ShopTalk Sunday: Binge TV and Project Progress

Extreme Summer, 2022 Edition is slowly moving towards conclusion.  Nowhere near fast enough for us, though.

Our kitchen was attacked by ants this week.  Elaine came over to the office sputtering “Hoards of ants have invaded the kitchen!”  Sure enough, yes they had.  However, hardly the end of the world.  Essentially, they were along the sink and it may have had something to do with water.

Not like we’re alone, though.  Neighbors have them, too.  “Worst I’ve ever seen ’em, but my sugar water and borax will do ’em in,” the B&R young man uphill from us explained.

The proportions aren’t critical. Roughly three parts sugar to one part borax and just enough water to turn it into a gooey sludge is the “secret” sauce.  We figure they should be gone within a week.

So will several small trees up against the house.  My neighbor said he tracked back and found his were from an outside nest.  They’d climbed the tree, came down on his roof where the tree leaves touched.  From there, it was down the kitchen exhaust vent, into the cabinet, and from there all over hell-and-gone.

We have a couple of suspect trees – and they will be disappearing this morning.

Binge TV Advice

Normally, we don’t offer much advice on what shows are worthwhile.  But we are totally hooked on The Why Files? on Youtube.  A good introduction to their thinking skills (AJ’s, not the wise-ass Heckle Fish co-star) might be Time Travel Possible? Evidence Says Yes | 9 Time Travelers caught on film – YouTube.

Spoiler alert:  He outs the sketchy cases at the end of the show.  But still…dandy logical thinking and (praise be!) there’s at least something on streaming not oriented toward 12-year-old, narcissistic, left-indoctrinated, gender uncertain, virtue-signaling pricks. (Gimme a Hallelujah, brothers and sisters!)

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

If you know Idina Menzel sang this very title in the hit musical Wicked (where a different George Ure performed) you get five points.  No Good Deed (From “Wicked” Original Broadway Cast Recording/2003) if you live in auditory ignorance. Admittedly, Defying Gravity was more popular with least-common-denominator radio programmers, so we’ll overlook it since it has nothing to do with the ranch-hand learning this week.

No, that came from religiously running the misting system between the house and the shop/office for the cats.  Depending on how hot it was at any particular moment either Zeus or Sam (*the gender unknown Siamese, who is called Sam-poo for now) could be found lying on the edge of the mist zone.  Just enough to dampen – but not really soak – their fur.

Fine.  Until Saturday morning when the near hysterical Elaine came over to the office.

“More ants, dear?”

Oh, they’re still everywhere, but did you see the lawn?  Its dying off like crazy!”

Which was instantly traced back to the?  Misters for the cats.  No good deed, right?

An order of Amazon’s top-rated spray-on lawn fungicide will be arriving tomorrow.  This summer fungus among us may account for the very poor yields of our usual squashes.  That – and as soon as I’ve finished baring my soul in print – I’ll weld up the add-on to the garden fence to keep the deer from eating anything the fungus/powdery plant dew has overlooked.

Put a cup of triple-strength acetic acid in the rain barrels – which has been refilled with 8.3 pH hard water from the local water outfit. No point making it any easier for ’em.  Running the ozone machine in the greenhouse on a schedule now, too.  When I remember.

Buy Seeds, But Use Brain

This sort of rolls us ’round to the Garden Room – that marvel of six-pack engineering which has produced a remarkable amount of work and damn little food in return this year.

My latest (genius) move was to eat all the carrots (good but small) and try my hand at growing corn.  It’s a work in progress:

This is my stand of “gentleman’s corn” (a variety).  And I didn’t have the brain cells to wonder in advance whether there was enough headroom in the garden.  Unless the corn starts hollering “de plane! de plane!” we’re afraid it will run out of vertical space.  This variety is NBA tall, apparently.  Which didn’t occur to me, what only having fled from civilization 30-years ago (sailboats for 10, farm for 20-odd now).  So much to learn and being so dense…

What that means, is I need to find a shorter type of corn.  Even Ambrosia grows 6.5 feet tall.

Elaine’s idea was a simple if not elegant one:Why don’t you just cut the legs off the planters?”  Since the planters were $84 dollar kits, this would be tantamount to throwing out $27 worth of wood and I won’t hear of it.

Ambrosia will grow in the back row with room-enough. Exactly 6-feet 6 inches of overhead room there.  The good news is that corn is resistant to most perils of living next door to the recording studio.  One of which is raccoons who are unable to jimmy the door to the garden room, yet. They are deaf now, however.

Welding Time!

By the time you read this, I should be well into my welding project of the week.  For the record, here is the “before” picture of the dirt garden gate:

Next week (depending on ambition and memory) we should have the “higher highs” version of this welded up and in place.

In the Hobby Shop

I told you a couple of weeks back about the UFO that floats lazily in the clouds over SF Bay pictured in the Northwest room mural.  This week I will be putting a model of the Space Shuttle together to hang in front of another picture.

The picture this will sit in front of is one that Elaine painted while one of her sons was in the Philippines during the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo.  (Air Force) There was a rather famous photo of earthrise taken from the Shuttle – and she painted the picture.  You can actually see it here: File:Pinatubo dust layer.jpg – Wikimedia Commons.  Elaine’s is almost a dead-ringer for it.

Now, we can have a little talking point (on the house tour which no one gets to take – we’re reclusive) about the famous picture from wall-based diorama.  Active debate rages a couple of days a week as to whether the shuttle cargo doors should be open or closed for the “posed” model.  Input is always welcome *unless I disagree with it.*

I gotta get my “Hobby Shop” sign up this week, too.  I was going to hang it yesterday, but one foot off the ground on a step ladder and my hair caught fire from the heat.  Putting it out was easy (there’s not much to burn), but rather than light off the whole shop I acquiesced and will hold that for a cooler day.

Chinese Sand Ship

During an afternoon cold snap this week (99F) I was able to sneak back into the Hobby Shop long enough to mud-up the bottom of the sand ship model I’m trying to get built.

A medium Cream-of-Wheat texture from a bowl of Durham’s Rock Hard Wood Putty was slapped on.

Plan is to spend the rest of my life sanding.

The reason is I got to looking at the instructions for making up the sails for this rig.  Not too simple.  Starts with gluing 14-million 1 mm strips onto fabric which I have no idea how to size.

Best guess for now is the traditional order of assembly is totally out the window.  I will have to build the mast assemblies, use them to measure and mark the sail fabric, then step the masts (maybe with sails on) and finish the standing and running rigging in no particular order.

The other discombobulating thing about this boat is the headsails (two of them) seem to be canted the wrong way by Western sail design.  However, when you realize that China was burning its world-circling fleet in 1491 before that Italian guy got all the PR from unaware Anglos, it makes sense.

Charles Mann’s book “1491” was a marvelous read about the adventures of Admiral Zhou’s fleet.  We hear China’s planning another big-time nautical show in more local waters this fall.

One More Thing: A Sailing Note

You do know what Sept. 19th is, right?  Here’s a hint:

Wellerman Official Music Video by The Longest Johns | Between Wind and Water (2018) – YouTube

National (now International) Talk Like a Pirate Day is coming.  Another round of sea shanties for all hands, argh!

(Yes, there are times we miss living on our sailboat. Especially in Texas’ “hell days of summer.”  The sea air, the music, the fresh seafood…argh.  David Coffin – “Roll the Old Chariot”. I’ll be over it in a month or two…Soon as we’re under the 90’s again.)

Write when you get rich,

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42 thoughts on “ShopTalk Sunday: Binge TV and Project Progress”

  1. “A medium Cream-of-Wheat texture from a bowl of Durham’s Rock Hard Wood Putty was slapped on.

    Plan is to spend the rest of my life sanding.”

    You might want to try some homegrown filler/putty that I used way back in the middle of the previous century. Clear model airplane dope mixed with talcum powder to whatever consistency you prefer makes excellent filler for hiding wood grain/gaps or making fillets to smooth joints. And the best part is, it sands very easily. A couple more coats of color or clear paint will make it plenty hard for handling or floating.

    • …Or mix it with sawdust from places you’ve already sanded. I use Titebond with sawdust & shavings, to “adjust” wood projects that have either been worn, wallowed, or mis-drilled. You can “introduce” “grain” and make the repair completely invisible. Added to a mortised-in dowel or two, this “putty” makes a predrilled door a candidate for latch installation at a necessary (rather than predetermined) height

  2. First, on the subject of fungus. I don’t water or fertilizemy lawn, which consists of common bermuda and “weeds”. When it gets dry, the grass goes dorment (hooray). On rare occasions I have treated with a pasture clean-up herbicide to get rid of weeds with seed pods that injure. When I lived in town and watered my beautiful monoculture lawn, I had problems with fungus. I spot treat Johnson grass with weed killer. I can’t really trash mouth Johnson grass since it is my most prolific early season hay grass, when moisture permits.
    Second, on Ants- Try and find the ant mound, and treat with Orthene. Scrape the top off the mound, and sprinkle it on the ants. It doesn’t require much. Unfortunately, the mound may be under your trailer, between Peppie and Ms Copperhead.
    Third, your garden gate needs flat concrete pavers under it. Just lay them on top of the ground; no need to dig them in. The idea is to get the gap smaller.

    • When I bought the volcano ranch here the place was a jungle atop a smooth lava flow. We hacked vines and weeds down, felled about 30 ‘rubbish’ trees and had them chipped up and returned to the stumpy and broken lava rock areas. We just kept mowing the weeds down, getting areas smooth enough to run a mower over. Never ‘planted’ grass seed. What survived the repeated mowings was nature’s local grass that survives the environment. When it’s cold or gets less water, it grows slower. My yard is several inches of organic veneer over lava rock.

  3. I read over your thoughts on the fascist nature of the Chinese regime. I have been in agreement with that for some time. When you do business with a Chinese business customer, they will tell you “We aren’t communists”. And they aren’t lying, because they are brown shirt corporates, not communists, just like our own domestic corporates.
    The hotspots we see threatening to engulf us all in world chaos represent collisions between three aggressive, expansionist, imperialist, nationalist empires, their corporate lackeys and sponsors, and their holy apologists. Three empires in competition is known to be an unstable arrangement. Right and wrong only play in as a propaganda exercise, to keep the plebs in line.

    • To a real Oriental – it is preferable to Die, than to lose face -see the Japs & harikiri.

      Sending the one of darklings -nasty nancy and her broom ‘Subrosa” flying over and into soviergn territory was a darkly calculated, bracing SLAP to the Face 4 Chynah . In this case – their long slow response (s) have already begun – think we had a “Fenty” problem before ..Apple – forget it – Chynah has been at WAR for a week now..and are firmly in Russia’s camp now.

      * the group that brought the world sanskrit Vedas, and lost 200 + peeps outpost (greys-shiny silver disk blasted em) living in hills among Himalayas way back in time ..Z = the “light” returning..

  4. Suspect trees will disappear? Gasp!! Watch out for the climate dipshit protesters dragging plastic baby trees with red paint on them marching up and down in front of your driveway.

    • I can see that happening! But another reason to eliminate trees that overhang (or will overhang) the house is the sap and leaf debris that will litter your roof, causing multiple problems down the road. not to mention the potential for a limb or tree giving up the ghost and crashing through your roof. An even better reason not to have any trees within falling distance of the house is the threat of fire in times of drought. Texas Forest Service used to recommend removing trees within 50′ of the house for that very reason.

      Regarding ants, check the outside foundation/walls for ant trails frequently, as they will quickly find a way inside. I use any spray that says it keeps on killing for weeks or months to delay their return. I have also used a Whirlybird spreader to apply Amdro around the outside of the house when my wife’s chickens were locked up.

  5. Sniff,sniff-sniff..

    De’ tha seo ?

    “Edward Hammond, a biosafety activist who has called for greater transparency at the Galveston lab, was unconvinced by the university’s stance. ???

    It is mystifying to me that this could have happened at all,” he told The Epoch Times. “Is it sloppiness, as UTMB suggests, or is something else going on?”

    “James LeDuc, director at the time for the Galveston lab, signed his name on all three contracts.

    In the months after the COVID-19 broke out, LeDuc had reached out to prominent WIV scientists overseeing bat coronavirus projects, in a bid to help them tamp down scrutiny over the facility’s role in the pandemic, according to recently released emails analyzed by The Epoch Times.” -ZH

    ? Coverups worse than Crime??? Hear all along I thought that smelly smell that smells smelly was coming from the feedlots & progressives down Austin way.

    Gets better this Sunday morn, much betta..Israeli scientist damaged by pfizer vaxx,professor Shmuel C Shapira – “has correlated the Monkeypox outbreak with damage to immune system caused by mRNA gene sera” whatwhatwhat?

    The hook (s) have been set in population(vaxx), lineup of coming virus’s is being/has been set.
    This virus “industry” is new/next “war against terrors” replacement – guaranteed annual profit – see fascists business model of our cucked global Govt’s – enjoying the spectacle of their respective Citizens having their lives destroyed in a slow dance of death with WEFers..lets go pedo joe ,the “mannish women’ and shout out bill&claus.

  6. corn.. you should look into Poncho seeds.. sugar buns .. or on deck..

    the average height is four foot.. the average length of an ear is six to eight inches.. (even the short stalks can have a nice long fat ear of corn) of course it isn’t the length of the ear of corn but the way the corn stalk sways in the windy weather.. our ear corn is doing ok.. my idea this year was to see how close I could plant the corn to still get decent corn.. four inches.. was the secret.. but when I make the hydroponic corn grow pods.. I will have a stalk support rack..
    Larry Hall of Brainard Minn.. he came up with the rain gutter grow system and air prunning.. he did one plant in the ground and one in a five gallon bucket with holes in the side.. the difference was on the air prunning bucket he had twenty foot corn.. ( the same that your growing.. ) and the root ball filled the five gallon bucket.. he had twnety foot tomato plants to.. had to use a ladder to pick them.. so the grow pods.. I want to have a deep well for the root ball.. and shallow well for the smaller plants.. like peas for an example.. not much of a root ball on them.. I can get seventy two plants in a three foot by three foot space..

  7. I’ve grown this corn for years~ family is very happy with it.

    “55 days — ‘Yukon Chief’ corn is a very good choice for home gardeners who have limited space, want to try corn in raised beds or containers. It is one of the earliest maturing sweet corn varieties we know of. The stalks are dwarf (three to four feet tall) and produce six to eight inch, yellow, sweet ears that are slightly tapered, average four to five inches in length, and have about twelve rows of kernels.”

  8. I bought wooden raised beds a few years ago. Over the winter one just slowly collapsed. The short board’s rotted. The second bed is now doing the same thing.

    I saw somebody who put buckets of dirt on a couple of old pallets. I think that might be next year’s raised beds. The other option is 2 layers of cinderblocks laid 3 by 3 squares. The buckets are less dirt.

    • Wood is a poor choice for gardening.

      Could you repurpose former bathtubs or possibly repurpose old hot tubs? Set them on cinder clocks and if the bottom leaks, big deal.

  9. “Cats”

    Stray animals are a big problem. I released another cat into the golf course community duck pond last night. Cats are never ending here and we get a winter freeze.

    A week or two back I posted an article link to a story about 7 dogs munching to death an innocent 71 y/o passerby. The ‘owner’ of the dogs said they weren’t his animals, he just feeds them.

    Here’s another dog story. Same theme, “not mine”.

    Horrific twist in the brutal death of a man ripped apart by six killer dogs as his partner LISTENS in on the savage attack during a phone call to him

    “Police said six of the 25 unregistered dogs on the property were involved in the violent attack on Mr Thomson and didn’t belong to him.”

    “Mr Thomson’s family revealed on Friday that the dogs that attacked him weren’t his own but were dumped on the elder by a supposed friend who took advantage of his kindness.”

    25 dogs wasn’t his limit… but the limit for him was 25 dogs.

    Dog mauling isn’t the problem, it’s unwanted animals…. Stray animals may look like childhood pets but they are filled with disease and killer instinct.

    • An unfortunate truth is that dogs, like people, will do things as a group that they would never consider doing alone. A pack of dogs, even if they are domesticated, can be extremely dangerous. Same with a pack of people (gangs). There seems to be a sense of safety among pack members that emboldens them to the point of ferocity. Add hunger, disease, or sex drive, and the ferocity is multiplied exponentially.

  10. on the space shuttle model;
    consider the cargo bay doors open if you hang it upside down, this makes it look like it is in a natural orbiting position with the heat shield tiles towards the sun to protect the shuttle from heat build up and of course the astronauts can look down on earth, just my thinking out loud ……..

  11. We need a complete virtual tour of all the imagineering features of uretopia.
    Pics or it didn’t happen.

  12. This is my stand of “gentleman’s corn” (a variety).

    Looks like you are channeling “Oliver Wendell Douglas “.



  13. Ants! The spring scourge here. For the black ants and termites… and roaches, too, we use something called Bi-Fen. It’s approved in Hawaii for ground termite treatment, and is a major ingredient in Ortho “home defense” products. It dries and leaves a residue that kills insects that walk across it. So every spring I spray the foundation slab around the house, and around the exterior window frames.

    Then there is the invasive ‘Little Fire Ants’ on this island that they are furiously trying to keep from spreading to the other islands. They like to climb trees in hordes, and will drop on you. Damn fiery itching bites from tiny red blonde ants. The university ant lab here came up with a gel bait with an insect growth regulator in it. Mix is safe for animals and to use on fruit tree trunks. It is not a poison. The ants eat it and feed the colony and it effectively sterilizes them. With no replacements, the ant colony eventually dies out… but it takes time and repeated treatments to keep them at bay. I have eliminated them on my property, but just over the fence line is wild jungle that is infested with them. I am constantly treating the property line area to keep them at bay. And occasionally the wind blows thru the trees and drops them on me anyway.

    Yeah, I could have told you the corn would outgrow the room, having grown up in corn country, but some things you have to learn for yourself. And if you want a sustainable crop of corn with seeds to save for next year, you really need a field of several dozen plants, minimum, for genetic diversity and cross pollination. Small crops of inbred corn are not long term sustainable.

    It’s a shame to let all that summer ‘baking heat’ go to waste. Have you considered a bank of thermocouples to soak up heat and harvest some electric energy? I really think I would be digging my underground home if I had to live in that environment.

  14. No ants in the house, just scorpions in search of water. When discovered, the scorpions are lifted using long tongs and placed into a jar. An ultraviolet flashlight is used to hunt for the scorpions that retreat under the couch when someone shrieks.

    Next topic: Doesn’t the space shuttle normally fly upside down in relation to earth? If so, hang your shuttle upside down, with cargo bay doors open, and with an astronaut suspended by a thread for an EVA experience.

      • if ure going to have an ‘astronut’ hanging around, maybe use some white colored wired bent to kind of a ‘s’ shape to look like it is floating

    • Soak the thread tying the astronaut to the shuttle in glue before attaching it, and let it develop natural curves or curls so it’s not a taut line.

  15. off topic, but just found this . Imagine a spike protein to reprogram YOU
    “Dr. Charles Morgan on Psycho-Neurobiology and War
    348,434 views Jun 14, 2018 Dr. Charles Morgan speaks to ca…”

    Go to 27:40 for a start then at 29:28 you can see their drawing of a spiked cell to be inserted.

    Any of you all got the mRNA modifier? in ya? and they call it a VACCINE, the sheeple have been trained to believe anything that the fucking CDC tells them,, bleeeeeep bleeeep

    they are ‘The Modern War Institute’ this is their channel listings
    U will have to ask Major and Warhammer if they are legit :)

  16. “Elaine’s idea was a simple if not elegant one: “Why don’t you just cut the legs off the planters?””

    Transplant into 10 gallon pots. Place pots on floor. End of problem (for now…)

  17. Ants are easy. You’ve got friends in foreign places. Have one purchase a small bottle of chlordane and send it to you.

    Dad would put a tablespoon in a gallon, spray the foundations, and -=poof=- no more ants (or termites roaches grubs, chipmunks, etc.) for a decade! EPA banned it for use in CONUS in the late ’80s because of its persistence, but (like DDT, BTW) it is still made in USA and available in virtually every other nation on the planet.

    • …Or you could buy boric acid in 20-pound bags (like I did.) It’s marginally better than the “20 Mule Team” product (sodium tetraborate), but lots cheaper, in bulk.

  18. Dont want to advertise without consent but I have been using a firm from Foxboro On. Can. for over 15 yrs. for heritage seeds.
    Try Double Yield Corn. Five feet tall and productive.
    May I recommend Galueax De Essaine Squash (peanut squash) a French variety for soups, seeds and baking and African Chocolate tomatoes. All very good producers. Hubbard is the best winter squash as it stores so well.
    On another note I have recently ceased destruction of all local varmints as they are now considered future dining. Coon stew anyone?

  19. Red ants, corn and light Speeder advertisements…..

    “It is also prophesied that, if these three fail to fulfill their mission,

    then the one from the west will come like a big storm. He will be many in numbers and unmerciful. When he comes he will cover the land like the red
    ants and overtake this land in one day.”

    Message to the United Nations (12/10/92)

    You ever notice in the movie The Wolf of Wallstreet there is a scene that mentions Mad Max (nickname for the Wolfs Dad, who is there to protect the firm) is coming in the office and the other fellas immediately start Talking about putting short Pfizer stock for lying about having the cure for cancer?

    I never noticed that before. Mad max, short Pfizer about lying about having a cure in a movie called wolf of Wallstreet. Hmmmm. I’m surprised i missed that before, since that is one of my favorite movies.


    There is alot lot more in the language on today’s article that speaks to me. But I don’t say everything I see. And I don’t have to have an opinion on everything.

    Just found it interesting about the combo of a light Speeder ,advertising and the mention of Red Ants and corn. How all that lines up with prophecy.

    And odd to never notice about Pfizer being mentioned in the wolf of Wallstreet about lying about having a cure.

    Lots of other opportunities for understanding in today’s article as it relates to prophecy.

    The evil empire vs the jedi. In the movies it’s really easy to see the difference between the two.

    Much much more to see here than glue sticks. Lol

    I also didn’t notice that one of my tattoos is the 4 corners until today. Never noticed that and I’ve had that tattoo for over 20 years now. Huh.

    See ya later, I’m sure.

  20. Come to think about it, I was thinking about the red ants before I last commentated to bob on ure sight.

    Saw a giant Raven. As big as an eagle on Friday. Biggest raven ive ever seen. This was 2 days after being back stage at the Chili Peppers concert. It hung out with me while i had lunch up in the mountains at my gear grabbing gig. Made me think of Odin and his father Onar and his mother the night. Onar means “becoming” giving birth to the earth and Odin.

    Super fun show, the Chili peppers. Lots of High profile celebrities types back stage.

    My birthday is in 12 days. 52 years old. No plans other than take care of a few things.

    It sure looks like everything is beginning to turn around. Prices of gas are going down and inflation seems to be leveling out.

    On Tuesday I was driving past a bunch of balloons and one of them popped. Burst your bubble? Idk. Sometimes it’s best to not say everything. Let what ever it is, is. Let it flow as it flows.

    It’s coming to me forsure.

    Information 72 hours late? I always seem to be where I’m supposed to be. Where else would I be.

    A modern day prophet said to me a few months back. Andy, your third eye is about to really open soon. And you hold a white cross in your right hand. With the center stone meaning prosperity. In your left hand you have the healing touch. You wouldn’t know it though, it’s very scared. I have lots of scars on me. Ahh yes, The sun symbol.

    So, the ants appeared ohh about 3 weeks after I had the thought but for some reason I thought they were coming from the east not the west in the prophecy. Hmmmm. Learned something new.

    And the flood in death valley lines up nicely with prophecy too. But it doesn’t seem to me my 3rd eye is anymore open. I see stuff like this all day long. Nothing new. Just normal read of the language of creation.

    And the prophet/wizard said the stones tell the truth. They do not lie. Your 3rd eye will open greatly like not many have ever experienced. And you definitely have the white cross in your right hand. With the center stone for prosperity. The stones have never been wrong. Seems an interesting way to read the future. Put all these stone marbles in your hand Andy, shake them up, mix them up, then clear your mind, take an equal amount in each hand open them up and let them fall as they fall. Then I will read your future.

    Told me a few other things such as I will one day be a great leader of many people. I laughed and said, nah man. I’m just trying to make some money and try to get a pretty girlfriend. My life is Huge relationship with the Creator, Meditation, Big Trucks, Big Shows, Rockstars, Beautiful women, the Beach, Beautiful friends and healthy family.

    He laughed and said, soon all that will change. Oh you do get the girl, but I’m telling you right now, you chose the stones, fate arranged them as it saw fit, and the stones don’t lie. They are elements and have different vibration patterns and line up to Divine will for you. I’ve never seen them wrong and I’ve never seen anyone have a read like that. You are on a very important path. I laughed and said, ya well all truck drivers are. They call it the truck route. Hahahahha

    Hmmmmmm wonder why Odin stopped in to have lunch. Wonder what THE DUDE has in mind for my birthday this year?

    Ohh tomorrow the Lion Portal opens up. 8/8 another psychic friend told me. Wonder if my eye will open really wide then? Maybe.

    As long as I don’t look like Dr strange in his new movie. What an odd movie. Collapsing universe upon each other by altering timelines in the multi verse. Almost as tripping as the 10 of penticals card has 11 total pentacle and makes up the symbol of the merkaba. Almost as trippy as not realizing I have the monad symbol tattoo on me, which I didn’t realize that symbol was on me either.

    Hope you are all well. I hope everything turns around. I really do. Be getting really busy soon at work. Which is good. It’s fun and I really like money. Lol

  21. Also due note that in the new Dr Strange movie the relm we call universe here is universe number 616, number by the illuminate for this universe in the multiverse all in the movie

    Interesting to note, I’m sure it is just a coincidence that some translations say the number of the beast is actually 616 not 666. Funny the movie illuminate call our universe number 616. Lol

    I’m sure it’s all a coincidence because most people don’t read Greek and Hebrew and Aramaic to know that some translations read the number of the beast as 616 not 666, being 18 in Hebrew Chai meaning life. Lol

    616 is actually 13. In Hebrew is Mem, meaning water.


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