SML: Electronic Thought Templates

Some years back I developed “The Substitution Method of Learning” or SML for short. The idea is that you can generalize the form of knowledge by simply replacing terms to come up with new, and often very useful, approach to problems.  Today, we focus on electronics which, as it turns out, provides an excellent tool for understanding both product development and how people operate.

If the idea doesn’t “resonate” with you, some study of concepts like “resistance” may lead you to this morning’s path. If not, certainly our adventure in Fed Spotting will be of interest – if you’ll pardon the pun at this hour.

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4 thoughts on “SML: Electronic Thought Templates”

  1. Thoughts have wings and may all beings be lovingly fulfilled so be it now what other thoughts do you have .
    like let everyone be rich happy and satisfied

  2. Learning..
    I guess I go with the bang your head method of learning.. when I worked for a major manufacturer they had a contest where if you could give them a solution to a problem that would save them approximately ten thousand dollars a year you got to take a couple hours off a month and have a dinner with the ceo.. ( the only way you would ever make management is either family ties or a member of the club they sponsored)
    I worked there twelve years and went every month LOL I loved the one when the plant manager came by and threw one of my suggestions at me saying I can’t believe your going to get a lunch over soap dispensers LOL LOL LOL..
    the method if your walking along and bonk your noggin or stub your toes etc.. you say ouch and walk on your way.. it happens again and you god I wish someone would do something about that.. that is the the method then figure out a way to fix it..I actually loved working there..unfortunately the recessions of the eighties follow the money trail no hours you move to where you have hours.
    here are a couple alternate methods I prefer.

    Newtons’s similar approach as mine.. damn apple..

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