Spiraling Economics of Industrial Systems

Where to make the Ure family’s last stand?  Or, what’s the future of Big Cities….really? These get to be very important things for a head of household to consider.  Families being teams, there’s no time like the present to “step out of time” and look a ways down the railroad tracks toward what’s ahead.

Many people aren’t able to do this.  We have been acculturated into “instant everything” to such a high level that thinking ahead isn’t presently in favor or fashion.

Although, as you’ll see by the end of this discussion, this may be exactly when such perspectives matter the most.

Along with the ChartPack and a heaping load of economic highlights and news notes, as well.

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George Ure
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62 thoughts on “Spiraling Economics of Industrial Systems”

    • Don’t forget a few weeks ago we were told about a fusion breakthrough. Energy too cheap to meter is coming soon.

      Collapse is a matter of perception.

      I think it’s Moore’s Law ending. People will point to quantum computing but I don’t see the cloud quantumizing anytime soon.

      On the other hand SpinQ says they have a desktop quantum computer with an ask less than $9,000. Fill the basement with them and rent time?

      The Gemini Mini costs 1,188,000 yen which equates to roughly $8,900.

      The Gemini


      • “Energy too cheap to meter is coming soon”

        Uhm, soon in a matter of speaking. Better to say (hopefully) in our lifetime. Given our dislike for nukes, let alone other (mostly clean) energy sources, I’ll be surprised if the future is any brighter than the past. Gas range anyone?


        Ring me up in a decade and let me know how it burns out.
        Meanwhile, Mammoth cloak anyone?
        blah, blah, blah


      • Egor –

        I doubt we’ll have free energy. During one of the past recessions (2010) a gimmick was the roof mounted turbines that could supposedly power a house. After the grant money dried up so did the turbine hype. One company was local to me out of Grand Rapids, MI. and that’s the only reason why I know of the turbines.

        But an energy breakthrough could come.

        Entrepreneur develops quality, affordable residential wind turbines


      • ‘During one of the past recessions (2010) a gimmick was the roof mounted turbines that could supposedly power a house. ”

        In 2006 my mother passed on.. anyway.. her great great grandpa was William Clark of the lewis and Clark expeditions.. and we had to contact the DAR about her passing.. my grand mother was the last one that anyone attended… anyway at her meal.. we had collected what few belongings she had and they were sitting on the table and my sibling got up to say a few things and he said..” Isn’t it sad that at the end of your life.. all that is left is a few photos, a couple boxes of assorted crap and the memories of what you stood for…”
        this really hit home for me.. I wasn’t doing good health wise and it really hit home.. as my wife and I drove home we started to talk and I asked my wife.. honey what will our kids remember about us.. I was busy trying to provide the things they needed..shoving three lifetimes into one working day and night.. anyway to make a short story long.. we decided to show the kids and grand kids that we believed in solar and wind as the way of the future.. One of the things I had been ranting on since I was a teenager was solar towers and solar for homes and small wind..
        I took some cereal boxes and cut out a design that I had made by a laser cutter.. for a roof mounted wind turbine.. and it worked much better than I expected.. today you can buy those mounts just about anywhere.. below is the mount.. NOW.. it does work great.. but your roofline has to be high enough to catch the wind..my first thought was the wind hitting the roof flowing up over and catching the blades from the updraft.. even though it does work quite well.. your roofline has to be high enough and you cannot have a long mounting pole.. but one about five foot long..

        below is the best wind turbine with the best gullwing blades.. nice blades.. catches more wind than the most.. this is the same blade configuration that NASA has on some of their northern outpost..
        a really nice wind turbine kit.. if you use a ground tower.. the tower at thirty feet high and higher.. will give you plenty of wind..
        the problem is the business model.. they push bigger wind turbines instead of a two kw wind turbine like this one..
        and wind fluxuations.. you need it higher to catch the upper atmosphere wind..

      • “During one of the past recessions (2010) a gimmick was the roof mounted turbines that could supposedly power a house.”

        the problem is.. wind fluxuations.. in combination to solar wind is a good idea.. the big issue is the fluxuating wind currants..and roof mount can be a plus but not dependable enough to provide all the air.. just like cloud cover and solar.. in scandinavian countries.. as they grew and needed more power they didn’t have the area to build bigger and better power plants.. so they pushed solar and wind on each home it took the USA almost twenty five years to finally ok the smaller inverters for home use here.. made for the outbacks of Australia and other countries.. where they couldn’t get grid energy.. wind is good.. the roof mount for wind turbine is good to..three days after I had ours put up on the roof we had a torando go through.. threw buildings a couple of blocks etc..and I thought when it hit.. dam there goes the roof.. no. the design is solid.. mounted in three rafters with three inch lag bolts.. ours has gone through so many wind storms now.. that I don’t even question the vibrations of a wind turbine.. of course mine is made out of heavier steel.. I cut the design out of a cereal box.. had the son to the local grocer that worked his full time job at a laser cut cut it out for me..
        On this one.. when I sent a photo to the boys at mwands of mine way back almost twenty years ago now.. I still had the side supports on the pole mount like this one.. but really I had those taken off.. they are still there on it.. but really wasn’t needed..

  1. wanted to sign up this am but was only given paypal to use….not a chance. like buying from tractor supply…aint gonna happen. FYI


  2. For Stephen 2, from yesterday.
    What I do for old applications…I have an XP app (Seware) for my wife’s Singer embroidery machine. Did not work on any windows past XP. I created an XP image under VirtualBox, and installed the app in that virtual instance. Now I can run that virtual image on any windows machine, and I run that on my win10 or win11 machines and it works and still connects to her sewing machine. But I understand not all apps can work like this, but that doesn’t change the fact those old OS are broken security wise. They should never be allowed to have internet connectivity by a user. I have been through security events, and they are truly expensive in time, money and customer goodwill. If those windows XP, 7 are open to the internet and open to any other machine on your network, everything with an IP address is at high risk. If your logins or passwords are ever used they are at risk of capture using keyloggers. What is the risk of your accounts being drained or all your data being deleted or encrypted and held for ransom, is there a risk to your company reputation if any of this happens? Yes software/hardware can be expensive to maintain and update. Just be sure you understand the risk and expense if you do not do these things and ensure you are making informed calculations.

    • Thanks JD,

      I will look into that method. btw … did I mention I HATE Microsoft Office? LOL!! I have NO desire to give Microsoft any more money than is absolutely necessary!!, particularly for something I absolutely HATE!

      Unfortunately all the training programs for secretaries etc. teach ONLY the Microsoft way … which locks EVERY office anymore into using MS Office and MS Word unless you are willing to deal with a LONG learning curve for your staff to learn something else. If not for that I would throw every copy of MS Office into the trash can tomorrow.

      ME? I am an old Word Perfect guy (worked as a printer early in life and it feels like it was designed by an old printer to replicate how they actually did things in the print shop), still love it after all these years but it seems only us older guys still are wedded to WP. Seems all those youngsters (anyone under 50, well maybe under 60!!) are clueless about how much better WP is for the business I am in, but it truly is.

      OH … the ONLY improvement needed by WP over the years imo was the addition of Dragon Dictate, which I added many years ago. GREAT PROGRAM is you were already used to dictating stuff for your secretary to transcribe, particularly for very long documents. I was already used to dictating all the punctuation etc. into my dictations, which Dragon handles very well, so for me it was a near seamless transition for that type of work.


  3. Yo G,

    perhaps laying the Solar Cycles over Ure cycle work will/would provide further insights…I would expect it to be a trailing indicator of Human herd emotions/actions..That is to say seems Sun reacts/reflects our overall “vibe” – which currently is WAR – everywhere and on everything = Light vs Dark. This would seem to coincide with Suns proclivity to set off whopper X flares during “Minimum periods”.

    ? With several X flares this week coming from different spots may be indicating the “pump is being primed” . Maybe just maybe an underground shelter – from the Sun is a worthy consideration..could also double as a fallout shelter..got lead paint? Obviously Caves and Cave systems would be ideal “shelters”…never guess where the largest cave system in this hemisphere is located…

    Oh well – Keep on WEFing.

  4. Good report today, George. I especially appreciated the qualitative selection criteria for hiring managers. I had similar ideas, but the terms that you couched it in makes sense to me and I will take it to heart.

    Just a quick note about managing expectations when it comes to weather…in this case, specifically California and the west coast of North America. California and all of the west coast has a couple of things working for it and against it that the rest of the continent does not. Firstly, the entire west coast is what’s geologically referred to as an ’emerging’ coastline. That makes for breathtaking scenery, but it also makes for breathtaking geological events like earthquakes and volcanoes. Secondly, due to the position of the continents, oceans and orbital mechanics, the atmospheric flow in the northern hemisphere is west to east. This means that due to the ocean’s effects on temperature the west coast has very temperate and lovely weather much of the time, BUT it also gets the first and hardest punch in the mouth from weather systems.

    None of this has its origin or even the slightest thing to do with the actions/inactions of any human or groups of humans that have ever lived.

  5. The “Important Pile” topic today brought to mind a theme that is resonating, maybe it’s obvious to everyone but it sure looks to me like Biden has outlived his usefulness as a proxy for the Obama-Soros junta and is in the process of being informed a 2024 run isn’t going to happen.
    The revelation of classified documents in his possession, likely documents related to his Ukraine arrangements, reeks of central messaging to the Old Grifter…they undoubtedly have enough juicy dirt on the OG to make him dance a Hopak Cossack dance in double time.
    His trip to El Paso was a feeble attempt to placate disgruntled libs who are also turning on him as unknowing participants in the psyop.
    Lopez-Obrador and other world leaders see the writing on the wall and are willing to distance themselves from Old Joe with the knowledge change is in the air.
    His days are numbered IMO, and the interesting times are right around the corner.

  6. Household wealth is down by $13.5 trillion in 2022, second-worst destruction on record. and household liabilities rose by about $900 billion.[ also a record.] The losses during the Great Depression would ‘probably’ be number one., but we don’t have the actual data to prove it. So.., 2022 was the greatest destruction of individual wealth since Eisenhower., in 63 years.
    (the data series begins in 1959)




  8. We are moving from 30+ years of abundance, lower cost and deflation to shortages, higher cost and inflation, and we are all going to bear that price for years to come.

    • Likely true, barring a game changing innovation. The wild card is the many wars and potential wars that are growing toward what could become a firestorm of violence and destruction. Being 100 miles from a nuclear target is becoming more difficult each day with the increase in potential targets. Prevailing winds are a some-time thing – where I am, the prevailing winds were from the southwest, but more recently, there are often winds from the north and east. Security matters, and the open southern border, along with Biden antics, has put thousands(millions?) more desperate young males on the street everywhere. Good fences, cameras, perimeter alarms and other sensors make sense, along with a plan to handle interlopers.

  9. I didn’t enter a trade today.., watching and setting up for tomorrow. Today it looks like “Buy the rumor.., sell the fact” – and the “fact” is tomorrows reports on the economy.., if inflation comes in, even ‘slightly’ higher than expected., the markets could dump two, may be even three percent.

  10. interesting to note after thought about all that is presented on urbansurvival George.

    the elements come through very much so. and there varying forms. especially in the example you posted yesterday about California.

    2 years ago. the worst forest fires ever recorded in history in that region of California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska. which replenishs the soil with nitrogen.
    fires are actually good for new growth. it is part of the cleansing process. both spiritually and elementally

    fire= one of the 5 elements

    now we see record rain poor. record snow in Alaska. etc etc. another part of the cleansing process. both spiritually and elementally

    water. = another of the 5 elements in that region.

    it apears when we step back and look. there is a great cleansing happening or a cycle of the forces on a small scale of how the earth has transitioned through the world in tthe elements.
    the 5 elements:
    aether or Plasma for the scientific term.

    we are after all. in transition from the 4th world to the 5th. according to some tribes much older than my own.

    first world cataclysm.
    destroyed by fire. (see the extinction of dinosaurs)
    second world cataclysm: destroyed ice. (see the ice age)
    third world cataclysm:
    destroyed by water. (see the great flood)
    placing us currently in the 4th world close to as some say, the great cataclysm which marks the start of the 5th world.

    it is said that ever aeons end is marked by a great cataclysm. and many much smart and wiser than me think we at the end of this aeon.

    hmmmmm. very interesting. at least to me it is. very interesting to see the elements at work to this degree.

    with regards to looking farther down the tracks.
    consciousness is faster than light. I can think of any place I’ve already been to and instantly I’m there.

    it is a very taxing physical thing to do through meditation. I don’t do it very often. it is my experience one has to cast your consciousness through the abstract unfolding potential to a moment in time, screen shot it because everything in that place is like high speed moving hieroglyphs. file it in your mind then return to your current locality of now. then process it.

    which I’m not as good at that as I am at some things. the last time I did that. I burned up 12 lbs of body weight in the 4 hours I was in deep meditation. it is very exhausting. and I’ve said before, when you look at cataclysm type events as if you are standing in the middle of it as it is unfolding. for me, I feel the emotional finger print of it. feeling all that emotion of like tsunami and Japan quake is not something most anyone I have ever met would want to experience.

    and I’m sure with 8 billion people on this planet? I’m not the only one with the capacity to do that.
    charts and data are the easier on the mind and body, way to understand the world trajectory.

    one things forsure. the elements are speaking. very loudly. if one listens.

    • I work out here every day Andy, knowing out here at the end of the UPS runs we sort of have everything and we are stockin g for the time time soon when we will have nothing. There’s an urgency to the Spring this year, a kind of last train out to get the garden producing and a few sacks of rice.
      Hard times are coming, you can see it on people’s faces, even on the web.]
      There’s a desperation especially among those who aren’t at peace with Nature and who never get off the computer or phone long enough to step outside and know if there’s a dusty small that says “Rain’s coming…”

      You know the smell, I know it, most of the people here know it. But there’s a smell of “the people” as well. All the bullshit and gaslighting. No one wants to work the problem, they are still in want of being famous still.

      Hunger and peace get real important – and damn quick. But we’ve said as much before and I ramble.

      Peace brother.

      • yeah George. and all I know is take your clothes and your books and everything else will be provided.

        you are correct. like I’ve said before. it has been my current understanding, we have until July of 2023.

        I do know I have a part to play. I’m not sure what it is. I never wanted fame or any of that. you know that about me Mister. I didn’t use my Christian name on any site until you called me by it. I went by 0. the lowest number I could be. and in the last few years, I’ve studied the famous. no thanks. I prefer a simple life. money i say yes too only as a means of security and safety.

        I’m not responsible for all of humanity. no matter how many people tell me I’m the chosen one or I’m an angel or something else.

        if I knew how to stop it all. I would. if I could. I think there is too much inertia. and I’m not the man of steel. even if I have the t-shirt. and if I could stop it? would it be good to do so?

        I don’t know.

        you remember when I found that skateboard in the middle of nowhere, not a house around for miles, not a car on the road or a person in site.

        the same exact skateboard is found in a song video about the end of the world. same exact skateboard. the theme in the video is day of the dead. the song talks about the end of the world and its about a girl singing to someone how he could have stopped it from happening but didn’t do anything.

        I actually like the Song. it’s got a good beat. i found the ame exact skateboard as in this video. prayer in C, by Lilly Wood and the Prick Robin Schultz.


        I don’t know why I find stuff like that skateboard or a bullet before it goes missing 2 months later. there must be a reason for it all. and I think dear whoever the fuck, keeps giving me these things, if you can do all that stuff. tell me what to do. or fix the world yourself. I don’t know how it is, who it is or why it is. but it is.

        hmmmmmm…. and at times i5 seems like I have a bunch of people pulling on me to go this direction or that. all according to their addenda on how they see things going.

        and all I want to do is have a normal life. find a beautiful woman, and bunch of land, take a hot bubble bath in a deep claw tub outside looking at the stars, while drinking a big cup of dark coffee and smoke a fat cigar with her laying up against me and

        this playing on LP in the background.


        it’s a nice thought. I only know as I go, what I can comprehend at the moment I can comprehend it. for now that is all I can do. even though I sure do wish at times I had all the answers. I can only make the changes I can make dude. that is all I can do.

      • I want everyone to successfully make the transition. sadly that is not the case. I feel so small at times when I look at the larger scale. what can I do? how is it I can understand all this stuff. understand the elements are speaking and lack the capacity to make a difference in any of it. even with my most sincere effort. it seems all I can do is make subtle adjustments.

        I think I must be unqualified for the job to do anything about it all George. because even though I can fathom such things. and I understand causality and all the dynamics. I am unequpted to do anything substantial about it.

        I often wonder what is the purpose of knowing all that I know, see all that I see, if I can’t do anything about it. or maybe I can and maybe i already am. and I just don’t know I am. or i can and I just don’t understand how to do all I can do. I haven’t discovered what I can do.

        thanks dude. have a wonderful day. I’m going to get a hair cut. that I can do. lol

      • “There’s a desperation especially among those who aren’t at peace with Nature and who never get off the computer or phone long enough…”

        There was a time my wife was focused on the computer, the phone, AND the television all at the same time. Eyes bouncing from one electronic device to the other. If I tried to get her attention, all I would get was “Eh?”

      • at exactly 111 in that video about the day of dead, where the singer says our world is slowly dying. the dude in the video flips his skate board over and falls into the back of a car.

        I found that exact skateboard George. when I stopped to take a piss on a road in the middle no where. laying there by a bush. miles from any house, nobody on the road but me for miles. same exact skateboard. as in that video at 1:11.

        and I don’t know why or whether I can do anything about it or what to do about any of it. or what it means. or why me, why do I find stuff like that? what is the purpose for me finding it? to make me realize I’m unequipt to understand what someone or some group of entities in a higher relms language that is beyond my scope to understanding? is it me from the future leaving me crap to figure out? is it time travelers from the future warning for me? or is some crazy ass monkey minded crap to drive me crazy? or is just some junk someone lost and I make it out to be something that it’s not. I don’t know. is DUDE giving me presents. I just don’t know.

        but it is. that is much is for certain.

        I just find it odd that I find that skateboard. then 3 months later that song comes on the radio. catches my attention. so I look up the YouTube video and sure as shit. the skateboard in the middle of nowhere I found is the exact one in that video at 1:11. in a song about the end of the world and its theme is the day of the dead.

        i think. okay. cool. so now what? what can I do with this information? how is useful to help myself and others?

      • loud squelch left ear. someone was here. I know it was here. I don’t say everything I see or hear.

        someone very powerful came to this site ohhhh about 16 minutes ago. someone on the side of the good. left ear loud squelch is someone on the side of the bad. could have been the other site I comment on time to time.

        no, I’m sure it was this site.

        drew someone out. hmmmm….. could have been a hidden hand type fella. no. a girl. a lady aristocrat. Definitely a lady. they sound different than men.

        I know when someone like that comes near to where I am. even on line. <—- that is a peculiar statement. i dont rememer writing that.

        it's sorta a thing between us who are like us.

        a female Power figure from the good side came here. not sure if she commented but i know she was here.

        you rememeber way back George when I was heckling that elite over at glp and that Egyptian elite female stepped right out in the open and commented directly to me about 12 years ago. she thought I was an elite aristocrat. asked me directly what house i was from. and warned me about heckling him.

        same kinda squelch I heard today on the left side of my ear now 17 minutes ago.

        something I said i presume. drew her to this place to have a look. I think this particular one is from the myan bloodline.

        hmmm interesting.

        12. and. 12.

        there is ancient 12 villages in the US and 12 tribes in Israel. right hemisphere of earth's consciousness and left hemisphere. the totality of a day. 24.

        I had already left. I just came back because I heard her come here. it's like esp radar. you know when one of them is in the vicinity.

      • left ear is the side of the good.
        right ear is the side of evil.

        there is a significant difference between a female and a male.

        I haven’t heard that in a long time. not one of them. not in while. and I know when I hear that. one of them is close. or came to where I was. I know it was this site, here. definitely a female. very powerful.

        hmmmm. perhaps she wants to talk to you George. lol.

        atleast she is from the good side. hahaha. I’d tread carefully mister. lol they are definitely masters of the arts.

      • “yeah George. and all I know is take your clothes and your books and everything else will be provided.”

        Dam andy.. I don’t have a truck big enough for all my hard cover books.. I put red tape on the binding of the really important ones though..

      • “There’s a desperation especially among those who aren’t at peace with Nature and who never get off the computer or phone long enough…”

        Dam that reminds me … I have to put some food out for Boo the bunny.. I will leave him or her a big carrot and some corn tonight..

    • shorter trips not too far into future are much easier. atleast for me. still, processing living dynamic language, being detached from self, and understanding what it says is somewhat difficult to translate. I’m most certainly getting better at it.

      as you know, there many avenues to understanding the future. reading the world around you. in a way, like a hunter would tracking a Buffalo. charts and and data. I’m always mindful of the chit chat syncs around me when people at the grocery store line say one thing then later at the gas station the fella on the pump next to me says the same exaxt thing. I file that as information of interest. that sort of information I find has immediacy values.

      right now, I’m just trying to navigate my own personal life and trust the process. act accordingly. stay humble and kind. especially to me.

      the elements are most certainly communicating to us all. they are much slower in dialog. fire then water. fire and water makes steel. which element is next to express itself. ice? earth? aether? because fire and water have most certainly spoken loudly at the council of elements.

      the world was spoke into existence. so it makes sense that all that is in existence had a dialog and language.

      • Yo CCB,
        current understanding …aether is in everything, not separate. Aether is certainly in Air, Fire,Water &Urth.
        Aether is more like or presactly like Qi.
        Of course I don’t know shit, just playing a role, working on a mission…
        Peace -get some while you still can.

    • Your comment on the skateboard and the time it appears in the clip
      Posted on January 11 (1:11)
      Time stamp 13:47 = 1:47pm =1:11 (4+7)

  11. what a day in my world.. needed bananas and gas.. had to take the gentleman living in my spare room to an activity.. stopped to get fuel seen a woman digging in her purse frantically about in tears.. what’s going on.. well she thought she had some money for gas..no worries have plastic will travel is here.. put a little petrol in her tank and said wanna cup of Starbucks my treat..so we went in.. she had just gotten out of the hospital .. dumped off of food stamps a couple of kids at home..her ex wasn’t paying for childcare nothing but one can of soup.. and she can only get 18 hours of work this week..
    on top of it a 15 year old girl no winter coat only the clothes she had on and stranded so she let her move in..she had gotten pregnant..the father doesn’t want anything to do with her.. threw her out ..and burned all her clothing..hadn’t had a meal for over a week..no chance for any assistance for a month for food..
    so My 2 lbs of bananas grocery list went a tad higher.. got the mom right out of the hospital enough food to see her and the kids through for her family..took that nice young lady..cute as a button out to eat and got her clothing and a winter coat…not exactly what I was going to do but made two ladies cry..
    what a day…and who in the world could do that to a young woman or a young girl..the stories the young African American mom told me..almost made me cry.. and the 15 year old.. it shocks me..
    good lord seems to know and send them my way..

    • I love you. we are out here. doing this thing. often times I feel alone in it. then I remember you are out and about and all about it too. thank you. God speed brother.

      • I have to confess.. It did make me cry.. every time I thought of the stories.. the young mom told me.. what I seen for the living.. and the video that the young girls parents sent her showing her that they dumped gasoline on her clothes and burned them.. that horrified me.. I didn’t let them know how it affected me.. but it did.. makes me wanna dig myself into a hole until this nightmare that civilization is going through is over with.. morals have taken a nose dive in the last couple of years.. saddens this old mans heart big time.. I know that in the bible it tells us we will go through it.. I never believed it could happen and wham.. shocks the hell out of me.. I have seen so much pain and so much heart ache..
        the good lord seems to send them my way.. thankfully I had to get gas.. ( what is funny is I got gas and forgot to fill my tank though LOL I had to do it later I was so busy trying to get this situation under control.. LOL they will eat good though.. it may not be what they want to eat.. but I got enough to get them by..)

      • the sad part is it is escalating big time.. I have been out giving a hand up a long time.. and the past two years I have seen it escalate out in huge numbers.. all over.. shocking is not even the beginning of it all.. horrifying is.. and if the bible and stus interpretations of the predictions is true.. it is only the beginning.. I don’t know if this old mans heart can handle it.. I feel their pain..

    • I don’t see stuff like this.

      I’m sorry you do, but very appreciative that you do the right thing, when you see it.

      • I really wish I didn’t at times.. until you see the first one.. it is hard to notice.. people wear a public mask.. someone putting on a suit and going to church doesn’t mean he is a better person inside.. just that he looks good in a suit..
        after you see the first one it will be quite obvious.. it is all around us daily.. in a restaurant a guy with his family pulls out his wallet and peeks inside.. to count how much money he has.. is one indication..
        I shared that story waiting for my mini me in the entry way with other parents waiting .. most of them had similar experiences.. it is the mask they wear..
        thankfully I was there.. I try not to think about it.. when I delivered the food to the womans home.. I had to use the restroom.. (no floor in it.. there was a small leak in the sink and the floor had rotted away.. ) the house was clean but she didn’t have the money to fix the leak.. I couldn’t help her with that.. and the obvious signs of a roof leak to.. not sure but I believe she rents and the landlord is just another slum lord.. I have seen that before.. charge them three times the rent and live in rat infested units.. sad.. unfortunately that is life in the poor neighborhoods..
        It wasn’t until later that I let the emotions out when I was alone.. it makes me so sad to see people go through it.. I remember myself beating grain I had picked up off the ground despirately trying to make a crude gruel to eat.. and seen myself as that young mother..

  12. Re: the Orange State feat. Florida


    The BBC and others are squeezing out the juice on safe haven Florida. Brazilian Disney World goers are apparently making their way to a nearby holiday resort in search of selfies with former president Bolsonaro. It appears the recent narrowly lost election saw Mr. B. win around 80% of Brazilian ex-pat votes cast in Florida. Apparently his current USA “A” visa is valid for a 30 day stay…

    • Re: Rise, Roar, Revolt feat. “RRR”


      Obviously I wasn’t the only one who missed watching the Golden Globes awards show. The billionaire rights owner who had such success with the NYE ball drop must be measuring craters after last night’s Golden Globe lead balloon release. It must have been such a mind shaping experience for viewers courtesy of the bureau.

      Is it safe to leave the bunker, you wonder? President Zelensky aired his public service video message advising the show audience that World War 3 is not breaking out. A Golden globe best song award went to “Naatu, Naatu” from the Hindi movie “RRR” celebrating the 75th anniversary of the British Raj defeat. Such an awesome coinkydoink that the song video was able to use Mr. Zelensky’s presidential palace as a backdrop before the Russian special military operation got underway. Anyhow just keep yourself busy dancing to the tune. Fear not the Hindu words forecasting the destruction of the Western incursion. And please don’t step on your date’s toes going out the exit.

      God save the King!

    • “Do any of you raise goats? Is it easy?”

      Easy? Not too hard. Cheap? Not if your goal is good quality goat milk.

  13. Interesting bit of info from Monkey regarding the FAA system outage. When it occurred there was suddenly a total of 52 air refuelers up over the U.S. which translates to a LOT of fighters being scrambled. He said this is more refuelers than he’s ever seen before which made him think the system was hacked and this is part of the response.


  14. 12 is also the number of animals that came to witness Siddartha’s ascension to Nirvana- the 12 animals represented in the Asian lunar calendar.

  15. Hint for those of you trading when you can’t “see” where the markets are going after going into a sideways channel while waiting on a large news event like the cpi this morning:
    Look at zerohedge.com articles that are not jaw boning or junk articles; ignore any “thought” or “opinion” or “we think” or “they think” articles and only pay attention to facts/stats that allow for market conclusions to be drawn…things showing statistics, reasons to or not to trade long/short like these from yesterday and the day before. This upward move was 100% known by simply reading the headlines. You don’t even need a premium or any subscription:
    this one means lower or slower or a pause in rate increases/inflation so stocks up

    unwinding of hawkish positioning continues, European futures point higher – Newsquawk Euro Market Open | ZeroHedge
    10yr UST futures rebounded from the prior day’s bear steepening with the recovery facilitated after a strong 3yr auction and unwinding of hawkish positioning post-Powell; Bund futures clawed back some of the recent losses after having been pressured amid the easing of growth concerns and hawkish rhetoric on inflation from ECB’s Schnabel.; 10yr JGB futures returned to flat territory after …


    Futures Rise Ahead Of Inflation Data As China Reopening Lifts Sentiment Again | ZeroHedge
    US equity futures were set to rise for a second day as upbeat sentiment ahead of tomorrow’s key CPI print – which JPM gives 85% odds of pushing stocks at least 1.5% higher – lifted global markets despite a freak outage of key FAA advisory system this morning led to a nationwide ground halt for all domestic flights (until at least 9am) pre.


    Stellar 10Y Auction Signals Zero Market Jitters Ahead Of Tomorrow’s CPI
    The bid to cover was also solid, and at 2.53 it was the highest going back to Feb 2022; clearly it was above the six auction average of 2.32. Finally the internals were also impressive, with Indirects awarded 67.0%. up from 59.4% last month and the highest since August.


    Options Traders Are Pricing In “A Giant Move” Tomorrow After CPI
    Nomura’s Charlie McElligott began this morning’s note by warning investors that tomorrow’s CPI print “is a bigger deal than the market is already giving it credit for.”. Specifically, he notes that while straddle pricing is for around a ~2.0% SPX move, we’ve continued to “over-realize vs implieds” consistently on CPI prints, which is why owning Gamma for this day has been the right trade for …


    “Positioning Is Not There”: Goldman Trader Explains The Gamma Chaos Ahead Of The CPI Print | ZeroHedge
    As Goldman derivatives guru Brian Garrett noted on Monday, the GS trading desk has seen a strong bid for call option convexity, and two days later, this has yet to abate.As everyone knows, there is a very important CPI reading tomorrow morning (and which may well be a big miss according to Morgan Stanley) and yet net positioning is “not there” to the upside according to Goldman Prime …


    Flawless Indicator Signals Big CPI Miss Tomorrow | ZeroHedge
    Yesterday we showed a matrix from JPM’s Market Intel, which laid out what the bank thought would be the market’s reaction to various CPI prints.The matrix, shown below, was summarized as follows: 85% odds of at least a 1.5% move higher in stocks (on a CPI print below 6.6%, and the lower the CPI, the higher the bounce); and 15% odds of a 2.5%-3% drop (on a CPI print > 6.6%).

    Traders have to look past the doom and gloom thought pieces that are trying to convince the world into a recession and look at facts! Trade what you see, NOT what they tell you. fed head Powell lost to the markets this time.

    • The media and politicians are trying to use headlines that are NOT based in fact to derail the world economy. They are trying to get you to create chaos so they can be the answer to the chaos they persuaded you to do (you’re fulfilling their prophecy).

      Don’t fall for it. China opening back up, more jobs available, consumer spending, etc are NOT working in the motherWEFer’s favor. These people can and must be beat. Live your lives, spend your money, be normal. That’s the best way us average folks can work to beat the attempt to make you a slave.

  16. BTW George. she was Aztec. the good one. master of the arts.. high level aristocrat. the one I sensed. squelch right ear. new she had looked in on urban survival. very rarely do you speak directly to one. I have only on a few occasions in the last 12 years. they don’t speak much to us surfs. LOL. you have to really get their attention to get them to say anything directly.

    when they do speak? it’s important. very important to understand what they say.

    I thought she was of the myan bloodline. she is of the Aztech bloodline. hmm. close enough.

    I walked into the kitchen opend the door to the fridge to get somehing to drink. I felt her behind me. she smells like cinnamon and rose pedals and Autumm breaze. a whoosh. like an odd gentle breeze in the kitchen with no windows open.

    turned around and she left a little pine cone on the floor right behind me.

    it definitely wasn’t there before.

    I bent down and looked at it. picked it up. a tiny little pine cone.

    hmmmm.. thanks for the Magical pine cone.

    the pine cone as a symbol of spiritual consciousness and enlightenment, awakening, or immortality.

    I thanked her for the gift. knowing she is on the good side.

    I accept and receive all the good she offers.

    I wonder if she will visit you as well. I’d be interested to see what she says to you if she does.

    pretty cool. I haven’t spoke to one of them in a long time unless they are the ones leaving me the finger prints of God.

    not sure. but she got up close enough for me to smell her. and feel her. I knew she came her to see something. if you never talked with them before George? if she speaks something to you like she did to me? it caries alot of weight. life changing stuff.

    ya see spirituality is not theory to us who know. it’s as much a part of life as breathing air, drinking water or food.

    hope she visits you. you will know. there will be no mistake if she did or not.

    very cool

    • uhem. squelch left ear. not right ear.

      left is of the forces of good.
      right is of the forces of evil.

      pretty cooool.


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