Peoplenomics: Social Security – Why I’m Retiring Early

This is not one of those “I’m going to retire early because I want to get something back for all those payments I put in,” kind of stories.  This is a story about how to optimize when a person who is just coming up on the NRA (normal retirement age in Social Securitese) has to “run the numbers” which was one of this week’s important projects around here.  Even if you’re not going to retire yourself shortly, odds are that you know someone who is just about to hit the “graying out” age and it’s useful stuff to know.  Oh, and along the way?  You’ll find how the Social Security rules screw people born before June.   Truly strange.  It’s a fine exercise in my “find the recipe” approach to learning.  After, as usual, the morning bean and brain of the charts and what-have-you.  And a long rap about what our trading model is telling us…

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