Some Mighty Serious Defense Questions

Suppose this morning that Ures truly was appointed Secretary of Defense.  How would we size up the strategic state of America?

Particularly since there is some non-zero possibility of an October Surprise which would vault a certain candidate into the WH for “solving” a problem like the South China Seas.

Think it couldn’t happen?  Well, sure it could.  but there are worse scenarios about what’s ahead, too – so we will work on some of these this morning.    After a trip to the coffee pot and a few headlines and nearly a dozen charts on making a buck or three, while we’re at it.

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13 thoughts on “Some Mighty Serious Defense Questions”

  1. If you need proof that the press is owned, just ask yourself, where is the debate? A real press would be debating both sides, not just bashing one.

    • In order to have a debate you have to have the two sides (or more) willing to discuss rational topics and not throw insults at each other and interested bystanders. It is also ‘a good idea’ for the people debating to understand what they are debating about – i.e. actually think about what position they are taking, and stick to it. All bluster and no substance doesn’t make it in my book.

      • It’s unlikely that those who sponsor any presidential debates will allow “third” parties — Green, Libertarian, etc — into any debate to really liven things up. In the unlikely event that such a thing happens, what are the odds it would be televised by a major OTA network?

  2. Since the elections are rigged and have been for some time, it seems necessary to have a plan to take them back. I hope Trump can offer one. So far what is being suggested is purple ink on index finger (not sure how that works) using phone to take a photo of your ballot, and demanding paper ballots. Trump has the votes! But can he out smart the riggers, that’s the question.
    With regard to Turkey and the nukes. You say they can be blown up if necessary, but wouldn’t Obama or Clinton have to authorize that? What if they pulled a Benghazi? The Globalists have to destroy the western world to take it over, no?

  3. Regarding industrial arts: In seventh grade I was able to use a metal turning lathe and learn the basics of machining. Today OSHA has rules that prevent using power tools below a certain age(16 or 18) in a school environment. This is idiotic and prevents learning in a controlled environment. Of course, a 10 year old can learn to weld and machine from his/her parents, if they know what they’re doing and have the equipment, but that’s the exception. I learned much of what I know about all the industrial arts and electronics by age 16. After that, I built on the basic knowledge. Most of what I learned in college and graduate school has been of minimal benefit and has never helped me land a job. All my jobs were earned and kept by my wits and quick thinking during and after the interviews.

  4. It was the darnedest thing your honor – there we were, on a fishing trip, and ALL of our guns and silver just fell over the side of the boat. We were lucky to have survived.

  5. On the general topic of ‘serious defense questions’, I was looking at ‘Morning Joe’ and the host mentioned a discussion he had with ‘a senior defense adviser’ who had met with Donald Trump months ago, and was disturbed by the man’s ‘fixation’ as Trump had asked three times during the course of their conversation – Why nuclear weapons had never been used, and that he (Trump) didn’t ‘get it’.

    Ignoring the obvious problem of current events – Trump was alive during the ‘duck and cover’ days when schools had drills – even my school had one where we cowered in the assembly hall. But perhaps Trump’s elite school didn’t do anything so plebeian.

    The idea that Trump has no idea of the consequences of using a nuclear weapon is chilling.

    • So, what was the name of the “senior defense advisor” and upon what topic does he “advise?”

      On the general topic of “elections,” I research months ahead of the onset of “Primary season” and study voting records, op-eds, and interviews, then turn the radio and TV off ’till after the General Election. No matter what anyone says regarding the beliefs or likely actions of Trump, Clinton, or the 3rd Party candidates, they’ve already answered every question. EVERYTHING done between nomination and election, whether by candidates, PACs, or the MSM is posturing blather, likely to be at least a partial fabrication, and meaningless. Only in the final 10-14 days before an election does any of this matter, because it is during the last two weeks that the “undecided” and “nonpolitical” voters make up their minds, and they do it on sound bites and extremely current events — hence the effectiveness of the “October surprise.”

      Quoting an anonymous or unnamed source is a very old propaganda trick. If there is no reason for a source to be anonymous, the source’s info is always a fabrication…

  6. The shirtmaker’s starting his endgame. I’m thinking that if the buyout hits $250m, he’ll hit the silk. Stay tuned.

  7. The ‘press’ aka media, are pulling every trick in the Edward Bernays propaganda book (used all too effectively by Nazis Himmler and Goebbels). In my neck of the nation, we have an afternoon news & talk show on a local radio station I listen to occasionally on the drive home. The spot I was listening to on Tuesday involved an interview with a political science professor from a local university on the topic of Donald Trump. The two hosts, a man and a woman, are decidedly liberal – but then this town I’m in hasn’t had a GOP mayor since 1936. All was fine in the interview until the professor started talking about how brilliant Trump’s campaign was, in that he won the primaries with minimum funding (his name ‘brand’ did most of the work) and so far he’s staying within range of Hillary by doing the same thing – meanwhile, she’s spending wildly in battlegrounds while Trump is just showing up everywhere on the news. Suddenly, the professor went silent, and the male host, without missing more than a second, apologized for “losing our connection.” Plain and simple, the professor was summarily cut off. Censored. Electronically terminated. The pervasive Fifth Column media has become a real and present danger to our ‘traditional’ American way of life, serving as little more than a trumpet for the progressive neocons who wish to steer those they consider to be ‘the herd’ or ‘the rabble.’ I prefer to think of us as “We the people . . . “

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