Solar Prospects at the Blow-Off Top

Yes, that’s right – the Blow-off Top may be here – and it could be a doozy!

So we have a couple of things on this “Make Money the Old-Fashioned Way” checklist today:  In the short-term, an “averaging top” idea.  Then an in-depth in our ChartPack with some of the “Golem” notes.
But then, in the longer-term, there’s something on the electromagnetic horizon that could be massively impacting.

So coffee-up.  The kids are busy on the free side…so us grown-ups can work on what matters:  Money.

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George Ure
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5 thoughts on “Solar Prospects at the Blow-Off Top”

  1. I have an air filter running 24/7 with the ionization switch always on. It is lovely sitting in the recliner and breathing in the refreshing air. What really gobsmacked me is that my cat likes to sit next to the filter with her face almost touching it and deeply breathing in the special air. Cats know!

  2. Speaking of blowing the top…. Glad that I held on to that Zombawebe $100,000,000,000 trillon dollar note that a freind gave me seem about 5-6 years ago…seems the Zims have quite a bit of Gold laying around in the ground…makes good for a gold backed currency. And those $100T notes are technically a ‘bond’ so that the corrupt pols at the time could not bankrupt the currency/country so they may yet honor them in ‘time payments’ best as I can tell

    Zim boasts 13m tonnes gold chest
    08 Aug, 2018

  3. George, you have a gift for understatement.

    If the solar minima is extended, power consumption in winter WILL go up, both due to cooler temps and an extended heating season. Most people in the South have “heat pumps” for home and small business heating….temperatures go low and the emergency electric resistant heat stips go on and boom, the meter spins a lot faster.

  4. Dear Mr. Ure,

    One could imagine The Bureau having sent a wink synchronizing with your prognostications in the form of the 2015 movie “Into the Woods” which my browser served up as a CBC new streaming link. It’s plot has two sisters dealing with a new post-apocalyptic reality once the power grid goes down and doesn’t get back up. As a nod to blowing up the nuclear family, it might be worth contemplating that of the movie’s three primary actresses, two identify as lesbians and one as a bisexual in their real world existences.

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