Some FedSpeak and Import Prices in a minute. But first we need to point out the Kennedyesque risks presently faced by Donald Trump as he’s gotten “in the face” of the U.S. intelligence community by running his own “sting operation” on them.

We would not be surprised to see one of Trumps first actions after the Oath – a week from tomorrow – would be the removal of the top layer of each spy agency.

But the problems of the Shadow Government will not go quietly into the night. As we have explained previously, there is a layer in Washington of GS-15/GS-16 and up who are virtually fire-proof and wield powers far beyond those of ordinary men.

With CNN in butt-covering mode for its role in promoting what is arguably the Piece de resistance punking job, we will naturally be suspect of any attempts to brute-force Trump’s efforts into the “non-problem column.”

A further incentive? Too many Americans are are clear on the various Agency roles in bringing us the past several wars. Same folks who cobbled up Niger uranium and on and on it goes.

Worse, former acting CIA Director Michael Morrel strongly supported Hillary Clinton in the NY Times.

To be sure, any retribution by the clown posse spy masters would be a stand-off affair, arms-length. But should anything happen to Trump, our suspect list would be very short – and at the top of the spy agencies.

No, they’re not all bad. I can’t think of better Americans than those on Agency front lines. But like Border Patrol, the subversion of American values has been installed at the top.

Naturally, we hope we don’t see more of this, but Glenn Greenwald’s column “The Deep State Goes to War with President-Elect, Using Unverified Claims, as Democrats Cheer…” articulates well the powers of the Shadow Government.

Already CNN is reporting that Obama’s National Security Advisor James Clapper is rejecting the Trump punking. Clapper submitted his resignation letter two months ago.

Two points. First a childhood rhyme: “The fault the finder, the stink lays behinder…”

Second: Those who have run afoul ThePowersThatBe in the past have paid a terrible price, and that includes I expect, President John F. Kennedy. I assume you have seen (or remember) on where “The FBI and the CIA intentionally misled the (Warren) Commission.” And more important: “A second government investigation [after the Warren Commission-g] came to a different conclusion” – and that was it was probably a conspiracy.

I’m an old-school reporter and I have seen this time and time again: When adverse conditions are similar, crooked people in power act in similar crooked ways.

Trump’s efforts at “Draining the Swamp” are in my estimate a good fit historically with where President Kennedy was as he questioned the Fed and growing the war in S.E. Asia.

Today’s aligators don’t seem and more likely to want their swamp drained. Especially while they orchestrate a second Muslim invasion of Europe and a first one of these United States. You know why the drug cartels are still big and why you never heard a satisfactory answer following Fast and Furious / Gun Walking? A few low-level players but no one “up the food chain” right? Yet who was Attorney General and who was Secretary of State?

And then remind me: what is the largest cash crop of Afghanistan and why are we there?

The aligators have a business model and past experience (history) teaches that when business models collide, one of them breaks.

It’s only a matter of which one breaks. We have 170 hours before the suffix “-Elect” disappears.

The mnemonic here might be the frame in the Disney 1953 film Peter Pan. Where Hook’s #2, Mr. Smee keeps hearing the crocodile that swallowed the alarm clock “ticking…”  (video reminder)

Same sound as the 35-page “crock” today.

An interesting psychological sidebar: We could spend hours discussing this, but sense parallels to the cartoon Peter Pan, with Trump doing the IRL (in real life, wake up!) Peter. Hook might be collective clown posse of spies and Smee might be out there right now running ops but maintaining plausible deniability for the modern Hook.

As Wikipedia notes: “Smee typically represents a humorous side to pirating, often portrayed as a portly man with a bulbous nose and red cheeks, although Barrie hinted at a darker side.” Might play not just with pirating but spying as well.

This time Peter (played by Trump IRL) is not leading “The Lost Boys.” He’s leading “The Lost Country.” Could we cast Melania Trump as TinkerBell?

It all stitches together a further question: Is it all a coincidence of characters or do the plays at the archetype level project outward into the here-and-now over time? Swamps and the Tic Tock Croc… (video ref)

Sheesh…getting too deep for this hour. Time to get back financial affairs…

Here Comes Inflation

Just out from the Labor Department:

“Prices for U.S. imports rose 0.4 percent in December, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today, after a 0.2-percent decline the previous month. The advance in December was primarily driven by higher fuel prices which more than offset lower nonfuel prices. U.S. export prices advanced in December, rising 0.3 percent following a 0.1-percent decrease in November. Imports All Imports: Import prices resumed an upward trend in December, rising 0.4 percent following a 0.2- percent decline in November. Prices for overall imports advanced 1.8 percent between December 2015 and December 2016, the largest 12-month increase since the index rose 3.5 percent in March 2012. The increase in 2016 was the first calendar-year advance since import prices rose 8.5 percent in 2011. Fuel Imports: Prices for import fuel advanced 7.3 percent in December, the largest monthly increase since the index rose 10.5 percent in June. The December increase was primarily led by a 7.9-percent advance in petroleum prices. Natural gas prices also rose in December, increasing 2.2 percent. The price index for import fuel advanced 25.0 percent in 2016 following a 41.0-percent drop the previous year. The 2016 increase was the first year that fuel prices rose since a 24.9-percent rise in 2011, and the largest calendar- year advance since a 62.2-percent jump in 2009.

Meanwhile, the Dow up almost 100 yesterday is set to give back a third of that at today’s open.

On the FedSpeak front, Philly Fed President Patrick Harker supports three Fed rate hikes this year, citing strong labor conditions and such.  Look for lots more FedSpeak later on.

Looking at tomorrow don’t forget your Q4 IRS payment although since Monday is a holiday, who knows how the mercy will be dispensed if late.

Big deal tomorrow?  Retail sales for December – and that’s one that could move the market if it’s either an up-side or down-side surprise…

Drop Obamacare but Keep the Tax Money?

The senate in a late night session worked on first steps to modify Obamacare.

The only good to come out of this is to show that senators can actually work until 1:30 AM in a pinch – which doesn’t happen often.

Eyes on Iran

Mad Dog doesn’t trust ‘em.  Mad Dog is right.

How many laws did Obama break sending them all that money? I mean if any of course.

Global Warming Evidence

Wind chill values between -40 and -45 expected in parts of Alberta …  Might have to get Nostracodeus chief Grady a heated keyboard.

More seriously, check out Antarctic Ice Shelves And Global Dynamics.