Some Real World Solar Economics

Does adding solar power make sense for a lot of Americans?  Why, certainly.

Does it add to America’s energy independence?  Obviously!

Then why are power companies trying to sneak through “connect charges” for people who want to make a bit of their own power?  (The word dickweeds comes to mind.)

This morning, we lay out some big systems, explain how they work, and continue our discussion of solar power at a higher level than in the earlier columns this week along with drawings and such.

After coffee and a look at our Trading Model…

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3 thoughts on “Some Real World Solar Economics”

  1. Oh man. I hate wednesday! Its like the worst day to come to your site. Always has the best lead story(to hook you). The only other time is Saturday. dangit. I could send you the 40 $ but I would have to get rid of the internet so its a wash.. See ya tomorrow well I still have some profit from those 88 $ bitcoins I bought hmm I could cash those in, well a portion of one. Maybe

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