Slots or Markets? Hmmm…

This is a hell of a week for stocks.  We have option quadruple expiration Friday, and with the Dow very near the same levels as last month, we don’t expect too much out of the ordinary until the following Monday.

Despite being up 50 points in the early futures trade, remember the market STILL needs to put on 1,281 points in order to post a new record high – and it needs this level by a week from Thursday.  Otherwise, we are at that problematic 55-day zone I’ve told you about.

Friday, I should have changed my name to Ben Dover, though.  That’s because my levered short position didn’t roll like it could have…and that cost me more than our gambling outing this weekend.  Speaking of outings…

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President Trump will be in California inspecting new Wall prototypes this week.  That will be interesting because it’s the kind of trip where a “left field” event might occur.

The L.A. Times this morning sums it up this way “Trump loves winning, but in his presidency and business, California has gotten in his way.

In our view, however, the only thing in California’s way is?  California.

Not hard to figure, though,  given the California bullet train costs soar to $77 billion, opening delayed.  Typical California project management.

Do they not teach zeroes and minus signs in schools out there?  Used to, I know, when we were there.

Who is Programming the damn Kids?

The short answer is likely left wing teachers.

I say fire ’em.  We send children to school to learn – not to become political pawns.  Walk outs and days off? For the kinda of money we pay in taxes for schools?  Exsqueeze me? WTF?

The long answer begins with the story in the Chicago Sun-TimesStudent walkout over guns poses balancing act for schools.”  Only if they have idiots in charge.

These are kids and they (frankly) aren’t bright enough to manipulate the national media this way without grown-up subversive help.  And I can tell you from the peace and quiet of the outback that it’s the left-wingers who are selling the kids a “day off” (it’s as good as a free lunch promise).

This is organized efforts to disarm America in play, as we see it.

Speaking of Commie Overthrows

You have been watching, we trust, the China One Man for Life Rule that president Xi is undertaking?>Already the apologist articles are appearing.  Like Time’s‘More Opposition in Mao’s Time.’ Why China’s Xi Jinping May Have to Rule for Life.”

Well, let’s see:  If you lock up or isolate all opposition, why then, sure, you can pull it off.  Even Mao knew the dangers and in his reforms of 1982 set in place obstacles to this kind of takeover.

Which leaves us with the echo of Hitler – which eventually led to the invasion of Poland in 1939 which set things on the road to World War II.  Only in our future rhymes with past view, this means China will “lebens raum” Taiwan (and whatever else they want) in less than 10 years and that will be the eve of World War III.

In this iteration of Stupid Humans Repeating, we are likely to see China as the new Germany while Russia will reprise the role of Italy.  Not that Putin hasn’t made the trains run on time but also Russia Says It Successfully Tested a Hypersonic Missile. But U.S. Officials Aren’t Worried.  Something about “time to market” perhaps?

The better news is we STILL get a Depression.

The best news is that with Friday’s market action, the case warms for a blow off to the upside for markets that could last another year…but we shall see how the next week goes.

Warhammer‘s take is more moderate in comparison:

“Whether he is called President, Chairman or Emperor, Chinese leader Xi Jinping was gifted with some serious job security late last week.

Link to source.

What national plans and goals require a lifelong leader?  I encourage people to think about that for more than a minute.  The move to make Xi president for life is a clear indicator of national intent.

One naturally wonders if Comrade Supreme Putin will maneuver to eliminate the Russian prohibition of holding office for more than two consecutive terms, doing away with the inconvenience of having to vacate the position for one term until he can once again be elected later on to two more. consecutive terms.

Putin is not an oligarch, since as an ex-KGB officer, he lacks the wealth required to earn that title.  Putin is not an autocrat – yet.   Until the Russian rule mandating no more than two consecutive terms is eliminated, he is an elected leader.  We may learn more about Putin’s intentions as 2024 approaches.

My primary interest is in the sudden resurrection of autocratic rule in the 21st Century.  The trend is troubling, as epic decisions impacting countless human lives rests in the hands of a very select few, or just one.  History proves this trend does no produce good results.

Power is seductive and, as history proves, the root cause of tyranny is generally followed by misery on an epic scale.  Science fiction writer David Brin once said that power doesn’t corrupt, it attracts the corruptible.  All eyes should be on Xi and Putin and their future moves as rulers.

Benito Putin and Adolph Jinping, yah mean?

Woes of Warren

The NY Post is having fun reminding people that once-attractive  political hopeful Elizabeth Warren is refusing to take a DNA test to confirm or deny her native American claims.

Cue the music for this one... (another one bites the dust).

More Serious Native Matters

Fairbanks is shrinking.  We’ve always like the Fairbanks Daily Miner and their story of what’s going on in the sometimes-frozen North is worth study.

But there is something else, too.

We happy to have (distant) relatives who lived in southeast Alaska in a smaller rural area.  They felt “pressured” into leaving because Alaska native peoples are re-asserting primacy in some areas.

Given the relatives are not native Alaskans, I get that.  But keep an eye on first people’s up North.  They’re looking at the folks from “outside” a little differently now, we hear.

And given America’s track record in dealing with first peoples?  Can’t say as we blame ’em a bit.

The lower 48’s vision of “progress” seems to inevitably involves line, higher taxes, resource depletion, grandiose schemes and crooks in office.

Spineless Network?

Pressure grows for ‘The View’ star Joy Behar to apologize over anti-Christian comments, but ABC is silent.”

And speaking of TV, did you see where The Church of Scientology Is Launching its Own Television Network?

What Goes Up…

Comes down badly – and the wryrony is that it’s in the N’s today:  New York and Nepal:

Helicopter crashes in New York City’s East River; all 5 passengers dead, pilot only survivor.

Nepal police say at least 38 dead in plane crash.

And since there’s an old airline saying thatr “Crashes happen in three’s”, the story “Iran recovers black box from Turkish plane crash killing 11″ must mean the next month should be extremely safe for flying…

And with the “Dallas-bound flight makes emergency landing in Albuquerque” out of the way….

Defining National Purpose

We’ve bemoaned non-stop the lack of a HUGE national goal for America – something on the order of “going to the Moon” and such.

But now, check this out: “Dubai Decrees Itself the A.I. City-State of the Future.”

Uh…this leaves the U.S. to claim it’s future as the largest, most divided, brain-washed country in the world as a goal maybe?

Oops!  Already there, lol…

Weather, NOT Climate Dept:

Third Nor’Easter this month brings snow, wind and travel problems.”

And while Ure pondering that, did you read about the new book that details what we’ve long suggested: About Al Gore’s quest to “...become world’s first ‘carbon billionaire’ – ‘Lavishly’ profited off climate lobbying ?”

Repeat after me, kiddies:  Everything is a Business Model.

Almost worth buying the book to see how B.O.’s funding (as an Ill-state senator) of the original carbon exchange figures into this… too many books to read, not enough time.

Point is:  Climate talk is not about ACTION – it’s about power and bilking the stupid.

Now, if you don’t believe it, write a check to make it rain, then write a check and make it sunny.  Get back to me on how that works out.  During our lifetimes, if you please?

As Social Blows Up

We spied this on our point that social media is bad for you: A combination of personality traits might make you more addicted to social networks.

Looking Ahead

Consumer Prices are on the menu for Tuesday’s breakfast.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see a fair bit of upside.

Already, Triple A says gas prices are approaching something of a tipping point for drivers this spring.

Producer Prices and Retail Sales for Peoplenomics readers Wednesday morning.

Thursday, Philly Fed and NY Fed numbers come out plus import and export prices.

Friday – quadruple witching plus industrial production and housing starts.

In my view, right now we’re in a pretty good spot:  We have lots of overlap in the economy.  Old businesses are still there and new ones are coming on line.

Where we run into the ditch is when the old jobs peter out and the new jobs – made more efficient with technology – do the same work but with fewer people.

Did you see the modern spin of phone booths is coming around?

Now, if we could just outlaw phones in public places so we don’t have to suffer through loud conversations….why that would clean up the environment nicely, wouldn’t it?

Moron the ‘morrow…

19 thoughts on “Slots or Markets? Hmmm…”

  1. Ben, saw that Senator Warren is on board with tariffs. So is some union head guy I caught over the weekend. And we know how you felt about those tax cuts. Rut ro. Mike.

  2. IMHO, if China wants “lebensraum” and resources they’ll target Africa.

    Yes, Taiwan has great symbolic value, but why risk major war when time is on your side?

    • Taiwan is considered part of China by the mainland in the same way that California is considered part of the USA.

      California is acting like a nation unto itself and President Trump is asserting national authority. China feels that way about Taiwan. China thinks long term, and 50 years to them is like 50 days to us. We shall see what happens, but I do think we need to rethink our entangling alliance. We don’t need that war. We should focus on strengthening and stabilizing what we can protect, and find ways other than war to resolve conflicts, if possible.

      • …Except Taiwan hasn’t been a part of China in millenia, if ever. Formosa, with Poland, are two of the most-conquered pieces of dirt on the planet, but native Formosans differ ethnically from Chinese, more so than Koreans or Mongolians. China (unofficially) claims Taiwan because the Maoists, to this day, cannot tolerate the thought of Chang’s followers, escaping them.

  3. George, the Atomic Bear Self Defense Pen from Amazon you mentioned (or not, I am a little foggy on where I saw it) was a great buy. I received mine today. Very well made & the perfect size. Fits nicely in your shirt or pants pocket using the clip, or attach it to a belt with the included sheath. Also, writes very nicely.

  4. Lets look at it this way George its none of our business what type of government China has, or if it changes its constitution or not, hell we just simple roll over ours as if it dosen’t exist, yet you hear no one complaining about that, we change out leaders only to find out he was/is little better than the one before, or worse until the next one comes along.So what’s the beef?……,

    • Shouldn’t be a beef, except external distractions leading the news prevent Americans from focusing on the crazy sh&t they do here.

      • Right on OM2…I had pretty much stopped listening to the news.. then today the wife told me that they were laughing cause some congressman was proposing a bill to stop daylight savings time by outlawing the sunrise from changing.. my first thought was.. sure.. I have been saying it for years.. if congressmen really wrote the bills themselves and then read them they would be shorter and easier to read.. LOL LOL LOL obviously it was probably a joke jabbing at the macarena bunch.Everyone already knows that they are on recess LOL LOL and not there.

  5. Will Trump decide to build the wall with cinder blocks due to the increased cost of steel due to the tarriffs.

      • oops – UHPC – ultra hi perf concrete. Made with glass waste, steel waste, plastic waste and cement, gravel and sand.

      • we use to call that crap crete grind up anything and everything and mix it all together.. great stuff.. I will never forget them making a road with dirt.. they mixed clay and asphalt and granite dust as far as I know it there wasn’t anything more used.. it was a really wet year and they had to do it quick… spread it out about a foot thick first dropping it in one direction then in another.. there wasn’t any gravel bed under it just leveled dirt.. then packed it down.. everyone laughed about that.. thinking who had lost their marbles it was the stupidest idea.. but you know what they did that back in 90 as a temporary surface parking area that they needed to unload supplies on in a hurry and it hasn’t required any real maintenance on its surface.. solid and looks just like they did it yesterday..
        back in WW2 there was a shortage of wood.. so the colleges were teaching making bricks and walls using stabilized compressed clay.. I seen one of the buildings that the students did back then years ago.. it looked amazing..

  6. “organized efforts to disarm America”

    The only 2 American Presidents to ever call for the unlawful confiscation of a citizen’s guns have been the last 2 Republican Presidents. George W. Bush during the aftermath of Katrina and Donald (we’ll get to due process later) Trump.

    Stop laying it at the feet of liberals, when it’s the Authoritarian Tangerine who wants to strip our 2nd Amendment Rights from us.

    • They can’t take away what is already out there without risk – and they are averse to personal risk. That’s why they live in gated compounds and have guards.

      The numbers guns already in American hands do not work for government to try and grab guns. Forget the military – they are scattered all over the globe and barely able to sustain that. Enlistees can barely make the cut to join anymore, as recent articles from the .mil itself show.

      Does anyone ever wonder why this Amendment was considered important enough to be 2nd in the list, just behind free speech?

      Anyway, you can point the finger at Republican presidents or at Democrat congresscritters – pick your flavor of idiots trying to corral a 200 year old herd of cows back into the barn. Ain’t gonna work.

      The real question is why they feel this is necessary NOW? Why are these shootings happening NOW? Why is there an active LE drill going on where these shootings happen?

      Blaming this on either party is a waste – they share the burden of wishing us all unarmed, depending on the prevailing political winds.

      I think, personally, that these shootings are such that SOMEONE is trying to create political wind and sail something through our “best vote you can buy” congress.

      • Hmm.. I hadn’t heard that there were active LE drills going on at the same time.. interesting..

    • depending on where it is and how close it is to the roadway.. in a heartbeat.. around here a fifty by one hundred and twenty foot lot costs several times that much without any utilities being present.
      your not buying the house.. they make bulldozers for that LOL..

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