Should You “Document” Your House?

This morning we look at a kind of novel idea:  Should you “document” your home?

What would be involved – and what are the payoffs – if any?

But first, we zoom-in on our Replay of 1929 roll along and see how the market is doing as it tracks our parabolic blow-off expectations…on our way to a “content-controlled world” in five, or less.

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12 thoughts on “Should You “Document” Your House?”

  1. We have done that for years always given buyers 3 ring notebooks with all the manuals warranty info on everything in house including paint colors . Last time I even included a bird watching booklet for my area. I just did it for here with copies of all receipts for work done and who did it . I think it’s a great idea

  2. I enjoy visiting forums dealing with things like guns and reloading, building, cars and so on. How can I prepare for content licensing on the internet if it is as “free” as I see it? Considering it is a “global” thing? How will this work and affect me (US Citizen) and other people from other countries? How about this wonderful website? I don’t want to see you go down, or Backdoor, or other good sources… What do we do? I kinda like the internet the way it is but I am up for a better view for if this is a good or bad thing. Thank you so much George! I have been busy with school so I could not read Thursday chapter till today! Thank you for everything you do!

    Also, I found a copy of Hard times: The way in and the way out so I will pick it up very soon. Its a 1921 printing I think. Ill pick up RefDesk soon as well!

  3. We did a lot of this when we sold our last home. I put together a three ring binder for buyers to look at, and left it on the kitchen counter for showings. Original building plans, manuals to all of the appliances, pictures of the house and gardens in the various seasons, and a garden plan, showing where the varieties of fruits and berries were planted. I think it helped the house sell.

  4. Your idea. Aboiut talking to the neighbors is viable . If we had taken the time to do that here we would have found out the neighbor was filling the pool every 4 days because it leaked

    • I did that once, yes I did I took my riding lawnmower and went out to The Big Field and WROTE in there TRISH THE DISH which was my next door neighbor , MY girlfriend . I should have went up there on a helicopter or plane and took some photos of it but I think it was fantastically conceived the idea was there anyway ,SHE could see it from HER double decker home porch ,she liked it ,it was for Valentine’s Day

  5. It’s not uncommon in my urban area for looky-loos to come back and swipe something from an empty house (that’s ‘staged’ with furniture) that only the real estate agents can show. Be careful about storing valuables while the parade walks thru..

  6. Hi George,
    You mentioned that you might be moving this year? It seems you have a great setup where you are at and to find another might prove difficult. Are moving to get closer to the kids? Just curious as to the motive.


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