ShopTalk Sunday: Job Time vs. Setup Time vs. Tooling

One of the keys to keeping my kitchen tile job in line was having the right tools.  A lot of weekend home-handy-bastards (and ‘ettes) get caught in the Project Trap.

Like the “Triangle of Fire” (oxygen, fuel, ignition source).

This fire triangle is an easy memory tool for K-12 school children to learn.  But, not sure if it survived Common Coring of curriculums, or not.

Still used in firefighting academies and what-not, though.  We use it at the burn barrel.

There’s a similar Triangle of Projects we keep in mind around here.  Tools, Time, and Materials.

A good project generally requires all three.  But it really goes much deeper than that.  The relative size of the elements matters.  It hints in the direction of materials can be only a third of project costs.  Tools another third.  And since your time is valuable, then the “time cost” of having a journeyman carpenter or plumber fix your errors, has to be in the budget, sometimes, as well….

Mainly this morning (sharing “the triangle” so you can sell your spouse on the absolute need for new tools) we can move along to TIME.

Work Time vs. Shop Time

There is a misconception about shop time.  Lots of people think it is zero cost – free – so you’re saving a lot of money any time you tackle a project.  This is not quite True.    Because shop time takes away from money-making time.  In fact, as a staunch capitalist workaholic, it should be self-evident.

If it’s not, pretend you have a job making $35 an hour. About $70-grand a year based on a 2,000 hour work year.  The lazy justification is that the savings from not hiring a project out will somehow be reduced by $35 an hour saved or whatever the going rate is for the trade involved.

Unfortunately, damn few shop projects will meet the labor savings test.

There’s a doo-dad for a ham radio antenna I will be knocking out this morning.  Simple ladder line (antenna feed line) to Coaxial  cable connector.  It will likely take an hour and some scrap plastic.

Problem is?  I could be writing my next brilliant non-selling book for an hour and just buy the doo-dad on Amazon for $27 bucks, OR I can piss-away shop time. Hmm….

This kind of calculation happens around all projects.  But we persist as “Me Make Tool, Me Make Big Important Projects” creatures because we (like the whole world we) lies about things to ourselves.  There is no other way to explain Brandon and the dope-heads who pass as Leaders in America.

The solution?  Buy as many tools as you can because they are TIME-SAVERS and (rather obviously in Accounting terms) Tools Reduce Time and therefore save money!

Let’s Save Money

Some of my absolute best  time (therefore money) saving ideas to consider include this little gem.

I bought this when they first showed up on Amazon, maybe 10-years ago. It’s called a “Sonic Crafter” – or was when introduced back when.  It has offset blades that vibrate and it was used for exactly four cuts on the tile project.  There are just some cuts (delicate moldings in impossible locations for a conventional or even Japanese back-saw) which these things totally rock.

One design oddity?  The nose area gets really hot, after – for example – ripping 23-feet of 6-by-6.

They are, however, perfect for sawing off end exactly flush and that’s useful if you’re doing floor work and something needs to be dead-flush with the underlayment, for example.

The only competing tool for jamb work (and one of the few tools I don’t have!) is a Roberts New Q.E.P 10-56 Electric 6″ Longneck Jamb Saw Kit Sale 900 Watts New.  I will give you 229 reasons why I don’t have one.

Shop Air

Besides the built-in serious sawdust system, another important thing to pre-build into your shop is compressed air distribution.  Here’s a dandy tool add-on called an air manifold:

I don’t do too much plasma cutting, but that unit on the left is an in-line air dryer.  Plasma rigs like really dry air.

So now that you have the manifold, you can load up on cheap 25 and 50 foot self-coiling air hoses.  Toss some 2-by-4’s overhead (these have been up since 2-by’s were 89-cents) and now you can have shop air everywhere with zero set-up time.

The coiled hoses are generally junk, but you’ll find them suitable to keep the drill press station blown off, run a brad nailer on the big bench, or run a grinder in the metal-working department.

Why. we must have saved a good 5-minutes of project time already!  All we need are about 40 projects to get cost accounting into the black…

New Tool of the Week

Laser measuring tool.

This one didn’t save us any time.

Bought it to estimate how high a certain tree was.  Since I don’t climb 100-foot pines much, I swallowed the 393-foot range promise.

Learning point on laser measuring (even tried at night):  You want to measure to light-colored surfaces.  For really long measurements, you’ll need a tripod or someone  to keep the tool steady.  Back up plan is to fly a drone over the top of the tree with a messenger line and give up on trying to use science.  Which I’ve lost faith in, anyway.  Over this jab frenzy.

Stock Up For Winter?

Spotted this over the summer.  Decided it might be useful to have on hand.  Gorilla makes roof patching tape.

Also picked up a couple of spray-cans of rubber roof coating.

Obviously, not the kind of thing you’ll need in a condo, unless you’re on the top floor, lol.  But, out here in the Piney Woods, you can never have too much of too many materials and tools.  Deadfall of trees is never-ending.

This then reduces the critical path problem to our old friend time.

Speaking of which, time to go build the antenna doo-dad.  Got to keep telling myself shop time has value…and this is a good $26 justification…

Besides, after adding back in taxes on income (to have $26 + sales tax left over), and so forth, I can argue this really is a $35-an hour value….

In my most delusional moment I also could tell climate child Greta how I’ve reduced our antenna doo-dad carbon footprint, too…

Write when you get rich,

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77 thoughts on “ShopTalk Sunday: Job Time vs. Setup Time vs. Tooling”

  1. Just one last but very important COVID item to post.

    Anyone who can stomach the corruption at the FDA in authorizing the vaccine for little kids after seeing Kirsch’s data in even the first 10 slides, are brain dead………
    These slides are an absolute MUST SEE:

    They provide the evidence needed for prosecuting all sorts of ‘authorities’.

    The FDA invited Steve Kirsch, founder of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund, to give a presentation during the open session of the Related Biological Products Advisory Committee meeting [on vaxxing kids]

    Kirsch prepared 100 questions for the committee and 161 slides, but his allotted time — *three minutes* — meant he had to shorten the presentation to just 30 slides. However, he has made the full set of slides available to the public.


    In kneeler land (UK), May 2021 introduced a Draft Online Safety Bill that could be used to prosecute those that pusblish false narrative on the internet.
    So this could actually be useful – we can easily prove that the UK government, scientists, advisers, health services, doctors have all pushed a false narrative and so should be criminalised under said bill when it comes into effect.

    • Do you triple-dog pinky swear this is it?
      In the name of cognitive empathy, can we call a “fax about vax” truce? Everyone is so emotionally and socially dug in at this point that the odds of changing any minds is nil. All we’re doing is talking to ourselves but nothing useful is being conveyed. We’re down to stems and seeds, like yesterday’s libel-on-its-face fake Pfizer news.
      All the info is out there on the web. We each do our own research, make our own decisions, take our chances and live with the consequences. Let’s respect that, and hope that we are all murdered by jealous spouses on our 107th birthdays.
      BTW, Mao did NOT say “Political power grows from the end of a needle.”

      • Nope !

        Calling out EVIL in all its shapes and forms is one of the number one activities on this forum. No – You do not have to live any consequences – U can change the narrative

        Numerous are the methods, therapies and protocols to undo or lessen damage caused to Ure bodies from the vax attack(s).

        Never met a honest bully, still looking.

      • Now do the REdefined vax pushers. get them to agree to your truce reQuest
        We have had the vax pushers doing their damn best to belittle, shame and force US to vax. Now you want a truce, cause we the people are fighting back! Tough ! The fighting back is the result of opposite reaction force. Prove the vax s are safe,, you know,, pinky swear. “Tripe dog…” was a dare,, getting someone stupid to prove they are stupid.
        If you had cognitive empathy, you would understand our stand. Freedom does not have a medical emergency clause for those who need me to vax for their safety. By the way,,, vaccines only protect the vaccinated, making everyone else get vaxed for your protection is just plain wrong.
        We the People are still worked up because they are still doing their best to force US to vax. We will not be neutral against the medical tyranny. STOP the TYRANNY and forcing people “vax or get fired” and we will relent. You peacefully get your fix and we will peacefully let ya. But ya got to Quit nagging and forcing US to submit to your Anxiety fears.
        All Satan wanted from Jesus in the desert,,, submission

        We defend your right to get the new definition of a vax, when will you defend our RIGHT to just say “HELL NO to the VAX”?
        Virus and vaccine pushers are the Gates and Fauci FAMILIES. Like you say All the info is out there on the web.

        Did you see the new vax cards? Why do they have spaces for 4 entries for vax updates?

        plant the seeds and boil the stems in water with butter, eat the butter and go figure out how tall George’s tree is with just a stick, I did this before I rented a piece of equipment to reach the top of my tree.
        Have a good day and don’t take my response personally, just be empathic, please.
        Did any cannabis eaters die of covid? just a random question that I wondered since you brought up stems and seeds. Eating raw or cooked herb has benefits, heating converts thca to stony thc if that is your goal, I like being sober not in a stupor, aspirin is a good thing, to much aspirin is not
        I got the covid last winter, if I had not awakened in the middle of the night with the chills from breaking a fever, I would have missed it, got it in the bar the person I sat next to on a regular bases lost his sense of smell for a while and got sicker with it than I did, but I am a health nut, Carbon 60 anybody, I had multiple bottles of NAC before covid came on the scene, and colloidal silver and oral iodine, got bulk vit C and always have vit D liquid, the only thing that stops my Grovers disease that showed it’s ugly head when the Dr put me on coumadin. It was massive blood clots that put me down, barely survived, to many blood clot stories with the vax, so with me it is personal, life or death personal, so please forgive me, when I get on my dais. I got off the blood thinner after diet/life changes and Dr change, I told him “Let’s go”, and found a Dr that was not owned by pharmaceutical rebates

      • Hi to ‘Another George’
        Glad you took the vax.
        I’m glad I didn’t!
        Now let’s wait a few months and see what happens …

    • Thank you for posting this.

      Local news reported parents have eagerly brought in 70 children to get the jab … and encourage others to do the same.

      Then I see this …

      Being part Lakota, I’m familiar with Crazy Horse’s prophecy … and he saw the children crying.

      Very sad times we live in. Keep a positive attitude. God help us.

      • TOBD,
        I’m glad to hear that you got through your COVID encounter ok.
        If you’ll read my post, the truce I suggested is over the ad nauseum vax claims. You go to your web sites, I’ll go to mine. At this point, neither side is listening to the other anyway.
        I’m not suggesting that you stop fighting the tyranny you see or surrender the Alamo.
        I don’t like being told what to do either. I didn’t get vaxxed because I was told to. I got vaxxed because I did my research and made a decision based on my age, medical history and lifestyle. YMMV.
        I am empathetic to your side but please don’t let anger and fear drive you from rational thinking.
        Step back a moment. Is it rational to believe in all the conspiracies you allude to? Make a list of all the “theys”. Call ’em out. In my experience, the rich and powerful are just as stupid as everyone else; the only difference is they have more money to be stupid with. To think that they could pull off all the grand conspiracies attributed to them just doesn’t jibe.
        ECU, I thought taking responsibility for one’s decisions and actions was part of the Amercan credo. Shifting the narrative is the sort of shit that “they” do, not Patriots. Or are you suggesting that we’re all irresponsible blame-shifting low lives after all?
        And so it goes….

      • Big Bird is refusing the jab.

        Stay tuned for NPR damage control BS…

        Familiar with Crazy Horse.

        His prophecies scare me because his track record is even better than Cayce’s, and the final one does not easily lend itself to happy bubbles or comfortable cushions…

      • “Familiar with Crazy Horse.

        His prophecies scare me because his track record is even better than Cayce’s”

        I heard his.. I had a dream speech powerful message..

    • Great Post. Anyone taking the vaccine after seeing these slides is nuts. One added point. In the slides he shows a lot of VAERS data. A Harvard study proved that VAERS is only showing 1% of the actual incidents attributable to the vaccine. It is a lot worse than even shown.

      Re: the Brits Canceling anyone questioning the Government/Liberal/Commie narrative. Who among the Brits is going to be the one bringing people up on charges? Zuckerberg, Dorsey? Or the devil himself. This is what I wrote about Friday. Opposing viewpoints to the leftist narrative, and as on of the slides showed…the vaccines are a killing mechanism for the Global Reset. Thanks for the great information!

      • Well, Hoss. I can still dream. I keep remembering that Trump got and endorsed the vax. Kirsch and his family got vaxed, too. I guess you don’t have to be a libtard to be stupid.
        Please say “Hi” to the jackalopes for me.

      • Trump pushed therapeutics and said if YOU want the vax, go get it.
        He pushes freedom of choice. Trump is a leader, Joe is a pusher

  2. About that tree…two other options:

    a. Stand known distance from tree, calculate angle to top of tree, google tangent and do the tangent (O/A) trig calculation.

    b. Chop down tree. Measure length. Eat breakfast. Plant a replacement tree and wait for it to fully grow.

    c. If the tree is a Sequoia, add “move house” to list of projects.

  3. Hey George,

    That featured Gorrilla Tape – waterproof patch and seal, is the perfect solution the Ass Ripper in Chief problem of ripping wet ones in front of VIP/Guests.
    Poor Camila thought she was going to have nice warm friendly chat with brandon, when out of the back of brandons trousers issued one of the longest, wettest FARTS ever recorded from a world leader.
    Sure the “tonals” were presidential, indeed far surpassing representative Shartwells famous rip on live TV .
    Overall Score Breakdown:

    Tonals = 10
    Hang Time =10
    Stench = 8.5
    O-ring Leakage – 7.5 (Depends captured 40% of blast)

    A 9 – not bad, not bad at all, brandon finally does Something well.

      • Just think Ray.. how will history treat the alleged criminal activities of the family once the old man is out of the picture. With old age and dementia increases the probabilities that time is not on the kids side..
        If only a fraction of the allegations of probable criminal activities is true. Based on what has been published. Will there still be that umbrella of protection and legitimacy or will he be forced to face his actions that have been shoved in everyone’s face and told you have to accept it..
        Al Capone went to prison for way less than what has been alleged actions of the family and with a whole lot less circumstantial proof then what has been published.

      • “how will history treat the alleged criminal activities of the family”

        We have a two tier justice system. Unless the Republicans win a super-majority in the Senate, Joe’s loose-play with the law will be ignored. There will be a moratorium of from several years to forever, before anyone goes after anyone in his family. When is his brother Frank going to man-up and accept financial responsibility for the man he killed?

        Hint: He doesn’t have to…

  4. George – FYI – The logo for site doesn’t log on. Just a large blue box with small Question mark. Been this way for several days.

    I’m using macOS Catalina version 10.15.7 Safari

    Logo is fine on my Amazon Fire tablet.

  5. “Me make tool”
    An excellent reason to learn blacksmithing. ME make STEEL tools and punch round or square holes in steel. Handy being able to make a hammer head to custom specs or forge a steering link for the old tractor.

      • Quite a few folks under 30 are learning the craft. Check your local area for a blacksmithing club. That’s a handy way to get started. Folks there are happy to help new guys, and they usually have the neat stuff you can’t afford in your home shop… like power hammers and hydraulic presses.

        • Only have a 15 ton in the shop (press) plug a really nifty geared hand-driven press for fine work (which I wouldn’t recogniZe anyways…)
          But a power hammer? Got cheap air powered one, but BIG ONE would be great fun.
          Who knows – if there’s Damascus steel seems equal time argues for Palestine steel. Though OM2 may get there first by banging out some Grapeland, Texas steel… He’s got the brains and skills to do it, too. ( Prayers his way for recent health issue…)

      • By “power hammer” he means planishing hammer — incredibly nifty and useful tool. A body can make a Toledo blade in a matter of hours or compound-radius a fender for a ’40 Ford out of a piece of flat sheet.

        They’re not cheap.

        If you watch “Bitchin’ Rides,” “Texas Metal,” or “Iron Resurrection,” on “Motortrend” or “History Channel” (or online at ) you can see fenders and custom panels being made on a planishing hammer. Watch “Forged in Fire” and you can see blacksmiths use one to turn ingots into blades.

      • I remember in shop class we had to go out side and pace a certain distance from the trunk of a tree,then use our hands to estimate height.I wish i could remember how it worked but was very accurate.First project in metal shop was to make a hammer head using a metal file.Then drill and tap and screw on a handle .I still have that hammer somewhere.

      • I actually still know an old blacksmith LOL.. he is rebuilding a 1932 I believe right now..

      • @james hersh

        The width of your hand across the palm, when held at armslength, equals roughly 7.5 degrees of arc.

        Hold your arm out and view the setting sun. Each “hand” above the horizon corresponds to roughly one half hour of daylight.

        Oh yeah, the tree thing: Average natural length of a human stride for any male or female aged between puberty and osteoporosis is 32 inches. Find a spot where the tree is “6 hands” high. Walk to the tree while counting your steps. You have just walked one leg of an isosceles right triangle. The height of the tree is the other leg. Optionally, for better accuracy you can add a “step” for every 9 steps you walk. The number of steps to the tree (plus the added “steps”) equals the height of the tree, in yards.

        Now that I’m an old fart, I use a spotting scope on a tripod, fixed at a 45° elevation, and a laser range finder to gauge distance to the tree…

    • We will get there, hopefully before I pack it in. Have the anvil and a 10″ offset pulley to make the hammer. Got a 2 ft. bit of old rail in the junk pile – just don’t know what shape to make it into yet. Once the rest of the front 10 acres is finished, I already have a spot picked out for the furnace, along with lots of firebrick and cement. I’ve still got my eyes peeled for a pottery kiln on Craigslist – they do really well for melting if you double brick the innards. Then use propane and airflow to get the temp up…

      Thanks for the prayers G – I am 90 days in with conventional medicine, and still no diagnosis. So I went to the chiropractor with my MRIs – started some aggressive rx there on Friday. Should know if it helps by next Friday. Couldn’t even get an appt for the neurologist that the 2nd ortho sent me to for 5 weeks. And anyone who has had back issues knows that traditional orthos always recommend surgery, so even after the neuro, I already know what they will recommend.

      I would go for surgery IF it was my quadriceps ripped or torn or something mechanical. But my quad is just not firing – so it’s neurological and the MRI shows more back compression and damage when compared to the one I have from 2016.

      I am not a doctor, but I do stay at Holiday Inns frequently…

      • Well the USPF (UrbanSurvival prayer force) has ur back. Elaine has you confused with the Almighty, though. Asked about it, had something to do with that Wine…plus accelerant. A meeting of minds between you and LOOB (master of multi-citrus rums) would very productive. After we all get out of rehab. Well, except LOOB who would be working double shifts on Urban ward…
        I’ll talk to Andy about which ones the Big Names are using this week…

      • As a blacksmithing reference site, can’t be beat. Tons of info on all types of forges, anvils, hammers, tongs (and how to make them). A lot of folks are using homegrown steel plate forges these days. More portable and quicker to build than firebrick, mortar, etc.

        A piece of rail can be a useful anvil if stood on end (to put more mass under the hammer). Any reasonably large solid piece of steel will work as an anvil.

      • “had something to do with that Wine”

        I bottled the grape up.. it started to pop back into the fermentor it went.. it has been chugging away.. the alcohol was at 13% .. I have no idea what it is now.. I will take a reading tonight.. I am not sure if I will have to split it or not.. I did leave one bottle out with the cork in loose.. the wife loves it.. it was crystal clear and delicious.. since it is still fermenting it is cloudy.. the pomegranate is looking really good..
        then I will do another batch of elderberry wine.. or maybe plum wine..

  6. Morning George

    Well, it’s cold season up here. Not necessarily cold and flu season but rather, Cold Weather season. Always nice to know that you’ve gotten prepared and ready for anything. Peace of mind is good.

    Checked the generator and starts and runs smoothly. Cleaned the solar panels (I like to keep the dirt, tree sap and pollution off them) and did battery check. Extension cords, flashlights and stuff.

    If the power goes out, I got some back up. Won’t be as comfy as some folks but, I will be more than others. Everyone does their own thing, I guess.

    I like portable propane heaters, 20 gal tanks and 12’ hoses per manufacturer recommendations. Of course, proper ventilation and air quality monitors. Yep, all the safety stuff.

    Seemed most of the heat rose to the ceiling and unfortunately, we don’t spend time up on our ceilings … so I had to remedy that. Found a reasonable (hack) for that …

    Busting water pipes in the winter comes to mind in cold weather, so I have some Fiberfix repair tape handy, just in case. It heat shrinks and a blow dryer will do it.

    Like I said, everybody does their own thing. Ain’t recommendin’ nothin’. Lol. This is just some of what I’m doing.

    It’s just good to be prepared. Hear we’re suppose to have a “dark winter” Not at my house. Those folks in Washington can keep that sh*t to themselves.

    A positive attitude will take ya a long way. :)


  7. The patching tape by Gorilla is probably danged good stuff. Another brand I’ve been using on all the rusted water tanks in the pasture is Flex-Seal’s patching tape to cover up the holes up to an inch across toward the top of the water line. The first time I used it was about two months or more ago and they’re all still holding so I can raise the level of the water in the tanks more now. I’ve never had to clean the metal surfaces I’ve applied this tape to so it will stick to just about anything as long as it isn’t oily. It was advertised as being able to stick to wet surfaces but this didn’t prove to be true so I had to wait until the water level sank below the hole and it was dry. I wonder how they’ll hold in the low temperatures in Winter, though. We shall see.

    • Bill

      The tape I used has been on a hose connection outside for 2 years, and has survived 100 F temps and two polar vortex’s. Still the same tight fit. I’d redo the connection correctly but the tape is still working. Allows me to procrastinate a little. Lol

    • The adhesive on the Flex Tape is unreal. To use it you MUST have it in its final position before it touches anything, because you’re not moving it once it contacts anything…

      • Oh yeah – it looooves fingers!
        And, yeah PB, procrastination is a big part of my maintenance schedule. LOL.

  8. The project triangle is a good concept, but it may need to be a square. A necessary factor for any project that has to be done outside or in place is weather, and that includes daylight for most. Welding outside at night is too flashy and can spook your neighbors(to say the least), and doing it in the rain can be a shocking experience. Likewise, working with concrete and especially stucco is hugely dependent on weather. Even working inside a less than fully conditioned shop can be affected by weather and season. Lastly, running back and forth between the shop and elsewhere can get sloppy when trudging through mud or snow. I’m not sure of the best way to represent all this on a polygon.

  9. I would really like an update in your tumbling rocks. Did Elaine find them useful? Did you start a second batch? Did your tumbler break? I’ve heard that they tend to be fragile.

    • Sorry – No, didn’t another batch – must keep small minds like mine well emptied. Elaine got one great pendant piece. Darn fun, but with so much else (larger) I could be tumbling concrete…

    • Oh my eleanor.. I have two rock tumblers and have had them for years and years.. the first one I got when I was like ten..the other I picked Up for the grandkids.. both are going strong..the only thing I’ve had to replace is the traction band .. and I cut those out of an old bike inner tube..

  10. “just buy the doo-dad on Amazon for $27 bucks, OR I can piss-away shop time. Hmm….”

    If a SHTF world changing event happens.. society will be rebuilt by those that can.. when I grew up.. mom had a sewing machine and knew how to use it..the neighborhood ladies would get together and make quilts.. us kids had to take raw wool shered off of a neighbor’s sheep and clean it then card it into flat sheets for the quilts..
    My mother in law still makes lace..
    The kids today run to the local store and bring home a new shirt or pants..rarely do they know how its done.. I’ve built homes I couldnt afford to buy one..and I didn’t make enough money to qualify for the loan programs..garages etc. The same with electric etc.
    I’ve had enough rough times that I made sure I can make the creature comforts that I and those around me enjoy..
    Its also why I teach the grandkids how to make paper and to make bricks or make a ceramic cup..
    I believe that is why they have had shows like the colony, and naked and afraid..
    That’s also why I think that those living in dumpsters and under bridges..those in colonies will be the ones to survive..similar to the Cubans..they adapt and overcome..

    • I have never understood “Naked and Afraid.” If I found myself without apparel in a wilderness, the first thing I would do is make myself a jockstrap or loincloth — not for modesty’s sake, but because a man or woman running their private bits into thorns, thistles, or any of a number of other hazards, would be crippled, perhaps at a time when one’s attention should be directed toward the wolfpack or puma that’s stalking them. The second thing I’d do is construct a pair of moccasins, for the same reason. Hence, no longer nekkid. Third thing would be to construct a longbow or atlatl and find something to use as arrows or mini-spears — then no longer afraid…

      I concur on the survivors. The Amish and Old Order Mennonites are best-equipped to survive almost anything, unscathed. Quakers are renowned for their peacefulness and ability to “turn the other cheek” even unto death. The Amish are so stupidly peaceful they make us look like Nepalese Gurkhas. They’re so peaceful that the first bad-intentioned or desperate person to come along will own their farm, so without a nonfaithful “ramrod,” they’re dead…

      • “I have never understood “Naked and Afraid.” If I found myself without apparel in a wilderness, the first thing I would do is make myself a jockstrap or loincloth ”

        I agree.. on the amish.. they are a wonderful people.. the Mormons use to be similar.. I don’t know what happened though.(I am a Mormon)they still have the Yellow shirts.. but have lost some of the community spirit.. my guess is.. self pride.. one of the seven deadly sins..
        Shows like Naked and Afraid.. boy there have been a few.. dual survival.. the colony, Naked and Afraid.. I believe they are social programs to see the adaptability of man in an inhospitable world. If the federal govt.. just tossed a bunch of people out there to study what happens.. there is a great deal of a chance that they will be ridiculed and open to be sued eventually..
        By supporting a show like colony or Naked and Afraid.. they not only get the data they need.. but volunteers to take on the undertaking.
        I know and have visited with quite a few of the contestants from NA.. and have asked the same questions you bring up.. first look at their shelters.. having built a couple of homes and several garages and sheds myself.. I can tell you that those shelters are not real adequate.. they have plenty of resources around.. did they do the research on how the indigenous population survive.. rarely do you see traps and the ones you do are for small animals.. you have a hog running around… by god that is meat and hide to make slippers..
        How many do know how to make a sandal or a moccasin.. then they have the resources.. for the loincloths etc.. but they also have the materials for the other.. a loom and to make grass clothing.. bedding and blankets..
        from the visits.. I was basically told by one that the place he wanted to build the shelter wasn’t where the production crew wanted it.. they directed them closer to the water source.. and mosquito’s.. how many realize they could make an ova trap to reduce the flies etc..
        the thing is.. the volunteers don’t make much money.. the vast majority of those that have survived the challenge live that lifestyle.. they live as nomads.. or teachers.. like Cody Lundin and his primitive survival school great guy to visit with.. and he quit because they kept wanting them to go into more dangerous environments and take greater challenges..
        the show thirty days.. that one was to see if the privilaged in society could adapt and survive.. the XL I believe is a study to see if those with the skills could adapt in a changing environment..
        What I see is that in a shtf scenario.. of the random people with some skills.. that 95 percent will fail.. of those with skills in different environments.. 60% will survive and forty percent will fail..
        ( kind of reminds you of the studies done for the govt..) they ended up with similar results.. but now with the colony.. mixing in a group of random people that work together.. there is a 95% chance of success… even when Key members of the group are removed..
        the whole show is starting to get interesting now isn’t it.. the new leaders will be those similar to the feudal days.. the leaders today will fall by the side.. the minute that the things they covet and use as power become worthless.. I was hoping that those with the knoweledge would move to train and teach those with lesser knoweledge.. on a few of the shows.. they were put in that position and those with the advanced skill sets.. decided to move away from those without the skill set for their own survival instead of the survival of the group.. the ones that were willing.. was laura ,Kelly, cody,Ky, Puma, dave cantebury and Les Stroud… I would want to be stuck in the wilderness with any one of those.. although.. Laura ,Kelly and Ky are super nice and have a great ethical back ground.. not to mention they are all drop dead gorgeous..
        I did write to the producer and ask them why they haven’t tried putting in someone totally absent of any skills with one of those with the advanced skill sets to see if they can do the challenge of teaching them basic survival skills. no answer and they of course haven’t done it.. If I was younger and not blind.. I would love to give it a try.. but to many issues make it so that I would not be a good candidate.. well there is one.. I don’t run as fast LOL LOL so if we were to be attacked by a bear or lion LOL LOL LOL they would have a better chance of surviving it LOL…
        If I had the means.. I would get all my grand kids into Daves survival school and Cody’s primitive… that way at least part of the family would have a good chance of moving forward..

      • LOOB, have you ever watched “Alone?”

        I haven’t seen it in several seasons, after watching the first two or three, religiously. I could not understand why contestants would be scared shitless of predators.

        (Understand, you’d have to subtract about 40 years from my age before this could happen, but I am the baddest alpha in the woods, desert, island, or wherever, and I’m not afraid to prove it!)

        The first things I would do in that situ are find reliable water and a defensible shelter, then I would build a longbow. Only after I could hunt and defend myself would I build a real shelter, and it would be a cabin, which would offer protection from both weather and beasties.

        Fish traps and snares are autonomous food collectors, and are quick & easy to build. I’d build and set a bunch. I would take breaks from building the cabin to build a smoker, and also to go forth and kill stuff, including any predators in the area. Chippewa killed lots of bear and Kiowa, buffalo, with an Indian longbow and arrows. KNOW how aboriginals survived and thrived in the land, then do what they did. KNOW that you can tan hide by burying it with saltpeter, and know how to extract KNO3 from your campfire. Speaking of, know how to use campfire charcoal to filter your water source.

        In short, learn what it takes to be Jim Bridger, then become him…

        This stuff isn’t difficult to master. The biggest part of it is to not believe the situation is “bigger than you,” and not allow yourself to panic…

      • “LOOB, have you ever watched “Alone?”

        I haven’t seen it in several seasons, after watching the first two or three, religiously. I could not understand why contestants would be scared shitless of predators.
        This stuff isn’t difficult to master. The biggest part of it is to not believe the situation is “bigger than you,” and not allow yourself to panic…”

        I have.. and I like you am not afraid to work at something new.. it is just a matter of what I call.. PLUNKING.. you plunk along. Had a friend that was building a garage.. he was always complaining about it I said young man it is one board.. don’t look at the whole take it one board at a time.. well I was in a wheel chair yet.. and he came and got me.. before he brought me home his garage was up…. if it doesn’t work look at the situation and try again if another man can make it so can you…. I think the reason they get afraid.. is when alone and you have a thousand pound bear after you and being alone they let their fears get to them..the fear that. you may become the hunted.. I tried to get them to put in someone that has never gone camping been a couch spud.. that has absolutely no experience.. just to see if someone that is more experienced could teach them while in the survival mode.. of course they cue it .. like Puma.. they made him look like he wasn’t skilled at all.. he is actually a very skilled woodsman.. and makes a mean set of slippers.. ( he makes them out of jerky is better than his though LOL) Laura she is kick ass.. even helped me find stegers mucklucks..
        great company.. super warm snow boots.. actually they are as good as the ones that I got from the NASA kids working on the ice in Antarctica.. the govt.. gave the kids on the ice steel tow snow boots lol lol nope get rid of them..I froze my feet one year when young and had to walk to work in the fridged cold so I have to have good snow boots so they sent me a pair.. warm dam warm.. your feet would sweat in them.. .. Laura got stuck in a blizzard once and we talked all night long.. nice girl.. super smart and a bad ass woodswoman .. the same with Kelly.. I think she went hog hunting in africa using a home made bow and arrow.. she to lives in the wild off the grid home she built..
        I truly believe that the kids today have been dumbed down so much that they can’t visualize it.. so their fear comes from ignorance.. and I truly don’t want to try to outrun a bear that can run as fast as they can..
        If I was younger and didn’t have as many issues that I have.. I would love to give it a try.. I definately know I could build a much better shelter than any of them have made to date LOL.. and why they don’t make their own charcoal is beyond me.. heck take a look only one so far cleared their camp area..
        When FEMA wanted all the communities to come up with an emergency plan.. I helped them write the one for our community.. as a community plan.. most only plan for themselves and they plan for everything to remain on.. the kids don’t get why I have three oil expellers.. two of them are for hand use.. one is for using with electricity.. the same with stoves.. I have one with an electric hookup and one that I can wheel in ..
        that is where the amish have us.. the colonies work as a team.. a colony.. you do a lot of traveling.. stop at the colony just to the west of Iowa city iowa.. they have an old barn museum of miniature buildings.. they have a great meal.. and all those buildings were made by a great great uncle.. he actually lost over eighty percent of the ones he had made.. He would travel around and they would come up short some every place they went.. then the colony said hey why not use our barn..and let him set it up.. they make great wine and a super great meal there to.. nice restaurant.. grab a few bottles of their pickles.. dam they can’t be beat.. expensive but worth every dime..

  11. About woods stoves a few days back, Be very carful with wood stoves made of cast iron, if you ever throw water on them they can shatter, a small all steel fireplace is safer, they make kits for 30 and 55 gal drums comes with door, flu, legs, cheap, have used the same 55 gal drum for over 10 years, they don’t burn out or rust like they do when left outside in the weather, also makes a great cooking top.You can also load them up with 3 days of wood at a time

  12. “Bemused
    November 7, 2021 at 07:24
    Just one last but very important COVID item to post.
    Anyone who can stomach the corruption at the FDA in authorizing the vaccine for little kids after seeing Kirsch’s data in even the first 10 slides, are brain dead. These slides are an absolute MUST SEE:
    First, the “virus” took out the shakiest and most infirm older people.
    Then it was allowed to work on the middle aged for a while.
    Then, they realize it isn’t fatal enough to reduce population to their liking.
    Now, they are lining up the little kids so they can head our replacements off at the proverbial pass and eliminate future competition for world hegemony.
    Now, vaccinating babies and kids is happening in mostly FIRST WORLD nations rather than equally in the destitute nations.
    The strategy seems so obvious.. What sort of parents tolerate such a scheme and in the face of the injuries and deaths caused or hastened by the “vaccines,” continue to offer their progeny to be sacrificed to the crazyness?

    • I do believe that most parents still trust(or are intimidated by) their doctors and other medical folks. Those of us who can truly think for ourselves are a sadly small minority. Hopefully that will change soon – perhaps before the end of the year if the mortality figures get out.

      I’ve seen daughters pressured by their mothers to inoculate their kids, and horror stories regarding CPS types. Most parents want the best for their kids, and most medical folks are deluded – though they’re getting less so. I used to care about improving the medical system until I realized that it was corrupt to the core. There are exceptions, of course, but not nearly enough.

      When dealing with your own being or that of your offspring, personal choice is paramount. No entity has the legitimate right to force you to voluntarily alter your own body.

  13. its all caught up with them . they are going down . and as that wonderful woman beth eades said on USA watchdog. they will be hung high . you think any of this garbage was right ?nowhere to hide creeps . you will be caught and hung . america will rise again and take the rest of the world with it . and your stock market? good luck with that greed and evil . yep numbers dont lie

    • Len,
      Sorry, I didn’t realize it was National Brotherhood Week. I’m sure you mean it all in a nice way. At least your sentence structure’s coming along but let’s work on the punctuation, shall we?
      Seriously, so much anger! I’m beginning to worry about you. Will JFK Jr be at the head of this blessed world takeover.
      Chill, bro.

  14. Ok.. projects. I just thought I’d toss this project out there.. it is fall harvest time again.. just in case anyone has considered making a steak ager.. who says you have to be rich to enjoy aged beef ..
    Best buy has the perfect unit on sale.. controls at the top easy peasy.. add in the front a fan with charcoal filter similar to a terarium fan.. salt blocks and drip pan your set for way under three hundred..
    The other good thing..when your not aging steaks or roasts .. it’s the perfect beverage cooler..

  15. “climate child Greta” ROTFLMFAO! you just so ridiculous sometimes George. I love it. I know man. I am too. Hahahahahaha!

    Who works 2000 hours a year? Hahahahahaha. Never heard of that. Hahah

    I’m down at the beach on “time out” while my crew is running to work the Everesence show at CPA and Hary Styles at the T Dome. Woke up to 78 text messages and 19 missed phone calls this morning. Gt everyone in route to work. Now I’m sitting down here, having a conversation with THE DUDE and looking at a sea of dog dishes out on the sound. White caps.

    You, George being a former Sailboat captain understand that. A sea blue Dungarees with white dog dish caps is the same as the ocean with white crest waves. I’m sure..

    Most would not know that. But we aren’t most people.

    To answer someone’s question. Be asked openly or not. I did hear you. I road 4 floors up with one of the richest men in the world of. That elevator. Shape of things to come in personal finance for me? We shall sea. White caps and Dungarees on the sound today, eye see.

    No doubt about it. Everyone around me if they are quick to figure it out. Is getting in on the action. And I’m always willing to help healthy Emts find their way into deep pockets as well. But they need to get sage advice on proper approach. The door open for ya. Don’t sell yourself short is what I said. You might wanna give him a few suggestions George. I don’t give unsolicited advice because it comes on as arrogance I share experience, strength and hope. Ya feel me. And I open the door and say, get that money! Opertunity is present.

    So I’m down here doing what those like us do. Having a think about things. Quiet. Reading my book. Over coffee away from it all. Mindful that all my mistakes I made got me right here anyway. THE DUDE, ya know. Can’t out think HIM. Can’t even out mistake HIM. LOL! and Thank God for that.

    When I woke up this morning. And I don’t often say this. But when I do. I know I’m right there at breaking through to the other side. I can’t do this DUDE. It’s too Damm much. It’s bigger than me now! How the hell do you expect me to keep track of all this going on! HE laughs and says. Says. I don’t expect you to do all this. And reminds me. When you are that close and it’s too damn much. Push harder and keep pushing forward. Victory is in the next step.

    So im taking think. Because that is what men like us do. We pause then push forward. When I run out of faith in me. And my ability. I’m at the precipice of growth and Opertunity is a the threshold. When I’m out of strength. Dig deep and don’t stop now.

    Thanks for reminding me that the other day George. I’m staying put for now. I’m right where I’m supposed to be. At the beach. Peaceful and quiet. White caps is what I see. Coffee in a cup. Book in my hand. Sun broke through the clouds on my face just now. All is well. I’m warm, safe, healthy, secure and the guy at the store gave me a free breakfast muffin. What do I have to worry about.

    Do dad. Yes. DUDE – AD.

    Good day. Time to think for a while or not think and let everyone and everything do what it will do. Yes I love that idea. Can’t even f it up if I tried. LOL

      • I hear ya there.. what I would like to know.. is JUST what do they do with all that spare time off…..
        And consider this.. if you was in the congress.. you only work 162 hours.. and if your a govt worker you work less than a thousand hours a year.. one of every three working days.. ..

  16. I picked up a DeWalt 20v 3-speed oscillating tool with LED illuminating light at Lowes after borrowing my next door neighbors to cut away some old flashing over my doors and windows. I was very seriously impressed. The thing was just amazing – takes a variety of different blades and attachments manufactured by many different companies. I’ve used it to as a mini-hacksaw, for drywall cuts, to punch out and remove damaged Pergo tiles, and zip off bolt and nail heads (make sure you have a tap and die for removing the bolt shanks)f. I’ve read on reviews its has also been used to trim carpet, ceiling tile, rivets, for sanding cabinets (with a sanding attachment), as a finisher, edger, removing damaged wood floor planks, cutting wood/plastic trim, and artistically sculpting logs, wood mantles and beams. Other brands no doubt work just as well. Go check them out for Ure-self and then grab one. You won’t regret it.

  17. Tree Height.

    An old land appraiser told me the “Simple” method he has used for years when he walks a property to estimate it’s value, which of course has to include the added value of any valuable trees that are scattered in the woods.

    Just get a piece of plywood about 12×12. Cut diagonally so you have a perfect 45 degree cut (extremely important that it is EXACTLY 45%). Screw a short level (10″-12″ is perfect size) to one of the original sides so you can see when the piece of plywood is level.

    He takes that piece of plywood out of his trunk and then physically sights to the top of the tree where the last of the sellable timber is, backing up or forward so as to keep the sight at a perfect 45 degree inclination. Then he just paces off back to the tree, adds in his height, subtracts 2 feet for the bottom, adjusts for land elevation change from where sighted vs where the tree is … and voila he has his usable tree height for his timber value calculation. Takes all of about 1 minute per tree. (around here not all trees in a stand will have timber with higher that scrap timber value so he doesn’t have to measure all trees, just those few that are high value trees)

    Having done it for many years he says he is usually within a foot of the usable timber length once the tree is cut down … and most of the variance is in his pacing back to the tree due to forest debris etc..

    Obviously if you want to know how high it is to crown … just sight the crown versus further down like he does since for his purposes he is looking for sellable timber value, not total height.

    I tried it a few times and voila, it is an EASY, CHEAP, and QUICK way for determining tree height !! And a great benefit of this system is that NO MATH IS REQUIRED, other than knowing how long your pacing steps are and multiplying the number of steps by your step length (which for me is easy since I have a perfect 30″ gait – 2.5 feet, … say if I pace off 500′ – 1000′, which I have to do for my job now and then, I am usually within about 1/3 of my shoe length or 3″ of what the blueprints say)

    Sure you can do all sorts of complex things in order to get a tree’s height … but I like to keep things simple and quick.

    (I sometimes have to know the roof line height of a building … and it works exactly the same way, only it is easier to do since there is no forest debris to contend with – of course appraisers now use a pocket laser to do that, but I don’t have one of their fancy pocket lasers with it’s built in software)

    • Those of us who took SMSG math (nu math back in the post Sputnik day – when it was a satellite, not a vax) remember that a simple piece of typing paper folds into a square. I couldn’t find any 12 by 12 plywood I was willing to sacrifice. But my odd angle-finder with the DRO and a trig book solved it.
      (aTTN incompetents: DRO is digital read out…)

      • George,
        1 min video of a little girl estimating a tree height with a stick:)
        her arm and a stick replaced the plywood

        cake is 1.41, the long leg of a 45 degree right triangle is 1.41 units long while the 2 equal legs are 1 unit long, learned it from a pipe fitter
        trig. the arm and the stick are the sides of the triangle. Don’t need cake in finding tree height but someday you will know the leg lenghts and want to know how long to make the piece to fit the hypotenuse, on a 45 degree right triangle,, Pi and cake great numbers

      • Kind of like measuring the human body.. or a horse etc.. the sacred number three..
        LOL LOL … for those who wanna know LOL LOL

        Er big feet means.. Big shoes LOL LOL LOL

  18. Audiophiles may wish to review flac torrents from the tragic concert event especially the leadin canned soundtrack from t minus 30 minutes at which point a CNN report appears to suggest concertgoers began presenting physical symptoms.

    The BBC has a first person security guard anecdote he felt a prick in his neck while trying to aid a struggling concertgoer and began to lose consciousness. BBC told by his attending medics that they resuscitated the guard with “anti-drug” meds (naxalone?) and they noted a needle-like puncture wound on the guard’s neck.

    • Correction:
      The security guard anecdote featured by the BBC was quoted from the Houston police chief.

  19. This is important. I don’t know how so. It has been some time since I addressed you all from a certain place of understanding. I know you know what I mean.

    Pay attention! I choose my words carefully. This is for Clif as well. I’m sure someone will let him know.

    I don’t say everything I see. It’s not my place to say. Art of disclosure and all. I won’t tell you why this is important. It is important. Very important. You may already know these things. And you may not. Someone may find out why or not. Nevertheless, it is important now or later. I don’t care if you believe me or not. I’m not here to convince you. We have come a long distance since George and Clif and The Les Visible and others have met in one shape or form. Hi Trin. Lol

    I do not give medical advice. I was thinking about my new ability to smell things then later have them happen relating to that sense of smell. And covid 19 taking away smell and taste. Some say Vitamin D and Zinc, keeps ya from the rona and the jab.

    The on3 thing I hadn’t realized I did before I found my sense of smell of the future… was I used Colodial silver Nazal spray. 20 minutes later I smelled the future. Both times. And I did it today. Because I have a head cold and my ears are all stuffed up like I was on an airplane or High Altitude.

    It’s important! I won’t tell you why. But it is very important.

    And how this whole thing whirling around me is so much even for me. I only wanted to be a normal dude. My life I assure you is much different than the average humans.

    My Regional Director was on the way home the night I was at the Eagles up north. And a 4 foot Eagle landed on the road in front of him and spread its wings. He almost drove off the road he said. And I remember that eagle sitting above my car eating it’d prey. And it kept dropping blood and guts all overt my car. And I was at the Eagles concert. There was a moment … I’m not sure if I should mention or not. Someone grabbed me and said. You are special. You are not supposed to be down here. You were delayed to not be on the floor. It didn’t make sense to me at the time and the dude in the black robe cane out and the band was starting. 3 times I tried to get to the floor to work the baracade. Every single time I got turned back. What the person said to me,, well. It happened so fast that I had forgotten about it. It was right after I got to the floor. 99% of the people on the floor. Were most of you guys age Bracket. 10 minutes after I got on the floor. It was noticed i didn’t have wrist band on and then I was sent back stage. Even though I’m in the top bracket security shirt.

    Why would someone say, you are special,, your not supposed be down here. You were being delayed. Because I was being delayed. It happened 3 times while trying to get to the floor of the show. Every single time I was almost there then I got a call or a radio to head back.

    As soon as I got down there. I got sent back stage then to a higher level to watch the show. Where I twirled my lucky silver eagle dollar and watched the show. Away from everyone on my team. All the baracade “alphas” were covid tested. Everyone on the place vaccinated. I was not covid tested. But I had been the day before. And I was sent into the elevator with the rich dude and up 4 floors we went.

    I don’t even remember where the person came from or why she screamed I my ear after grabbing my arm and saying that. You were to be delayed! You are special! You were not supposed down here! Then shortly after I wasn’t. Very theatrical things happened to ensure that I wasn’t there with my team on the floor.

    When I met geroge and clif everyone was all about colodial silver. I bought a bottle a while back. I didn’t realize it was a nasal spray. I bought it 2 weeks before the first Case of Covid 19 hit. In Snohomish Washington. 2 blocks from a girl I was seeing. Forgot all about it till the other day. When I was stuffed up. So I took some. About 3 hours later smelled the future. Being as busy as I am. I forgot about using it until today. When I used it again and smelled the future again.

    Maybe you won’t smell the future. Maybe you will. But I now know that Colodial Silver nose spray when dealing with a virus released out of china… that takes away your smell. And taste. Is very important. As much as Zinc. Me thinks.

    Back to the regularly scheduled program. Much that I didn’t say is to be considered. Hmmmmmm..

  20. The thing about it is. Every time I went to sign in I got distracted by a phone call or something happened and I never wrote on the list my name as being present at the show. Same thing happened at the Eric Church concert. Of course I was there in position but there is no written record of it. Every single time, I got pulled away and forgot all about signing in. My name isn’t on any paperwork of being there and I never scanned in on the facial thermometer scan device that takes your pic when you scan in
    .. And everything was happening so fast and I kept getting delayed. Hmmmmm. Could be nothing….. but it could be something.

    Colodial silver sinus spray, Squirt Squirt 3 hours later I smelled the future. Not once but 3 times. But I’m not an average human. My life is so different from most people’s. I think. I don’t rightly know what is normal for everyone else. LOL.

    I mean I went from driving truck to arriving at Palm Desert the same day as Donald Trump after NDE 12 at a rest area after almost marring a stripper in a 24 hour chapel in Kent Washington after proposing marriage in a bathtub filled with 117 gold fish, drinking martinies and smoking Cubans higher than MT Erverest on Thursday, to standing in the center of the Universe at the Hopi Indian rez shortly after I got out of rehab, to hanging out with PGA Masters, playing golf with George Bushes nephew, The CEO of Citi Bank and Pro football hall of famers, to wearign $10,000 suits and running a billion dollar hedge fund buddies Cady up to San Francisco home for him, then hanging out in Hollywood with Rock Stars, spending time on Coronado Island with the Durchess of Spains nephew, to a hippy commune in the Shasta mountains, hanging out with Mark at the Paper Moon Cafe with a shit load of guns in the trunk of my car, to living in a dilapidated house in the basement of Spokane while trying to building a website on my phone, doing some blogging and podcasts, to living at the beach, to slinging government tablets and gorilla marketing, breaking up and getting back together with my former playboy bunny ex girlfriend and finally being done with her, then
    back to Idaho to do more gorilla marketing, and a sprititual speaker event and then back to the beach, humping furniture for a moving company called NEO, based on the matrix movie, running flights of stairs with heavy shit, then to staffing Security for every major sports event and concert in town, to being back stage with the eagles and riding in an Elevator with one of the richest men in the world. All in the last 20 months.

    And all the other life changing things I have done where someone is calling me Angel or or yoda or Gods son or other weird shit, like the time I held up an oreo cookie and said these are not the droidds your looking for and the security guy laughed so hard he forgot to stop me when I went to the hospital to see a friend late at night and after she asked me if I’m her Angel, I honked her nose, said Andy and put an oreo in my mouth and she honked my crotch and then said. Yep. Andy then everyone realized. How the hell did you get in here. How did you get passed 3 nurse stations and 3 security check points. And the covid barrier? I said. Eating cookies. That was so funny to see the look on their face. I didn’t really think about it. I just walked into see a friend. make sure she was OK. All a true story. They called me the cookie Angel after. LOL jedi mind tricks and cookies the tools of Angels I spose. Haha. I mean….

    Not to mention I was in Mexico once and the grand canyon and two trips to Alaska.

    Is that normal for everyone? Maybe that just happens to everyone. Maybe I’m slow or something. I’m sure you all are living this kinda life. Silly me. LOL. It just trips me the F out! I’m sure you are all used to it. Bare with me.

    Truly I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my Hope! That you are as well.

    Cue: ~ The First Time I ever saw your face. ~


    Roberta Flack

  21. I kinda just wanna go to Fiji or Bali and lay on the beach naked with a beautiful woman and be still for 3 weeks.

    I mean you all been along with me. It seems like alot. Dontcha think?

    I mean when I objectively look at my life the last 21 months. I think dang dude. That is alot. And it’s all true. I probably wouldn’t believe it if I wasn’t doing it. I don’t think I’m running from anything. But… it just seems like a lot. Maybe, this is just normal for everyone.

    Money and travel came up today and a social life because I’m kinda a hermit. In meditation. LOL after talking to people all day. I don’t really want to talk to anyone when I’m off work. Just hide with my book. But I was told I need to have a social life. It’s time and I will be getting money and be traveling soon in meditation. Hmmmmm.

    Like I said, I kinda just wanna go to Fiji or Bali and lay on the beach naked with a beautiful woman and be still for 3 weeks. Maybe Browse some gift shops and eat dinner while listing to steal drum music, flirting over conversation about nothing in particular, in flip flops, a tye dye shirt and cargo shorts, wearing a pooka shell bracelet. You know, normal shit.

    Well, back to the grind tomorrow. See what THE DUDE has planned next. I’m sure it will be good. Be nice to rest a while and stay put.

  22. When Will The CDC Correct Its COVID Death-Counts, As Italy Just Did?

    According to Summit News:

    The Italian Higher Institute of Health has drastically reduced the country’s official COVID death toll number by over 97 per cent after changing the definition of a fatality to someone who died from COVID rather than with COVID.

    Italian newspaper Il Tempo reports that the Institute has revised downward the number of people who have died from COVID rather than with COVID from 130,000 to under 4,000.

    “Yes, you read that right. Turns out 97.1% of deaths hitherto attributed to Covid were not due directly to Covid,” writes Toby Young.

    Of the of the 130,468 deaths registered as official COVID deaths since the start of the pandemic, only 3,783 are directly attributable to the virus alone.

    “All the other Italians who lost their lives had from between one and five pre-existing diseases. Of those aged over 67 who died, 7% had more than three co-morbidities, and 18% at least two,” writes Young.

    “According to the Institute, 65.8% of Italians who died after being infected with Covid were ill with arterial hypertension (high blood pressure), 23.5% had dementia, 29.3% had diabetes, and 24.8% atrial fibrillation. Add to that, 17.4% had lung problems, 16.3% had had cancer in the last five years and 15.7% suffered from previous heart failures.”

    Now all they have to do is admit the number of damaged people due to The Jab. -Bill

  23. I agree with you Len, assuming you refer to ‘Another George’ and not Mr Ure. When we are over the target, we attract the flack!

  24. “the Ass Ripper in Chief problem of ripping wet ones in front of VIP/Guests.
    Poor Camila thought she was going to have nice warm friendly chat with brandon,”

    Excuse me..that was a warm WET greeting she received..
    Now I have heard rumors that they don’t stink..
    And with all the millions they receive a year to allow access to them.. I’m sure he could purchase necessary precautions..
    Or that great product subtle butt..

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