Solving for “R”

While we’re waiting to become fabulously wealthy when the market collapses, we manage to squeeze in a bit of “Saving Humanity from Itself” as well.

As you should be aware, there has been a massive dump of UAP/UFO data this week from the C.I.A.’s work in the area,  thanks to efforts of Glenn Greenwald at  Well done!

Our topic may – on the surface – seem to have nothing whatsoever to do with Economics.  But, I sure you it does.  At least when viewed from the standpoint of “Must be Present to Win.”

Which we will take the ‘high board’ into, right after a few  headlines and a look at financial phenomena.  Including a market still set on perfectly Replaying 1929.

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29 thoughts on “Solving for “R””

  1. Had you considered that the energy released by quakes, loosens the fabric of time space, allowing travel and that’s why ufos show up after the event?

  2. “China could use the disconnection between administrations to try a Blitzkrieg type assault on Taiwan ”

    I personally doubt that…From what I’ve read lately China is having group issues as well..
    I think their to busy with their own local issues to seriously worry about Taiwan..

  3. I always forget my fricken password. Sorry any inconveniences. Lol. I will be back later to reset it. I got other stuff to get done this Am.

    I got to go write my site about a kitty and I got a stacks of books to read a page out of each before I get going on that.

    Cue: ~For those about to Rock ~

    Clique: 116

  4. Re; “The Obvious Path”

    Once upon a time, the Learned Ones compared the human brain to a “marvelous steam engine,” with all its little bars and wheels and rods and bearings and valves and trigger devices all wonderfully interacting to produce powerful motion.

    Well, they were wrong, Humorously wrong, to our arrogant age thinkers.
    Obviously, the brain is like a vast and complex computer, with blah-blah-blah und zo weiter.

    No, it’s not. As before. too simple and naive.

    Now, comes along Quantum stuff. Where much of Reality depends mightily upon the presence of a Conscious Observer. (Machines need not apply.)

    (Did Schroedinger’s cat know he was dead/alive? Are cats Conscious agents? Mice? Planaria worms? Germs? How far down does it go? Or, are ONLY human minds conscious? I wouldn’t want to argue that one. I don’t know.)

    The — dare I say it? — transcendental nature of human consciousness, rooted in bio-electrical-mechanical-chemical interactions and processes, isn’t all IN a three-SpaceTime, or even in 4-SpaceTimeEnergy matrix. It would seem it’s partly IN “physical reality,” and simultaneously ALSO somewhere else — but connected.

    Remote Viewers (and “Astral Projectionists” before them), thought it worked that way. The A.P.ers thought there was a “silver thread” that was the connecting means that kept their soul and body connected. Break the thread while out-of-body, and, well, it becomes quite inconvenient to return to the body.

    Sounds labored to me. Sounds pregnant with possibilities, too; but most similes will probably be found to be too simple, and the Reality will probably be far more subtle and complex. One of those complicated things that when explained suddenly seem simple and even… …obvious.

    The Mind is not a marvelous steam engine.
    It is also not a vast computer.
    There is no good simile.

    It is almost certainly Quantum, and NOT running on little bio-chemical one’s and zero’s.

    Binary thinking is Base-n, where n=2. Two states.

    Quantum thinking is Base-n, where n can be any number, or value.
    (Including very large numbers, or even non-numerical values.)

    I say the cat probably IS a conscious agent. Just ask one.

    • As Zeus was explaining to me this AM while out pounding in t posts for the solar mount:

      Human souls are like spiders – they get born – caught into a web of 4d space time – and that’s all they can think about – the damn web.

      And sure as shit – along comes fb and twitr and by God the Cat is right again.

    • Spiders have already demonstrated quantum communication in experiments in space. They kept spiders in isolated containers. Then put them into a box to figure out how to build a web. Each successive spider placed into the box, one after the other, not together, had already learned the lessons of the previous spiders. By the time the last one was placed in, it knew exactly what to do, no fumbling around, lessons learned.

      It’s just one example, but to me, shows that the spiders either can talk mentally (quantum) or they chemically can leave instructions in a container. What chemical language would spiders use that instantly adapted to a problem like zero gravity navigation/building?

      Considering that for 15 years now, all the spiders in my house know how to get a ride outside in a cup and regularly approach me for rides… do they write this stuff up in spider graffiti somewhere? Handed down spider stories? Just find the big one with the deep voice, he’s kind. Sure.

  5. For some reason the only technology that UFO buff’s ever seem to think about is military flying machines. I would think that inexpensive self-powered home appliances that don’t wear out would be a lot more profound technology transfer. Medical advances that reduce cost and improve quality of life look more important. What about a quantum coupled internet link with gigabit rates for a fraction of the current monthly cost? OK, maybe inexpensive hover vehicles with no need for external fuel supplies would work for regular Joe’s. Flying saucers- who needs ’em? Oh wait; I know, self-appointed flyboy diplomats would send everyone to the back of the bus while they hold out for their pet tech toys.

    • Speaking of which, you bring up the dandy question:

      Anyone got legit med source on whether colloidal silver helps ward off cv-19? Haven’t seen bupkis on this…

      • how about these guys and this is a quote,
        Ag coated masks have been found to be effective in inhibiting SARS-CoV-2 and could potentially be effective when applied on the air filters of air conditioners and medical devices [25]. AgNP incorporated polycotton fabrics have been proven to inhibit SARS-CoV-2 [26]. Ag based sanitizers and disinfectants are also being used for disinfection of hands and inanimate surfaces respectively [27].
        my source for colloidal silver, each to there own, Mesosilver is good also

      • See Dr Roger Seheult’s (quadruple board certified ICU doctor) personal supplement plan at coronavirus series #59. Later episodes have additional emerging evidence and has him increasing the Vit D to 4,000 iu daily.
        Vit D3, Zinc, Quercetin, NAC, Melatonin.

  6. If anyone wants to watch the drone terrorism scenario you describe, I recommend watching the movie “Angel Has Fallen.”

  7. You must create a way to attract UFOs to your ranch. Think of the aliens as having cat-like curiosity

    Think about noise-cancellation, sending a counter sound wave to neutralize the coming sound wave, phase-inverted by 180 degrees.

    Now think of the Schumann resonance, “the Schumann resonances are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. ”

    How could you disrupt the SR frequency in a localized area? That might draw the attention of the aliens.

    • The way to attract aliens is to pray. They are telepathic and they pick up on deep intense pure God directed thoughts. They will show up pronto because those kinds of thoughts/prayers/meditations are rarer than you think. I believe that is one of their ‘jobs.’

  8. “Easiest would be for China to use North Korea as an “opens with knight” move. Made possible by China, reports Fox, possibly having a significant hand in development of a new submarine-based missile now in North Korean hands.”

    People allegedly “in the know” consistently underestimate North Korea. The NK submarine “fleet” are castoff, worn-out, Soviet diesels (so far…) By now, everybody who pays attention knows how industrious and innovative the South Koreans are. The North Koreans share the same ethnic Choson roots and, like American “country folk” [who] make stuff work rather than spending money, the NK engineers and techs also just “make stuff work.” When that NK sub cruised the Florida/Carolina coast undetected for a thousand miles, a few years back, our military and “intel” were collectively astonished.

    WE, as people who generally look forward to track pending financial trends, should NOT permit our “cultural conceit” to allow ourselves to be surprised by anything NK, Iran, or other potential “lesser” adversaries, do, regardless the degree of surprise or astonishment from which our government suffers. We should also not allow ourselves the luxury of underestimating how a “primary adversary” like China might use these, or other players, as a feint…

  9. “Earthquakes may be caused by space-time transitions.”

    Yeah, not buyin’ it.

    Any civ sufficiently advanced to master either time, space, or inter/cross-dimensional travel would know whether their emergence into our space-time dimension was causing a local disruption of this planet, and would have moved all such “emergences” into space and sufficiently distant from Earth so as to not cause the effect, hundreds or thousands of years ago. “They” are watching… perhaps to see how Earth (or its life-form spectrum) evolves, perhaps to learn how to solve seismic anomalies inherent to their home planet (which might possibly be Earth…)

    • “They” are watching… perhaps to see how Earth (or its life-form spectrum) evolves, perhaps to learn how to solve seismic anomalies inherent to their home planet (which might possibly be Earth…)”

      they are watching .. which makes me think about the black knight satellite… and the increase in transmissions from it..
      there are a lot of studies on the paleocontact hypothesis.. or the sentinal hypothesis..
      “The sentinel hypothesis is the suggestion that if advanced alien civilizations exist they might place intelligent monitoring devices on or near the worlds of other evolving species to track their progress. A robot sentinel might establish contact with a developing race once that race had reached a certain technological threshold, such as large-scale radio communication or interplanetary flight.
      Already, scientists are beginning to understand the basic conditions necessary for carbon-based life to develop. They can identify those stars in the solar neighborhood most like the Sun, and can delineate approximately the habitable zone around any given star in which complex biochemistry might be expected to flourish. Scientists are also starting to acquire the ability to detect exoplanets. More advanced species would presumably be able to stake out with reasonable accuracy those stars and their associated worlds upon which intelligent life had a good chance of eventually developing, particularly if scout ships had revealed the presence of proto-intelligence. Such promising locations might then be expected to come under increasingly intense scrutiny by automatic sentinels.”

      the big issue.. is if there are watchers that placed in essence game trail cameras to monitor us.. how far is the journey in the event that something they see is upsetting to them..

      • “Already, scientists are beginning to understand the basic conditions necessary for carbon-based life to develop.”


        “how far is the journey in the event that something they see is upsetting to them..”

        They would take no action unless we did something which was a danger to them.*

        *Does not apply in the case we are a planted species and we piss God or His Angels off…

      • “*Does not apply in the case we are a planted species and we piss God or His Angels off…”

        So True Ray.. then we have a Sodom and Gomorrah event..( as evil as mankind has gotten.. I am curious if they are watching then why they haven’t intervened yet.. if they are watching I would suspect they are just flipping over and over about our stupidity…. this is a rare world and should be cherished.. my guess is they are flipping over and over because of our actions )
        And .. who says they are that far away.. we hear about under sea uso’s..

        I visited with someone that had seen this reporting..
        funny it was close to what use to be a defensive base.. hmm

      • ” I am curious if they are watching then why they haven’t intervened yet.”

        I suspect they’ve seen it all before… Maybe even on Earth (why is the Middle East a glass parking lot, 102,000 years of sand under the surface?)

  10. Thanks for the link from Pop’s Town that Mr. Trump will be sent down south to the island on Inauguration Day. Let’s see if there’s two jets to go at the base on the day. We’d had an exchange in this fine forum around the time of Scotland’s “Sunday Post” Jan. 3rd report that Prestwick Airport had booked a military “high flyer” arrival for Jan. 19th. Even NBC’s Intelligence reporter, noted in the public domain for clearing stories while with a prior employer through the CIA prior to publication, weighed in on The Post article.

    By the way, further to Frisco Jenna, who air america’d to be at The Capitol insurrection on Jan. 6th has come to the attention of law and order having been assigned case:1:21-mj-00062. The criminal complaint even has pictures including a glimpse of the “chartered” plane. It seems to be developing in the real world that Frisco Jenna’s realty firm and radio station dispute that she is a current employee of theirs as she had claimed on Twitter. Oh dear. Anyhow you can read on the criminal complaint that an FBI special agent has attested with a document date of January 51th, 2021.

    • It seems there was only one monarch who reigned in England from the House of Orange, namely King William III jointly with Queen Mary. The College of William & Mary of Virginia was founded under their watch in 1693. The website advises that Dr. Fauci will be speaking there on January 26th.

      Yesterday the CBC news stream served up an unsolicited radio program chestnut from last September with Col. Lawrence Wilkerson (ret). Apparently he’s a professor at W&M. He expressed concerns about the growth of the military-industrial complex.

      From there the coinkydoink trail steered to the W&M Chancellor who had been Secretary of Defense under Bush II and Obama I, as well as Director of the CIA under Bush I. Recent service also included a term as President of the Boy Scouts of America. Their former Tulsa office tower housed the shell company hq of the air carrier flown by Jenna F. charged in the Washington protest goings-on. One wonders if another plane in their fleet bumped into Mr. Trump’s parked B757 at La Guardia on Nov. 28th, 2018. Who knows if and when more coinkydoinks will materialize, or whether they are simply seasonal like mandarin oranges.

    • Flynn belongs in jail. He is guilty of sedition and his lies upon lies are just a way to keep the Intelligence communities going after his and the Trump administration’s scene to illegally FILL the swamp that Trump dug murkier and deeper than ever before in the history of America. As long as Trump’s in power , he can pardon all the crooks so they can commit more crimes.

      • Sir Mark, you do not know how much I appreciate your comments, thank you.
        Sec. Pompeo has been making some great speeches lately. Have you been listening to him? he has been warning those gov officials who have their hands full of Chinese money with his visiting a governors meeting some time back. He did a little test run with Voice of America, that those who went to journalism schools seem to ignore, here is a link. It is the journalists of the mainstream news that lie and deceive. President Trump is absolutely correct in his calling them FAKE NEWS.

        PS: Sir Mark, you are just plain wrong about Gen. Flynn, but you are free to have your beliefs
        How is the Lincoln Project big shot doing? seem to have a little pervert in him, likes young males. Would you like me to post some links? easy enough to search

    • G & Other BD, your comment in the Peoplenomics about ‘easy stuff already discovered’ is mirrored in this article: ‘the hardest thing anybody can do is leave a cult…It means accepting on some level that you’ve been duped’

      Your wild fantasy of NKorea and/or China rescuing your Knight in Shining Armor (I’m still waiting on a list of real improvements he’s made, but that blind belief in fictitious deeds fits the profile of cult follower without facts to back up their claims), with a greater attack on the U.S. than his followers made at the Capitol is really a fear mongering wish to project/deflect blame on someone else as usual, and make Trump’s loathsome behavior more acceptable, Cuz look what China did..Big Bad Lefty is out to Get You!! And the Socialist Bogeyman Will Eat You Alive!! Well, George at least you accept Trump lost, although it’s taking you awhile to get over it…

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