Stormy Monday 2

With the power coming back on at 4:30 AM (and our thanks to the line crews of Trinity Valley Electric Co-op), many more pieces  were added to Wednesday’s upcoming  Peoplenomics report.

A short sketch of it is in order, because it bears heavily on present times.

My thesis is the world stands on the edge of Digital Global Madness (DGM) thanks to social media.  Further, as my colleague Ehor has been working on a 112-year longer long wave cycle, I show there is a case for alternating Kondratieff Wave declines based on prevailing interest rates aat key cycle points.

Specifically, rates had just peaked when the mini-Crash in 1987 occurred.  Yet, checking the calendar that was 58-years after the 1929 market crash.  It’s a good Kondratieff fit.

Won’t go into a lot of details here (save the juicy stuff for the people who pony up $40 bucks a year), but IF we’re going to have a global depression, then we should see anarchy breaking out in many places including some unexpected ones as the peak of tension arrives.

If you’re super-tuned in, you may already sense it.  Reservations are down for vacation travel, cardboard box-making is soft and look here: Oil prices fall as global demand concerns grow.  Slow motion global decline, anyone?

Which rolls us right into the morning headlines supporting the proposition that…

The Internet Fueling GlobalRev

We’ve warned you in the past to be on the look-out for these kind of events coming down the road.  They are the drivers of what will – of necessity – become internet licensing within five-years, or so.

Just like the previous Great Depression brought restrictions on NuTech including radio, aircraft flying and so forth.  At some point, too much freedom to leverage tech becomes downright dangerous.  But before we dig too deeply on point, let’s start (in Action Jackson style) with some data points:

Eight people are dead and the violence continues to spread in  Chile, for example.  But, if that’s a bit too foreign for you, how about “Police blast mosque with water cannon as hundreds of thousands protest in Hong Kong”?

Back to the role of the Internet in anarchy, though, how about we roll to “Mark Zuckerberg just slammed China for allegedly censoring Hong Kong protest videos on TikTok: ‘Is that the internet we want?‘” for openers.

Then behold additional web-woes in “Internet restrictions would only exacerbate Hong Kong’s problems” (which is likely not correct) and in the Middle East where there’s an “Internet blackout in Iraq as death toll from violent protests rises –Security forces respond to anti-government protesters’ demands for reforms with force.

We’re not the only ones the implications of too much web.  Slate is out with “Is Hong Kong the Battleground for a New Cyber Cold War?”  They continue “Hong Kong has become a test case for China’s efforts to shape cyberspace beyond the Great Firewall.”

To our way of thinking, it goes much, much further than that.

You see, it isn’t just China and not only Iraq and coming soon, no doubt to Chile and all other hot-spots globally.  The Internet has been weaponized via social media.

It’s the digital analog to land minds.  Except, ideas going off in people’s heads is a lot more dangerous.  In its permutations we see the leading edge of the GDMR – Global Digital Mob Rule that we’ve been warning of.  Extensibility of thought sucks, but there it is – coming down the tracks.

A deeper example may be Lebanon where people came out in droves, says CNN, in part because of VOIP issues over the internet.  In a microcosm, Lebanon’s about the world of finance against the world of rebellious free people.  Why?  Give people enough “free lunch” and not only will they notice when the freebies are gone.  They’ll alco become downright pissy about the loss.

Which is why getting up at 3:30 AM to work on Peoplenomics is no problem:  Writing a forward view of the economy is like getting positions reports from the Enola Gay on the way to Japan:  While the current position is interesting, it’s the eventual explosion result (or in present terms, the implosion to follow) that matters most.

In Europe, we see the globalists trying to keep the UK in the EU continuing despite a national vote to get the hell out of European super-government. The Powers have “pissed on the people” better than two years, now.  Latest sees Pound Rallies As Johnson Pushes For Monday Vote On Brexit Deal.

Behind all of this is the future of “Digital Made Up Money” (DMUM) which is evolving, too.  Read How Regulators Nearly Killed Off Libra—and Why They Might Yet Have Second Thoughts About the Digital Currency for more context.  Notwithstanding, bitcoins are up to $8,271 on…what?  Birthrates of fools rising?

And, speaking of drug money, did you see where Marijuana businesses increasingly plan to sue if regulators fail to award them a business license?  What could be more fun than a litigious unruly mob?

Labor has been doing some muscle-flexing lately, as well.  While the GM strike is going to a vote, we still see labor unrest in other places.  Like the Chicago’s teacher strike is about to enter another week, with no end in sight, for example.  Can you imagine it?  Stupid people in Chicago!  Land of Rahm and Barack.  Who’d have thought?  ((“Be nice, Ure!”))

If you follow the idea of Kondratieff  defining successive waves of innovation, it should matter to you that air travel giants, like Boeing, a clear winner in Kondratieff waves 4 and 5 (by the Nefiodow’s count) is in a heap-o-dung going into Kondratieff Cycle #6: DealBook: Boeing’s Board Confronts Further 737 Max Scandal.  Wonder if Boeing will add a last-ditch new board member (Willy Survive)?

As to companies with possibly brighter futures, you might want to rip through  “Fortune’s Future 50 List: CEO Daily.”  Or, just keep your powder dry and wait for clarity later in the week.

On trade, did you notice how Beijing Demands $2.4BN In Sanctions Against US Over Obama-Era WTO ComplaintEveryone seems to have their hand out, don’t they?

Computer buzz: WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Due in Court to Fight Extradition to the U.S..

If you’re looking for something to track today, how about Daycare Canada?  (This as Canada’s election today will be a cliffhanger.  No, we’re not Rude-oh fans.  Lefty dems here should watch conservatives in CA kick-it today.  Message for 2020 for the dimmest of dems, perhaps?)

Monday Woo-Woo:  Time-Shift?

It had been a marvelous Sunday and we sacked-out about 7:30 PM, or so.  Went to sleep, and had an incredibly long, detailed dream.

Finally awoke from it – it had lasted *(in the Dream Realms) on the order of several  days.  Yet, when I woke up , the nightstand clock told me it was only 9:23 PM here in the waking world. Wow.  2 hours here, several days there.  Neat.

So, back to sleep.  And another long, involved, full-color, lights, sounds and all senses dream.  Adventure in the city this time involving an old friend, a small Lotus-like sports car I keep over there, and whoever the visitor was insisted (for two or three days running) (in the dream) that he be dropped off at the movie theater in the (dream) city at 7:30 PM.  He was meeting with shifty people and didn’t want to be late.  After that, I found myself wandering around the dream city looking for Elaine.  We were planning to meet for dinner at a comfort-food joint we both like (over there) in a part of the city that was full of five-corner street intersections (like around Greenwich in NYC, right?). Except they moved around.

Anyway, I grew tired of the city-scape changing while looking for the restaurant so decided to flip back over to “this side” (waking state) since I was feeling fully refreshed and ready to roll.  Woke up and it was only 23:53 PM.

“What the hell?”

So, I went back into the  Realms for more adventure in my “other life” and this time had another multi-day adventure.  Except this time when I awoke it was 2:20 AM.  I snoozed off and on until 3: 15 AM and then said the hell with it and got up.

Is there a point to all this?  I mean another than assure you that living two lives is not only interesting (waking and sleeping state lives) and that carrying information between the Realms is a useful skill…such that becoming a  oneironaut is a truly worthwhile practice?

Today, the answer is YES.  Because time (back here, this side, waking state) isn’t running right.

I’m wondering if there has been another one of those  time shifts that we talk about every once in a while.  Overnight.

So please, if you have noticed anything odd about time this weekend, post a note in Comments.

Elaine noticed it Saturday. This time-flow between waking and sleeping states is a very interesting thing to become aware of. I’m not sure why it’s becoming more noticeablet…but there you have it.

Stormy weather on tap today here in the Outback, so Elaine and I will be tossing a nice pot roast into the crockpot just a few minutes.  Potatoes will go in mid-afternoon and about 4 PM – after a slug of Italian vitamins, I’ll begin two days of “scale avoidance.”  Maybe three.  It’s a big roast for two…

Write when you get rich,

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36 thoughts on “Stormy Monday 2”

  1. George.
    Still traveling so not following the news much. NYC now.
    -But would there was as much pushback as Brexit when our conservatives broke the Middle East by toppling Saddam. Two huge fiascos that we’ll all be suffering for a long, long time.
    -Also, how’s that little drug deal Sondland and Mulvaney cooked up going?
    Best. Mike

    • Today’s Middle East border structure is a vestige of 19th & 20th Century colonialism, in large part birthed into existence by Britain and France’s May 1916 Sykes-Picot agreement with the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire. Until then, a Kurdistan is shown on maps of that time in Eastern Anatolia (Turkey); today’s Iraq was split into Sunni Iraq and Arab Shia states; and Saudi Arabia consisted of a consortium of independent territories. So conservatives in America hardly produced the ethnic, religious and nationalistic ‘chaos stew’ that is that region today. RE: Bexit, as is typical of the liberal elitists, the ‘first vote’ by the citizens of the UK was claimed to be the result of the ignorance of the masses. A pocket of self-righteous MPs feel that they know better, and demand another vote. That said, a conglomeration of 71 different polls indicates a majority of the population in the UK still wish to leave the EU (49-46%, 4% undecided). See:

    • There’s Mikey, yet another lie foisted on the column….millions, hundreds of millions of PEOPLE all over the world PROTESTED the USA and it’s allies going into Iraq!!! I was one of them. We The People Could Not Make A Difference ANYWHERE as you well know TPTB (that are Globalists) The MULTI-NATIONAL FORCE known as the Coalition FORCES took the USA into that war, not just the conservatives, as I remember OVER-THE-HILL voted for it! So leave your mud slinging and lies. When we were young, it was Liar Liar Pants on Fire, (LLPOF) got any pants left Mikey?

  2. FedGov will “nudge” and encourage all to Internet License. After a few data catastrophes (you ain’t seen nuttin’ yet). We, The People will demand it, and line up enthusiastically for it, and pay Good Money for it. Replusively, people WANT safety and security more than they value Liberty. (I wish that were not true…)


  3. Cleaning up from the overnight storms here at the ranch. Wind, thunder bumpers and rain along with the start of the annual leaf deluge is a major PITA. Strong enough that the girls and their babies are still hiding in the timber. One side of my primary E-W dipole is down and the OTA TV antennae apparently took a hit. Not climbing up there today but from the ground I can see one side of the rotator housing is missing. Must have stopped at the mast-mounted preamp. TV is still functioning even though it is not on the pre-storm lightning mitigation task list so if I can rig up a temp antenna mom can still watch Judge Judy this afternoon.


  4. George, might we be in a situation in which your long wave analysis is an analog for the plot line of Isaac Azimov’s Foundation series. In that the course of history was predicted by genius Harry Seldon and was then disrupted by force unseen in his work. A mutant who could read minds shows up and the course of events is no longer predictable.
    Might the same be thought of after 87 when Greenspan and company learned to manipulate money supply and interest rates in a way that disrupted the predictable long wave cycles? Overcoming those cycles did not make the underlying problems go away, but merely placed them under the radar so that the point when the actual damage to the economy is evident, the FIRE system stops working? Just wondering.

    • ” manipulate money supply”

      My thought, when we think about the manipulation it started way back with the alchemists.

      When the alchemists started working on changing lead to gold, they said, “While we’re working out the details, use this paper to represent the gold we’ll be making.” That slight of hand changed paper into gold. They never were working on lead.

      It’s like when government calls in all the actual gold money to make money backed by gold.

  5. George,
    The news overview reminded me of a favorite Paul Harvey quote “Ain’t no use to worry cause nothing gonna turn out all right.”

  6. Don’t know about a time shift, but I was experiencing a great deal of dizziness over Friday and Saturday, which was unusual !! I am a firm believer that our government is already time traveling, and these time shifts are a direct result.

  7. Time shifts: not sure. I just feel a large event coming the United states west coast within the next 10 days. Last night my dreamscape was deep, but similar wake ups as you had. No clock in my room to check.

  8. Jim Willie said in an interview the other day that the crash is already underway. Two Tbond auctions failed, the European central banks are slowly distancing themselves from the FedRes and there are indications that Deutsche Bank subsidiary in US is already bankrupt. He expects after the dust settles, that the financial system will be gold based. He also had some “inside” info that claims the mid level people in the global central banking system have either been compromised or eliminated and that Evelyn Rothschild now totally controls only the French central bank. Very fascinating comments.

    • “Two Tbond auctions failed, the European central banks are slowly distancing themselves from the FedRes ”

      They will wait for the two for one sale lol..

  9. I was awoken by the cat scratching on the door for first breakfast. Checked my watch, 5:17 AM. Cursed said cat and rolled over, noticing light in the window. Checked watch again, 7:32 AM. Weird…

  10. George

    “DealBook: Boeing’s Board Confronts Further 737 Max Scandal.”

    That aircraft is toast!

    Boeing will have to rework and rename the entire engineering package on that beast in order to ever sell any units.

    Everyone with two neurons to rub together will suspect the Max as a bird that can’t fly and avoid them.

  11. speaking of anarchy breaking out…..
    Phew.. I have a six year old that is driving me nuts with the im bored thing.. granted I could get him interested in a lot of different things.. but I want him to be able to do it.. and enjoy it.. paper airplanes comes to mind.. the ones at NASA are great but maybe for a little older child.. making a cesna or some other craft.. what is funny is in europe they push parent child crafts.. they even have a yearly contest for manned flight unmanned paper airplane flight.. LOL.. which is pretty awesome.. I just have to find age related stuff..
    some of them get pretty intensive..
    if you decide to make a manned flight air model.. you have to buy the motor wheels etc.. then you can remote control them.. the ornathopter was awesome to build and a lot of fun.. except it flew on top of a building and I had to climb up to get it LOL..

    I will get a site that has easier aircraft to print out and build..

    • LOL. My grandfather used to “take care of us boys” when we were “pre-10s”. Every time we were over to his house he’d hand us a can of nails and a hammer each, point at an old wooden work bench in the back yard and say “Go to town boys”. We developed a good arm that way and, surprisingly, only a few swollen fingers.

      As far as time goes the only thing I know is that it’s sped up considerably ever since I crossed the big 6-0 a couple of years ago. You can tell it, especially, when I get up in the middle of the night every hour (worst case) to 2-1/2 hours due to a restless bladder. Seems like I just shut my eyes and the alarm bells are ringing. …TMI?

      • Stop ALL caffeine, chocolate, teas, coffee’s, etc. No sugar after 7:00 p.m., no flavored sugared yogurts. Stop all beverages 3 hours before bedtime…hydrate during the day. It might help.

      • OTFLMAO….. Bill …What my fear is ….What if the boys are like myself..
        I fear they will do some of the stuff I did as a kid to see how it is done and become candidates for the darwin awards.. LOL LOL LOL..
        I will never forget watching gunsmoke as a kid. on one of the shows they had a drunk making juice..I was bored visiting realitives in one of the southern states for the summer…. a friend of mine and I thought heck if a drunk can do it we can to how hard can it be sheesh.. and cooked a little juice with some stuff in the kitchen..( I had a jr. scientist lab kit you know).. put an old fire cracker in the bottle top ( with a short had been a previous dud and the only fire cracker we could find) the idea was we were going to see how far a bucket could fly off the end of an old well.. lit the fuse.. droped it in the well and the bucket over the top and ran like hell.. the thing went off wham… the bucket didn’t move our thoughts were at the time was that wasn’t much fun.. it didn’t even move.. but the neighbor lady came out of her house storming mad.. our little bit of juice blew the well casing out of the well through the end of the bucket so fast we didn’t even see it move came down and was impaled in her yard.. we could have been hurt badly or.. someone else.. the thing imbedded itself about three feet .we ran and hid for a few hours before coming home… that is what my fear is so when we do projects I try to pick something that is easier and be around them when they are doing it to keep them safe and redirect them in a beneficial direction if they get curious…. like show how plants will track the sun and leaves produce an electric current.. or building a garden or how to cool and freeze using the heat of the sun..
        unfortunately I showed the kids how hot the sun can get and thought they were going to burn the house with a childs curiosity I am cautious.. so far only one of the kids has my quirky curiosity.. she is twelve now and wants to be an astronaut to mars.. I told her as stupid as she thinks the teachers are push them to explain things and teach you more make them study and read..dont dumb herself down to fit in with the other kids no matter how much they tease get that piece of paper that people love to see.. then go ahead and fly to mars and plant a tree for me..
        why I think there should be more control over MSM.. what they show kids desensitizes them to violent actions and people every hour is a horror .. and will not glean any benefits.. we see the violence erroding now everywhere.. parents that have to work and no parental presence.. left to watch television or play video games.. we leave our kids in the hands of street gangs.. dumb them up and teach them that sociopathic actions will win the game.we dumb down our children and outsource jobs so they have no future to look forward to… what could possibly go wrong..
        everyone had guns when I grew up.. carried them in the car with you.. no fears that they would run around shooting people..
        Even the paper airplane route.. even that is iffy in places and I watch out for that to.. in other countries they push parent child activities which I wish they did here to.. but unfortunately except for NASA and one of the military websites that isn’t something that is pushed.. I totally love NASA.. greatest organization on the face of the planet if you ask freindly push kids to learn more.. explore their world.. great group of guys and gal’s expand your mind stuff..

  12. My only dream last night had me concerned over my Jeep’s brakes going out if I weren’t careful, but I drove it anyways. Yeah, they went out in a spectacular way (in dream). Couldn’t sleep past 3:30 am myself, but that was due to the changes in air pressure, temp, and humidity from the incoing thunderstorm.

    • Here tn. yes and my friend in California yes also, also a driving dream and I haven’t drove in over 2 years

  13. Big earnings reporting week. Tesla is on Wed, can it repeat last quarter’s miracle, NO says the market. Down $5.91. Semiconductors are strong today, must expect good earnings.

  14. George, I watched a video of a stock trader today who gave his analysis of today’s market at 8:30 am EST. I watched the replay at 1:00 pm EST. It was morning gym day. He reminded me of you. He wakes up every day bearish & is looking for a big downturn shortly. His initials were JC! His idea for the day was to short the S&P 500 at 3,000 with a stop at 3,024. We will see how he does.

  15. Orflmao….
    My wife seen a commercial and we got talking about personal security…
    A few years ago china turned on every camera as nd baby monitor in the USA to show they could..
    A d I of course was reminiscing about the ipad I was given that the three year old at the time got into the cloud of the previous owner.. I kept dropping in the photo of the luckiest man in america..wins the lottery a d finds true love all in the same week lol..and putting in beavis and butthead videos etc..( the man’s a brain to..) he thought I was playing with him a d wouldn’t listen..…1.0..0.243.1516.0j5j3……0….1…….8..35i362i39j46i131j0i10.27n1f2VfiaY#imgrc=9C0Z0GL5K_Kl9M:

    Anyway when his kid finally got him convinced he gave me a call.. I told him how the kid logged onto his tablet camera at home how else would I k ow where you were..from your phone. Notice any additions to your contact list . Like the mustang ranch..
    Or what about that guy..which guy I sent him the link.. he says..that’s the pervert. What pervert oh he runs up rings my doorbell and runs away lol.. every time I would drop the photo in it would ring the doorbell lol lol..
    Anyway the wife asks me what about these auto driving cars lol lol lol.. I can see it now.. three year old what are you doing honey.. driving a car lol lol lol lol
    Taxi ride from hell

  16. “Computer buzz: WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Due in Court to Fight Extradition to the U.S..,”

    My question is….will he survive?

    People that have the kind of information he has on the people
    of power and has exposed of their devious actions . Usually suicides themselves or is mugged and killed..

  17. Chicago schools FY19 budget $5,984,000,000. $239,000 spending per employee. $19,984 spending per student. Teacher’s assistants only make $30K a year? The people of Chicago are NOT getting $19K worth of education value per student. Chicago does not need more education spending, more nurses or higher teachers’ salaries. Chicago needs a whole new education system.

  18. George – as a matter of fact, I took a class just this weekend that talked about noticing the time between first awakening and full consciousness and the time right before sleep….basically, a kind of twilight period where very subtle information can be conveyed. Interesting timing.

    • It works that way because in the waking state, people’s “guardians” of consciousness are working. In the “twilight zone” they are still punching in, or out. The trick to spiritual growth on the waking side is to maintain that “openness” both coming into waking and, conversely, going into the dream realms.

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