Stocks Reveal Our Future – Job Cuts and UI Filings

We’re set for a rally today.  But no wonder!

Ure broke his “no day-trading” or “index sniping” and bagged a better than 2.7% gain in the process.  I’m also willing to bet our “down under” bear-lover Len had a pretty good day, as well.  Since the Lockstralia market was down 21-odd points.

Lockstralia is a hard market to play:  We figure long-term China will come for its natural resources.  But, for now, a good life can still be had there, if you’re willing to play along with their Vaxstapo.

Tomorrow morning, we expect the UK release of its honest Covid numbers and that could drive markets, too.  But for today, let’s focus on good, old-fashioned money-making.

Where We Is

I mean besides Remedial Linguini 101.

Looked in our early-morning modeling, like this:


But we can almost make-out a case for higher today.  Since in this count we MIGHT be doing the Wave 4 rally of this clearly delusional thinking.  While the Wave 2 rally was a bit drawn out, one of the Elliott wave rules is that oftentimes a complex Wave 2 will imply a simple Wave 4.  Or, a simple 2 hints at a possible complex 4 ahead.

I understand simple, only too well.

Since my eyes aren’t very good, I won’t try to make the call.  Instead, we’ll just look for the Wave 5 to arrive.  Monday to end of next week.  Something like that. My pally is a rally. Until I start to play with my shorts….ahem…

Global Stoking

Of course, the U.S.A. (or what’s left of us, being shamed as we are into mediocrity and the re-institution of racism by BLM [See the racist organization’s latest as Black Lives Matter calls for month-long boycott of ‘white companies’ to support ‘BlackXmas’.”.  Part year racism?  File a patent on that one?

If you’re unclear on how this latter-day Marxism is being forced on the weak-minded, you gotta get off the phone and into real books.  Revolutionaries are all the same, not much creativity since Marx and Lenin.  Give or you’re evil.

Still, this possible rally through tomorrow (and maybe into next week) becomes clear when we look at:

See on the right how the Rest of World is still heading higher?  Like a pack of dogs (or sick puppies) financial markets school-up.  Fishy?  No.  Entrainment? Uh-huh…. Yes.

Does News Matter?

Let’s roll out the morning pant load of financial data starting with the U.I. filings which we told you last week saw actual deterioration in the NOT Politically Adjusted numbers.  (Seasonal adjustments are one tool for government to lie in ultra-Stalinesque reports to the Kulak.  Numbers, please?

At this rate, we’ll all have free lunches.

Second Data Set:  Challenger Job Cuts report just out:

“Job cuts announced by U.S.-based employers plummeted 34.8% in November to 14,875 from the 22,822 announced in October. It is the lowest monthly total since 14,086 cuts were recorded in May 1993, according to a report released Thursday from global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

November’s total is 77% lower than the same month last year, when 64,797 cuts were announced. So far this year, employers have announced plans to cut 302,918 jobs from their payrolls, down 86% from the 2,227,725 jobs eliminated through the same period last year.”

No credit to the remnants of honest government, though:  With fewer people working, of course you can’t be able to axe as many.  Sheesh.

We’ll see how this all stacks up with the Federal Employment Fairytale (FEF) tomorrow and the ADP 534,000 new jobs reported Wednesday.  Fractured, we expect. (With a nod to Edward Everett Horton‘s fine voice-over work in the Fractured Fairytales cartoon series.  Seems odd that global that mass consciousness is materializing its sequel.

If you’re not following? Pretend you’re watching a cartoon called “Death to the Meritocracy” and realize this is the extended director’s cut version.  Everyone wants to direct it, and brawling breaks out daily.

Did I mention auto sales will arrives in dribs and drabs today?

Itchy & Scratchy Joe & Vlad

Uggh.  Must have war!”  Neocons want war.  Ukrainian rightists want a return on disbursements from the bribe fun.  So, while the logistics pile up in Eastern Europe…

Seriously? My consigliere called Wednesday…

“The U.S, and Russia are going to wartime diplomatic postures.”

Sure enough: Russia warns U.S.: More diplomats will have to leave next year.  What led into this was Russia says talks with U.S. fail to make headway on embassies dispute.  Diplomats actually don’t do much except provide some of the best intel in the world.  Various attaches are usually extremely bright and dedicated to the Nation.  After you learn how to do a “running reload” of a Remington 870 at Embassy Training, you can go off and be useful as a spy  economic analyst.

My consiglieri may have a spreadsheet and Russia has gone from 1,200 embassy people here (Obama years, was it?) and the numbers are dropping quickly.

Diplomat counts is one of those really cool levers – hidden from the stoopid part of the public – who look at such decisions as falderal.

But in the National Indicators (leading into wars and various international head-on collisions) the diplo’s body count is important stuff.  Lower the number, bigger the odds of war.  Consigliere has a spreadsheet, I think.

Two other mentions: The Battle for Belarus  on Al-Jazeera is of interest.  So is the permanent deployment of a British armored division to Germany announced last week.  And did you “hear” where Ukraine deploys sound ‘blasters’ near Belarus border?

Our Excess Testosterone Monitor is beeping, too: Blinken and Russia’s Lavrov meet amid tensions over Ukraine.  Pose and go is the agenda.

Because? Neocons are pushing hard for war.  This is one of their policy levers being pulled – lobbying for fewer diplomats.  This is peddled to the unaware (our Fools on the Hill).  Reality is this is read as a threat by the “other side.”  Since the neocon warmonger agenda is a winter war for 2022, this is exactly on track.

Late December into the first part of January, be looking for Russia to call-up reserves.  By which time, you will want seeds and stored foods in hand, plus potassium iodate, plus rosary beads, plus a reasonable stockpile of lead. Couple of years worth of clothing, too.

Field survey meter (Say hi to Shane Connor at for us) and a sketch out good plan to install positive-pressure filtering of your home’s air might be important, too.  Box fan, extremely fine furnace filter, opening window and duct tape if you’re creative.  Some leftover styro to complete the install.

We detest war.  Yet, as the Covid hype wanes, not only will Brandon need a “new crisis to lead” but his posse will need covering fire to prevent empaneling of a grand jury to look into the too cozy deals around CDC and NIH.

Death here?  Death there?  Does it matter?


Hard news, or soft?  Let’s go with Covid: South Africa new cases double in 24 hours as Omicron spreads.  Yep, hysteria ramp-up is ongoing.  We should have updated numbers for you tomorrow morning.

The runaway greed of all this is astoundingTexas resident gets over $4,000 in bills after getting tested for COVID: “I felt deceived”.  Yah think?

As we have been saying, there’s all kinds of deception going on, including the lack of distinction between dying OF or WITH the virus.  Huge statistical hole you can drive a Kenworth through.  (Except in California where Red Flyers pulled by goats…. don’t get me started…)

Meanwhile, we’re pleased to report that G.A. Stewart’s request for a vaccine waiver has finally been granted by his (government contractor) employer:

“Many, many thanks for your encouraging posts and your readers’ comments. They were like a light in the darkness. Now back to the business of writing books and updating the Website.”

A trip to his website is always worth the click. The closer to boom, the more tumblers fall in Nostradamus writes.

Off in the distance, Brandon reprises the old Yellow Pages ad copy (“Never stops selling”):  Biden to launch winter Covid-19 booster, testing campaign. I

This is not about medicine…it’s about social control.  Free what?

Various & Sundry

A useful question to answer: What Will it Take to Turn Farmers Toward Climate-Resilient Superfood Millet?  Simple answer?  $3,212 per bushel would get us interested.

Shortage Watch:  HPE CEO says chip shortage will start to improve after summer 2022.  Follow-up question?  “End of the shortage or End of the World?”

Quick!  Call the American Dental Association!  Iran threatens to ‘crush America’s teeth’.  Remember, these peeps are trying to squeeze more dough out of (slow) O’Biden’s stooges…

Of course, markets are fixed! EU fines 4 banks $390M in foreign exchange trading cartel.  Crooks go where money flows.  (Explains politics, too…) Did you skip watching Street Thief?  Why, if markets get any more crooked, Big Pharma will have to buy ’em!

Or Chyna.

ATR: What Hath Dog Wrought?

Around the Ranch:  I won’t bore you with the results of the time machine experiments Wednesday.  (None, zip, nadda.  Still good theory and much more research ahead).

What is interesting, though?  Universe is trying to maneuver me into dog ownership.

I’ve whined about this before:  Irresponsible pet owners decide they can’t afford pet food – so here comes a one-way trip into the woods.  Dogs are set out, owner drives away.  Owner’s problems end.  But ours just begin.

We haven’t found any way to get the dogs picked up.  “We don’t have a county leash law,” explained the Sheriff’s office,

Still, this isn’t like a cat-chasing possum (a problem solved with a .22 hollow point subsonic round).  The dogs are black Lab and pit bull mix.  Look like litter mates, males, and well behaved.  They just hang around the top of the driveway like the Hounds of Baskerville.  They’re a bit on the thin side now, but still 65-75 pounds.  Walk and run in formation.

Trying to sort out what to do.  But between the drones and dogs looks like our perimeter is being beefed up with almost no work on our part.  ‘cept for dog food.  And no, we don’t let animals die (see exceptions list).  With a mountain lion caught on camera up the street, and 40-animal wild boar herds, there’s a definite shift going on around here.

Might need to tune-up the 400-meter optics and green-tips, just in case.

Write when you get rich,

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91 thoughts on “Stocks Reveal Our Future – Job Cuts and UI Filings”

  1. Morning dude. Renewed my prescription for Peoplenomics today.

    $1.30 a week for a year.

    Pleasure doing business with you.

    Seen a big EQ in my dreams last night. You know I hardly ever remember my dreams. Like that Christmas quake. That really really big one. Wonder if it has to do with pearl harbor thing i saw. I know the rona is goig to become small again in the wake of other events again. Like that George Floyd thing made everyone forget about the Rona.

    I’m living at the beach. Hmmmmm

    Just stopped by to say thanks for the bargain. Got my my First crypto coin yesterday. Well a few of them. LOL we shall see.

    • Oppss not I’m not kinda in-between this morning sometimes it takes me a while to transition to waking state. I can ride that edge between awake and asleep sometimes for 3 or 4 hours. Uhem $0.76 a week. That is a bargain.

      Something wierd just happend. The fella in my office just tripped the f out too. One of my cups “the wealth” cup flew off the shelf by its self and landed on the floor and broke a chunc off if it. I have several cups that all mean different things. This one is the wealth cup. Chipped It pretty good but the handle is still in tact and I can still use it.

      Flew off the shelf all by itself. The fella in my office said you have a ghost in here?!!! I said probably. LOL. Flew off the shelf right when I posted that.

      So I switched to that cup from the wisdom cup.

  2. George

    Concerning your dog problem. You have a liability problem. If you feed the dogs and they injure someone your on the hook for the medical costs and law suits that will arise.

    You will be considered the owner of the dogs and responsible for their actions.

    Those dogs need to be impounded by the county and dealt with as humanely as possible.

    Good luck!

    • Many of the ‘low budget’ counties in Texas have no means of impounding dogs at county expense. Some contract with a local vet who may have mercy on the county and agree to take in strays FOR A MONTHLY FEE.

      However, in my experience, dogs dumped in the country by a city dweller mostly were dumped because the owner found out they had heartworms and didn’t want to be out the expense of treatment. I’ve adopted a couple of them that way and paid to have them treated and neutered. They made darn fine dogs (but very expensive).

      It seems city dwellers have no concept of country life, other than it’s a great place for animals to run wild. That’s sad for the animals and for the country folks that often have to put them down to protect their own livestock. I’ve sometimes considered I’d rather put down the asshole that dumped them, but that’s beside the point.

      • Around here it’s a little different.. someone has a dog and dumps it because they are told their apartment complex won’t allow them. They take them to the country with the thought that they can either fend for themselves or that a farmer will notice what a wonderful animal it is and take it in.
        My dogs have all been acquired that ginger was about as sweet of a dog as you could get..she was a hunting dog mix. Abandoned with her pups..fighting coyotes and coons to the point she had no fur on her face and head.. when we got her she wasn’t expected to survive she was only skin and bones.. took a year before I could get her to walk beyond the end of the driveway. After five years she was taking me for a walk lol. BUT .. if an animal that even remotely resembled a coon or a coyote she would do anything to kill it..two big log chains to hold her back..
        My dog now.. I don’t have a clue why they got rid of her. Her first order of business was to take a nap right in…

    • Kinda cold-hearted aren’t you there, Rocky? Don’t you think Mr. Ure has the good sense to include liability in his homeowner’s policy? THAT’s not a reason not to adopt this pair. And George has already mentioned they’re well-behaved.
      Sounds to me like an opportunity to rescue a litter pair of what will be lifelong loyal security guards who will be happy to rid the Ure’s of their table scraps while giving any trespassers a reason to think twice before intruding.
      And they chose you George. That’s happened now twice over the past 20 years with cats who chose us, and we’ve not gone wrong in adopting them.

    • ROCKET MIKE December 2,
      If you feed the dogs and they injure someone your on the hook for the medical costs and law suits that will arise.
      You will be considered the owner of the dogs and responsible for their actions.Those dogs need to be impounded by the county and dealt with as humanely as possible.
      Wow, Mike. You must really live a sheltered life city boy. Why are you so afraid of dogs? Did one bite you as a child? Except for you, Americans generally love dogs
      What a broad brush you paint their situation with based on… your fear and nothing more. If they were brought into the fold and bond to Geo and Elaine,
      as tree farm workers etc.
      George lives far away from people in the cities who think as you do, specifically to get away from the hyper-crazy cities and the screwballs that love it there. Benefit of the doubt apparently is missing from your black and white ethics. Sending them to be killed as a matter of policy for totally unknown “offenses” to YOU (non existent) doesn’t speak well for your human characteristics. Essentially, fact is you don’t know what you are talking about.
      Don’t want neighbors like you!

    • Adopt the dogs.. feed them love them and you’ll have the best security team of all..
      A lab pitbull mix will be euthanized. Sadly they have been given a bad reputation from irresponsible and abusive owners.
      I have had a few..they are loving and loyal and if you are feeling sick will bring you their favorite toy to cheer you up..
      And seriously they don’t eat that much..
      Speaking of which I need to take fang out for her bed time walk.

  3. I have noticed a recent uptick in Bobcat sightings. My sister, in the foothills West of Denver, had a momma and 3 cubs in her yard last week during daylight.

    Our cousins West of Houston have a daylight sighting this week . Add in your sighting and I start paying more attention to trifectas and hat tricks.

    These are very rare occurrences despite the rural settings .

    Maybe a precursor to the Year of the Tiger?

    • Co worker just saw a bobcat coming for her chickens. She lives closer to the edge of town. All around the meeting life long natives to the area said it was strange to see in daylight.

  4. “Iran threatens”

    I was thinking about how delicate space really is to humanity.

    Just about anyone could GoFund a space launch.

    Instead of satellite killers a case of beer opened in the same orbiting altitude as the ISS could create the chain reaction that possibly maroons the people on Earth for centuries, or until a laser cleaner is developed.

  5. George,
    Again, thanks!

    I don’t think anything was really given to me. You know the details of which I speak.

    Not to sound too provocative or martial, as some of the namby-pambies I work with have suggested, but this is meant in the monetary and business sense: I have found that the philosophy of Mutual Assured Destruction is a good method of reaching a compromise.

    Of course, this never works on the suicidal. You can see the suicidal everywhere in the West, from those people wanting a war with China and Russia, to those people who are happy with lockdowns and a lifetime of COVID-19 vaccines and boosters.

    Sometimes, you just have to bully the bullies.

    • Paul Joseph Watkins likes to rub it in. Me, I feel bad for those who choose the vax. They now have the fear of bad stuff in their body, and still fear the next mutation. Where I fear neither the China virus, cause I got natural immunity and I am vax free. I have family that got vaxed and I still love them. I fear for their well being. None of US truly knows how the outcome of this attack against humanity will turn out, but it is a coordinated attack using both the virus and the injections. But here is the video from Paul talking about Gilbrator and Ireland vax rates and covid outbreaks

      There has been a lot of world athletes dropping DEAD, you do not hear about that from your lame stream, main lining (junkie drugs), news media.

      Humans are blind, we lack the sense to detect our enemy. Sense,, taste, smell, sight, hearing, and touch, where the heck is our 6th sense that can detect the evil or good that a being emanates towards US?

      • I do too. Some of my good friends were forced into it, and the shots made one very sick, along with his three-year old daughter from just being around him after BOTH SHOTS… So sick, ER run…

        There is something very wrong here; and those people with kids need to be very worried.

        I have the luxury of getting the senior citizen discount.

        Many thanks for everyone’s kind words!

      • Darrell, things are worse than lacking sense to detect our enemy.
        We nowdays have been coddled into losing our INSTINCT to react to our enemy and fight for our lives.

    • Stu,

      I’m very happy for you. Now you can cancel your Plan B of doing the “Then Came Bronson” thing on the motorcycle. It takes balls to have the courage to do something like that when you are 65 years old!

      What’s that old saying?

      “When the going gets tough, the tough get going!”

      • PS. My buddy and former coworker, who retired BACK to Alaska, and is back to being a bush pilot, just did 10,000 miles at 76! And he finished it out by driving back to Alaska. He has done Key West to Prudhoe Bay, with 800 miles of mud road… Over 65 LOL!

    • “You can see the suicidal everywhere in the West, from those people wanting a war with China and Russia, ”

      (I think the only ones that want that are those in the Administration..
      The people that I have met from both countries are just as confused as I am..
      “Soros used his annual dinner at the World Economic Forum to say Xi was the most dangerous opponent of open societies and to call on the west to crack down on Chinese tech companies”“My present view is that instead of waging a trade war with practically the whole world, the US should focus on China. Instead of letting [the Chinese tech companies] ZTE and Huawei off lightly, it needs to crack down on them.

      “If these companies came to dominate the 5G market, they would present an unacceptable security risk for the rest of the world.”

      Soros said Trump was taking the wrong approach to China: making concessions to Beijing and declaring victory while renewing his attacks on US allies.

      “This is liable to undermine the US policy objective of curbing China’s abuses and excesses. The reality is that we are in a cold war that threatens to turn into a hot one.”)

      MY view on that portion of a speech that Soros gave at his open society dinner is.. he was seriously opposed to Trump negotiating between the two countries which would ultimately undermine the power that he wields with politicians to do his bidding globally by opening negotiations and working together….
      Now that is just my take on this.. the people of all the countries are just as opposed to war.. it is the very few that are being manipulated to do this so that someone else can have what they covet..

  6. Every dog with the exception of a little poodle a girlfriend bought and then left with me when the party ended have adopted me. The poodle renamed Stihl, as in the chainsaw, was transferred to my folks when I shipped out to play in the southeast asian conference. He never liked my dad much but he was tolerated even after he started leaving his daily dump in my dad’s slippers. When my mom had bypass surgery I went to pick dad up to go visit her in the hospital and found them both asleep in dad’s chair. All the others either showed up one day or were left with me by someone else. And they all were the best friends you could ask for. My last one, a big old mutt named Moe had been around for almost 10 years. I had told him we were going to town in a while so don’t run off. Later I called for him and waited by the truck. He walked up slowly and laid down at my feet and died.

    If these fellows behave as well as you say and have not harassed Zeus yet maybe they are candidates to join your security detail. Granted annual Vet bills and daily feedings add up but so do taxes. Maybe they have already adopted you and you just don’t know it yet.

    Why not give them a try?

    • Agree. Adopt the dogs, make friends at the local feed store. Raise PN subscriptions by a buck or two.

      • “They always know when someone is on the property.”

        Mine too. Somethings I haven’t figured out. I have three perimeter alarm systems with audible warnings. The dogs, when inside, invariably ignore the warning when an alarm is tripped by wind, but will know before an alarm trips, when there’s a person or critter within about 50yds of the outer perimeter. Also, one can receive a treat (I use desiccated liver which is soft), indoors and out of sight, when the others are hundreds of feet away, and they will all come running. There’s no possible way they could see, hear, or smell the treat the one received. They have to possess some sort of telepathy — probably only at a base level, but telepathy, nonetheless.

      • “The dogs, when inside, invariably ignore the warning when an alarm is tripped by wind, but will know before an alarm trips,”

        Ginger knew when the wife was a half mile from home.. she would come get me so we could watch her.. if she sensed that there was something wrong..( bad weather) she would insist we get in the car and check..
        My dog now.. knows when the fedex or ups driver is a block away.. and will pester you until you pet her..(you did stop by just to see her)
        On a serious note.. animals that you care for … will have your back..
        Dogs are hunter protectors.. cats are pest control..
        One of the all stars on naked and afraid has a dog. The dog has her back as she lives a nomad lifestyle.
        I seek out a family or individual every year that has fallen through the cracks to give them a breath of relief. One family that I picked was in such bad shape..the guy actually delivered his children on the kitchen table.. they were in a situation three toddlers a cat..furnace broke down ..the complex they lived in tower his car because it hadn’t moved..all the had after Bill’s was enough to buy a small jar of peanutbutter every two weeks for a family of five..
        ( I bet your wondering where this is going in a post about pets) they had a cat.
        That cat in its love for them knew they were having did what house cats do.. it would go out to the fields and catch rodents.. then bring the catch back to the family it loved and gave it to it’s own way it was trying to feed them.. they of course arte the catch.. as a reminder of where they have been ..
        So having two loyal dogs to patrol the property they will have your back..

      • “Ginger knew when the wife was a half mile from home.. she would come get me so we could watch her”

        TBH, one of my alarms is a HF “driveway alert” set about 150′ from the house (because that’s all the farther the transmitter would reliably reach. When the kids were still home, we used to call it the “pizza alarm”). If somebody turns around in my driveway there’s nothing, but if they come on in (like USPS is wont to do, this time of year) it lights up like crazy — the pups just ignore it until the postman opens my front porch door.

        My baby (and brood bitch) would recognize my car or truck, literally, nearly a mile away (why yes, I DO have indoor cams, too.) Bought a new, old truck a couple weeks back and she doesn’t recognize it yet. I suspect she will before Christmas…

  7. Still searching, looking – No?
    Shocking Mr Bad Attitude, just shocking.
    It is certainly good to hear the clouds of smoke have cleared Ure noggin/shop. Perhaps now you can recalibrate the settings for opening “portals”. 20% waxing = moar smoke being blown up Ure ass. Dont think for one minute Ed Leedskalnin ever moved or carved “sung to” coral/stone at anytime other than FULL moon. Guy was originally from same country/nationality as Tesla – knew secret, never went astray.

    “Singing the clay” another crazy “charm” that produces verifiable results..easy test – side by side plots with same seeds, same schedule-diff water, one plot of dirt has been “sung to” or “structured”, the other plot left untreated= regular garden soil. Like dousing – ancient skill/modality that actually works, producing quantifiable results. Much easier to produce positive measurable results than say ISOLATING a Virus.

    Apparently Isolating a Virus is either way harder than understanding zero point energy or something very dark and insidious is going on in the world of Science-Medicine.

    AIDS Virus has never been Isolated!? nor has covert19.
    Odd fact all modern virus- outbreaks coincide with known Corporate poisonings and pollutions in Africa and India, Mex(swine flu)..local poor in these areas get sick = bad nutrition, bad pollution, bad water = low skilled laborers = modern corporate slavery. Add to this toxic mix the constant aerial spraying of nano particulates into atmosphere and we got ourselves some DIABOLICAL Scheisse going. Smells like a VERY BIG LIE/ BIG as to be unbelievable. Dont believe such thing as modern corporate slavery ? perhaps can explain what US navel special warfare was doing in Guatamala late 70’s- early 80’s – someone was on the dole..just one tiny little example of this malfeasance.

    All of which begs the question – Who Ya Gonna Call ?
    Suggestion: Someone, something that Answers..

    PS – heard nathanial will eventually answer call, might not like what you hear regards conditions, faustian bargins Alwayz that way .

    • “Ed”

      I think there is two experiments.

      Creating a frequency envelope around an object making the object weightless.

      Focusing a frequency in such a way a pass-thru in the barrier of perception is pried open/manifests.


        To create a magnetic vortex for time travel.. Hmm could open a portal.. But it could be similar to a bug zapper to.. Brings to mind the Liberty mutual Spider-Man commercial..

  8. Hi George,

    Looks like you might be leaning towards keeping the dogs which would be great! If not do you have shelters in your area that will keep them and put them up for adoption? We have a really good one in my neck of the woods that we have used a couple of times as we live in the country and have had a couple of dogs dumped at the end of our drive.

    Just a thought. Good luck.

  9. WAR ~ in ‘Europe’ ~ The Rand Corporation (a.k.a. CIA) in their 2015 evaluation gave NATO an “unambiguous” conclusion after a series of war games that Russia would overrun NATO in a mere 60 hours – if not less.   So, 60 hours before the nitwits would need nukes to stop a Russian counteroffensive.  These ‘facts’ tend to lend a great deal of credence to a quip or maxim I read somewhere in journal:   

    “A martial principle of great wisdom says that military stupidity comes in three grades: Ordinarily stupid; really, really, really stupid; and fighting Russia.”

  10. As times get hard ol’ bowser’s going to be forced to go “walk-about” more and more. After losing the two denizens of our back yard to the ills of old age I swore off getting another dog because 12 to 14 years down the road leaves us in questionable health, too, and unless the dogs learn some pretty interesting tricks they’ll be with no visible means of support as well. I love ’em, would love to have a Malamute with their crazy personality or German Shepherd but, no, not going through that again. We help a neighbor dog along with treats when he shows up but, in general, the dogs like him around town refuse to be caged so are left to roam free with few exceptions – which included the ones that used to live with us but now reside in their own respective resting places at the ranch. I’ve had to dispatch dogs people leave on the county road outside our ranch gate (leaves a scar on the heart for sure) and with neighboring ranches turning into real estate ventures we’ve already had one dog to “take care of” when they took a liking to our other neighbor’s sheep. He performed the honors in that situation with his Elk rifle. Best to do it in a way they never know it’s coming but with two dogs that just isn’t possible – and with no tags or otherwise no one answering an entry on FB or Craig’s List for lost animals it’s best to just not feed them so they’ll, hopefully, just move on down the road. It’ll be irritating for Zeus so you might feed him inside until they’re gone. But if you do adopt be sure and neuter. Don’t know if that’ll keep the Rot’ genes in check so they won’t eat Zeus or force him to leave but it could be a quick personality adjustment for the better.

  11. those dogs could be a valuable layer of security for you guys. We have a 170 lb tibetan mastiff guarding our farm…one tip. “natural 26″ get it at your grain store, comes in fifty lb bags. It’s a good quality and IN expensive feed to feed your ‘visitors”, have you priced dog food lately? ( I think it’s blue seal or purina). Good luck gonna give zeus a run for his money.e.

  12. I am glad you are considering the dogs as part of your early warning system. Something I learned while working in Liberia. Before the civil war dogs were considered a burden and cost. When the civil war started, folks with dogs were able to flee the rebels because their dogs gave them early warnings. Dogs became very valuable. Several people told me that they and their families would have been killed had they not had the early warning and time to escape. When I was there dogs were no longer chased away.

  13. Sometimes, i think…. this is too weird. i have live in the normal world. Im supposed to get promoted and all that. i was told to let the world see my abilities and gifts.. but I dont want to be famous. at all. nosey bastards all up in your business all the time. who would want that? Im fricken idiot sometimes. LOL I dont really care about what people think… but sometimes, i think, fuck i think im nuts. i must sound nuts. some of the stuff that rolls around in my brain most people never think… and well if someone were hear it..well they would think im nuts… get to the point Andy!

    ok, so i was talking to a very gifted psychic about my dream about the EQ last night, where i woke up trying to swim in my bed having been underwater from the Tsunami and she had one one too. same dream as me. then she said, i keep thinking California is going to tip in to the ocean… which have had the same exact thought a few times last week but I don’t tell anyone what im thinking most of the time. LOL or everything i see.

    then i was thinking about that thing i sent you George, with Urban Survival spread open in a prepper magazine with Flea Market on one side and pearl harbor on the other side. with the date of 07 Dec on “Time” magazine on the other. I was thinking about all them ships sitting out off the coast of LA and how my GPS kept getting screwed up and putting me in LA every time i went to go use it a couple weeks ago. Pretty weird that she had the same exact dream the same night as me and then said the same thing i been thiniking but didnt say anything about to anyone… about California tipping into the ocean… but its not on a pedistal like Japan is… and what Edgar Cayse said about Japan falling into the ocean… hmmmmmmmmmm really weird she had the same dream, same night and the same thoughts about California…

    and pearl harbor is the destruction of a lot of ships… and its right there on the right side of the Prepper magazine.. open to Urban Survival section, in a store I hadn’t been in, 16 years and had no idea i was going there that day. then the post about my dream.. and my wealth cup flying off the shelf “on its own” and landing on the ground the same time she sends me a message about having the same dream and thoughts on California falling in the ocean…. then says where two or more are gathered… hmmmmmmm…….

    i know people who have their heads so far up in heaven their no earthy good. and at times, i need to be grounded in this world… and even on here most dont understand me… because im more free to express that part of me. which i keep hidden from most of the world.

    See i keep getting mixed signals from the grid around me, and its hard for me to separate everything what I am seeing. one says fleee now, get the f out! and the other says, you are completely right where your supposed to be. then i dawned on me this morning. what i am seeing is not here. i am safe and secure. its what i do. the stuff im reading is somewhere else that is not safe and secure. i had a long talk George with a few people who are in this area.. there seems to be a concentration of “Gifted” and “like minded” in seattle. at the same time, Amazon, Microsoft and Google are here along with facebook moving in.. it seems.. a hub of world purchase and commuication and information access. we considering the impact of where Covid 19 started in the US, here. in snohomish county, and how fear had rippled from here around the US and how that all affects the earth, on the etherical plane. where i was thrusted into the postion of providing saftey and security while others i know and several others i am unaware of but sense, are healing this area, because it is safe and secure to do so.. returning music, poetry, games and all that to the area. healing the area of fear. at the same time… some neferious forces are trying to force the jab..

    see there is many layers to everything and facets of understanding. you have those pushing the jab on everyone in the area. forcing them out of work if they dont. then there is others, “Like” me, pushing saftey and security, and others healing the area in the astral. and the earth.. like a sorta “Gathering” and working in this area..

    so, im not the only one who had that dream last night about the GIANT EQ, im not the only one who was thinking about California falling into the ocean, and i consider all that is presented… ships sitting out of LA, GPS being messed up and putting me there, and that pearl harbor image juxtiposed with prepper magazine, and phonetically Flee market (stock market) and a flea market is a place to trade goods without a business license.. all that is interesting to note.. juxtiposed to an open spread called “Section 01, Urban Survival”….. all abstract juxtapositions and common expressions some etherical around a central event…. and if i were to tell anyone this… they would think i was nuts. LOL if someone else were to tell me this. i would think they were nuts… there is a fine lined between shaman and skitsophrenia. of which im neither. im just andy.

    fwiw… i mentioned to her, Ure site. not sure if she will visit. but there are more than a few who come here.. that met me elsewhere. such as my Doctor of plant DNA and a few others.

    all indicators sugjest, there is going to be a major EQ of a 9.0 or greater in the Los Angel… angel hmmmmm Angelouse area with a potential date of 12/07 or 12/07… i guess we will see. im certainly not the only one seeing and dreaming about this… and i know that sucks, but it is a comfort to know.. im not alone on this.. and big events like this, i feel the emotional finger print as if i am there before it happens… and last night i was trying to swim to the surface of the water in my dream and woke up holding my breath, after seeing the wave hit me and the horror of everyone around me, just like i was there but it wasn’t in Seattle. and that often happens before i see an event. and its not an easy… thing to be me at times.

    • i didnt mean to wrote 12/07 twice….that is really odd.. and i kept thinking about jealously, i be experiencing alot of expressions of it towards me because of my new job and how alot of others calls me Angel…. anjelouse another juxtaposition. hmmmmmmmm…… well guess we will see… pearl harbor was the destruction of many ships and look at all those ships sitting outside of Lost anjelous….

    • Used to be a syzygy site that specialized in EQ prediction. Not sure what happened to it… Anyway, one sign of an impending shaker are stray animals and abnormal weather. There’s the drought, and has a blurb today about Denver is still without snow this year; an unprecedented event. I’m mid-Atlantic and it’s balmy outside; the squirrels are still working over the seed I put out for the birds.

      Just sayin’.

    • Andy, is it possible you are where you need to be?

      A 9.0 is going to erase SeaTac as sure as it will SanFran.

      Maybe you are where you need to be, so you can save someone’s life (from drowning?) when the EQ hits…

      You can’t outguess God, and He is likely like the Oracle in “The Matrix,” in that what you’re told may not be an absolute truth, but may instead be “what you need to hear…”

    • California “falling” into the ocean (and below a couple of comments about Pearl)

      Something I started to work on years ago, but never finished up was HOW MUCH OIL, in cubic volume not barrels, had been pumped out of the LA basin since they started pumping that black stuff back early in the 1900’s. People today forget just how much oil the LA basin used to provide, at one time it was the Saudi Arabia of the world, and how much it still provides to this day (drive from the 405 over towards the La Berea Tar Pits and you will pass pump after pump after pump still pumping away for wells that were drilled probably 100+ years ago)

      Long Beach had a very real subsidance problem back in the 1940’s with the land near the ocean sinking, and actually putting some of the Navy’s docks and warehouses there underwater, due to all the oil that had been pumped out from underneath that southern part of the LA Basin.

      What may eventually happen for the LA basin is NOT that it will fall into the sea per se, but some of the land in the LA basin from where the oil has been pumped for 100+ years now MAY when a major EQ occurs suddenly drop 10, 20, maybe even 40 feet since the liquid that used to fill all the cavities in the rock is no longer there helping to provide support to that rock and the rock cavities thus collapse upon themselves because of the shaking.

      Since even withOUT an EQ occuring parts of Long Beach litterally sank 10′-15′ due to oil pumping, and that was 70-80 years ago now, one can be certain other parts of the oil area of the LA basin are in a similar predicament (they now do water injection into many of the LA area wells so as to try to replace the oil they are removing … but who really knows how much of the oil volume has actually been replaced with water).

      I guess we won’t know the answer to this question until a MAJOR EQ hits the LA basin … but if I lived there anywhere near the ocean or near those old oil drilling areas once the shaking begins I would grab my life jacket from NEXT TO THE FRONT DOOR as I ran outside!! …. oh and if that rock under the city starts to compess downward it will NOT be good for the tall buildings, some of them skyscrapers, that sit upon that rock that is now compressing downwards. Even if the land under some of those buildings only goes down 10′ or so (ala Long Beach’s experience) the foundations of those tall buildings affected would be severely compromised (some fall over??)

      Pearl Harbor:
      “IF” there is a Major War with China? Look for them to move on Pearl Harbor and Anchorage as soon as they can. Whether they can be successful is another question … but they WILL at least try, and try very quickly. (other than nukes do we even have the ability to do a ground defense of Oahu or the other islands if they can neuter our limited air defense assets at Hickam?)

      If China wants to make the US Navy’s job in the Pacific very hard if it can take out Pearl Harbor as a US Naval base that basically shoves the US Navy back to the West Coast and up to Alaskan Waters. If they also manage to take out Anchorage as an aircraft stop over refueling point … well we are HOSED for moving replacement air assets into the western Pacific. It is a super long flight if one can’t refuel in Alaska (or in the air near it) or Hawaii, even for your everyday transport plane. For combat aircraft MULTIPLE refuelings would be required to make the journey … and it is unlikely we could move many of those in any sort of timely manner under those circumstances.

      With all that said I do NOT think China is looking for a fight with the US, at least at the moment. IF the US would get drug into a conflict in Europe with Russia though China may take the initiative to move on Taiwan counting on US distraction to keep us at bay as they took over Taiwan. Would we remain “uninvolved” if that were to occur? Got some darts??

      • “If they also manage to take out Anchorage as an aircraft stop over refueling point … well we are HOSED for moving replacement air assets into the western Pacific.”

        What you forgot about Stephen 2… is the greedy bunch that has boughten our political leaders that should be looking out for us.. has been pizzing with Putin to.. pushing his countries borders moving men in place and even parking bombers close by..doing fly bys etc.. By all indications just for the oil that the greedy ones desire and have paid our political system to help them steal .
        In the past the political leaders for sale sold out the American laborers by allowing their bread and butter jobs to be sent to the very countries that we keep pushing the boundaries with..
        They are fifty miles off of our Alaska border..
        Then to top it off..we told Cuba to F@@k off.. giving them the access to the eastern seaboard..
        I have to stop there.. it’s so bad from my perspective and from all indications by things they’ve been accused of and with the actions they’re taking..this administration will be remembered as one of the most corrupt administrations in American history. We are totally screwed.
        The best scenario we can expect is a Weimar type depression the minute they stop putting money in peoples pockets.

      • There are plenty of ships surrounding the US (including the water between Canada and MI/PA/IL/NY) with plenty of opportunity for CCP and other military/illegals to be aboard. Scared me a few weeks ago when that thought came into my mind. But, with the enemy already destroying us from within and with all of us acting helpless, I don’t think the CCP would waste soldiers here…the US America loving upper rank was gone after Obama gutted it and now O’Biden’s covid gutting of the file and the CCP’s soldiers are already here.

  14. My respects to Mrs. Ure, but there is NOTHING in the world that compares to the loyalty of loved dogs. Nothing.

    • Amen…
      The wife falls into the trunk of a car and gets shut in… And a dog accidentally gets locked in.. You quickly open the trunk.. Which one would have a great full attitude for your quick thinking..

  15. More insight into the Covid soap opera. Apparently in Europe there are vials of placebo being administered which would explain why some people have absolutely zero reaction to the junk. According to the retired nurse in the video you can tell by the serial number on the vial.

    Can’t have everyone dropping dead at the same time now, can we?

  16. ya, i just another person message me and had the same dream last night but they said they didnt know where the EQ was. that is 3 of us that all had the same exact dream last night. and all of us thinking it was in california. me thinks LA. its one thing for me to have a dream about something (Because I cant even remember the last time i had a dream that i remembered, i never remember them) but it is an entirely different thing for 2 other people I know to have the same exact dream, on the same night as me, and all of them gifted psychics.

    3 people had the same dream last night. what are the odds???

    how is the stock market doing? has it been in decline or rapid volatile????. nevermind I will go look. I havent really looked at it in a long time. HMMMM

  17. whoooaa i couldt get money out of the ATM this morning, my card kept getting delcined and i have money in there. and i just had 4 different people in my office saying they couldnt get money out the ATM this morning as well. because their card wasnt working. they were all just talking about it over on the other side of the office. i over heard them as they are gearing up for Comicon today… and went and said, what did you just say???? They all said, I have money in my account. Look and one showed me on his bank app on his phone he has money in there but couldnt get any out of the ATM because it said his card was declined and all the others said the same thing. and i had the same problem this morning but i had cash on me so i used that.

    what the fuck is going on??????? 5 of us couldnt use the ATM this morning????? And all of us had money in the bank??? All different banks????

    i wonder if this is an area thing… or is anyone else experiencing this? on this site??

    something is going on.

    i got to go over to Comicon and see what is going on, do a survey of my people. good thing I filled up my tank last night and got a few things on the way home.

  18. Chicken fried steak, 640 point drop on teusday, 450 point drop on wed and a 650 point bounce this morning on the dowand 5 people couldnt use the ATM machines this morning when we all had money in there………….. whooo i need look at some stuff. that is Volatility!!!! rapid swings in the market like that means the jenga puzzle is moving.

    that is some rapid swings in a short period dude.

    there is alot going on, i need to pay attention and see what i see.

    see ya all around. I have an army to run.

  19. I haven’t read the story, but I’ll bet that British armor is going to keep an eye on the Fulda Gap. That reminds me of my days in the Fatherland during the cold war. I even got married in Denmark once. Lovely times.

    When it comes to war, take the advice of someone who has eagerly participated in it. Just say no. Trust me on this, you do not want war of any kind. Ever. If I could take it back, I would.

    What’s the most lethal weapon of mass destruction ever devised? Testosterone.

    • After the wall came down, East Germany got assimilliated and the eastern border got pushed out a lot further. Then Poland joined the Europeans. A quick review of European and SEA activities over the past 50 years will show why the Russians are screaming it’s US/EU expansion, not Russian expansion, taking place. They truly believe they are being surrounded.

      Fulda Gap. I haven’t heard that reference in some time. Thanks for the memory!

  20. Be Careful; black lab and pit bull mix are legion, and all over the animal rescue places in Austin, and I am sure many other animal shelters in the USA.

    Dogs run together as pack animals as you probably know, yet they are domesticated so need an owner.

    YOU and Elaine have to be careful, they can wag their tails and bite you at the same time.

    IF they are young, it is a lot of work with 2 from the same age and litter, that energy is a lot of work and that means YOU have to work with them every single day up to 14 or 15 years old.

    Someone literally dropped off a white looking wolf type dog on our rural street. We saw it playing with another dog so thought someone on the street got a new dog.

    2 hours later, it is tied up down from our house. Just tied up on the side of the road, and it was howling. We tried to approach the dog but it got defensive and barked at us.

    I went up the road door-to-door trying to find the owner and happened on a woman who baby sits all sorts of animals for a living. She was sitting in her stoop with a beautiful parrot on her shoulder, a cat, and a dog. So, I asked her, and then told her what the situation was. She came down, backed up towards him, he sniffed her, then let her grab his collar, and she untied him and took him off. She said people drop their dogs off all of the time like that in the area, just tie them up and hope someone adopts them.

    We have a 13.5 year old mixed breed who would not have appreciated us taking this young un in, and we have a cat, so even though we were tempted, we didn’t. That breed at that age, (wolf mix, husky, samoian, etc.,) young, is a lot of work, even though, I have had one, in the past which I found at a gas station, and he lived to be 14.5 and they are very good dogs, we just had to say no.

    Also, I just remembered, I saw a woman walking on the road pushing a baby carriage, and then her dog ran up behind her with a cat hanging from his mouth, and as she turned around he dropped it. We went out to the street, and it was the neighbors cat.

    This woman was a new Mom with a 3 month old baby, had recently moved onto the street, and was an ex police officer. Her dog was off leash, as it was a country road, but he was a black lab/pit bull mix, and he killed the cat as he was free roaming. She could NOT believe her dog of 4 years would kill a cat.

    I told her you need to be careful about your baby.

    So, be careful.

    • I tend to agree with Be Careful! I respect dogs and want them to be happy, but I don’t love them. Others do. Regarding the two free ranging ones – I’d not feed them at all unless I’d caught and leashed them first. Then they’d be off to the pound. My local pound tries to place dogs and there seems to be a demand for them. If you leave them alone and don’t feed them(keep Zeus safe), it’s likely that they’ll wander off to greener pastures or become food for the mountain lion or other critters.

      Yes, they’re great burglar alarms and possible deterrents, but expect many false alerts. I have no idea if you need county licenses or chips for dogs in Ure neck of the woods. What’s the liability? Do you really want to share the house and shop with clumsy needy creatures? What does Elaine think? They’ll weigh more than she does when they jump on her.

      Dogs are a non-starter if you plan to travel anywhere or be away from home for as little as a week. They consume food and can’t be toilet trained. They make loud staccato noises and scratch everything in sight. They lick and slobber constantly, and their frenetic energy is definitely not right for everyone. Once they’ve imprinted on you, it will be very hard to get rid of them.

      As far as I know, Zeus hasn’t even been consulted.

    • “Be Careful; black lab and pit bull mix are legion,”

      I’m sorry careful.. My ginger was a lab pit mix.. Sweetest dog ever.. Loved her to death.. Pit bulls just like any other breeds are not mean.. If you really check it out I’m guessing you’ll discover that it’s an owners fault. Treat the animals with love and they will love back.

  21. Hmmmm – something seems to bee amiss down in southern piney, water moccasin country..

    Uretopia Ranch – you got stray pitty’s roaming your property?

    What is wrong with this picture ?

    The fact that those “Killas’ are not DOA, says alot about Uretopia ranch security policy. zeus the cat is livestock, E – precious loved one = some ting wong.

    1) for CQC..fumblingbumblingidiot raid, poachers, robbers, starving zombies.

    2) for reach out touch – scouts, points, coyotes, puma, pitbulls/mixes.

    Check with Ure homeowners policy – wanna bet they are on the NO Go Liability list ? Caution warranted – extreme prejudice advised.

    Another case of “what the hell is going on here?” which has become a several times a day occurrence anymore. Can anyone Explain why Israel Spies (Epstien&Maxwell) and US govmint Denies, supresses and covers up ?

    Why is their a lesbian, obumma appointee judge presiding over the case – she of recent “executive” promotion ? Same exact reason comey the homey (where is he now, hanging w/gruesome?) daughter is prosecutor assigned from SE NYC dist. Still covering up the most massive child sexual abuse & ritualistic sacrifice “underage honey pot” operation in modern history. Ya dont think christiansinaction were part of this evil ? nah – why if they were you would think they would start softening the field of resistance with news stories regards employees and pedo issues..whoops.
    I guess now we KNOW Why con-gris critters voted For Bailouts, $$$ & Weapons to ME, defecto support ISIS. Same regards disgustingly bloated weapons systems that never seem to function properly. Now know why ununited citizen roberts aint so f-ing supreme, at all, bottom of pedo barrel – that traitorous POS.
    #1 ponder of the season of unreason – if tRump were “selected” to run in 2016 – WHO selected him ?

  22. Thanks for the mention George . It’s been easy lately . Always have core shorts and add more on madness rallies after taking some off . Must say I have no gold buy signal but am buying the greatest stock in world , Goldie as I think it’s ridiculous what the dark side is doing to gold . 25 years the greatest bull . Not about flations or USD that’s just noise . Dark side hate gold. Have dreams of pouring molten gold down there throats . So good !!! New approach short hard !! Today is great to add and buy the greatest gold stock in world. The other guys are sick mate

  23. I don’t need a dog. Neighbor has three that are excellent watchdogs and bark at any passers-by walking our country road. Across the road are two more ‘dog’ residences. I enjoy dogs, as long as they are someone else’s and I don’t have to care for and clean up after them. I have a small conure parrot that flew in and adopted me back in the big city as I retired and moved to my country abode. Parrot hears everything and squawks at passers-by also. He’s also a lot easier to feed and clean up after. I have a sign posted in the window of the house, visible from outside: “WARNING! Premises patrolled by ATTACK PARROT SECURITY”.

    I would never trust a pitbull type breed, no matter how sweet and gentle they may appear. Stories of them attacking are legion. I chuckle at the jungle druggies that keep them here for ‘protection’ and wind up mauled by their own dogs.

  24. Dogs have personalities like people. Learn the dog, control the dog.

    I have a 12-yo female lab/pit mix and she’s as sweet as can be with people and other animals, except she does not like being subordinated to another large dog. My dog is actually intrigued by cats for some reason. She also eats well and gets lots of outside wandering time which I believe accounts for her good temperment.

    • “I have a 12-yo female lab/pit mix and she’s as sweet as can be with people and other animals, except she does not like being subordinated to another large dog”

      Dam Joe that sounds like my dog.. except.. its little dogs that act agressive towards her that Upsets her..
      A critter that she assumes is part of the household. No worries. Theres a rabbit that lives under the hedge.. last night took her out the rabbit wasn’t even three feet from her.. walked right on by.. even when when it ran off..
      I joke that her name should be fang .. the reason she was on the list to be euthanized. The reason the original owners got rid of her was she was to agressive and wild. We took her for a walk and she was everywhere..but it was the look in her eyes .not one of I’m mean but more of the get me out off here. They weren’t going to let us have her.. her first order of business was a nap.. had the vet check her over and get her fixed..she’s been with us almost five years now . I bought a training collar and only have to do a one second buzzing at all.. and that is only when she’s to busy admiring the birds in the sky or heard a cricket etc. Every animal we have had has our disposition.
      Like a child. If you teach a child to hate he will..critical if he is criticized,
      “Train up a child in the way he should go, and [or even] when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6).
      It’s the same with an animal..if your understanding they will learn and kind so will they..

  25. “and the re-institution of racism by BLM [See the racist organization’s latest as Black Lives Matter calls for month-long boycott of ‘white companies’ to support ‘BlackXmas’.”

    The fix for this is “turnabout.”


    When I think of all the millions of Blacks who’re devout Christians I have trouble understanding where the communists who populate BLM came from.

    • Cuber? LOL. Haiti via MX? Month of Racism, anyone?
      Don’t you dare even suggesting a boycott of Black businesses as payback…would that be…er.. equality?

  26. Take them in and get your Vet to give them a look see make sure no heartworm etc. We are on our 4th pair of weimeraners – great to have around and very protective. Tons of folks who adopted during the covid shut down don’t want them or figured out you actually have to care for them – dumping them like crazy in H-town sad to see ……

  27. “Neocons are pushing hard for war. ”

    Don’t count on the boogiemen being “just neocons.” The warhawks on the Hill have always been the Leftist Establishment.* I don’t see Bernie, All Out Crazy, or the others in the squid** jumping on the war-wagon, but they’re not Establishment.

    * Why yes, I DO consider McCain a part of the Leftist Establishment and that is his true legacy, and I consider Graham to be a “sore-crotch” Establishment politician.

    ** “Squid” as in soft & mushy between the ears…

  28. “sketch out good plan to install positive-pressure filtering of your home’s air ”

    …And be advised all that is necessary to build a HEPA filter is a HEPA element, a fan, and the lumber required to build a box.

  29. compounding data points.
    Compounding Data (CD) point A)
    3 owls at 3am on November 17th
    3 people have the same dream Dec 2, of a massive EQ and Tsunami
    all 3 people state they felt it was in California, “Falling in the ocean”
    distance between owls and dreamers who dreamed =
    15 days
    Same a day Anomaly, Bank Issues,
    Compounding Data Point B)
    5 people not able to use debit cards in the morning, all have funding
    banks listed.
    wells fargo (Count 2)
    Bank of America
    Credit Union.
    Compounding Data Point C) Juxtaposition of Prepper magazine, found between Flee Market and A Time Magazine Copy of Perl Harbor. with a spread in it as Section 01, Titled “Urban Survival” on 11/27
    Distance Between CDP (A) and CDP (B) 10 days, CDP (B) and CDP (C) 5 days.

    other notes: Cup called wealth falls on its own off a shelf and 1/4 of it chips off.
    misc refrences, Christmas, in relation to EQ, Ships, as it relates to :the sea and white caps and navy.” A single Ship Spotted , off Alki Beach in a sea of darkness and rain with lights on CDP (B) Also Note: on CDP (B) Mention of Noah, as in Trevor Noah (A gay Comedian from South Africa) and mention of Noah days (Noah builds an Arch) and Rainbow cross refrence to Gay Comdedian and Biblical Noah both rainbow, juxtaposed to Light being seperated from Darkness and in relation to Single Ship in a sea of Blackness seen all on CDP (B)

    Increase in data rate momentium. between CDP (A) and (B) and (C) by a measure of 5 days.
    Also Note: Mention of 11111, And the presence of all master numbers on the date of : 11/22/2021 (adding them all together in numerology makes 11) 1+1+2+2+2+0+2+1 = 11 the number of the first set: in essence 11/22/2021 = 11. Note: Georges shutting off his stove alarm at 11:11 on 11/22/2021. Cross references to several other sittings and occurrences and the rapid uptick by those sensitive to such sequences being noted around me. 30 days prior to that date, GPS Stuck in LA for 2 weeks.

    Compounding data spread between CDP (A) to CDP (C) as it relates to Phonetics: 27 counts of being called Angel and 26 Occourances of witessing “Jelouse” behavior. Coupled Phonetically Angejoose
    cross refrences to witnessing recently several occourances in the last month of people loosing stuff and then finding it later.
    Lost Anjelous…… los angelous……. phonetically a match.

    279 occurrences of 333, 444, 555, 666. 777. and over 316 accounts of 999 with only 49 occurrences of 888 between CDP (A) and CDP (C)

    other notes: Found small Coronona Bottle cap. Rona becoming small.

    64 uses of the term “Wave” and 97 uses of the term “Wake” durring CDP (A) and CDP (C) more so than any other up tick in a term not normally used.

    Compiled in the hoper.

    Boat, (tons of abstract and material refrences)
    Waves (tons of references)
    Earthquake x 3

    ohhhhh shit and my ears were plugged up for a week. lots of othes experianceing ear akes. Phonetically EARth quAkes. several experiencing this phenomenon. phonetics big earakes and big anjelous…..

    The arrival of Georges new Dogs. two. security checks… and one occurrence of a dark man disappearing by my office.

    someone just messaged me saying they had a really weird dream last night too. looking for missing people after a natural disaster like Katrina. and I mentioned the Plant Doctor and she called me at the exact time of comment post but didn’t know i mentioned her in my comment.

    i have noted that when occourances of events cascading in juxtapostion relating to commonalitys especially in numbers and phonetics, both material and other become quicker in occurance (Measured distance) we are approaching the Event. whey they spread out further we are departing an event. Example of the man in the Valley yells helloooo! The man is the event, those entering the valley who have yet to come accross the man yelling will experience the “Helloooo” (Signal) at a shorter measured frequency as they approach The Event and those who have already passed The Event will see a greater spread of time between “The Events” Signals.

    we aproaching an event. weighty enough for 3 people to dream about the same thing on the same night and all 3 people had thoughts relating to California.. falling into the ocean.

    sorry, just noting the data. i mean we could all be wrong. the thing about data. it doesnt have feelings or wants or desires. Data Signals before events dont have “intent” They just are for those able to understand them.

    off to have a good day anway, perhaps pull some extra cash out of the atm now that they are working again.

    do with that which you want. im just sounding it out. its a process. normally i just speak the event and not let you see the process. i been thinking about getting dogs two.

    you know george, the 10 of pentacles has 2 dogs on it and an old dude. perhaps the universe is telling you something…. just not on a card.. but living dymanics.

    certainly is talking to me about cups.

      • total measurement of distance between is 21 days, 21 or 7X3, 73 the 21st prime or 777 means both “hello” in ham radio and cash out at the casino George.

        December 7th is 21 days from the owl experience. 21 is cash out, and hello, THE Event, there is another anomaly i experienced at 3am on CDP C that I didn’t mention at 3am. because I don’t say everything i see or hear. I will keep that to myself.

        what was it that Harris said when asked about Afghanistan evacuation debacle, what was her answer. buy christmas presents now, there might not be any available come Christmas. quite the peculiar answer to a question about ending a war. i process all this stuff very quickly in my head. it takes me alot longer to write it all out like that.

        I’m going to rest a while…

        im really trying to stay positive and upbeat. that is what im doing… and still be aware of what is being presented in the “Matrix” around me. and remember that data is not emotional, it is static. it is human to put emotional signatures on sequences of data. but there is more ways to objectively view everything that is in motion. this is only one presentation of how to view the future. there is multiple angles of consideration. i will review those later.

        im certainty leveling up. in many ways. pro-motion, if you will.

        and someone said to me as i write this, just now on messanger, “you always have perfect timing! i have never seen anything like it before with anyone else.” and i have no idea what she is even talking about.

        thanks man.

      • mathematically calculating future events. they are almost always sequentially primes George. the prime may be unnoticeable to someone who reads tea leaves.. as i said about viewing the future through different avenues of perspective, because there is more than a few ways, i just presented wone. mathematically calculating future events, events are usually marked in some shape or form by a prime. divisible by one and itself. that another way of viewing the future that i discovered.

        12/12/2021 is an interesting date for sure and adds 12, 37 is the 12th prime. your date may be correct. because 37 is ten, ten uses the symbol for one and zero. one and zero is phi. in roman the X. the mark on a treasure map……… hmmmmmmm………..

        i need to rest for a bit. thanks man.

      • oh 37 is the mirror image of 73……. thanks George. very interesting. hadn’t considered that until you brought it up. im so busy with other things. perhaps the events are between 73 and 37…

        • You then have only to apply my “life loops” discussion, Andy.

          You see, people – like economics – also have cycles to them. More on PN this weekend….

      • I am so glad that you have an innate understanding of Mr. Andy rambles, Mr. Ure, cause I sure don’t. I must most certainly be of Neanderthal vibrational consciousness………

        Thank you for Peoplenomics, what a bargain !

    • Andy- You are due a holiday season vacation. Consult with your personal Advisor, make arrangements with the employer, and at quitting time on the appointed day, head home, grab your bags and just go, like you’ve planned. When you are through vacationing up-country, and the West Coast is still above sea level, you head back home to work.
      Never done it over a bad dream, but I’ve headed for high ground ahead of really bad weather on a number of occasions. A few times it was for nothing, but a couple of times it was major league real. You don’t have to be the weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing. And if you are wrong, it is a lesson learned, and you go back to your life. Be safe.

  30. Message from God?

    A totem, sent to prepare you for things to come?

    Remember, the dog’s senses of smell and hearing are several thousand times as good as yours — even a Pit’s senses. Their vision is not as good as a cat’s, but they communicate things like “danger” and “intruder” a lot better than Zeus will.

    Chewy delivers in two days. Dogs eat less high-quality dog food than they do the cheap stuff, their guts function better, and they make much less poo. The $3+/lb food is a racket, the $1.25/lb food is hard to beat, the $0.45/lb food will generate lots of gigantic poo-piles and shave years off the dogs’ lives.

    If you get someone to take them off your hands, never break the pair. Adult sibs who run in the same pack will die of sadness, if separated. If you keep them, if they’re housebroken they should be able to come & go (take advantage of their hearing); if they’re not and you don’t want to mess with it, build them a strong house they can use to defend themselves. As a pair they can kill a bobcat, but a cougar or feral hog will kill them.

  31. yes, we approaching a major event.. because the Rate of the Events Signal is shorter (Time Measurement) in occurrence. that is how we know it is not a past Event signal or “Reverberation” echo because they become longer ( Time measurement) in signal rate occurrences.

  32. The word around the net is that everyone getting the moronic version of “covid” is fully vaxxed. IF this is true, then either we have ADE with a vengeance or it’s actually a cover for vaxx reactions. It would seem like normal(unvaxxed) people are simply not getting it. Of course, my information is rumor and we really need to get info from a reliable source before concluding anything. It doesn’t seem to be an especially dangerous variant at all, in concert with the accepted theory of pathogens becoming less pathogenic over time and their serial passage through hosts.

  33. We all have a 6th sense.. We all come from a long line of SURVIVORS..
    People will tell you What Evil they ate planning. Every mass shooter told people what they were going to do. No one acted on that info..
    Read THE GIFT OF FEAR BY Gavin DeBecker,talks about survival signals..
    People are the TOP PREDATOR ON THIS PLANET!! Pay attention.. Yes War is terrible, Medic in Vietnam, Medical officer in Grenada, 53 years in ER’s,Clinic’s. Got jumped in ICU, NURSE GOT STABBED, CARDIOLOGIST IN ODESSA,TX SHOT 2015 that I worked for for 2 years or so,I got jumped in little rural hospital by 21 yr old guy and his Mother,but high on cocaine and other crap. They tell you what they are going to do. If you pay attention you can Defuse or De Escalate it or be prepared to protect yourself.. I am a Medic but I and my nurses,techs are not your punching bag or gun target. Walk into any room WHAT EEAPONS ARE IN THST ROOM THAT YOU CAN USE.DO YOU CARRY A PEN OR PENCIL? Then you are armed. Have a 1 or 2 inch blade.Potential LETHAL WEAPON. THINK, BE PREPARED,PRACTICE,THINK THRU SCENARIOS.. IF YOUR GUT TELLS YOU SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT PAY ATTENTION,GET YOU AND YOURS OUT!

  34. everyone here is my mate .. short hard and harder . i will tell you when to close . take on some quality gold stock . i have my world wide top choice .. the rocket ship . there is NO signal . i would tell my mates if there was. but what they did last night was outright evil . dark side , sith , facist , neocon scum .may the force be with you fear not .. join the jedi great blokes

  35. “Robert
    December 2
    Before the civil war dogs were considered a burden and cost. When the civil war started, folks with dogs were able to flee the rebels because their dogs gave them early warnings.”
    I must agree with Robert here. Once they bond with you they are as loyal and protective as one can get.
    George, these dogs are grown, yes? Give them a try. Both are good breeds or mixes if they are healthy. Formidable, generally smart and as you said, with the social situation and the virus as they are you aren’t too much into unexpected drop by visitors.
    If the balloon goes up, they hear before you do. You could do worse…

  36. McConnell hopes for ‘Christmas miracle’ to save government from another shutdown

    “I’m sort of hoping for a Christmas miracle,” McConnell declared on Tuesday, about the prospects for avoiding a government shutdown. “Magic things happen at Christmas. And that’s what I’m counting on.”

    December 12, 2018. Coulda been written 12 hours ago.

  37. Dogs will chase hogs so they have potential to earn their keep. Maybe you can repurpose wild hog into dog food. Zero emissions.

    “You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you a look that says, ‘Wow, you’re right! I never would’ve thought of that!’”

    ~Dave Barry

  38. Comrades,

    Thirteen months after the election and Mr. Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” mandate is back in place for asylum seekers at the USA southern border as the Biden pølsers bare their teeth. It now apparently includes additional ethnicities in addition to the Hispanic stipulation of the Trump administration. As well public health regulation Title 42 for the health emergency remains in place.

  39. Andy
    I thought that date sounded ‘familiar’.., 12/07.
    The 1988 Armenian earthquake, also known as the Spitak earthquake, occurred on December 7 at 11:41 local time with a surface wave magnitude of 6.8

  40. :and with no tags or otherwise no one answering an entry on FB or Craig’s List for lost animals it’s best to just not feed them so they’ll, hopefully, just move on down the road. ”

    If … they were adopted by the previous owner they have a chip.. all dogs are chipped before being adopted. To let them run you face the odds that they will become ferrel dogs.

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