record raise. Extended unemployment with supplemental benefits. Boeing was going over the falls until .gov started buying Boeing bonds.

        There was plenty to go around. Everyone was touched.

        “The American Rescue Plan”.

  4. I continue to cringe when anyone picks an exact date for SHTF. The day after nothing happens, the normalcy bias folks are doing the “na na na” routine and buying more stock.

    Most (all?) your readers know it’s going down and are preparing and I would agree it is probably this year, exact date unknown. The only prediction I have is, the way the political scene is developing, the US election will be cancelled this year.

    Perhaps the best quote I have come across today is this one.

    “There are decades when nothing happens, and weeks when decades happen.”

    We are in a time of major gathering momentum.

    • Hmm.. I think I know the exact date when it all happens..
      there are 10 signs..
      1. Signs of Deception
      2. Hunger and Famine
      3. Natural Disasters
      4. The Spread of New Diseases
      5. War
      6. Rumors of War
      7. Signs in the Heavens
      8. Persecution
      9. Lawlessness
      10. Jesus ( those that follow his teachings will understand)

      I myself will have to wait till they all converge and I go oh shit look at what’s happening…
      until then I will continue to prep quietly and try to be the best me that I can be..

        • It better lol lol I still don’t know what happened on oak island and I haven’t made the wine of ancient Gilgamesh lol lol..they aren’t allowed to destroy mankind yet when big mysteries like that exist lol lol

        • “As many people have noted, the number 13 is swirling all around SB58: 5+8=13, 4+9=13 (49ers), 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy’s number is 13, the halftime show is 13 minuteslong, February 11th is 2/11 with 2+11=13, and, wouldn’t ya know it, 13 is Taylor Swift’s favorite number.”

        • “The number 112 is the European Emergency Number, and in fact February 11th is European 112 Day, designed to help raise awareness of the number. Since its adoption in Western Europe, over 100 other countries have started using it as an emergency number, including Egypt, South Africa, China, India, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Australia and Brazil.
          Thus, 112 is the global 911—and, given the very intentional correspondence between 911 and 9/11, this probably doesn’t bode well for the events of February 11th. (911+211=1122, as in 11/22 … like that?)

          So, we can expect a major false flag at Super Bowl 58, or a series of global attacks, perhaps involving weapons of mass destruction? The event itself, with all of its attendant symbolism and black sorcery, is itself a WMD targeting our collective subconscious. SB58 will likely be the most-watched Super Bowl ever, perhaps the most-viewed event in human history. The Elite manipulate our consciousness to create the reality they desire, programming it through the use of symbols and spells. Regardless of whatever else may occur in conjunction with the game, the event will be an unprecedented black-
          magickal global attack on humanity.”


          Nostradamus Quatrain II-13
          Le corps sans ame plus n’estreen sacrifice.
          Iour de mort mis en natiuité.
          L’esprit diuin fera l’ame felice
          Voiant le verbe en son eternité.

          Nostradamus Quatrain II-13
          The body without soul no longer to be sacrificed.
          Day of death put for birthday.
          The divine spirit will make the soul happy
          Seeing the word in its eternity.

          Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars 2024 page 2298

          “13 is my lucky number for a lot of reasons,” Swift told the media in 2009. “I was born on the 13th. I turned 13 on Friday the 13th. My first album went gold in 13 weeks. My first #1 song had a 13-second intro. Every time I’ve won an award I’ve been seated in either the 13th seat, the 13th row, the 13th section or row M, which is the 13th letter.”

      • “try to be the best me that I can be..”

        LOOTB hit it out of the park, IMO. If all of us would follow his lead there would be peace.

      • LOOB- You’re saying that the SHTF happens when everything is business as usual ? OK, maybe Signs in the Heavens might be something different. I won’t comment on the celebrity appearance meme.

    • I will say I believe its getting close.. I’ve dedicated my life to helping others to be their strength at their weakest moments in life… my thoughts now is to back away concentrate on my lovely bride and maybe take her out to eat once in a while.. there’s a local winery that we will be spending a whole day there..I want to tour it.. and dam if it wouldn’t be a dream come true to actually visit oak island..

    • the insanity can’t happen before I make the wine of ancient Gilgamesh…
      speaking of witch I get to bottle this weekend..

      • I love Gilgamesh. I had to translate his story in Latin class in high school. A modern translation sent me down a rabbit hole of ancient creation stories recently. Stacks of read books on my desk.

        • Me to.. well not stacks on the desk… A good friend that I met in the stacks at the LOC is wanting to read the trasnlation of the books of eden.. I have a copy someplace around here.. gotta find them before its to late for her to read it.. she has a KID.. that comes to help her with her daily chores.. the kid is 86 and she still reads one and a half books a day.. smartest woman I have ever met.. we have been dear friends for almost fifty years she said she can’t quite sew by hand anymore because of her eyesight..
          one day not that long ago she was telling me she wished she could find a smart person LOL LOL I laughed and said come on how many years have I known you know.. you have probably the education of several PHD’s.. I know you have read more than they have.. hell my neices and nephews that are college professors refrain from getting into a debate.. seems I make them go read a little bit LOL LOL LOL and I am absolutely no body LOL LOL LOL only paper and art work on my walls are from little fingers that made them for me LOL LOL LOL My income level is laughable.. and a no contest..
          she is a hoot.. her job once upon a time was to read the crap that congressmen refuse to read.. LOL LOL and the crap they definately don’t write themselves..
          Gilgamesh.. wonderful sagga.. like the story of Noahs ark.. (Its not lost they have known where it is for thousands of years.. there is a regular religious pilgrimage to the site every year.. I love that story seen photos from archeologists that said they have been inside of it….) Buring the bolshevic war there were stories of warriors taking wood from it to build homes until it was made a shrine .. to see these terrorist factions that are destroying history of man.. I think that is horrible we should learn from history ..
          Last week on Oak Island they were showing some of the treasure.. what was it.. little glass beads.. glass beads were considered currancy in the ancient world.. my hope is that the whole cash of things being stored isn’t just a bowl of necklace beads LOL LOL so when we figure money treasure.. we also have to look back at history and think what did they value.. the Aztecs and Mayans cherished food grain.. what they seen as a good for gold was decoration not treasure..
          will we find a cash of seeds..the real treasure of mankind.. or some glass beads..
          I got some seeds from an archeologist doing research in cliff dwellings… I did get them to sprout but didn’t have a long enough grow period.. I should have sent them to G.. but it is what it is.. througout history it is mans greed that complicates things.. the old writings are pretty explanitory.. and you see the same message over and over.. its mans interpretations that make it confusing.. but then I am talking religion and that is a taboo subject in our home for me to talk about.. I could piss off the pope LOL LOL
          what I would truly love to see discovered the true treasure of Russia.. the lost library of Ivan.. dam what I wouldn’t give to just smell the iron of the ink of the day.. there are scrolls in there from the library of alexandria and all over the ancient world.. Gifts for his wife and hidden by Ivan.. books supposedly twenty five thousand years old.. what a treasure.. the true treasure of history.. After the SHTF scenario.. my guess is the LOC will become one of those lost libraries.. I will never forget.. I had just come up from the stacks.. and a group of people on vacation was standing there looking down at the card catalogue.. the one guys said.. shoot there aren’t that many books.. I said to him.. that if the card catalogue.. in the back they have the majority on micro fiche tape.. LOL LOL LOL LOL instant you could see his impression change.. to one of amazement…

    • “The only prediction I have is, the way the political scene is developing, the US election will be cancelled this year.”


      Neither the President, nor Congress, can cancel a Federal (“General”) Election, and they would have to pass a bill via normal Congressional procedure, to postpone the General Election. Postponing an election would be of limited use to anyone, or for any purpose, because unless re-elected, the President is replaced, evicted from the White House, and the Vice President is replaced and evicted from the Naval Observatory at or before midnight, on January 20, following the date on which the General Election should’ve been held. This rule is carved in stone, and can only be altered via a Constitutional Amendment.

      Neither CoG nor the whim of the President are applicable in any way, shape, or form.

      BTW, if, for some reason, there were no election, under our CoG (Continuity of Government framework), the highest-ranking official below the VP (currently the Speaker of the House of Representatives) would be sworn in on January 20th, as “President Pro Tempore of the United States” (official title) and would remain as “acting President” until electors could be named by the Legislatures of the States, and convened as an “Electoral College.”

      • “Neither the President, nor Congress, can cancel a Federal (“General”) Election, ”

        That totally depends on how you interpret what they have already passed.. supposedly they couldn’t send any more money to Ukraine until congress agreed to do it.. they did it anyway that was a huge Fuzk You we can do what we want symbol to the taxpayers if you ever had one..They are charging an ex president with crimes that they excused to the others..another symbol of we can do what we want when we want….
        (“During the continuance of a war in which the United States is engaged, the President is authorized, if he finds it necessary for the national defense and security, to direct that such communications as in his judgment may be essential to the national defense and security shall have preference or priority with any carrier subject to this chapter. He may give these directions at and for such times as he may determine, and may modify, change, suspend, or annul them and for any such purpose he is authorized to issue orders directly, or through such person or persons as he designates for the purpose, or through the Commission. Upon proclamation by the President that there exists war or a threat of war, or a state of public peril or disaster or other national emergency, or in order to preserve the neutrality of the United States, the President, if he deems it necessary in the interest of national security or defense, may suspend or amend, for such time as he may see fit, “)
        It totally depends on how you interpret it I see red flags flapping back and forth on that one….Seeing how heads of agencies seem to be complicit with the alleged criminal behaviors and business activities of the brand should say volumes. Then we have the open borders allowing people to enter freely a government giving them cash cards and wanting to buy them homes and give great deal of money all at the expense of the taxpayers.. taking and spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to try and throw an ex president in prison for stuff he was allowed to do and cover over the crimes of those that are not and by all appearances just flipping the bird to the people of the country..could it get any worse.. yup.. and I believe it will if stu’s enterpretations are correct..this is just the beginning…

        • That still doesn’t trump the Constitution. I suppose if a President had a sufficiently large military force of followers who either repudiated the Constitution or were ignorant of it, or [ignorant of] their right to refuse to obey an illegal order (like maybe an army composed of non-English-speaking illegal aliens) he could remain in office past 1/20, but such a stunt would become immediately obvious to the (couple hundred million) sociopolitical lemmings in our society, many millions of whom would grab their Remingtons and Mossbergs, and follow the path of “Mr. Smith” (as portrayed by Jimmy Stewart.) The welfare queens and couch potatoes may not be at the top of the “worth chart,” but when THEY notice something, so has everyone else…

        • (“That still doesn’t trump the Constitution.”)
          Doesn’t it?
          We seen them send eighty five billion without congressional approval.. against the constitution..
          we have seen the heads of agencies all basically tell congress that they can suck their walley.. they don’t have to give congress a dam thing even though it totally appears as if they are complicit and involved in the high crimes that have been alleged.. again against the constitution and an active thing we see going on today…. Our congress no longer has the authorities that were set in place to keep the country on a straight road.. today the only thing it seems that they or anyone know is when their next day off is going to be.. they no longer write the bills they sure in hell don’t read them.. and no one is home in DC.. the big use was some aide to a congressman missusing the desk at the front of congress where the paper handler sits.. during congress in session.. what you see is four or five paper shufflers shuffling papers.. congressmen are not there as we teach our children they are.. discussing and going through the bills.. they are gone on some fact finding mission in the caymen islands.. or on the ski slopes of some resort discussing the prominent issues at hand.. ( yeah right you betcha LOL ) the pilot for my congressman he sits with his wife at a coffee house.. says it is the best gig he has ever had.. the lobbyists pay for the plane and him and the crew and they can sit around and drink coffee go up once in a while to keep flight time..
          fifty or a hundred years ago.. how would issues like these have been handled.. all civilizations show a similar pattern when they fall.. and those that usually take the complicit position usually don’t fare very well..
          With that one law passed by congress years and years ago.. depending on how they interpret it..I believe that the administration could postpone the election.. just from the threat of a trojan horse attack group having crossed our borders with the assistance of the heads of agencies..

  5. Ok..A little over a year ago I bought the boss a set of pots,and pans..
    here i s my evaluation of them after a full year of heavy use..

    this is the lighter duty set…if you buy them get the heavier duty set..the handles get hot with the light duty set..
    nonstick.. wow yes they are season them by the manufacturers recomendations..
    durability outstanding..I did drop one of the lighter duty pans and the edge bent just a little bit. the heavier duty pans you could drive a tank over them and not get a dent..
    over all one great buy..worth every penny I paid for them..

  6. …well… ….at least the Clydesdales are back,
    along with their yellow lab horse-buddy.

    …could be worse.

  7. Looks like the market will soar then. Niners will win in a romp. Too many weapons and their defense is way too good and rested to allow Mahomes a chance to do his magic. Take it to the bank folks!

      • LOL LOL LOL the kids hated me.. I am not a pro football person.. I was at the table eating the snacks laid out for the get together LOL LOL LOL once in a while I would go yea yippy LOL LOL LOL the grand daughter makes one hell of a corn dip.. don’t know what is all in it.. but dam I love that stuff… the rest of the day was sitting in front of the television watching hallmark movies… I had a great day overall

  8. Hmm the game..who will win..
    my first guess is the team that gets the most points.. I myself since I’d rather watch high school kids play than someone that’s getting millions to play will be watching hallmark movie channel.. will we have the caso dip I hope so ..
    I’d like tacos to lol lol.. and a cold adult beverage..

    • I’ll be working on my car’s wiring. I can always watch TayTay on youtube with the sound off at my own convenience. I have no interest in watching a bunch of guys in tights chasing a deformed ball.

      • making millions of dollars doing it to.. I would rather watch the high school kids play a game that they play for fun… than some guy that is paid so much money that most of us will never see in our lifetime..

  9. Positioning for a fall? Not so fast there, Bubba
    – For 2024, that means the market will be higher if the San Francisco 49ers win, and fall if the Kansas City Chiefs come out on top.
    – It should be noted that this “Super Bowl Indicator” is far from accurate. In fact, when ever the indicator is Bearish [ in this case, the Chiefs win.] the market has been up 82% of the time with an average return of over 11.5%.
    No wonder that, shortly before Koppett died in 2003, [ creator of the indicator – as a joke.] he reportedly said that he hoped the Super Bowl Indicator would be declared “dead as a doornail.”
    – Note: A sport-betting A.I. program has picked the 49’ers to win by a touchdown. It has been 100% correct in the past 22 picks. In this case, Bullish for stocks.

    • “Note: A sport-betting A.I. program has picked the 49’ers to win by a touchdown. It has been 100% correct in the past 22 picks.”

      John Connor disagrees…

    oh my a kitchen gadget I don’t have… probably won’t either..but dam
    it wouldn’t ever get used lol.. well maybe once but the wife would never understand … lol lol so I will just leave it there.. lol lol it is tempting though..

  11. Anyone else get a letter from the state that you owe about 60 bucks in state taxes from 2001? Letter dated 2024.

    Yep, 23 years ago.

    Hell, I got more than $60. Worth of losing lottery tickets from just last year alone. But they don’t wanna talk about that.


  12. In my FEMA-funded job for the ARRL*, I traveled around the country for a couple of years delivering to local meetings, a program I created that was intended to bring local “groups active in emergencies” together with the local group of ham radio operators, who, often, were NOT closely connected and working with the various organizations. Included were school authorities, police, fire, EMT, trucking cos, local field offices from GovDome, and many others.

    During this time, things I heard (recounted elsewhere in these pages) as this is not my first posting on this subject) led me to believe that one day, a Very Large Number of individually and categorically unrelated “small” attacks — like our recent rifle attack on an electrical substation here, that blacked us out for over a week in deep winter. The Bad Guys shot up a big power transformer’s cooling fins, and the cooling oil drained out, and it overheated and blew up. Very Big Deal. (Anyway, if asked, I’ll repeat my detailed nightmare scenario here.) Short form: I expect tens of thousands of small atacks, within a short duration of time, intended to spread panic in the population — and hereby chaos. NOT huge damage and big body-counts, but CHAOS and disorder. (Remember Rod Serling’s, “Monsters On Main Street?” That.)

    I don’t speak to the member comments after the article, as they can be a tad hysterical or paranoid; but I found the first few paragraphs… …interesting.


    *”ARRL” = American Radio Relay League (Quaint name for a well-respected organization over a hundred years old….)

    • Interesting account regarding the transformer. It would be expensive in aggregate, yet really cheap compared to the damage, if there was an oil level/temp sensor installed in each major transformer near the top. It could be RF connected to an alarm system net and such infrastructure could be shut down in time to prevent destroying these expensive long lead items. With more and more “green” applications like fields of PV, there are more and more transformers and line conditioning equip. at isolated and diverse locations. The EPA would appreciate it too.

      • think about that.. we no longer produce them in the USA… years ago I use to work recycling of those old transformers.. that whole operation was moved.. to China.. the last time I heard there was a ten to twenty year backlog on orders.. think about that..
        Now I could go on about how the USA should be handing out grid tied solar power systems and building solar towers.. they won’t do it because of the business model.. but they should ..the hundred years freeze in Texas should be enough of a realization that a tiered collapse could happen quite easily.. but then seriously why would they be interested in an idea that some old moron in the wastelands thinks that never made more than what they spend on coffee…Yes it would strengthen the grid.. make it almost bulletproof.. but it takes away from big buck billies pocket book extravaganza LOL just as bad.. or maybe just about as bad as the morons in power now that are selling out the USA for money..

        • We do still manufacture transformers in the U.S., but not the massive ones, and not a very high percentage. Most of what are made here are specialty transformers — custom jobbies for universities and labs.

          The waiting time for 18″ to 4′ transformers (the ones on telephone poles and the little bitty ones in the substations) is virtually overnight. Anything bigger takes time. The bigger it is, the longer it takes to manufacture, and the longer the waiting line before the manufacturing begins.

          Every time there’s a thunderstorm or wind storm, or a rapid warm-up, pole transformers around here will blow. I have heard the linemen, on more than one occasion, complain about the “G-D M-F junk Chinese transformers we have to use…” I’m guessing they’re built with junk Chinese wire, and with very little over-tolerance leeway…

      • “if there was an oil level/temp sensor installed in each major transformer”

        I shouldn’t be surprised if such systems already exist, at least in the Midwest. What we have is a substation, enclosed by 6.5ga chain link (like everybody else) but then enclosed again with another row, placed 20-50 feet beyond the first. An arrangement of sat-cams is arranged between the inner fence and the transformer pile. I haven’t looked closely enough to see whether they aim out, or aim across the pile (so as to put the larger transformers, and the cameras opposite, within the cameras’ FoV.) You can park outside a substation, even out in the middle of nowhere, and there will be a “Mountie” at your side within about two minutes (kiss her twice, but don’t go for the bra strap…)

        Since the sat-uplink is already there, I should think it would take little time or effort to install a photocell or float sensor inside, or a passive thermal sensor (liquid crystal strip or paint) on the outside of every transformer and piggyback onto the existing signal. The big problem is the US and Canada currently make zero transformers, so the CCP would know whatever tech we used, and could sell DIY kits detailing the workarounds.

        • I guess I never looked at the sub I will have to run over and look at it lol lol..when I was younger we use to get light bulbs ( fluorescent) and walk up to the fence and watch them light up..
          A lot of fun..

      • I actually had someone ask me last night about setting up a backup system.. I said I was shocked they hadn’t done it already.. if the power company is telling everyone that is the wise thing to do.. and wanting all of their customers to consider it.. that is a definite they see something bad this way comes.. and can you just flip the switch off on your power.. if you just walked to your circuit breaker.. flip it off for lets say a week.. that would give you a good indication on how much you need that grid.. try it once.. you will go for about a day.. back in the seventies.. we had the power shut off the heat shut off.. I had to scrape grain up off of the ground and grind it with a rock in a cast iron pan to make a crude gruel.. I dragged the old coffee grounds at the restaurants trash.. ( they were nice.. they put them in a baggie for me ) and re roast it.. to have a coffee.. along with barley and corn.. to make a drink.. I walked twelve miles to work.. scraped the fat off the hides of road kill.. shit you don’t want to experience.. I have been there done that.. so go flip your breaker once.. just to see what life will be like..
        well I laid into my friend.. I sent him to some sites to get the gear.. and who to call to install it.. now it is up to him.. He remembers living in his seventeen by seventy with no heat.. I said do you have a tilley heater or a kerosine heater.. after those years I still have them.. I have coleman quick lites for every room to.. the last hardship we had we went a year without an income.. my wife bitched and moaned because of the way I am.. now she helps.. once you have to experience it.. you swear you will never go back there again..
        my wifes sewing machine just took a dump a half hour ago…. LOL.. I have one on lay away for her for valentines day.. so I will pick it up today..

      • the nastiest job i had was steam cleaning blood tanks.. LOL LOL LOL that was nastier than doing crime scene photos and that was sad and horrible to do.. seen the horrors that man will do to man it makes me sad…
        on the blood tanks…first you opened the pit cock on the bottom of the tank.. let the maggots fall out that gut wrenching smell would hit you broadside…. about three foot high.. these tanks traveled all across the USA with this old rotten blood in them to go into makeup and dog food through the deserts and hills…. then back.. the smell.. gut wrenching smell.. omg just thinking about it brings that smell to my mind LOL LOL LOL once the maggots were out or most of them out.. then you crawled inside the tank.. no respirator or anything else and went to town cleaning the tanks with the steam gun LOL LOL LOL Milk tanks are not as bad but that is gut wrenching to LOL LOL been there done that day labor omg.. that is so horrible LOL.. I suggested that job with the mike Rowe he was smart and didn’t do it on his show dirtiest jobs LOL LOL LOL .. he did one that was just about as slimey.. he washed the slime off of eels LOL LOL LOL won’t see me eating them anytime soon LOL LOL LOL

  13. Hams:

    7.299 by day, 3.999 by night.
    xx:15 and xx:45 minute special listening period.

    “Business Model” worked into casual
    conversation, drawing no attention to it.

    No tuning / hunting around. These are “spot” frequencies — if busy, try later. No “NCS.”
    No “HQ.” Locally self-organizing.

  14. I love Gilgamesh. I had to translate his story in Latin class in high school. A modern translation sent me down a rabbit hole of ancient creation stories recently. Stacks of read books on my desk.

  15. Rumor is the IDF has begun Storm-trooper-ing Gaza.

    Perhaps there will be a nuclear event during the Superbowl.

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