SS-DW (Same Stuff, Different Week)

Welcome back from the land of hangover and sunburns.

About the only major economic news is that things are a bit soft in Europe after being soft in Asia overnight.  Although that could be as much from a lack of news (and boredom setting it) as anything else.  The only “biggies” in the US this week may be consumer debt tomorrow afternoon and then the FOMC minutia on Wednesday.  We have to wait for the next round of fireworks next week when Consumer Prices are due.

There are two turds to watch floating in the economic punchbowl:  One is the head of the IMF says that they’re backing down their forecast a bit for this year’s global growth outlook.

The other is the chance that Russia will step up its support for Eastern Ukraine, and should that happen, the West could still get sucked in to a shooting war that would engage NATO in the region.

This gets us to a discussion of dysfunctional relationships, a new specialty of the Obama administration:  Their problem (nicely put) is “How do you hold Russia at a line while we need them to keep dropping military goods into Iraq (along with Iran) to hold the emergent global caliphate in check?”

And so we come to our Monday morning puzzler:  Does the administration have some gee-whiz spiffy plan up its sleeve that all comes together in a stroke of genius?  Or, are they a complete posse of bubbling idiots?

(I think I know the answer, and you may suspect it, but they’re only gambling the future of the world’s once-leading democracy…so if they want to “bet the payroll” there won’t be any stopping them anyway.

Which is why it’s the Same Stuff, Different Week.

And it’s bordering on madness, so to speak.

Just in Time for Vacation

Wholly Smokes Dept: It’s only a coincidence, I tell you, that Washington state’s first legal pot-shops are opening today and we plan to be up there to visit for a month with the kids in mid August, or so.

And I’ll further claim (though you’d be an idiot to rule out the possibility) that this might influence our decision to fly the old ‘BeechCrate or drive up…

Airport Sec Up

And with reason:  Authorities report finding a knife if the shoe of a passenger up in Michigan.  Happened on Sunday morning at Detroit airport at Romulus (which is somewhere near Remus, we’re told).

Meantime, until the fellow is crazy, I have a hard time figuring why he would put a knife in his shoe, as they do make walking uncomfortable.

Never ones to lose a marketing op, TSA will now be requiring people coming to the US from certain foreign location to turn on their cellphones to prove they work.

Have battery, will travel.”  Who ever in a zillion years thought we’d not only have to have 2 pieces of ID but also a charged cell phone or we’re going to miss flights?

Speaking of Electronics

Maine News carries a report this morning that Science has come up with a way to electrically turn human consciousness on and off!

Seems to me it’s been in use or at least the testing phase for a couple of decades in Washington.

Social Events

I’ve asked Elaine to stop buying Jessica Simpson branded shoes, purses, and lady-gear:  I was sure we must have passed some purchasing threshold and qualified to attend the Simpson/Johnson wedding this weekend, but no….  They got married without us being invited.

Come to think of it, so did the duke and whatmacallit of whozzits.  But they didn’t sell shoes, so I got over that one….


Transformers topped the box office this weekend, although America is coming on strong.

I wrote a Transformers follow-on script that I haven’t heard back on:  The working title is Rheostats.  It’s a high-voltage thriller about a young man in the Resistance who’s sexually oscillating.  Very PC….  (rimshot)

How Old?

Interesting story over hear about the oldest woman in America who’s now 116.

I just want to know why I feel that old today?

Reader Note

I’ve done some research and found my writing was often too long, so this morning’s column will be shorter…as I hope to limit them in the future.  The good news for me is that they will take less time to write – and for you – less time to read.

I promise to keep the same level of typos, however, so you won’t lose the challenge of figuring out what I said.

The longer-form articles (and dare I claim deeper thinking) will continue on the site…